BlackBerry Partners Fund announces 12 regional finalists in the Developer Challenge

Developers challenge
By Adam Zeis on 17 Nov 2010 12:17 pm EST

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced the 12 reginal finalists for the BlackBerry Developers Challenge. The apps were judged on how well they incorporated "super app" capabilities as well as quality and user experience. Participants are competing for prizes totalling over $1.5 million. The 12 finalists include:

  • North American Finalists:
    • Dictionary and Thesaurus -
    • Poynt
    • Vayyoo
  • Latin America Finalists:
    • Navita Sports
    • Vlingo Plus - Voice App
    • Waze (LATAM)
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa Finalists
    • CamCard(Business Card Reader)
    • n-tv mobil
    • UbiNav EU
  • Asia Pacific Finalists
    • Forum for BlackBerry
    • Love Indonesia
    • Ramadhan Pocket Guide

The 4th round of judging takes place today so we'll be winding down the apps once again. Soon a champion will be crowned and we'll know which Super App stands above the others. Hit the link below for more on the Super Apps Challenge.

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Emu the Foo

good for, for them. and i was just thinking, "self, i have never been first on a post." that being said i didnt know that no one has commented on this :(