BlackBerry Passport gets caught in hands-on video and fresh images!

By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2014 02:00 pm EDT

Well, this has been a long time coming so, sit back relax and enjoy a good nearly three minute hands-on video with the BlackBerry Passport. In the video, you get a nice look at the hardware everyone is waiting to get their hands on and although the video is chopped a bit to cover up the PIN, you get to see that capacitive keyboard in action. It's hard to say going by video how final this device is but it certainly looks pretty sweet.

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BlackBerry Passport gets caught in hands-on video and fresh images!



Beautiful, it has a cursor using the keypad, this device reminds me of my Bold World Edition device just bigger :-) really classy. Would have liked to have seen the keyboard demonstrated more :-))

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In the daya of Sony XBR Series ,I was one of the few who had one, the Zenith with Projector screen also. Many thought it to be an unnecessary extravagance and said it wouldn't catch on. It did.

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Pretty sure Sony XBR is still around so not sure when those days were. Anyways widescreen was always the standard just not affordable for the average consumer, when was the last time you went to a theatre with a square screen?

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I think IMAX comes pretty close to 1:1 after the previews are done and the actual movie starts. The curtains on the side pull back to reveal more of the screen from the 16:9 previews

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@playbookdrew u just switched from TV to Theatre.. two vastly diff experiences...

and yes, I don't know if people said they were stupid exactly, but they were definitely questioned if it would catch on...

Kids these days, making insults without any reference.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

By the definition of standard, the norm is what is considered "standard"... not what everyone wants... do you consider lamborghini or porche "standard" cars, no. and 20 years ago widescreen was unheard of. you bring up a theater but must still use frames shot through light taken with widescreen lenses

And you are a douche! I happen to agree with his opinion.

Anyway, I just called you what you are, but nonetheless, here is a lesson for all:

"Whenever you see personal attacks and abusive arguments being used in a discussion, it is unlikely that anything productive will come out of it in the end. A person who can only make their case by attacking others probably doesn't have much of case to begin with."

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So can't say bad stuff about other members in the forums. But commenting on articles and it's anything goes????

Where are the mods???

Why can't someone clean this stuff up and ban these abusers.

They making CB worse site.

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I'm going to keep an open mind about it. With high enough resolution and some zoom, it actually may support split screen display quite nicely.

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Agree, it would be better if it is slightly rectangular.
Quite nice on the video, but I still think classic got better control (with the trackpad) more easy to select and copy words...etc And it is kinda stupid if I need to paid extra USD400-700 to upgrade from Q10 to Classic for the trackpad and the belt....It would be nice if BlackBerry can offer some sort of trade -in plan e.g. USD100 for transfer Q10 to Classic, otherwise, I may stay on Q10

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I'm with you. Smartphones? First thing discussed is call quality and data entry.

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There is something fishy about al the leaked side pictures they always take a foto at an angle so u can only see the metal stripe but not the last part of the back. So they take pictures to make it seem thinner. Something very fishy about the leaks
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There's a taper to the back of the device, and you could make the argument that this is some kind of trick to make it look thinner.

There are two benefits to the taper, though. It will make the Passport feel more comfortable in the hand, and it makes it much easier to pick up from a flat surface.

Yeah. I d like to see how the keyboard UI works between trackpad and typing modes. If BlackBerry does not get that just right, the Passport will not pass muster with all the track pad lovers.

I just hope we can use either touch cursor like z10 or capacitive keypad. I also look forward to any new goodies they cook up with this very innovative keypad design.

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Yeah it is very nice. All it needs is a companion device to make it complete (enter Playbook reboot). Oh well wishful thinking.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

I was skeptic, but, this model looks great!
Here is hoping that it will be a b-i-g SUCCESS ...
only a few days in the market will tell.

My sad BB history:
I was a first day buyer of the Z10 and PB.
I'm going to wait and see before I go for a Passport.

Today 7/18:
the BB stock went UP 3.35%.
Maybe the analysts know something that we don't.

It went up after tumbling once Apple & IBM announced their deal a couple days ago... it's just the way the stock market moves, it's reaching equilibrium again.

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Imran's right about disasters and market volatility. Analysts (and amateur analysts) insisted that the stock would take a nosedive after the IBM/iOS announcement was made.

So far, so good.

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Compared to the industry giants Apple and MS, the micro-size BB is no threat; there should not be a BB stock price variation due to the A/MS plans.

Whatever BB does in it's re-development plan is independent of any A/MS programs.

The BB stock has gone from near $6 early this year > to over 11.62 today .. is still going up nicely.
IMO, Passport will, at minimum, bring BB status back to the consumer.

That device does not look like it's meant for most consumers, but rather for business types who will use it to get things done, 'prosumer' I think they call it. We'll see what the final version is when it comes out, but this sure looks like a 'prosumer' targeted device to me. I'm a total touch screen guy, but that keyboard seems real slick!

I agree with your assessment. I believe Blackberry is going to be targeting healthcare professionals. I don't to judge until I can actually go to a store and try a demo. At first glance it doesn't appear to be all that ergonomic of a device but I could be wrong.

I agree as well. That's why I totally dig the design. I love having a keyboard on my phone and the shape of the Passport just screams "professional."

My only concern is the square screen. I use my Q10 for productivity the great, great majority of the time. Sometimes I use Android apps like Shopkick to earn money or what-have-you, or to manage things in EVE online (yeah, different type of productivity, I know), but they end up not working properly because the screen size isn't wide. Most Android apps reformat to fit or be compatible with even the square screen, but there are plenty where it's no good.

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

I tried typing first, and it said I couldn't type first. Ha. I will buy this thing so fast. Cannot wait. And, excited to try Blackberry assistant.

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Hundred years in the mobile realm... ;-)

This is one sweeeeeeeeet device, and one massive TRACKPAD....

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Definitely sweet! Is it just me or are there some secondary characters on the keyboard in orange? Kinda looks like it near the end

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Yes it's because the phone is in another language, so they put the regular letter plus the ones from the other language. You can see the Q10 also has them. I had a bold 9000 like that in the past lol

Lol actually yes. I've lost like 3 Q10 now and I keep re-buying it because it's the only phone I like and it's so affordable. It really needs this amazing upgrade with that massive keyboard/trackpad lol

I would have loved to see the guy trying it actually knowing how to work around BB10.
I'm guessing we haven't seen anything keyboard related yet because: 1- they are still working on it to have final touches and might not be perfectly working just yet. 2- Everyone getting a trial passport has specific instructions on NOT to disclose keyboard related material until launch (that being videos) 3- The guys doing videos haven't really figured that the keyboard is THE most wanted feature we all want to see now.

I guess there are other options but I just can't guess anymore. ;)

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I think the same. BlackBerry is definitely closing eyes on leaks. Maybe they told the leakers not to disclose anything on keyboard or maybe it's still work in progress.

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Curious why this is a thing... Isn't the screen a perfect square? Why offer the ability to shift it sideways?

When you go side way, you'll have more room to scroll up and down.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

The keyboard is your scrollbar and is rectangular... so in landscape mode you can make linger swipes while still keeping your digits off the screen.

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Keyboard scrolling doesn't affect the fact that the display has a 1:1 resolution and is a square.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

No, but holding it sideways DOES change the shape of your scrolling area, and gives you more vertical to work with.

Dude it's a square! Doesn't matter how you turn it everything is in a square, did you fail gr1 math for shapes? All joking aside only onscreen controls and symbols/numerical keyboard would be affected.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

+10 to U for bringing that POV to light. I too, thought," Why the Fuck does the square screen need to rotate??" That is a very compelling and agreeable explanation of why.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

In landscape the cord is also out of the way so you can rest the device on something and operate one-handed better.

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Hmmm, I'm not sure I agree... With it sideways the cord would be right in the palm of your hand. Just as it is on my Z10 when holding it portrait mode.

I could see the idea behind more room to scroll, that might be the reason.

Better to have an option than to not have the option...

Never know what it might prove useful for. You can always tap "Rotation Lock", now even from inside the app with the two finger swipe down...

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It does seem a bit silly to offer rotation on a square screen but at least it shows that it has the hardware to deal with it.

I dont see why they'd lose the rotation. Landscape with the trackpad on the side is perfect for scrolling web pages, docs or long lists. And it work's ambidextrously. This thing needs a nice case with kickstand and maybe spots for your cards, stylus, etc. The ultimate business device.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

That's not surprising. 10.3 will be launched with the Passport and Classic (10.3.1)

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ACTUALLY, the Passport and Classic will get 10.3.0, which will not be released as an update for the rest of the lineup.

Around the end of the year (apparently), we'll see the release of 10.3.1, which will be available for ALL devices and will remove Adobe Air.


even though I knew the functionality was coming, to see it in action makes me realize how innovative this is.. I've never heard of or seen anything like it- and that's the first time i can say that about BlackBerry in...... yeah, I don't know how long.

if they market the shit outta this thing, I have a feeling there will be a very large handful of tech heads that will buy it just cuz no one else has one that can do it.

now is the time, this is your attention-getter, go BB!

Why does it look like this guy doesn't really know much about how to use this phone? Also he gave away half his PIN. That should be enough for them to know who it is. Although, I don't think they care. He didn't really give away anything. This device now looks very nice and it might be on my radar by next winter. Depends on what turns up in the rumor mill.

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I would think they would know who it is solely based on the fact it was turned on. They could track the IP of whatever service provider he is using. I doubt they would go to all the trouble seeing as he is building hype around the device. The Passport isn't a secret anymore anyway.


This can NOT come quick enough. My carrier gives me a $500 cash discount on a phone every year as an employee, and everyone else spent theirs on the HTC M8, the 5s, and the S5. I'm ITCHING to spend mine on this baby!

I'm goin' out of my mind waiting!

Beautiful! That's what I was hoping for! I particularly like the 'touchpad' at the end... I'm stoked! I really didn't like it at first, but now.. damn. I want.

Man that just made my day. SHEEET day at work. The heat in the UK took down to of my ESX host.
the AC guy will be here around 9 PM and I am fasting on top of that.

........................ haven't even watched the vid yet. But supper happy there is a video now!!!!!

This has basically guaranteed me buying it. Definitely going to get it in white!

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I kept saying "type something!" as I was watching. Looks cool. Been with Android and iPhone for a couple years, but I would definitely consider this come upgrade time. Very different. Very cool looking. Would be hard to put a case on it. Time will tell.....

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Yeah, same here... type something.

Pure awesomeness in pure nakedness... first phone I might NOT get a case for.

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Cool. There's no way I'm going to be able to resist buying a Passport. But, I would have liked to see a little more typing on the keyboard and using the keyboard for copy and paste. I'm not sure why the video focused so much on the browser... other than maybe the BlackBerry browser is terrific.

Looks pretty good, but it seemed that the virtual mouse action + scrolling on the keys was suffering from a bit of lag.

Hope that is improved with ongoing os refinements.

I just wished to see how various apps load aspect ratio wise. That's the key thing in my purchase decision at this point.

From my z30

Seriously you guys? The OS version 10.3.380

380! For crying out loud and you guys are complaining. Smh.

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It's clear he has never used a BB10 product let alone trying to figure out the Passport Keyboard. I have no doubt any one of us would have made this demo look smooth. Never the less, amazing to watch.


Wow, just wow. This device is revolutionary in every manner of speaking. Who cares about whatever vanilla flavor of slab phone Apple trots out this fall. Brilliant.

Yup just checked again and they def are there. I thought this keyboard wasn't going to have anything other than the letters? Whats up with that?!

Any extra symbols on any Blackberry keyboard means a secondary language. There are English/Thai, English/Taiwan, English/Arabic keyboards.

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That makes sense but if they are going to take the time to print another language on the keyboard they should make THAT the main language and have english as the orange secondary letters instead. That would frustrate the crap out of me if I had a keyboard that had spanish letters on it as the main language with english in really small font beside it.

...and how do you know it wont be common letters? or maybe the symbols you want to use when you want to use them? ...I know everyone is entitled to voice their opinion but jeez...

Idk. I'm thinking that the English alphabet would be the default letters on the kb and whatever you set in the language settings the orange letters would then be activated as the second default language such as cyrillic script? Or even Chinese characters? How about the Greek alphabet?

If that's the case that would be so amazingly innovative!!

Maybe there are hidden features on the keyboard that BlackBerry does not want to say yet. It could be they only light up with different aspects of the OS and what you are doing.
Just a thought there

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I initially thought it would be great if they would have had the symbols in orange on the keyboard as usual but, with a down swipe, the white letters would dim and the orange symbols would light up instead. That would have been amazing and there wouldn't be need for an onscreen keyboard for symbols and numbers!

Still a great idea. Ambient light sensor could be used to check the amount of light to determine indoors and outdoors.

This must be a symptom of the BlackBerry passport. It seems that I have done the same!

Hello! I'm on an adventure into the world independent filmmaking. It would be great if you could join me! C00275CD8

Let all your friends, collegues, bosses and IT guys in your company know how amazingly efficiency and beautifully clever this new phone is crafted. BlackBerry needs more and more positive talks not only in this forum but mainly with those who think that BlackBerry is already dead.

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I did all that the day the z10 got released and I bought one. No more cheer leaders needed. Release this device in a working manner and the everything else will be taken care.

Imo it just needs to work. Period. No battery drains. No auto shut off issues. No over heating etc etc etc. I'll def get one.

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Same here.............but I don't know how I'll feel about the keyboard being so low on the device. It looks like it's out of balance somehow and will want to fall out of your hand.

That steel bezel, that smooth keyboard and speed is all making me want this device more...Does anyone have any idea about the Manitoba?

 Z30

Looking forward to the release buy this vid didn't do anything for me. It pretty showed off what was already detailed through press releases and other avenues. With any imagination, you could have already visualized how the keyboard was going to work before this video.

In conjunction to this, I'm more interested in the full 10.3 OS rather than the actual device. Probably because I'm rockin' the Z10. That's the information/video I'm itching for. I doubt it will be leaked or on display but wishful thinking.

But, keep it coming BlackBerry and Crackberry...a lot of exciting things are happening in the berry field.

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Seems to be the users first time on BlackBerry 10. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

As far as i can see yes. If u login online to your Rogers acct. Goto hardware elig, it comes up as a device you can reserve for the low low reservation price of $40 (ugh)

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Dang... and here I was thinking I was going to wait for a high-end all touch BlackBerry. I am loving the Passport - Very cool how you can scroll a Web page by moving up and down on the physical keyboard.

This device has grown on me so much, I hated it at first!

Same here! I didn't hate it at first, I just wasn't convinced. :) The feature you mentioned is super cool.

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Me, too. I am coming around after seeing that keyboard. The track pad feature alone has me excited. I worry that so many have a negative first impression to the design, tho. It would take marketing to overcome that.

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No question that marketing has to improve, but I think BlackBerry (driven by Chen specifically on this one) is trying to overcome that initial poor first impression by allowing it to leak as early as it did - WELL before the actual launch date.

My initial impression was that it was very ugly. Now I'm strongly considering buying it in two short months. Based on a lot of people's initial reactions, I think they had very similar feelings to mine.

In essence, it's an interesting form of marketing - get the initial shock factor of this peculiar new form factor out of the way far in advance of the launch so people line up and buy it on day 1 vs. a month or two of slow sales? It might actually work...

This device, once it becomes available, will fly off the shelf.

This will be the business community's wet dream for mobile devices. In fact, anyone who is a multimedia, Internet surfer, and productivity users, as well.

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More like drip off the shelf.

I will say it will be a one if a kind phone, that's for sure.

Very good phone for a very limited market.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

I don't know that the market is very limited at all - I would think that almost every legitimate business professional on the planet would be interested in this device.

Fly off the shelf? Yeah, I want the drugs you are taking. Get ready for the oh they didn't promote it, the att store doesn't have it on display blah blah blah..... it's a cool phone, but again, NO ECOSYSTEM

So, other than the great launches of the Z3, how do you know Mr. Chen would do anything like the old crew? No one knows for sure, but it's pretty obvious this is not the same BlackBerry you speak of.


At the 26 second mark on the home it looked like he had 6 active frames. How cool would it be to have 12 active frames?

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Probably still a lot of stickers left over in some drawer.

And they'd probably miss the ahem, ... job references... :-)

Pasted via CB chen

I have to agree with most. This guy doesn't know BB10 at all, and therefore actually made the Passport look bad. He also doesn't know how to type on a physical keypad. I am not sure if he has even used a smart phone before......literally that was a horrible demonstration.

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Sweeet!! Why don't they just use something like the setup video on the phone where it shows you how to use it - as a commercial? Only with some music or something in the background...that should get people interested as to how the phone works. ;)

Too much lagging and slow internet and keyboard scrolling needs to be more efficient.

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So what is the purpose of the keyboard again, other than for a cursor? With a screen that big and a virtual keyboard doesn't make much sense, then again this is BB

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I can bet the lag response is solely related to Internet speed the user was currently experiencing.

I want one! Looks like a beast of a communicator.

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end of september... it's very long... next video will probably show us the flip up for predictive words ability?
definitely my next device!

Yeah I'm sold. I'm getting it asap. No doubt. I was considering holding out for a possible Z50 but who knows when that drops next year. I'll worry about that when that time comes. Passport, take my money!

BlackBerry 4Life

Interesting thing about the capacitive touch physical keyboard in the video. It would have been nice to see some action on the keyboard though.

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Now just needs to come up with a payment plan so you can buy outright without the upfront sticker shock. Or buy it using a credit line and pay it down using your own repayment schedule.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Maybe the frets in the keyboard is interrupting the scrolling function that's why it's better if you use it in landscape while scrolling up and down? But I'm sure there's a setting for sensitivity just like legacy devices..

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Biggest Must Get of every must get phone there has ever been.

Hope BlackBerry markets the hell out of this kick ass device.

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