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BlackBerry Reviews | 301 Comments BlackBerry Passport Review BlackBerry Passport ReviewA new twist on the classic QWERTY design by Bla1ze 24 September 2014 The BlackBerry Passport has finally arrived and it has brought a new twist to the classic QWERTY BlackBerry design. From the...



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Oct 01, 2014 BlackBerry Passport now available widely in Canada via several major carriers


If you live in BlackBerry's home country of Canada, you can now get your hands on the company's new BlackBerry Passport smartphone from many more sources. The device is now on sale via several Canadian carriers, including TELUS Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, MTS Wireless and SaskTel Wireless.

Previous to today, TELUS Mobility was the only carrier in Canada that was selling the Passport on its network, so if you are still chained to one wireless operator, you should now be able to get the new 4.5-inch square smartphone. Pricing for the Passport with a two year contract will vary. TELUS, SaskTel and Rogers will sell the phone for $250 with a two year contract, while Bell Mobility has priced it at $299 with a two year contract. MTS Wireless is offering the Passport for just $199 with a two year contract.

What do you think of these different contract prices in Canada for the BlackBerry Passport?

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Sep 30, 2014 Vodafone UK to offer the BlackBerry Passport starting October 1st but only to Business customers

Looking for a BlackBerry Passport on Vodafone in the UK? They'll have it starting October 1st as confirmed on their own forums but it comes with catch. When released, the BlackBerry Passport will only be available to those with a business account on Vodafone.

A 'business decision' that could change in the future according to Vodafone reps but for now remains the case. At this point, pricing for the device on Vodafone still hasn't been revealed but we'll update when it becomes available. If you're not willing to wait or don't have a business account though, the folks at Carphone Warehouse will have no issues with getting you a BlackBerry Passport.

You also have the option of telling Vodafone their business decision sucks and is terrible if you wish (and you should) if this actually affects your purchasing options. After all, I'm sure if they get enough flak for it, it'll be a business decision to reverse it.

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Sep 29, 2014 The good 'ol days of being a BlackBerry user... are back!

It's happening Again

When you read phone reviews, you don't typically see Fun as a category upon which different devices are rated and compared - it's things like Performance, Design and Battery Life that are the norm. It's too bad really that the fun factor isn't given much consideration. As much as tech products are there to add utility to our everyday lives, given how much we use and rely on tech these days it's a nice bonus if the ownership experience can bring us a little extra joy, too.

Enter the BlackBerry Passport. I have been having an absolute BLAST as a BlackBerry Passport owner these past few weeks. I haven't enjoyed owning a new phone this much since 2005, which is when I got my first BlackBerry (which by the way I felt was BIG and UGLY when I first put my hands on it). And while the Passport is proving to be a solid performing phone once you work through the initial adjustment phase (it takes a few days to get used to the wide body design and three row keyboard), it truly is the fun factor of being a Passport owner that I'm loving the most. Which is kind of ironic really, considering BlackBerry set out to make the Passport the ultimate tool for productivity (and yes, it excels at that too... Instant Actions in the Hub FTW!).

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Sep 27, 2014 BlackBerry Passport now officially available in Singapore

If you've been waiting for the BlackBerry Passport to arrive in Singapore, your wait is over. The device has now been officially launched and is available for purchase across several of BlackBerry's authorized carriers such as M1, Singtel and StarHub. Pricing and special offers vary across retailers.

Cameron Vernest, Managing Director of Singapore at BlackBerry said, "This is definitely a milestone for us here at BlackBerry as we introduce the first square screen design and touch-enabled keyboard smartphone – the BlackBerry Passport. The BlackBerry Passport is aimed at mobile professionals and will allow users to elevate their productivity and collaborate more effectively. With this in mind, we believe the BlackBerry Passport will resonate well as Singapore is seen as a regional hub for many businesses and organizations."

You can check out all the offers by hitting the carrier links above or head on over to our full BlackBerry Passport review to learn more about the device. Also, don't forget to swing by the CrackBerry Forums where many folks have already received their BlackBerry Passports and are discussing everything you need to know.

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Sep 26, 2014 Over 200,000 BlackBerry Passports sold through Amazon and Shop BlackBerry

Since announcement of the BlackBerry Passport in Toronto, London and Dubai, there has been over 200,000 devices sold across Amazon and Shop BlackBerry. As noted by BlackBerry CEO John Chen on the Q2 2015 earnings call, the BlackBerry Passport has moved to the number one spot on the Amazon unlocked device list and sold out through ShopBlackBerry within the first six hours after sales had gone live. You can check out our full BlackBerry Passport review right here and discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums.

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Sep 25, 2014 BlackBerry Passport now available from Selfridges for £529

The BlackBerry Passport was officially launched yesterday. We covered a lot from the Toronto event and I'll have a quick recap from the London event soon. However, that's not what this post is about. What I want to tell you is that, if you're in the U.K. you can now purchase the BlackBerry Passport from Selfridges, London. BlackBerry will have a "shop in shop" within the Selfridges Technology Hall, so head down there to get your hands on one.

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Sep 24, 2014 Digging into the BlackBerry Passport's design

We were really eager to talk with BlackBerry's design folks at the Toronto Passport launch event to get some details on the device's distinct form factor. Alison Phillips, BlackBerry's Managing Director at Industrial Design, gave us the run-down.

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Sep 23, 2014 Here's how to watch and chat about Wednesday's BlackBerry Passport press event

Wednesday will be the day of BlackBerry's biggest press event in over a year as the company officially takes the covers off its next smartphone, the BlackBerry Passport. Today, the company offered some info on how anyone with an Internet connection will be able to watch the festivities.

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Sep 22, 2014 BlackBerry Passport will cost $599 without subsidies

BlackBerry Passport will cost $599 without subsidies

The upcoming BlackBerry Passport will cost $599 without a contract in the US, according to what BlackBerry CEO John Chen told The Wall Street Journal in a interview published today.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Passport


I have the playbook and a blackberry z10. Love them both. Would be really nice to combine both of them into One :., The passport. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter the contest.

again blackberry leads the way in creative new concepts. .the o/s and programs offer a win win client experience. .a passport to satisfying and productive use...

i'm using blackberry Z10 rite now,hope i can be the first who used this blackberry,can't wait to see this passport, good shape, classic, just perfect...hoping available soon in my country

I own 6 blackberrys. One even has a small antenna. I am a diehard blackberry fan, never want any other.
This phone looks so fun to use, and quite an upgrade from my old school phones.
I don't know what to say, except, I REALLY want this phone..

Thank you for your consideration

Since I had my blackberry bold 9000, I didn't stop to be a blackberry lover and user. I love blackberry so much. Now I want to have the blackberry passport. It really looks so great and it still shows some elegance. I want this Blackberry Passport so much as in really badly.

I love to see a phone designed by Klingons lol, the only man phone I have ever seen, no more dainty curves or fluorescent colours . I will buy this thing ASAP to look different then everyone else and stab you in the eye with my corners if you piss me off, I hope I can sharpen them lol kablak

Blackberry (smh), this is a winning companies' phone; however (in the same BB fashion), they didn't go all out.
Watch as some other manufactures copy this phone and put in a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution (Quad HD) which is the standards for phones , leaving BB in the rear AGAIN!
Come on blackberry stop coming late to the party!!..dang!

Hi! I m from Nepal and unable to access BlackBerry World.when I tried to open it says,"there was a connection problem.BlackBerry world must closed " please help me. how can I fix it? It bring a huge problem.i am unable to download any app

i am using a Q10, this a nice device to use for my personal, the only problem i am facing is battery backup, overall its an amazing device, much better then any android device.

I am a Chinese, six months ago I started to pay attention BlackBerry Z10 phone, I like it very much, but in our country do not have, two months ago, I finally decided to "adventure" from the United States to buy one, then use to make me more like BlackBerry. See this Blackberry passport, so I was very surprised, very much like to have it, after seeing friends and colleagues are also very fond of, I believe this will make more people like blackberry passport!

this is great,so so unique and uncommon,this is witty invention,its look so nice,BRAVO sutre this will set another pace in the world of technology.

I am luvvin' the Passport.
Me want one.Me likey!!!.
The screen display looks as sharp as a tack,and it is so different to anything out there just now.
This should/must be the must have phone.
I love my Z10 to bits,and would not part with BB10 OS for a second.
But I would trade in my Z10 in a hearbeat for the Passport and BB10.3 :)

They still not seem to get it right: Passport sold out in UK and Germany, but still available in France, Canada and the US. Why does this always happen at the start? I have no idea about supply chains, and I understand that you need specific models for almost every country (QWERTZ, QWERTY etc.), but is it to bold to think that you'll sell more of those hot phones in large economies like UK and Germany than the few they might have sold from yesterday until this morning? WHY??? No ads, no marketing and no product on sale. If I had shares of BBRY, I'd sell today.

Got my Passport today. Screen is amazing. Love it. So, where do I get a SIM card for AT&T wireless for it? Tried to swap out a SIM card in an AT&T locked Q10, but it is too big.