BlackBerry P'9981 spotted in Britain's Got Talent preview

By Adam Zeis on 23 Mar 2012 09:08 am EDT

The Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 has been fairly camera shy since it's release, but a keen eye (thanks Dave!) spotted one in this ad for Britain's Got Talent. It looks like Kevin and Beyonce aren't the only ones with this sweet device -- apparently Amanda Holden has one of her own as well (or it looks that way at least). The P'9981 is only on camera here for a few seconds (around 0:25) but there is no mistaking it. Have you seen a P'9981 on tv or out and about? Drop a comment and let us know!

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BlackBerry P'9981 spotted in Britain's Got Talent preview


I have seen a P9981...but in the public not so much.

This is what RIM needs to get going on. Stop giving Apple all the gigs, Apple is rolling over the world, and England is next.

Special designs need to be more affodable to the general public... id say maybe a few extra hundred to sport a p9981... you know where im getting at... if RIM does this it will have a much better advantage then it has now.

Sportin a 9630!!!

i know it makes it special... but how many people would have one if it was a little more affordable? if they want to have an "exclusive" phone why not gold plate it or stud it with diamonds for the rich and famous. just saying...

Sportin a 9630!!!

I agree with crazyinuk. From business volume and profit point of view, RIM should make two special editions; one for the millionaires and another for people who just happen to have money, but in the middle upper class bracket. It gives the feeling of owning a special edition of a phone for few more dollars than the original one. RIM will sell more devices making more money!

I triple agree without guys, I am not rich but I love phones and would happily pay a premium for a sweet edition like this.

In reality though, rim is proving they know how to make a breathtaking phone and should put that effort into everything they put on the market.

There's nothing wrong with making a truly incredible design that everyone can afford.

I had to chance to hold one in my hands at an event I was participating, it really feels and looks awesome.

people will spend $ 3000 on a phone while a $ 300 would do the the same thing if not more when millions of kids are starving in Africa. ,,,Shameful.

I happened to see one last week here at work. We were in a huge forum session and a fella sitting in front of me pulled it out to send a text. Of couse I had to comment and tell the guy that I couldn't help but notice his and comment to him how nice it was. His reply? "uhh, ya, .............its the new one" ANyhow, it was nice to see one in the public and in use. I tweeted to CBkevin that I had seen one. I know its mostly a status thing, but whatev's