Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 Release Date and Pricing

By Adam Zeis on 23 Dec 2011 08:03 am EST

The Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 smartphone was announced two months ago with a question mark for a release date. It looks like some high-end smartphone seekers may have a happy holiday now as the BlackBerry P'9981 is set to be released in the luxury department store Harrods and will be exclusive to the UK (at least for now). The device rings in a price tag of £1,275 (approx. $1998 USD) which sticks to the $2,000 sticker price that was originally specualted. The P'9981 is sporting a 1.2GHz processor, touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, 5MP and much more. Harrods is expected to have the device by the end of December.

So will you be picking up a P'9981? Think it's the hottest phone yet or not worth your time? Sound off in the comments!

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Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 Release Date and Pricing


this is like the absolute worst time for the announcement. People want the BB10 phones now and wonder what is RIM doing with their time...and they decided to flaunt this piece of time waster to everyone.

While I am sympathetic that maybe RIM's involvement in the phone was minimal and most things were done by Porsche, but really? With the current sentiments, is this the best time to flaunt the Porsche BB...

You're assuming that everyone, everywhere follows RIM and the smartphone environment in general to the same extent that we do.

Nokia made good money for a long time pawning off warmed-over technology to people with more money than brains through their Vertu brand. By comparison this is cutting-edge.

true, I genuinely believe non-hardcore users won't know/care much about RIM, but for me, at least, it is just stupid that RIM diverged all those resources into making these BB7 phones. Creating a Bold and a Torch would be great, but RIM is basically saying we have autofocus camera, but we'll also make one without it; users love our patented keyboard, so we'll also make another one without it; we'll also make thicker versions of each phone in case people want thick phones; and we'll give one a different case. If they had all these time to do all these senseless stuff, why not just spend them on BB10?

Cutting edge...no...even Vertu Constellation Touch is way more advance...this is just BB7 phone with a new case...

Personally I think the device looks horrible, but what I dislike the most is the icons they stuck the owner with. Seriously? Those are the best icons they could come up with for a $2000 device?

Agree, and this is happening to the the Prada 3 phone too; I think it has a lot to do with how much the aesthetic of smartphone has improved that many of them such as form factors are already quite beautiful/modern to begin with that there isn't really much you can improve unless you are heading toward the road of adding diamonds, exotic materials, etc. or those fancy mechanically-aided ones like LeDix and the one Ulysse Nardin.

Does it come with concierge service and with support staff also available through concierge service?

It really has no chance of selling unless it includes 1 year of concierge service...

Does it come with concierge service and with support staff also available through concierge service?

It really has no chance of selling unless it includes 1 year of concierge service...

I think the target people would just go and get another one. I mean they would never keep one long enough to brick it anyway.
That said why $2000. Do those phones (with $2000 PINS) have free acess all apps?
I don't get it.

it's a frigging *telephone*! anyone with $2k for a telephone has seriously misplaced priorities. it will probably be a hit in the emirates, though.

Yep, which basically means my $50 9810 (with contract) is better spec'd than a $2,000 phone. My self esteem just shot up a notch.

Why would anybody spend $2000 on a phone that has the same specs as a $200 or less Bold 9900?

The Bold 9900 looks better than this 80's Back to the Future phone.

Rather buy a customized 9900 for $1000, and use the other $1000 to get a new PC. The device looks good itself but $2000 for something most people already have is WAY too much.

I think its funny that at 2:22 the manual clearly says "Curve", great attention to detail....I may recommend this phone to my CEO, only because that means I will take his 9900.

i guess if people can afford a Vertu Constellation (Nokia Touch Screen Phone)...a Porsche Design BB (9900) is just a drop in the bucket.

There are those with so much money that dropping 2K and up is faster than blinking an eye for us regular folk.

but would you still buy this if you could afford a Vertu?

BBM and push mail shouldn't be a priority if you are buying a luxury phone, since your personal assistant should be doin the messaging and emailing for you. BlackBerry is quite the antonym to the luxury smartphone market.

but some people like an organized view of what their day would entail. Someone else might set your schedule but having a Blackberry keeps you connected to everything. Knowing what time a meeting is, being able to BBM you to let you know important details or whatever.

Okay, it's clear from your other posts that you don't like this phone. That's a matter of personal preference and you're well within your right.

And, agreed, this is a $2,000 fashion statement more than any kind of technical achievement. I will say, though, that after seeing the mockups for the Milan and London prototypes, this phone looks like it's supposed to be a preview of the new BlackBerry design language.

I'll also say, this phone was likely approved at least a year ago, when the value of the BlackBerry brand (and RIM's stock) was somewhat higher than what we see now.

All that said, if this phone actually DOES have a market--particularly in the Middle East and Asia--why is that a problem?

Specks of 9900 for 2k cause of a leather back and some extra adapters??? Not even a pouch/holster hahahahaha what a joke

Somebody who pays 2000 for a phone isn't paying it for a better overall phone dumbass. If RIM had a phone with better everything it would marketed and sold at 700 so we could all buy them and they'd make millions of them. This phone is for somebody who wants a custom looking phone that nobody has.

Give a manufacturer a bold 9900 and have them design a shape around it that you like. I bet it will cost a lot more 2000

Ugly like a grater! And maybe as useless as the last three (3!) Bold9900 of my daughter with software-problems.... Ideal for chrismas: a 2000 bucks expensive doorstopper/shim....

I doubt anyone remembers but the first ever "portable telephone" that came in a bag were priced over $2k and guess what, people bought them then. Just sayin'

BlackBerry is very popular in UK, and this is a smart move by RIM.

This 9981 will speak volumes when the high-end bosses and consumers use it, flash it around!

One word... marketing. It wont sell to everyone but it changes BlackBerry's image for some. Smart phones don't sell based off of which is the best performer... it's all about image. One of the worst things BlackBerry has goin against them is image. If BlackBerry had the greatest smartphone on the market, without question, release tomorrow it would take months if not years for the sales to reflect the greatness.

News flash: Marketing determines more than quality.

P.S. Doesn't matter how much you don't want to believe it, or say everyone are a bunch of morons... it is what it is.

Have you people ever bought limited edition anything? Even video games which normally sell for 60 are sold for 3 or 4 times their value once there is a change or reduction in production. (Marvel vs Capcom 2 was sold for $300) which is as normal as a 600 dollar phone being sold for 2000.

Oh, WOW!
Of course, my last brand new BB was eaten by my mastiff puppy...so now I'm on USED duty while she grows up. :)

I really hope that this is NOT an example of what is to come for the BB10 phones in their physical appearance. The form factor and overall look seems like it belongs a few decades ago rather than futuristic.

If this look foreshadows the BB10 phones I pray that they will allow BB7 phones to upgrade to the software because I would not want to buy anything that looks like that.

Absurd pricing, seriously get back down to earth this is why the economic situation is ruining this country. It’s just a cell phone worth no more than 50.00 USD. Porsche Design overprices everything including thier cars and giving nothing special to show for the extra money.

Guys, guys GUYS!!! Come on now. Don't act Brand New. We're acting as if Celebrities don't walk around with HOUSES on their Necks & Wrists on a daily basis. This isn't for the Peasants. Raise your hand if you drive a Porsche.......EXACTLY. *SMH*

too bad its so ugly, I'd rather give the money to people in need or an organization instead of wasting $2k on such a cheap Chinese looking device... 2 thumbs down Rim... shame on u Porsche, that shit made the car look bad -.-

I wouldn't buy it personally (not that I could afford to anyway) but I have no doubt it will sell. I'll be interested to see if any end up on eBay and how much they go for.