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BlackBerry Reviews | 321 Comments BlackBerry Passport Review BlackBerry Passport ReviewA new twist on the classic QWERTY design by Bla1ze 24 September 2014 The BlackBerry Passport has finally arrived and it has brought a new twist to the classic QWERTY BlackBerry design. From the...



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Nov 28, 2014 Amazon shipments of the red BlackBerry Passport have begun

Amazon shipments of the red BlackBerry Passport have begun

Did you order yourself a fancy red BlackBerry Passport from Amazon? If so, you'll want to keep an eye on your inbox. Amazon has now begun sending out shipment notifications letting everyone know their device has shipped and although times may vary depending on when your order was placed, most people should have the device in their hands by Monday at some point.

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Nov 25, 2014 Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence shares why he made the switch back to BlackBerry

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence shares why he made the switch back to BlackBerry

Being a celebrity chef, writer and television host Tyler Florence is obviously a busy individual and to keep his life on track, he relies on BlackBerry, more specifically - a BlackBerry Passport. With his love for BlackBerry being no secret, in a new interview with the Inside BlackBerry blog, Florence has shared a little more insight into how BlackBerry helps him manage his busy schedule, all eight of his businesses in addition to keeping up with friends and family members securely, plus why he made the switch back to BlackBerry.

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Nov 24, 2014 BlackBerry introduces new BlackBerry Passport Trade-Up Program aimed at iPhone users

BlackBerry introduces new BlackBerry Passport Trade-Up Program aimed at iPhone users

The BlackBerry Passport is the hottest BlackBerry device going at the moment and aside from the deals already in place to pick one up, BlackBerry has now announced a new BlackBerry Passport Trade-Up Program aimed at iPhone users.

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Nov 22, 2014 White BlackBerry Passport coming to the U.K. December 8th. Pre-order now

White BlackBerry Passport coming to the U.K. December 8th. Pre-order now

We've known about the white BlackBerry Passport since the piano black version was announced and was even showcased at the launch event back on September 24th, 2014. However, it hasn't been available anywhere. We heard it's coming around December 1st to UAE and now a U.K. online retailer looks to be getting it in early December too.

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Nov 21, 2014 Here's another look at the red BlackBerry Passport

Here's another look at the red BlackBerry Passport

We already know BlackBerry is planning to place the red BlackBerry Passport up for sale in limited quantities come Black Friday, but it would seem as though the preparations for its release have already begun. As noted by Kyle27_ on Twitter, digging around the ShopBlackBerry site has now revealed renders of the device, this time around from all sides. Sadly, you'll still have to wait to place your orders, and there is no telling what 'limited quantities' actually means. Will you be trying to catch one on Black Friday? I know I will be for sure!

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Nov 20, 2014 TELUS offering the BlackBerry Passport for $150 on contract but only in certain regions

TELUS offering the BlackBerry Passport for 50 on contract but only in certain regions

If you happen to live in Alberta, Ontario or British Columbia and are looking for a BlackBerry Passport on contract for fairly cheap, TELUS has you covered. In Alberta and British Columbia, the carrier is offering the latest BlackBerry 10 smartphone for $150 when bundled with Optik TV and Internet on a 2-year Your Choice Plan.

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Nov 13, 2014 Red BlackBerry Passport to be available on Black Friday in limited quantities

Although we caught a look at the device earlier through Amazon listings and then a fresh image, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has now made the red BlackBerry Passport official. Announced at the BlackBerry for Enterprise event, the red version of the BlackBerry Passport initially expected to arrive on Christmas, will now be available in limited quantities in time for Black Friday. Will you be trying to grab one in the Black Friday madness?

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Nov 11, 2014 This is the red BlackBerry Passport! [Updated]

This is the red BlackBerry Passport!

UPDATE - Despite this image being found on Amazon's servers, I've received word that it's not the final revision of the device and changes to it are expected. What changes exactly? I'm not sure. Even more red on the front/top being added, perhaps, as some people were hoping. Personally, I like the one above better but that's just me.

So, a few days ago Amazon slipped up and listed the red and white BlackBerry Passport with a scheduled release date of December 25th. Since then, the links to the listing have gone missing but at the time they were found, I decided to add a red one to my cart even though there was no image of the device available to even see what it looked like.

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Nov 08, 2014 Amazon pre-order listing reveals Christmas launch date for red and white BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport in white

We've already seen what the BlackBerry Passport looks like in white, and now we have more news regarding availability. It looks like the white color variant will launch on December 25, according to a pre-order listing on Amazon. The listing also suggests that BlackBerry will be rolling out a red color variant of the device on the same day.

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Nov 07, 2014 BlackBerry Passport back in stock at ShopBlackBerry with new promo videos in tow


Just in time for the weekend, the BlackBerry Passport is now back in stock at ShopBlackBerry for $599. If you haven't yet had the chance to pick one up, now you can grab one straight from the source. We're not sure just how long these guys will be in stock, so get one now while the gettin' is good!

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Nov 05, 2014 BlackBerry Passport now available in Italy - Priced at €649

Passport Italy

Just a quick heads up for the good folk of Italy that have been waiting to get there hands on the BlackBerry Passport. The flagship device is now available in Italy at authorized retailers and selected carriers.

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Nov 04, 2014 Theme for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with Passport support

Theme from S4BB

I'm fairly sure that S4BB are the biggest developer for BlackBerry 10 and if we were to tell you when each of their apps got updated we would soon bore you. However, I'm quite a fan of their app 'Theme' so I decided it was well worth mentioning that if has today been updated for you BlackBerry Passport owners.

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Nov 01, 2014 Toronto Raptors President and General Manager, Masai Ujiri works wide with his BlackBerry Passport

Being President and General Manager of the Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri is a busy man. Add in the fact that he's also founder of the non-profit organization, Giants of Africa and you can bet his schedule is pretty hectic. In order to help him get through his days, Masai makes use of the BlackBerry Passport and in a new ad, he takes the time to let us know all about it.

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Oct 30, 2014 AT&T rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Passport

UPDATE: And just like that, the OS appears to have disappeared from being available on devices. However, the internet has the files now and they can all still be downloaded in the forums. Plus, you can check out the findings and fixes thread if you want to know what's new in the OS.

Although AT&T has yet to even make the device available for purchase, it would seem as though they're gearing up to do so. Many BlackBerry Passport owners running the device on AT&T (including myself) are reporting BlackBerry (software version is appearing as an available OS update. The update itself comes in at around 1.5GB, so you're going to want to be attached to Wi-Fi when downloading it.

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Oct 29, 2014 Axiom puts the BlackBerry Passport through some extreme drop testing

While Axiom was busy kicking off sales of the BlackBerry Passport in Saudi Arabia, their UAE YouTube channel decided to do some testing with the device. In what will most certainly be a painful video for those waiting for their BlackBerry Passport to arrive, we get a close look at an 'extreme drop test' done on the latest BlackBerry smartphone, which ends rather well all things considered.

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Oct 25, 2014 Best Buy and Future Shop offering the TELUS BlackBerry Passport for $199.99

If you're looking to grab a BlackBerry Passport in Canada and spend the least amount possible, then Best Buy or Future Shop can save you a little bit of coin as long as you don't mind signing up for a TELUS 2-year contract. Right now, both retailers are offering a $199.99 deal until October 30th across their big box locations.

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Oct 20, 2014 Celebrity chef, writer and television host Tyler Florence loves his new BlackBerry Passport

Celebrity chef, writer and television host Tyler Florence loves his BlackBerry Passport. Stopping by Global TV to talk about his new book Inside the Test Kitchen, he brought along his BlackBerry Passport to show off some of his culinary skills using some photos but got a little sidetracked when the hosts asked specifically about his smartphone of choice. His answer is pretty awesome. Check out the video below.

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Oct 17, 2014 BlackBerry Passport demand has exceeded expectations

That's according to BlackBerry CEO John Chen who was in Hong Kong to attend the Technologies that Matter forum hosted by MIT Enterprise. It's certainly no secret that a lot of folks have had their shipments placed on back order, earlier we posted about how ShopBlackBerry shipments were now resuming, but it's also no secret the device has been selling out whenever its been made available.

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Oct 15, 2014 Search for IMDB gets updated with BlackBerry Passport support

Search for IMDB

Just a quick one for you movie buffs that have picked up a BlackBerry Passport. S4BB's application - Search for IMDB has been updated in the last 24 hours to offer full Passport support and it sure looks great.

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Oct 13, 2014 Amazon now sending out delivery estimate updates for Passport orders

Have you ordered a BlackBerry Passport from Amazon and been waiting for it to ship? If so, you'll want to keep an eye on your inbox for a status update from Amazon. The company has now sent out several emails letting customers know their orders have been processed along with letting them know their new delivery estimates.

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Oct 11, 2014 My top 10 game selection for the BlackBerry Passport

Passport Games

When it comes to games, what you will like very much varies from user to user. Although the BlackBerry Passport is portrayed to be a business device and of course it serves that purpose beautifully, you'll also be pleased to hear that gaming is also great on that whopping square display.

Although I don't tend to spend an awful lot of time playing games (apart from reviewing them) there are certain ones that I like to have on my BlackBerry for when times of boredom set in - such as in the doctor's office or on a train journey.

So for you folk that are picking up the new BlackBerry Passport I thought I would put together a quick list of 10 of my favorites that work perfectly on the Passport.

We've featured them all before since BlackBerry 10 hit the scene so if you want to see them in action you can click the links to check out the original posts of which many contain a video.

And as you can see from the screenshots below they look pretty sweet on the Passports square screen.


The concept with NeverMaze is very straight forward - the app will auto generate a maze and you need to maneuver the orange icon to the purple one. The graphics are pretty basic but the colors complement each other well and although I'm not super excited about this one myself it is a little addictive.

The game play is smooth and although lacking any background music (which may have been nice) the game may also be a great one for the kids. The developer states that there are billions of mazes available so you will more than likely never see the same one twice which is a nice touch.

More information/Download NeverMaze for BlackBerry 10

BrickBreaker Bold

BrickBreaker - an old classic got a revamp for BlackBerry 10 and what a beauty it is. With the BlackBerry Passport there are two control options. Option one is to just touch your character and drag him in the direction you wish him to go. And because of the hardware keyboard in place on these devices you can also use this. Just hit up the 'Q' and "P' keys for left and right. On the intermediate level though you have to use the keyboard controls - a wee bit harder.

More information/Download BrickBreaker Bold for BlackBerry 10

Ten Pin Shuffle

There are normally a ton of bowling style games on any mobile platform. 10 Pin Shuffle is the best I have ever used and I've been around the block. The game is a perfect example of how great gaming is on BlackBerry 10. It brings us stunning smooth graphics and even some pretty realistic sound effects. If you want a great game then this one is worth a look for sure.

But you don't just get one game with 10 Pin Shuffle - there are three within the game and I'd urge you to check it out.

More information/Download 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling for BlackBerry 10

Chain Dots

Chain Dots is a beautiful, simple, puzzle style game which will be perfect for when you have a minute to kill. I say a minute as that's how long each game takes.

Once you start Chain Dots you are presented with a grid of colored dots and its just a case of drawing a line between adjoining ones that are of the same color. This can be done in any direction and in reality there are no limits in terms of how many dots you may get in the chain. The longer the chain - the more points you earn and its all about how high you can score in 60 seconds.

More information/Download Chain Dots for BlackBerry 10

Stick Tennis

There's a whole load of different tournaments to choose from with Stick Tennis and initially you will be given a short tutorial of how the controls work. They are really simple though - serving is achieved by tapping the screen and then a second tap to hit the ball. After that, returning shots is all about swiping. You can swipe in any direction - the only downside here is that when performing an upwards swipe you need to get used to not swiping the phones bezel or it will minimize the app back into its Active Frame.

With decent graphics are VERY realistic sound effects Stick Tennis is a gem. Go and have a go yourself. I bet you will agree with me.

More information/Download Stick Tennis for BlackBerry 10

Kiwi Wonder

Kiwi Wonder is a simple concept - where your kiwi soars from left to right collecting coins and bonus items - but avoiding other birds, which will kill you.

Controlling your Kiwi is achieved just by tapping the display to make him go up, and then releasing, where gravity will pull him down.

The graphics with Kiwi Wonder are absolutely stunning, as is the background music which has a kind of Hawaiian style to it. From start until finish the game is a real joy to play. Give it a go and see what you think?

More information/Download Kiwi Wonder for BlackBerry 10

Twist Pilot

With Twist Pilot you control Phil who is a red.........thing. Phil likes to collect the gold rings but what he doesn't like is bumping into the walls in the game or the nasty spiders. In fact he makes a rather comical noise when that happens. Where things get interesting and puzzle like is that due to Phil being a funny shape he can't fit through all the gaps - unless you wait for him to rotate. He is constantly spinning you see and when you come to a tight hole you will need to ease Phil through when he is at his thinnest point.

More information/Download Twist Pilot for BlackBerry 10

Run in Crowd

First to hit the BlackBerry PlayBook the premise of Run in Crowd is actually quite straightforward - run and jump. When you start the level you and a few other gamers are in the same position, but that quickly changes as you are forced to run as the world gets faster and faster. You will want to keep an eye out for obstacles and large voids in the games world. The longer you run, the higher your score as well as the bigger bragging rights when you see yourself as the number one on the worldwide leader boards.

More information/Download Run in Crowd for BlackBerry 10

Fly Cargo

Fly Cargo is another game that was first out on the PlayBook. The aim of the game is to fly your helicopter around the screen picking up cargo and delivering it its destination point. Sounds simple - it isn't! Things are slightly different on the Passport due to the screen dimensions but it still plays beautifully.

There is both a free version and a paid one if you get addicted - which you probably will! I LOVE this game.

More information/Download Fly Cargo (free) for BlackBerry 10

Saving Yello

Saving Yello gives us everything thing we want from a game. Superb graphics, great sound, fantastic game play and even a cute little character that you control. The aim of the game is to get Yello (who is a goldfish) into his fish bowl. This is achieved by using a kind of catapult style movement, much the same as we have seen with the likes of Angry Birds.

Once you touch Yello you move your finger left and right to select the direction and then move back and forth to choose the power level of the shot. Release your finger and off he goes - simple. However, things get a little more tricky after the first level.

More information/Download Saving Yello for BlackBerry 10

Game Over

That's my top ten that I chose to download to my Passport for when I'm in a gaming mood. There are a couple I wanted to include but after loading them up they just don't work properly and clearly need updating to accommodate the Passport. In the meantime there's still a huge selection to choose from.

Happy gaming.

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BlackBerry Passport


I have the playbook and a blackberry z10. Love them both. Would be really nice to combine both of them into One :., The passport. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter the contest.

again blackberry leads the way in creative new concepts. .the o/s and programs offer a win win client experience. .a passport to satisfying and productive use...

i'm using blackberry Z10 rite now,hope i can be the first who used this blackberry,can't wait to see this passport, good shape, classic, just perfect...hoping available soon in my country

I own 6 blackberrys. One even has a small antenna. I am a diehard blackberry fan, never want any other.
This phone looks so fun to use, and quite an upgrade from my old school phones.
I don't know what to say, except, I REALLY want this phone..

Thank you for your consideration

Since I had my blackberry bold 9000, I didn't stop to be a blackberry lover and user. I love blackberry so much. Now I want to have the blackberry passport. It really looks so great and it still shows some elegance. I want this Blackberry Passport so much as in really badly.

I love to see a phone designed by Klingons lol, the only man phone I have ever seen, no more dainty curves or fluorescent colours . I will buy this thing ASAP to look different then everyone else and stab you in the eye with my corners if you piss me off, I hope I can sharpen them lol kablak

Blackberry (smh), this is a winning companies' phone; however (in the same BB fashion), they didn't go all out.
Watch as some other manufactures copy this phone and put in a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution (Quad HD) which is the standards for phones , leaving BB in the rear AGAIN!
Come on blackberry stop coming late to the party!!..dang!

Hi! I m from Nepal and unable to access BlackBerry World.when I tried to open it says,"there was a connection problem.BlackBerry world must closed " please help me. how can I fix it? It bring a huge problem.i am unable to download any app

i am using a Q10, this a nice device to use for my personal, the only problem i am facing is battery backup, overall its an amazing device, much better then any android device.

I am a Chinese, six months ago I started to pay attention BlackBerry Z10 phone, I like it very much, but in our country do not have, two months ago, I finally decided to "adventure" from the United States to buy one, then use to make me more like BlackBerry. See this Blackberry passport, so I was very surprised, very much like to have it, after seeing friends and colleagues are also very fond of, I believe this will make more people like blackberry passport!

this is great,so so unique and uncommon,this is witty invention,its look so nice,BRAVO sutre this will set another pace in the world of technology.

I am luvvin' the Passport.
Me want one.Me likey!!!.
The screen display looks as sharp as a tack,and it is so different to anything out there just now.
This should/must be the must have phone.
I love my Z10 to bits,and would not part with BB10 OS for a second.
But I would trade in my Z10 in a hearbeat for the Passport and BB10.3 :)

They still not seem to get it right: Passport sold out in UK and Germany, but still available in France, Canada and the US. Why does this always happen at the start? I have no idea about supply chains, and I understand that you need specific models for almost every country (QWERTZ, QWERTY etc.), but is it to bold to think that you'll sell more of those hot phones in large economies like UK and Germany than the few they might have sold from yesterday until this morning? WHY??? No ads, no marketing and no product on sale. If I had shares of BBRY, I'd sell today.

Got my Passport today. Screen is amazing. Love it. So, where do I get a SIM card for AT&T wireless for it? Tried to swap out a SIM card in an AT&T locked Q10, but it is too big.

If Blackberry is really serious about the rebirth of their smartphones and want to compete with Apple and Samsung, what rationale would support them not releasing the phone soon after its debut? Why the long wait for release in countries like the US where there are a number of consumers who want an alternative? Why not allow providers other than AT&T to offer the Passport when it finally comes to the US? In all, you can't sell pencils if there are no pencils on the shelf for the consumer to buy!!

I'll stay with my Z10 for a while.. might be skipping this Passport with 10.3.1 upgrade and wait for next offering from BB

Have posted 3 questions but no replies so far...
C'mon experts please say something...
Here are again my 3 questions:
Does the Blackberry Passport....
1) have Blackberry Bridge and internet tethering to connect with the Playbook?
2) work with the TMobile network?
3) run Whatsapp?