BlackBerry owners most loyal to their brand in the UK

MobiLens Churn Rates
By DJ Reyes on 5 Oct 2011 11:44 am EDT

While most of the world has news of BlackBerry smartphones struggling to keep up with iPhone sales or Android sales, the UK can boast a different story. A recent report by comScore's MobiLens has found that during a three month period ending in July, a massive 69.9 percent of current BlackBerry owners opted to purchase another BlackBerry device. This percentage puts them ahead of the Apple iPhone owners who place second and HTC coming in third.

We've seen a similar report to this from a few months back where we saw BlackBerry's market share increase by 22.3 percent in the three month period ending in June 2011. It is always great to hear news like this and knowing that this report is for a period before BlackBerry 7 devices were released is even more enlightening. Now, that BlackBerry 7 devices are out we could only hoping that this keep numbers up, we've already seen Vodafone UK run out of stock on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and it is probably safe to say that I huge number of those sales were from current BlackBerry owners.

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BlackBerry owners most loyal to their brand in the UK


In my experience, most people i know have a BB device and really like it, even previous iPhone owners.

Same story here in the UK if you want to buy a Playbook though, almost everywhere doesnt have it. I had to buy mine online.

LOL, defensive much?

Just found it curious that all brands have people switching to RIM but HTC and was thinking what is behind it, definately not a negative spin...

"A recent report by comScore's MobiLens has found that during a three month period ending in July, a massive 69.9 percent of current BlackBerry owners opted to upgrade to another BlackBerry device."

That's not what the chart says at all. 69.9% of BlackBerry users _who_changed_devices_ during the last three months chose another BlackBerry device. The way the article is written, it sounds like 69.9% of all BlackBerry users upgraded to a new BlackBerry in the last three months. Small phrase, BIG difference.

Yes, I am a geek.

LOL here in the uk everyone has a blackberry not many people care about apple here all people want is bbm and a decent keyboard blackberry literally dominate here.

I recently (July) took a trip to the UK. While on the trains, several train trips, I noticed about 8 out of 10 people had a BlackBerry. I saw kids and adults with thier BB's. I think one of the kids may of had an iPhone on one of the trips. Outside of that they were I guess either Windows or Android flavor.

I wonder how this would look if it was by platform instead. Blackberry, iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows, etc.

In my opinion, it is safe to say that UK is a BB  nation.
My friend in Uni says that most of the students use BBs, in fact; the norm is to ask for pins instead of phone nos.

If that's the norm in Unis, one can imagine how it will ßë in colleges, e.t.c

In my experience they are popular here in the UK but I think some of the above posters are exaggerating, out of the 50 or so people I work with there are only a 4 BB owners, there are a few with work BBs but most personal phones are android or iPhone. I'm a huge BB fan and it is true to say a lot of the kids have them but I think a lot of it is down to budget and BBM rather than a brand decision.....just saying.

Inasmuch as 'budget' is one of the factors for getting BBs, it still doesn't take away the factor of 'brand decision/choice'

Don't forget that most of these devices are used on contracts, only a small percentage buy the devices outright.

Here in UK, most devices on contracts are given for free...iphone, androids and windows phones.
So if most of these devices are given for free on contracts, where is the logic behind 'Budget being a factor for getting BBs'?

The only sitaution when 'budget' can ßë used, is when the device is bought outright...such as the curves.
In fact, BBs are one of the most expensive devices in the market...behind the iphone.

True, but if you're going to get a free handset your going to sign up for an expensive contract, I bought my kids a pay as you go curve for £120, then they use a sim only cheap contract with it, you can't do that with an iphone (unless you pay the huge sim free price) The flagship blackberries are very expensive as well which is probably why you don't see that many kids with them.

well talking about upgrades, I've just received a call from the T-Mobile UK loyalty team saying i can have my upgrade, BLACKBERRY 9900, they say it will arrive on the Friday and be delivered to me on the Monday, if they are telling the truth or not is another matter lol

Why mention looting and rioting if bbm wasn't in existence there would be some other form of messaging service used like windows live or normal txting.

To you UK folks -

Do you and your BB friends/co-workers download many apps? Or do you primarily use your BB for BBM?

Just wondering to see if it is worth our development shop to make a few apps specifically geared towards UK users.


The batterys last, they are tough, easy to customise, easy to chat on and talk on. many of the smartphones are not so good as phones or communicators it seems. They use little data compared to other devices i belive. The UK networks who have many crowded areas of network in the cities etc im sure prefer devices which consume less data. I have notice over the last few years vodafone make it far easier to buy a BB in terms of retention deals etc than other models of a comparable price.

Another reason is communication to friends and family abroad is so simple for those who just want it to work. Ie email, im, fb and bbm are there already and cost no more to use than a set fee typically in the uk.

I tend to notice androds and iphones seem to be use more by those who don't really need a phone/communication device but need something to fiddle with when not busy and a phone as well is quite handy...

While a young person chats to their friends in one way or another, older people play games, browse the web or use "apps"

Btw proud new owner to the new blackberry curve 9360 which is superior to the bold 9780 last years high end device all for £250 from phones 4 u haha they still sell the bold 9780 for £350 but the average consumer would still think the bold is better just because its a bold no wonder they keep it as a high price.

So why does RIM ignore their 'loyal' UK followers, and not bring the Playbook price cuts over here ???
I know a LOT of people would love one, but the way the stores 'work' the Exchange rate (£1 to $1), BB stuff is , comparatively, far more expensive to us. Its the same with ALL brands, not just RIM