Another pre-release BlackBerry Passport review goes up, this time with video

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2014 05:30 am EDT

It would seem as though the floodgates have REALLY opened up on the BlackBerry Passport and the device is popping up all over the place. This time around, to go along with the typical photos of the device, has given the BlackBerry Passport a look in a 28 minute long video, along with putting its camera and video camera to the test.

Unfortunately for those of us who don't speak or understand Czech, the video walkthrough of the device is just really pretty look at. Keep in mind, this device doesn't appear to be the final hardware and is clearly still running an earlier OS version but it's still one of the nicest looks at the device thus far.

You can check out the samples for the video camera as well as the camera below or hit the source link to read the full review. It's in Czech as well but hey, that's what Google Translate is for and it's a pretty good read.

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Another pre-release BlackBerry Passport review goes up, this time with video



People always say iPhone takes the best pictures yet every time an iOS friend takes a photo and I take one with my Q10, my photo is always of superior quality.

I've found the same thing with my Z10. Love the colour saturation algorithm they went with. Depth of focus is great. They should probably make the tap site for firing the camera shutter smaller than "anywhere" though. I have had to delete many pictures of the ground, sky, pocket etc when I have the app open. Too me it's a touch too easy to fire camera.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I am using 10.3 on my Z10 and I am hating the camera, they've gone from "anywhere on the screen" to "just the button at the bottom". One thing I loved from 10.2 and below was that I could press anywhere on the screen to take a flick, contrary to you ;).
I guess you'll be happy with the update. I am hating that part! The rest of 10.3 is juts fabulous!

Posted using the fabulous on my Z10

Interesting. I too - like Puz_zled - am looking forward to a one button option for pic taking. Way too many pocket pics for me with the present implementation.
However, it is nice though to be able to touch anywhere for those quick pic moments.

You guys don't close the camera app/lock screen b4 putting your phone in your pocket? I've never had a pocket dial, or pocket picture taken, but I have taken pictures inadvertently while handling the camera; nothing that would annoy me though.

I hope we are able to at least turn on the 'tap screen anywhere' to snap pictures. It was actually one of the cool things people liked when I would ask them to take a picture for me. I'd say it nice and smug, "just tap anywhere on the screen, it will work". People always think that's cool.

Your opinion does not match the testing and reviews done by DxOMark.

While MP are not the most important item to use when doing comparisons... it is a good indicator. Then add in that other manufactures are using physically larger chips and real optic lenses, there is a good reason that BlackBerry is known for not having the best cameras.

Can you take good pictures... yes.

My opinion is supported by a thorough shoot out comparison done by (CNET? ) a major online reviewer of tech between Galaxy4, and Apple's 5th gen phone(all most current at the time of the review) which the z10 tied or won outright many categories vs. Apple's phone. In every category the Galaxy was always third. Pretty much matches my experience since then.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I beg to differ. I went from a z10 to a note 3 and I've never seen better pics than on my phone now. I'm sure the passport may just catch up to my liking when it comes to pics but the z10 had nothing on my note 3.

Disclaimer: not here to to bash blackberry phones. I'm hoping they come out with something to pull me back so I still surf crackberry.

Posted via my sexy Note 3. Big hands ;-)

I'm calling bs. There is no way you can go from BB10 back to Android--not if you used your Z10 for more than a few months. Android is just so frustrating to go back to. I want to pull my hair out every time I have to test websites on Android devices...

Posted via CB10

Hardly.... I use a z30 and a xperia z1 and find myself using the z1 more, though I still enjoy both. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people can't

I agree with you and so does my co-worker with the iphone. She always get me to take a picture of the schedule with my Q10 and send it to her because it's clearer than her iPhone.

Posted via CB10

My girlfriend has given up taking photos from her iPhone completely when we are out together. Always tells me your phone (Z30) takes way better pictures than mine and then asks if I can take a picture of this or that. One swipe and a tap and it's forwarded to her too!

Posted via CB10

I must not know how to take pics then my z30 sometimes refuses to focus..n in the dark it's not that great

Posted via CB10

You're kidding right? I love my Z10 but let's be honest. Unless they are using the first generation iPhone, I doubt your Q10 is taking better pics.

My wife has an iPhone 5. In almost all circumstances, my Q10 and Z30 take better pictures. Plus I always have a spare 32GB micro SD card. So, I'm always lending my personal cellphone to my wife to take pictures and 1080p video.

Posted via CB10

My Z10 takes amazing pictures. I'm always surprised how good they turn out. The camera is fast too. So happy with my Z10. Z20 with usb otg please.

Posted via CB10

No way on earth the Z10 or Q10 takes better pictures than an Iphone 5 or 5S. Maybe even 4S for that matter. My experience is that the iphone pictures are one of the clearest on a mobile devices (one of). I think Nokia's or Sony's probably have the best cameras.

Posted via CB10

I have to disagree, my Fiance has a Sony phone and she can't believe how when we go out to the same spots, how my Z10 blows away her insane high MP camera on her phone. The pictures speak volumes and sadly the BB performs better.

Posted via CB10


Also I thought that lady was going to get run over when she crossed the road. That thought must come from too many years of watching crazy videos online lol.

Posted via CB10

I agree, image quality is impressive.

Hard to say with the video, as it appears that it may have been stabilized in post (and poorly). I know the cam has OIS, so I expect it'll look better than the sample.

Posted via CB10

Tmobile USA. Carry this phone. Please. Or hopefully BlackBerry will sell a compatible version on it's online storefront.

Posted from my Z10. But Z30 or Passport very soon

If they use Digital River to supply the Passport look for another option, worst is impossible, do not understand how can they have this supplier.

Yeah, Digital River is really, really unusable!!
To say they're bad, is still too good and polite!

Good, Better, BlackBerry Z30

+1. Digital River is absolutely horrible. I have ordered two phones from blackberry through them and have had nothing but frustration and problems.

Posted via CB10

I paid for an overnight delivery and still waiting. Chen ask your people to check this supplier out, is your official fulfillment and does not work.

My extended family has ordered 2 phones from them on 2 separate occasions. Never had a problem.

Posted via CB10

I did not have any problems with them. Actually i have already ordered 3 phones on separate occasions. Remember one thing that overnight delivery is from the time they ship the product, which they clearly say can be 1-2 business days (for sure they should improve it). Additionally they even accepted return for my white Q10 on T-Mobile after 2 months of order as wifi calling did not work on it. In return I got the blackb Q10 as discounted price (even though the concerned promotion was already over). So i consider this quite good customer service from them. For sure there is always scope of improvement like they should provide better descriptions of the models, have better store front, etc.

BB's got your back. UMTS 1700 and 1900 and the corresponding bands in LTE are there in the RGY181LW. Procurement is going to be the only issue.

Same here, but I do have to admit LOVING the idea of having some non-touchscreen navigation options. I miss how easy it was to copy/paste and navigate through text in BB7. An all-touch with some kind of subtle 'trackpad area' would be ideal. I'm not talking about some big ugly trackpad button, but maybe just a certain area of the lower bezel could have trackpad functionality.

A **sleek** all-touch with trackpad functionality would be the ultimate in ease-of-use for me and would really be a way for BlackBerry to put their unique, signature stamp on the crowded all-touch market.

+1. BB10 should include a virtual trackpad in the OS for all touch phones.

Most likely posted via CB10 from my amazing Z30, but may have been posted from my awesome PlayBook.

Check out the video just past the 22 minute mark you get a good look at the cursor selector and then he goes through the copy/paste features. Pretty cool seeing how the keyboard acts as a giant track pad.

Based on the roadmap that was posted yesterday, the Passport is the successor to the Z30. Apparently, they are trying to target the small "phablet" market with these devices, not necessarily the hardware keyboard / all-touch market.

I'm not so sure about that. I thought the same at first, but I noticed the Z30 line carries through and past the Passport image, so I think that they will both carry forward, but in the same category... OR... they are hedging their bets. Keep the Z30 if there's demand, or drop it if there's not. I suppose I could read tea leaves and come up with a suitable guess too though.

Posted via CB10

In all way possible according to specs, the Passport camera is better than the Z30 one. The Z30 camera is quite good though.

Posted via CB10 on my Q5SQR100-1/

Bla1ze is there any information about carriers in Germany that will have the passport in their portfolio for sale?

Is it known where I can get this and other new BlackBerry devices?

Dreaming about the new Passport

Looks good, but I'm not convinced that the Passport will get me to retire my Z30.

 Z30 Rocks 

@blaz!e..I think it's about time you check your contacts and buy a plane ticket to Waterloo and spend a few days with this baby getting to know her and post your thoughts,lol

If Czech site already has a review, my guess is so does Crackberry. It's likely typed and saved just awaiting the official release before it's posted. Just a hunch.

Posted via CB10

CB haven't given us a sneak peek till now...this time its the others who have really helped BlackBerry to keep the buzz going...Cmon cb what happened to your inside agents???

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

It's more difficult for BlackBerry to identify who in the Czech Republic is going bananas and posting a review from one of their "for internal use only" phones than knowing who did it from Crackberry, they just won't post an unofficial review until launch date.

Posted using the fabulous on my Z10

I'm so with you there. They have reviewed and gone over this babe for god knows how long now. It's just sitting there for an official release date.

Posted using the fabulous on my Z10

Sick! I want one. I love my Z30 but I want to have this new BlackBerry Passport.

 Posted via CB10 by Z30

That ugly fat font printed on the keys is killling me. All I want is for them to use the same font as on the Q10's keys. It's the only thing that is making me not want to buy this when it comes out, assuming it would even come out on my carrier.

And the fact that they eliminated the hard symbols and numbers... I don't care how innovative your keyboard is, on a qwerty there's nothing faster than pressing alt. Looks like a great phone with a few needless built-in irritants. Hope I'm wrong.

Posted via CB10

There hasn't been a keyboard without the alt yet so you really won't know till you try it. I feel the same way though.

Posted via CB10

You are right, it hasn't come out yet but we are all so used to the classic BlackBerry keyboard that we fill it was not necessary to implement such a wild change.

Posted using the fabulous on my Z10

I think it might end up being fine for me without the symbols and the alt key since it would just be on the screen.

It's really all about the font on the keys for me though. There's a level of professionalism a font can portray, and those fat ones on the passport don't cut it.

Posted via CB10

I don't know why you have to say this. No offense.

It is NOT just an regular keyboard phone, but a touch-sensitive one. What is old about that?

Understandably you like your Z10. I got one, too.

Hey, this phone gets people talking about BlackBerry again, and most often in a very positive way. Are you not happy they might make enough money off it so BlackBerry can keep moving and development for more all-touch slabs can be hastened?


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Freedom of speech is a great thing. Sure, a lot of people might not agree with my comment, but does CrackBerry have to be a site where all we post are glowing comments for anything BlackBerry?

I hope BlackBerry does well with the Passport, however as a convert to all touch keyboards via the Z10 no matter what kind of gizmos BlackBerry might build into to the Passport keyboard it is at the end of the day just another keyboard phone. in action!

Sure, freedom of choosing a device that works for you is your right, I'm not the one to deny you in any way.

See, I'm planning to get my wife a Z30 or its successor, I like my Z10 and plan to buy one for my brother. So I'm not too far away from your sentiment.
Same goes for the all-touch devices, "just another boring slab" could also be a valid statement.

Maybe there, somewhere out there, is a device category that is still to be invented or found, which might suit both of us? :-)

I'm am glad you are keeping this kind and polite, good on ya...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

@knighty2112...never had a keyboard phone before and wasn't interested in one ,until I saw this I think it's fair to say that this is not just another keyboard phone.

Great that we can all have our own opinions and express them. Hope you enjoy the Passport when you get it. Me, I'll just hang on and see if BlackBerry upgrades the Z10 to the rumoured Z20. Don't want to go back to a keyboard phone again no matter what extras the keyboard might have built it. I'll just wait for another boring slab of glass from BlackBerry. Hehe! ; ) in action!

I agree with you Passport has been talked about a lot every where. I am a proud Z30 user but shall buy Passport upon launch at Dubai.
I have been vocal about successor of Z30 . In fact I feel that Z30 Device and Z10 devices are still to realise it's full potential . 10.3. OS the day it is launched on these devices will increase the life span and surely propel the sales as well.

From my Z30 Device using

Nice try but all you naysayers should just accept that lots of people are gonna love that phone and move on. You won't stop anyone from buying it :-P

Posted via CB10

Although I couldn't understand a word he was saying. He managed to show off the touch capabilities of the keyboard. Which I'm liking a whole bunch.

The Passport will succeed my Q10. Hopefully, hopefully, it comes to the U.S. market before the end of year.

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It seems that horizontal touch has its flaws it's like the silver lines interrupt the touch thus feeling of lag

Posted via CrackBerry App

Well, Sprint wont carry it so I might as well not get too excited and stick with my Q10.

Posted via CB10

I'm pretty sure they will... can't back that up with facts though...

Posted using the fabulous on my Z10

Incredible how quick and responsiveness the phone is when minimizing an app to an Active Frame ...

I like the way you can it turn sideways and still use the keyboard as a scrollbar/pad.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Have you seen the flicking words up is not just right yet. I'm guessing it's still in the works to get it flowing, or by now there's already a software update that took care of that..

Posted using the fabulous on my Z10

Remember it is a very early build that he was playing with I was running into similar issues on my #Z30 with that build; now, with those keyboard flicking issues are all gone - the virtual keyboard is back to being smooth and responsive.

In this build I see issues with the Camera where it is not focusing quickly and, when I move the phone around there is a visible lag; the other issue is that, if I load a couple of heavy applications like: BBM, Browser, Twitter, the Camera app will fail to start.

The other problem that I was hitting into was with the Android runtime which was running into issues, after I did a security wipe and reloaded the OS the issue with Android runtime went away, the Android apps do load pretty quickly and seem to run very smooth.

James from alluded to some of the aforementioned issues in his video presentation about

There are still somethings to be tidied up on but, overall this version has dramatic improvements over in terms of: search is pretty responsive in the Hub, Assistant now seems to work, overall the system seems to be very responsive, UI sharpness, fonts (also look perceivably sharper) and just the feel of the OS and apps seems to be way better.

Like it :)..very interesting design of keyboard. Good quality of videos and photos. Powerful processor and sound. Just amazing :)

Posted via BlackBerry Z30,

Hope full touch device will come. Love my z10 but I'll wait for passport review before buying this.

Can't wait for it

Posted via CB10

That was a LONG video review lol!! Now I am waiting for an even longer one from CrackBerry (hopefully in English this time!!)

Posted via CB10

Probably the worst video review ever. First 10 min he just flips it's around and rubs it with his boomerang thumbs.

Posted via CB10

I guess you didn't hear him describing what he was doing, right? Lol!! Your English version will sooner or later surface on the YouTube.

Anyone else having problems watching the video? On my Z30 from the CB app, it takes forever to start, if it does at all, and then it stops after a few seconds and hangs. Server overload?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

The phone looks even faster and more responsive than my Z30,particularly loading device manager information.

Posted via CB10

The presenter's nervous fidgeting with his hands makes it a real challenge to watch, especially if you don't understand the language ...

" BlackBerry ... John Chen ... Passport ... battery ... ... ... "


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

So an earlier version of the software? That would likely give the device a worst review than it deserves?

Looks like great quality device. Let's pray it sells well :)

Posted via CB10

Worst review from who? Is this an official video by BlackBerry? Did BlackBerry say that this is the final product before production? :)

This phone is amazing. For the qwerty snobs we get the whole typewriter when the numbers icon is depressed. And we get the flick action of the Z phones.

Not sure why the all touch crowd is mad at this phone. I thought we went to touch for the added real estate. This phone has more screen real-estate than the Z10 and the iPhone. Only the phablets, and the big Samsung, the Z30 and Z3 are going to have more screen than this baby.

I will be under contract way into 2015 so I will wait for the Classic and make a decision as to which of these phones to buy off contract. If they are the same price I am going with the Passport. This is a game changer.

I think some people just don't like it's boxy looks -- but that's not an all-touch versus qwerty thing, it's just different personal tastes.

However, many all-touch people like the sleekness of an all-touch phone and find that a keyboard takes away from the sleekness (I'm in this camp).

It's not a functionality issue, just--again--a personal aesthetic preference. I would love an all-touch with an 'invisible' trackpad area. I would also love a slider like the BlackBerry Blade. Best of both worlds.

The Passport's specs are impressive. Would love to see an all-touch with this hardware! :)

Posted via CB10

That makes sense. I had gathered from the comments that it was a screen real-estate issue. My Q10 loses to just about every phone when it comes to screen real-estate.

But if the real issue is sleekness the Passport will not be for the all-touch crowd.

I type with two hands unless I am walking so the larger size of the Passport is not an issue to me. The only deal breaker for me will be price. If the price is too high I will have to decide whether to wait for my plan to be up or go with the Classic off plan.

The last 10 mins were the most interesting showing how the keyboard works,it is great that you can tilt the screen to use the the keyboard and scroll but what happens if someone is left handed and wants the keyboard on the left to scroll would it work as if the KB was on the right or doe,s it adjust itself for left hand use otherwise you would have to scroll down for screen to go up.If you get my meaning,just a thought.

On another note.. @Bla1ze what is your time zone?? Sometimes it does not look that you live in Canada lol. Talking about long sleepless nights of work! Thanks for all your efforts in providing always new points of discussion. Cheers

Posted via CB10

Bright like picture quality is awesome, but I want to see low light performances with this aperture.

Posted via CB10 on my Q5SQR100-1/

If anyone just downloaded the latest 10.3 leak you will have to say that your phone feels like new. I just did for my z10 and the phone is awesome even battery life has improved. So to all you passport haters at least upgrade to 10.3 its well worth it. The passport is definitely not for everyone but for the majority of enterprise users its a must have. Clearly a quality unit that makes us forget about the Thorsten Heinz blunders.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Sure the device is "leaking" everywhere... All though I haven't seen a single advertisement yet for it! Pick up the game BlackBerry!

Posted via CrackBerry App

You can't advertise something that hasnt been released yet LOL. However they should build a serious teaser video for this phone and make it circulate....

I want it now!
A selection editing the moment of main action would be nice: as the best part begins after 20.00 in the video.
The touch function of the keyboard (scrolling and double tap to place the cursor) should have a video all for itself as it is really what differentiate the most the Passport from other phones.
Now we want the launch date! :)

same here buddy! Searched the web sooo long precisely for that feature! What a treat that video was!

This is what I had terribly missed about the legacy BB devices - the trackpad enabling cursor navigation. And with the passport, they implemented the function in such an incredible way - without any compromises but with added benefits!

What a beauty!! I'm finally at ease knowing my go to device can actually be my go to device! :)

The only other function I wish they somehow enable in Passport is to cut, copy & paste using shift + keyboard keys!

Keep it up BB. Thanks for listening to your customers.

Digital river is just incredibly bad. It's unbelievable they are still using it. It can not get any worse really.

Posted via CB10

Beats all other BlackBerries in all departments from what has been revealed thus far. EPIC work in my opinion! Truly groundbreaking!

I don't see the big deal. Doesn't look like a "one-handed" phone. And after converting from a keyboard to the z10's amazing keyboard, I will never go back to a physical keyboard. When I had a loaner curve 3g for a very brief period from tmo I wanted to kill myself. There may be people who want a keyboard, but a fat phone with a square screen and a keyboard? Meh. But if it keeps bbry in the news, good on them.

Posted via CB10

No more BlackBerry. Im going back to iPhone.. BlackBerry disappointed me.. not good service and broken speakers, its my second one and they don't helped me .. im using BlackBerry Z10.

Posted via CB10

Alas the Z10 is known to have those issues only though all other BB10 phones dont have that problem....I am sorry about your Z10.....

I wish for 3,7" mini version of Passport it would be ideal device for me. However I'm curious about Classic, the design is more friendly for me then Passport. I guess they didn't make some extremely innoviete feats with Classic :(

Posted via CB10

Classic is a "fleet" devcie for Enterprise. They need it to be low cost enough to fit Enterprise's budget.

They again, I keep seeing people locally and here on CrackBerry where the choices that business are giveing employees are current Flagship devices???? I know that in the past the CURVE was more popular with some enterprise customers - we always got BOLDS. Just wonder if the Classic and the Z3 LTE aren't too low end, even for enterprise?

What impressed me the most was the ability to show very bright sun light and dark shades at the same photography that's not easy and the whole idea of HDR, the video was able to demonstrate that quite clearly, no jaggedy video when moving left and right and the lens flare was quite interesting for a miniature camera.

About half of the video is just the guy fondling the phone.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

It's a good thing I speak Czech then! And what better way to use it then to watch a sweet video of the Passport.

Posted via CB10

I got the feeling this guy was proud of his watch during the be subsequently re-affirmed by the full on photo.


Really really nice video. The best so far!!! You can clearly see what a quality device this is!

I mean you can clearly see, that Chen collected the best talents at Blackberry and made an IMPACTIOUS POWER TALK to bring out the most innovative device Blackbbery can bring in this flooded tech world. I compliment Blackberry here. I can imagine that they worked their a$$es off like crazy.

A quality device. I like they screen size, the aluminum, everything!

And Czech is a nice country! Thank you for this!

Um I don't see anything special, I mean it's good, but not omg amazing like everyone here is saying. Almost every flagship camera out right now has this quality some even better

What's wrong with others enjoying something. You don't need to be the center of attention. Of course, with that photo, you may already be?


I want to love this phone but I'm definitely having a hard time with it. It's just too darned wide and unwieldy with one hand. Were it a half inch thinner it might be more palatable to me. Also, on-board apps do not seem to be optimized for the aspect ratio of the screen as some graphics have a jagged appearance to them. I hope that is rectified before release. On the other hand I'm digging the keyboard, the fluidity of the OS on the phone, and the beautiful pictures it takes.

The only other thing this phone is lacking is a more premium finish to its rear casing. I think a leather back would take this thing to another level and make business professionals scream to own it.

The phone looks very interesting. I'm going to have to do a very long demo with it in the store. The video is a bit hard to get through as I don't speak check Slovakia. The swipe up gesture looks a bit sticky, but I am sure that the software build is the issue. Barring any unforeseen complications, I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.

Posted via CB10

Can't wait for the official release! I really want this phone, even more than the Classic. Hopefully I'll be able to get it for my birthday!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

no seriously! that's the first thing that came to my mind.
Repeated that part several times watching hand gestures and clicks, but couldn't figure!

Did anyone here figure that? Very curoius!

I thought the flip to turn on was cool...then he showed browsing while in landscape (physically)...that scroll through :o! SOLD!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

It'll probably be feature on CNN by that Quest weirdo guy. Get eaten alive by TheVerge, be iHated by BGR and TechnoCrunch, and absolutely vilified on iMore. Other than that I'm getting one.

Posted via CrackBerry App

I'm thinking we need to send you in. After coming out take a pic so that we can know for sure.

Posted via my QNX Z30

Finally, a video that shows the functionality of the keyboard. I like the shift-key use for highlighting. Can't wait for 10.3, especially for the text control improvement.

Oh, and the video editing (slow-mo) was a nice addition!

True & True!

Very excited about the shift + trackpad combination of the keyboard!
Sooo digging it! :)

Funny that he's covering the serial number at the bottom yet his pin is all over the screen and you can also see the device issue number, 135. I'm pretty sure it won't be difficult to figure out who is the device owner.

Also, looking at the keyboard, I'm actually toning down my enthusiasm a bit. While there have been many rumors of virtual keys mapping to physical, the more of these previews come out the more it seems that the virtual keyboard operates independent of the physical keyboard. This would be a real shame as the keyboard touch capability should certainly be able to be utilized to enable manipulation of virtual keys without actually requiring to ever press on the virtual keys.

I'm actually starting to agree somewhat with II ARROWS and ZeroBarrier that the current implementation may not be all its cracked up to be.

Posted via CB10

Nope, still ugly.... curious though, can you adjust the video aspect ratio? Does it shoot in 1 setting being that there is no need to turn the camera since it's the same size all around?... will it fill 16:9 (wide screen) ? i'd imagine people would be pissed if it didn't.

Posted via CB10

Yes, you can. It will have an advantage that rectangular phones can't do: a format setting that does not care whether the the phone is up or sideways. Same with photos.
this will be required for the target user base: largely Healthcare and analytics.

I don't understand how CrackBerry hasn't gotten their hands on one for review yet? Even an update saying they have one and are currently using to put together a good review would be great. I like seeing these videos and other reviews but I really love sitting down with a couple of brews and diving into CrackBerry's extensive reviews of products.

I did it with the Q10 and I am looking forward to doing it with the Passport.

Why do I keep getting "an error occurred" when I try to view the video? Anyone know? (I can go to you tube and see it)

The build quality and the pictures look very good, and I am surprised by how much and how well audio is picked up in the video shoot.

I guess when 10.3 hits I'll be forced to use one of their crappy soft-pastel wallpapers to see the damn icons and text.

I love when I read this. Passport is made for doctors, nurses or lawyers only. Yeah right. Just because someone mentioned that on some internet forum here, you have to pick it up and tell the fairytale.

Guess what: Passport is for everyone.

You got it. This phone is a huge step forward. I predict now, this will be the best selling BlackBerry 10 phone to date.

Posted via my QNX Z30

How not to do a video review . That first 15 minutes was painful to watch esp not understanding a word! Fat fat fingers all over like a ferret with ADD . How did this dude get the device?
The Passport looks nice and functional just in time to replace my Z10

Great quality product! Hopefully the world will realize BlackBerry is the choice when it comes to hard working smartphones! Long live #BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

I can't help but think that keyboard is too low. I won't know until I try it though. :) This is a very exciting product.

Is it just me? Bring the interactive keyboard to the Q10, upgrade the specs and slightly (!) increase display size and voilà: The phone every bbos7 user has been waiting for...


I'm very interested in the Classic only because I know nothing about it but if the specs don't come close to the Passport then we'll just wait and see.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

Love the photos especially the cobblestone road!

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

$699,99 much? For a new innovative phone? IPhones are always highly priced and hardly any price drop. The Z30 dropped almost half a price in less then a year and it is a flagship. No wonder that apple makes big profits (tax cheating, Foxconn made and small payment for the employees and even apple coworkers are forced to work many hours etc etc)

Just loving the Passport more and more and considering to buy one and I'm totally in to the touch screen thanks to BlackBerry's perfect visual keyboard.

posted via my Z30

When is this Amazon App store thing happening???? My Z10 is fine. It's not having all the native apps that's killing Blackberry in the consumer segment. And let's be honest, we are more consumers than business users here. New App from Instagram for making time-lapse videos released today on IOS, Update to the Cash app from square also released. Now you can send money via txt to your friends in a secure environment???? Come Blackberry do what you have to to get these developers on-board already!

I prefer native even if some maybe long in coming. Many apps are only glorified gateways to the web anyways. But yes, a more comprehensive native catalog would be desired.

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I'm sold on this one and the review isn't even in English!
BlackBerry trancends language barriers :)