BlackBerry Partner Purchases One Million BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Mar 2013 03:26 pm EDT

Holy shizzle pizzle, I think my mind has been blown once again. BlackBerry just issued a press release stating that one of its established partners is purchasing ONE MILLION BlackBerry 10 Smartphones, with shipments starting immediately.  I know what you're thinking.. it was probably me. But I swear, it wasn't. :)

Keep reading for the press release below. We'll follow up with more on this soon as to what it all means. It's likely a carrier partner (I think it would have to be??) but being the single largest purchase order ever for BlackBerry, it's certainly good news and awesome to hear! Go #TEAMBLACKBERRY!

Press Release

BlackBerry Partner Purchases One Million BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

Largest ever single purchase order in BlackBerry's history

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 13, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) announced today that one of its established partners has placed an order for one million BlackBerry 10 smartphones, with shipments starting immediately. This order marks the largest ever single purchase order in BlackBerry's history.

"An order for one million devices is a tremendous vote of confidence in BlackBerry 10," said Rick Costanzo, EVP Global Sales, BlackBerry. "Consumers are ready for a new user experience, and BlackBerry 10 delivers. With strong partner support, coupled with this truly re-invented new platform, we have a powerful recipe for success."

BlackBerry unveiled the new BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones on January 30th. BlackBerry Z10 is now available for purchase in a number of markets around the world and will be available in the United States starting this month.

BlackBerry will be reporting results for its fourth quarter and year-end of fiscal 2013 on March 28, 2013. A conference call and live webcast will be held beginning at 8 am ET, which can be accessed by dialing 1-800-814-4859 or through your BlackBerry® 10 smartphone, personal computer or BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet at


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BlackBerry Partner Purchases One Million BlackBerry 10 Smartphones



It was MEEE!! Jp. This is great news for BlackBerry that alone is an over $1 billion dollar order. BlackBerry is back.

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It's actually a $500 Million order. Assuming they did not get any discounts (they probably did given the order size)

That's true depending how much each phone was sold for, if it wasn't a carrier and blackberry sold Em for $250 each that's 2,500,000,000.

blackberry does not sell to carriers for 250 dollars. how unsensible is that? carriers subsidize the price for their customers for contracts

The new Pope said that iPhone and Android are for paedophiles so to show a real change in the Vatican he said: BlackBerry!

I have a feeling this could be AT&T. If they had a modest order in place already and saw much higher than expected demand during the first day of presale yesterday, they may have changed their forecast for Z10 sales which turned into a 1 million phone order.

It has been unoficially confirmed that it is in fact an order from Brightstar to Venezuelan market, its gonna be huge here, Blackberry has 75% market share in our country (more than 6 million active devices) cheers!

My guess would be the Indian Government because the Z10 has been doing exceptionally well there. They ran out of inventory within 2 days instead of the expected 5 days.

Additionally, my other reason is because the population in India is huge (over 1,200,000,000, that's huge!) and so their members of the government would likely be over 5 million if we compare it to Canada's portion (around 250,000 out of 35 mil, that's 0.71% of the population). This means that India's government members would amount to about 8,500,000.

It could possibly be them or a large US carrier (AT&T or Verizon would be my guess).

Ironically, if it was the Indian Government, only some of them would get a sweet new BlackBerry Z10. LOL

India doesn't have the same level of political and federal infrastructure that Canada does, so I'd hazard a guess at maybe 4 million Indian government employees, not including military.

You are right about the infrastructure part. However, I was referring to the point that it could be their government and it still holds true when factoring in the things you've said.

Politics aside, I would love to get a new BlackBerry Z10 but I am waiting for BlackBerry's big fat cheque from the last chance port-a-thon.

Canada doesnt have that many just kidding.
This is huge news. Now I want to see a sprint-apple like deal, an order of 10 million phones.

Actually, the current count is about 350K including contractors. They have just under 100K BlackBerries. No way it was Canada but Canada is a huge BlackBerry customer.

True, but that same guy said that they would only sell 1 - 1.5 million in Q1
This ONE order has already matched his lower estimate

Not necessarily if they go through a non-carrier third party, but only someone that knows how those purchase work would be able to tell for sure

If it is a carrier then it would most likely be the carrier not wanting the information released. That's a big number on there financial report.

Holy red headed mother of christ!
The the is going to go crazy!! :D

Those no sayers who thought they wouldn't sale more than a million in the quarter just swallowed there words lol

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ZOMG that's a huge boost in sales!
I consider getting 2 or 3 million sold by the end of March as a epic target!
And that's like only in the first two months, without rocking the Q10!

One can only wonder what this will mean for the big name app developers. Hopefully it gets them to start putting some work into those apps!

Lol. I haven't hear Shabba Ranks in years. That was a good one. I don't know why, but I have doubts that this is a carrier, however I find it hard to fathom what organization would support 1 million strong?


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I believe it is Kevin, he is stocking up for future give aways here! As the world learns about BB they will also be learning about Crackberry and Kevin will want to keep everyone happy.

Great news, shows the benifit of getting it right before release, much better than releasing a half finished product like in the past. See nothing but good for Blackberry in the future, perhaps they will buy Apple snd get the fruit in one basket. No sorry thats not even funny.

Agreed. Pre-orders are happening, they're probably strong, so this is their response to the demand.

Based on the immensity, it has to be American. I would be surprised if it is a Canadian order. Happy for BlackBerry either way.

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LOL in a million years... that stupid yahoo CEO has so much hatred towards BlackBerry so I doubt it haha

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lol! The new pope is Oprah! "Look under your pews... EVERYONE GETS A Z10!"

hmmm. likely not. I'm sure there are more than a million Catholics

Great news...Love my z10 more every day (got it on release day). Also happy to see the company succeed!

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Woah. Now that's an interesting number by BlackBerry standards.

Good job BlackBerry! Now keep the momentum and your customers happy by kicking out those updates and enhancements on a timely basis.

Do that, and the results will speak for themselves.

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why the hell would they put out these two press releases (whatsapp being the other) just as all the media is consumed with the election of a new pope??!! They should have have rushed it out on Monday or held off for a week. No one will read this which is a shame

Better be alone in the technology/business pages NOW before tonight they will be ALL OVER Samsungs S4. Which will likely sell in the million in the first week. So take the spotlight if you can.

Lol. Every analyst just got their answer with that one media release. Ha! Love it.

An order that size is likely a US carrier? Perhaps in time for a massive rollout? Hard to think of a company that of this size.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

"hard to think of a company of that size" - true, but maybe a government looking to update its entire fleet of phones?

The only private companies of that size are McDonald's and Walmart. Neither seem to be a likely candidate.

This is either the US government or a wireless carrier...

WOW..... JUST WOW!!! Now if we could just find out which company it was that could be Free Marketing all around, Win, Win.

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Watch, some expert analyst will come out tomorrow with some negative news saying something like " yes, 1 million is good, but it's not 5 million like Apple".


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True, but 1 million devices to ONE partner, not total sales. Even if it's a carrier, that's a million devices that they expect to sell to customers.

You know when the financials come out that the haters are going to say well 1,000,000 of those phones was bought by 1 company so that number doesn't really count.

This is huge for the stock; trading volume was screaming like a banshee right into market close. The talking head analysts have been putting out tepid price targets based on a presumed scenario of BBRY doing ok on services and failing at phones. Success w/the phones changes the game big time.

I hope its T-Mobile. I asked my local T-Moble sales representative when it was coming out and she said they were getting it on the 22. Just to make sure and be certain I called customer service and I explained that I wanted to join T-Mobile because I wanted the Z10. When I asked when it was coming out the guy at customer service also told me the 22. I wonder why T-Mobile isn't announcing this yet.

Yes, almost all blackberry partners are carriers. The big companies typically get the title of customer.

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Given that Verizon would have had to put in a big order to get the exclusive on white in the states, I would bet that it was them rather than AT&T, the only other option might be one of the european carrier groups, but you would expect those to make orders per country due to things like keyboard settings.

That makes sense. Maybe they order 500k in black and the other half in white. It can also be a combo of the white and black Z10 and also the future orders for the Q10...just a thought.

Would this be a carrier or a corporate customer? Seems to me carrier orders would not be publicized this way since the devices have to be subsidized or bought back if not sold.

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They don't necessarily have to be bought back if not sold. When Apple sells to carriers, the carriers are stuck with them, even if people stop buying I phones.

I'm here to balance this out. It's probably a carrier, which isn't to surprising, probably a carrier in the USA which... they better be able to sell that many, sheesh. smart of bbry to make a big song and dance about it though, we need good media to be happening, and this will definitely help that.


BlackBerry is the new sexy girl in town and everyone wants a piece of that ass... unlike I phone everyone used and abuse and kick to the curve. as for Samsung no one wants to walk around with a fridge in their pockets/ purse.

WOW!!!!! This is awesomely awesome fantastical news! Way to go BlackBerry! Keep up the good fight!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

It was probably Verizon, since they have the exclusivity for the White Z10 which is more appealing for a lot people.. I guess that exclusivity was not cheap, meaning they had to buy 1MM Z10

If this is a carrier partner they have just put themselves ahead of all others in the que with this huge order. Any orders placed now come in behind this one. Definitely a show of confidence in their ability to sell large numbers of BB10 and good business tactic by perhaps limiting, temporarily, supplies for other carriers.

Over a period of how long, it said BB10 device so it could be over a couple of years and covers various different models. I can't imagine it being anyone but a carrier.

Perhaps a US carrier who just started accepting pre-orders and has seen the demand plus the sales numbers in Canada and the UK has decided that this is for real.

PEOPLE... people... It was Apple. Apple is going to put little apple stickers on it and sell them as the new iPhone 6. Tim Cook was heard to say: "It's the most beautiful iPhone I have ever seen!"

Wow... even for a US carrier its a huge order! That carrier must have a huge confidence in selling the device. And for sure they will back BlackBerry.

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My goodness that's so devine and heartwarming. I cannot understand why is not everybody tucking into this exciting platform. I am so out of sync with alsmost every one of my daily routine since I got my z10. I'm making mistakes at work because my z10 is close by. good on you Mr Heins.

BlackBerry was never in least not the way the MEDIA says! I was never worried! Always believed!

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Yes, it doesn't specify Z10s and it seems to be over a year. So it might not be entirely fair to waive this piece of paper in front of the noses of analysts who predicted 300,000 in Z10 sales by the end of February. But this is fantastic news. And actually, it probably should be waived under some folks noses.

An order for 1 million is amazing news. The language does leave me with lots of questions. What do they mean by "partner"? Is this a corporation that will issue these devices to their employees? If so, who is this company that has a one million person team, let alone one million employees who are at a rank where they require a company-issued device? Or is this partner a carrier or retailer who intend on selling these phones?

The other information that is missing is the duration over which the devices are disbursed. Is this a three year contract that covers "up to" a million devices should there be a need?

Great news, but leaves lots to the imagination. However, I don't mind imagining how great this is for BlackBerry!

Kevin, isn't it your 'original' Monday's mind-blowing surprise? Guess BBRY had to hold back on the news because customer (AT&T?) decided to wait for pre-ordering response before confirming the size of the order.
What a way to restart the Z10 momentum in the US since the Superbowl commercial. Go BBRY (RIM) go!

It does seem a little late for it to be a US carrier order, but if it's a carrier it's a great vote of confidence. If it's a US government purchase it's even better given that they have always been the largest Enterprise customer for BlackBerry and this order would also be good news for keeping BES entrenched in the US government. Good news either way!

Maybe somebody went to order 1 but fell asleep on their keyboard and put in a whole lot of zeroes..... Hate to see their Credit Card bill.... :-D

My first response is happiness: good for you BBRY! Get some ROI to make the next gen even better, and keep kicking butt in the brave new world of mobile computing. However, my self-centered, short term thinking me is worrying about availability to other partners/carriers/customers if they start shipping immediately. Let's hope this doesn't mean we here in Holland get pushed back!

The buzz from the analysts are saying the BlackBerry Z10 will have a hard time compete with Samsung Galaxy S4 due to its faster speed and bigger phone and new Google software. Can you imagine who would da carry a 5.0 inches phone that is even bigger than the very, very old cellphone. When you hold up the phone to your ear, I think it will cover up your whole face. The guys would have to wear a large jacket with bigger pockets or carry a purse for the Galaxy S4. I believe BlackBerry Z10 can survive from the competition since it has its own style and features that are very difference than the rest of the smartphone.

It could possibly be the US gov't. Others are right, it's way too big for the Canadian gov't, only about 300,000 employees max, including the mail clerks. The US gov't has actually had it's own main servers in Langley, Virginia for quite a while, AFAIK the only such infrastructure outside of Waterloo, at least when I read the white paper a few years ago.

It didn't say anywhere in the press release that the order is for Z10s only!!!

It's one million BB10 units and that's a HUGE number in itself for one single established partner. It's a definite vote of confidence.

Is Amazon one of their 'established partners'??

Huge news for BB, and it shows in their stock today too!

I am really tempted to just buy one out right on ebay right now. All this waiting is starting to hurt...

Just waiting for Yahoo article or some other useless media outlet to post my most hated line "Too little too late ".

Great news BlackBerry!!! Loving my Z10

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Whoever placed this order must have visited one of the blackberry Z10 booths in the Air Canada lounges. The ladies working would not have a hard time convincing anyone to take out their cheque book! Well done Blackberry HR department!

I just found out who bought those phones. It should have been obvious. It is the new Pope. He will be giving one Z10 phone to the first one million new followers on Twitter. Today is my lucky day :-)

Okay guys, this is amazing news IF the phones were sold THROUGH the supply chain to a Government for example, but if they only sold the phones to a carrier - this doesn't mean that 1,000,000 more people will be walking around with BB10 phones in there hands.

Anyone think possibly the Indian Gov't?

- Spades

Hey even from a carrier this is good news (and presumably this is either Verizon or AT&T). This means the carrier is confident enough that they are ordering ahead and committing ahead of orders from their customers. And since this is the largest single purchase order in BB's history that should tell you that commitment at this level doesn't happen all the time. There is officially no reason to worry about the Z10 being a dud. Not that folks on this site were worrying, but now we know. Some company has committed hundreds of millions toward purchasing the phone. Now we know that world wide, Z10 sales are going to be measured in the millions. We thought that would be the case, but now we know.

This figure is great news... going on holiday, always appreciate the pop in the stock.

The question I have though is “trusted partner”, has to mean a carrier committing to move phones. I don’t know of any companies that employ a 1mm people.

This seems like that T-Mobile commitment to buy Apple’s Iphones. Is the 1mm phones over the remainder of the year or some longer time period?

As excited as I am about this news, the intentional vagueness does trouble me a little.

I’ll let my ignorance be bliss. Rally Ho!

According to latest figures (Phone Areana) VZW has 100 million subscribers. If just 1% want a bb10, that equals (drum Roll) 1 million. AT*T has a slightly smaller base (97 Million) so it could be either. 1 % of both carriers is 1,970,000 of BB10 Love

Globe mail on their Gold Globeinvestor site had as their headline all day long , " Cracks in RIM in India "
And to this day still calls Blackberry ..." RIM "

I reported this morning that I read on an investor website that a member there was told by an AT&T on-line chat Rep. told him that their pre-orders had already sold out and they are back order on the this news drops. I think it is AT&T...which is great news for BB. All of those shorts are headed for the LONG grass now!!! HaHa!!

Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley SHOULD RESIGN and go teach finance at Bugtussle Community College