BlackBerry Partners Fund announces regional selections in the “Super Apps” developer challenge

By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2010 04:46 pm EDT
BlackBerry Super App Challenge

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has selected the regional winners of the 2010 BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge. This years challenge brought forth hundreds of applications and has now been broken down for everyone to view.

"The response we received in this year's Challenge has been tremendous, and demonstrates the high level of interest by the developer community in the BlackBerry platform," said Kevin Talbot, Co-Managing Partner, BlackBerry Partners Fund. "We were also very impressed with how well the applications that were submitted incorporate 'Super App' characteristics, or the ability to seamlessly share information and interact with both native BlackBerry and third party applications."

With all the applications that have been submitted, the list is rather large and certainly worth a look through. A lot of great applications are highlighted there and some of which, you may never heard of. Be sure to check out the full list and press release via the BlackBerry Partners Fund website.



BlackBerry Partners Fund must be one of the worst mistakes RIM has made since their founding. Can anybody understand the gibberish in this press release?


What exactly made these super apps? I downloaded one of them, Birdseye, and it seems to be a cheap knock off of Poynt. I intend to use it further but for now it doesn't very super. I will report back should I change my mind.