BlackBerry P'9982 makes a run through FCC with AT&T LTE bands

By Adam Zeis on 1 Nov 2013 03:26 pm EDT

Rumors are floating around that the BlackBerry P'9982 may soon be officially available and today it has made its way to the FCC. The P'9982 is sporting AT&T HSPA and LTE bands so it's a good possibility that we may see the high-end Z10 in the states at some point in the near future. This would differ from the P'9981 which was never offered through carriers in the US.

As reported earlier this week, there are reports that an event is scheduled for November 20th which just might be the unveiling of the P'9982, but that still yet to be confirmed. 

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BlackBerry P'9982 makes a run through FCC with AT&T LTE bands


As with most corporations, this is an attempt to appeal to the upper class with large amounts of discretionary income to spend on overpriced toys.

I'm not knocking them for it. If you can get all classes of people buying your product, why not do it?

It looks like a nice phone. I have fond memories of my Bold 9000. This looks like an updated, touchscreen version of it. It has a polished, professional look with just a touch of steampunk thrown in. :-)

I want one. To bad I already have a Z10, just bought a Q10, and want a Z30. Can't justify that. Too bad it's not a porsche Z30.

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Wow Dec away you sound like me even though I have yet to get the Q10 each day I come close to purchase one. My Z10 is getting lonely and trying to wait and see where the Z30 shows up here in the states.

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What's steampunk? I agree 100% on a slider instead but hey go for it BlackBerry! Keep it moving!

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Will look better than the previous one.


Would be better if it was based off the Z30. Premium build but base model phone?

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Start by saying Porsche (gt3) is on the top of my car wishlist.. but why a Porsche Blackberry? Upperclass? UAE? .... umm Porsche does not fit those in my opinion.. Tesla, Bentley, Audi, BMW?... OR these two that use Blackberry.. Mercedes (Petronas) and Bugatti (The BlackBerry Mobile).. makes way more sense...

I like the phone and if it is/was a z10 with z30 specs or better... I'd be all over it.

AT&T should "mind their business" about this nonsense and concern themselves with getting 10.2 launched and getting the Z30 asap...

More nonsense...

However, I did talk to ATT, yesterday, and the guy told me they would be getting Z30....

Really? That's awesome news as CB and others have reported that the Z30 will be a Verizon exclusive in the US. Maybe Verizon just has a short, 90 day exclusive?

I'm also on AT&T (straight talk) and the Z30 is my dream phone, so I'm a little interested in how credible you think your source at AT&T is?

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wow! as an AT&T customer i don't feel so bad that Verizon got the exclusive on the Z30, if the leaks hold true i would definately want the P9982 over the Z30, although i still don't want to spend more than $299.00 on upgrade.

If that's the back cover the Z30 has it beat. Who needs leather when you have glass?!

Posted via my Q10, USA

I like all the new features of the Z30 except for the screen size. Bring on usb otg, bigger battery, miracast, wireless charging, stereo speakers, 4 mics on something the size of the Z10 please.

Give yourself a week with the Z30. Overall, the device is only like 19% bigger, but the much bigger screen real estate just makes everything easier. I love my Z10 and the BB10 browser is superior, but on the small screen of a Z10 well... media, web, it's all just a little inconvenient. Only two things about the Z10 make me want to go back to Sammy, the screen size and the absence of banking apps. The Z30 addresses the first issue... and I can live without the second issue being addressed for now.

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I still prefer the matte black P'9981 but I find this design elegant and stunning in a simple way. I miss how jarring the p'9981 was. Would have rather Porsche Design done the Q10 instead of the Z10.

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I'm too lazy to read through these comments and not sure if what I am about to say has been said, but why is blackberry still teaming up with porsche to make these hig-end phones when they are also partnered with The F1 Mercedes AMG Petronas team???

This is like Micheal Jordan wearing Nike socks while wearing British knights (old school!) shoes.

I would rather see Blackberry choose one or the other.

From a automotive QNX standpoint, I wouldn't want to alienate any manufacturer but this brand alignment blurriness can't be great for all parties..

Side note, blackberry needs to do a better job marketing it's in-car QNX platform. Prosumers are Mercedes and porsche buyers and they should associate the luxery car brands with Blackberry.

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Looks good and should have better specifications to make it a better device other than the physical luxury it will have.

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Please please please, bump the hardware specs. Don't re-release a phone that was already obsolete at launch. That would just be embarrassing.

Posted from 420 Paper Street

Given the stare of Blackberry on the verge of liquidation, to send time and money on something few if any will buy shows just how incompetent it's management is. They just be insane.

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I used the palm sliders and the Torch 2 . Fun phones but now on the Z10. I dont miss all the sliding that much at all. Or the Physical keyboard. That said I would consider a slider but would rather see the companys stock in the 50's before making another.

What a total waste of time and resources. This is why BlackBerry isn't doing well: A total lack of focus.

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I don't want that piece of crap, I WANT MY Z30 AT&T!!!!

I hate Porsche too. Porsche are just over priced VW Beetles with more bling and have looked the same for over 50 years. The P'9982 is just an over priced Z10 with more bling, and looks pretty much the same as the current Z10 and will continue to look like the Z10 even long after the Z10 is replaced a with a newer, and better model (which AT&T will most likely not carry either). Every time I see a Porsche or even a Porsche Design BlackBerry I hum songs about Hitler. The Porsche Design BlackBerry is the equivalent of the gold iPhone 5S, the phone of douchbags.

The only way I'm buying one of these is if I get to shove it up the CEO of AT&T's ass.

Best way for AT&T to support BlackBerry is to get a phone that most people in the world are unaware of and costs why too much for the majority to afford. End result will be less sales of that phone than the number of people who signed up for Obamacare. Speaking of Obama, AT&T must be learning from him. Claiming to support BlackBerry, but then not carrying the phone that is the flagship and has the best chance to complete with the competition. AT&T supporting BlackBerry is a bigger load of crap than Obama claiming we'd get to keep our doctors and health insurance. LIARS!!!!

More people want the Z30, not the P'9982 purely because it is the best BlackBerry ever, even better than the P'9982, and judging by the forums here and on carrier sites there is clearly a demand, and it's time for AT&T to make good with the supply, or did they not learn that at Pepperoni U.

Hopefully AT&T is smart enough to understand that if they have no Z30, people like me will leave their crap of a network and go to Verizon. "Goodbye piece of crap orange, hello beautiful big red!" I don't even care if I have to forfeit my unlimited data plan, I will do it. The phone matters more to me then the carrier.

If no announcement of the Z30 is made by the new year, or if the only announcement to be made is for the P'9982, I'm gone.

My first order of business on Verizon will be to buy 10 Z30s. I only need two, but to show support for the best phone maker in the world, BlackBerry, and my new carrier, I think I'll stock pile extras. I've got the money, so why not? It's money that AT&T will never get.

BLACKBERRY MARKETING HINT: It has officially been announced that the "Entourage" Movie is in the works. Anyone who has seen the HBO television show that spun off the movie will remember Hollywood super agent Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven. Ari was notorious for always using his BlackBerry. In one season he even had 2 he carried with him, always in his had or pressed to his ear. With the new movie coming in the future, I see a PRODUCT PLACEMENT & PROMOTION opportunity for BlackBerry. Maybe even featuring the character of Ari Gold in BlackBerry commercials and adverts, much like Dodge does with Will Ferrell's character, Ron Burgundy, from the Anchorman movie.

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Agreed with much of your comments. I'd leave ATT myself if the move to Verizon wouldn't be so ridiculously expensive.

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@ bjschey: you really think anyone will go anywhere near an idea thought up by someone who thinks Porsche is akin to Hitler?

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

@ kennyiceberry

I'm certainly not the only one who thinks that, and if you were a true motoring enthusiast you would know there is a deep divide amongst those who like Porsche and those that don't. I'm a BMW and Jaguar lover. I live and breath the M & R badges, and hate Porsche. Regarding the Hitler comment, you probably don't even understand why I associated it to Porsche. You need to study your history, then you would understand. That remark was also made on Top Gear by Richard Hammond when he was explaining Jeremy Clarkson's hatred toward Porsche and the 911. Obviously, you are not a motoring enthusiast.

As for me, I always speak my mind and I am not afraid to voice my anger and views. If you don't like those views, too damn bad. You should try rolling your eyes elsewhere. The world is a tough place, and there is no room for political correctness wimps. Grow a pair and man-up.

Btw, is there anyone who doesn't agree with me on AT&T being a sucky carrier, especially with there so-called support for BlackBerry 10?

BlackBerry's marketing sucks. They should listen to my idea and everyone's ideas on here. We use the devices, we know the devices, and we love the devices. So, we can do a better job promoting them. A while back someone on YouTube did a 3 minute video promoting the new BlackBerry Z10 (when it was new). It was called BlackBerry There Then, There Now. It actually brought a tear to my eye. It was an amazing video. It should have been an official BlackBerry Commercial. It's those ideas that will sell devices and help restore brand perception. You can criticize my idea all you want, but you have not bought any ideas to the table yourself to share. Next time think of at least one instead of none. If BlackBerry doesn't want to listen to my idea, then fine. It's not my problem, but my company is not the one on the brink of failure. If they aren't listening to mine, there are many more on here I hope they are listening too. Verizon has actually done a better job promoting BlackBerry 10 phones than BlackBerry has, and the only carrier to step up to the plate in the U.S. and carry the Z30. I applaud them for that, which is another reason why I'm willing to dump AT&T for Verizon.

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I think they should have Porsche Designed the Q10 instead of the Z10, or maybe even done both.

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long shot but...if AT&T drops this one for $199 i will be have to seriously consider getting this one...even though i said i'd keep my Q10 for 2 years.

I know it can be a bit confusing, but please realize that Porsche Design and the Porsche Motor company are two unrelated entities. All these comparisons about cars make no sense. Carry on.

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@ 3_M4N

Actually Porsche Design was founded by Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche AG. While they technically are two separate companies, there is no doubt that the emphasis on design and innovation that goes into the Porsche automobiles, is also carried over to the luxury lifestyle products that are designed and offered by Porsche Design.

Turning to the issue of BlackBerry and Porsche Design: Sponsoring a team is one thing, but putting another brand name on a BlackBerry in my opinion is not the best idea. The last thing us BlackBerry lovers want is a segment on Top Gear where the guys review these products and completely make fun of them, attempting to pass them off as just over priced novelty items (like the Porsche Design Smoking Pipes), and remind everyone that what a person actually wants is the car, not something with the car name written on it. Do you want a Lamborghini, or a coaster for your glass that has Lamborghini written on it? I think I'd rather have the Lamborghini. On top of that, it looks bad that BlackBerry sponsors the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team, but makes a phone with the Porsche name on it. I think it’s safe to say we won't be seeing Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg with this BlackBerry in hand. The biggest problem is that it's over priced, especially for a blinged-out and outdated Z10 (btw, Porsche is also over priced). I'm not opposed to a high end luxury BlackBerry, I'm opposed to a Porsche Design or any other name on a BlackBerry (but I do hate Porsche too). It's like some people hating carrier branding on their BlackBerry (hint Verizon). What I think most people want is the style and design of the P'9982 applied to the Z30 and Q10 (the flagship phones), which would make more sense. The only name that should be on those phones is BLACKBERRY.

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