BlackBerry outselling Motorola and HTC

By Simon Sage on 18 Oct 2013 04:08 pm EDT

Yankee Group recently published a report that tallies up the second quarter results from Motorola and HTC, and found that BlackBerry is still outselling them, despite having a large write-down of Z10 inventory. Not everything is rosy, though; Yankee's poll of 375 IT decision-makers show only 11% prefer BlackBerry, leaving 39% to iPhone and 45% to Android. Microsoft's platform sits at 4%.

We had heard something similar back in the spring about BB10's launch in France, but it's interesting to see the trend pan out over the longer term. There are giants like Samsung and Apple that BlackBerry isn't in the same league as market share-wise, but it's important to remember that BlackBerry's not alone in its underdog position. HTC's operating loss was $101 million recently, and Motorola's was at $208 million. Keep in mind that the vast majority of BlackBerry's $900 million write down was in inventory, and not cash. 

BlackBerry's got a bumpy road ahead - will they fare any better than the competition here? At least Motorola's got Google to latch onto, but what about HTC? 

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BlackBerry outselling Motorola and HTC


This is such a misleading headline title.

You mean to tell me that it takes an ENTIRE company's suite of smartphones combined (Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, 9320, 9315, 9720, and the various other Curve phones around the world) in order to outsell a SINGLE smartphone from another company? And to only do so marginally? And that's suppose to be a good thing?

What is the statistic for sales of the Z10 alone compared to the Moto X and HTC One?

Where is the link to the published report? Come on Simon, give us the facts, the real news, not this spin to try and find a win for BBRY.

Source link is right there. From what I gather, it's BB10 devices, not the whole BlackBerry portfolio. You're still right, four-on-one is a stacked fight.

So the comparison is in total sales, in dollars, of all devices, one company versus another. The report highlighted the HTC One X and Motorola X in a weird way, but really it was just saying despite having big launches this quarter, HTC and Motorola aren't doing any better than BlackBerry. 

Thank you for the clarification.

I can't access the article for some reason.

The wording of the headline just made it seem it wasn't an even comparison. But if BlackBerry as a whole is beating Moto or HTC as a whole, then that is very good news.

I would love to see by region which company is doing better than the other and would like to see if things change in the coming months, especially the holiday season.

Thank you for responding Simon!

doesn't seem any diff from how Android claims majority market share, based on 10+ handset makers, whereas Apple and BlackBerry just have 1- their own...

but indeed, if BB is outselling those companies it is good news regardless...

Keep in mind when BlackBerry talks of its own marketshare, it's referring to ALL BlackBerry devices unless otherwise specified. That means Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5, 9900/9930, 9300/9330, and the dozens of cheap Curves and Pearls still out there in the wild, especially in "emerging markets".

But, it would be interesting to see how BB10 devices' market share stacks up to the main Android phones - Nexus 4, Galaxy S4, HTC One, Note 3. Would be a better way of looking at it since those Android phones are the most common mainstream Android phones people have these days, and those 4 phones can be considered "2013 phones", which is important considering the BB10 phones have only been around for this year.

I can't get to the article in order to fetch all the data but can only access the first line as it requires a membership. Here's what it says: "The grave has been dug, the flowers have been sent and the casket is ready. There’s only one problem: BlackBerry isn’t dying, despite the doomsayers who insist it is."

Speak for yourself. My Z10 helps me grind out issues all day long. It holds up better than anything else would, and that's a fact.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

I don't know... there's unhealthy, and there's unhealthy. If BB had a couple of billion in debt instead of a couple billion in the bank, I'd agree with you. As it stands, BB10 is already considerably better than it was at launch.

Given enough time, and improvement, BB10 could start selling in decent enough volumes to be profitable, and BlackBerry has at least some cash in the bank to keep going. They won't be losing $1 bln per quarter.

Yes BB10 OS is greatly improved since launch. Will that help drive sales of the product? No. It will definitely satisfy current users who update to 10.2 when it becomes available.

The app gap is still there. The specs are non competitive. Marketing remains abhorrent. In store presence is non existent. Retail sales staff engagement remains low. Communication with the user base is poor. Their image is still tarnished. Sales are cut in half. Mismanagement is still evident with botched product launches. Until BlackBerry fixes these fundamentals with new ownership, they will still be on a money losing streak for some time to come.

Every day that BlackBerry stays in business is another win. I actually don't think they've made many serious mistakes, except for broadcasting how vulnerable they are.

If they can find a way to address the whole issue of their long-term security, the customers and the apps will follow.

"The specs are non competitive "? Can you elaborate on that a bit more please. Which BlackBerry specs are you referring to and what competitors specs? Or are you just writing because you can?

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I filled out their 'feedback' about that. Kind of goofy to run a website and force people to join. They just lost out on me sharing their story on FB, Linkedin. Plus a few more from the CB nation that would have shared the story and ultimately had more traffic thru their site, which is what I thought the purpose of a website was to do....??

It's too bad because this is the good news sort of stuff BBRY needs to get out there.
I do like the line ...."there's only one problem, BlackBerry isn't dying, despite the doomsayers who insist it is"..... Love it!!

Different website models work differently. Some care more about getting as much information about their users as possible and don't care as much about traffic. Others prioritize traffic over information gathering. Neither is wrong as long as the website does what the owner/developer wants.

That being said, I hate sites that require accounts, even if they are free.

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Nope BlackBerry still in third I'm just happy it's more clearer now and I pray soon it will be us and android up top

Posted by z10 boss

Is he lying? I guess if you state the facts you're a troll huh? I've been with blackberry since the 2-way pager RIM had back in the day. But if you think i'm gonna sugar coat things to not hurt some Blackberry faithful.. you've got it twisted and need to move on. Ever heard of free speech? Ok, give me something that Blackberry has done RIGHT the last year. It wouldn't be fair if I didn't give you a chance to defend your comment.

HTC has more then 1 phone also. But they are still losing millions of dollars. So what's your point?

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BlackBerry 10 is something BlackBerry has done right. The number 1 complaint is the app ecosystem, and that is something that sadly takes time.

The OS itself is phenomenal though.

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+1. Agree. BB10 IS something that BlackBerry has done right this past year. What an awesome device!! Still can't understand how my wife navigates her Samsung and not throw a fit.

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BB10 has been in the works for more than a year. I do agree that bb10 rocks or I wouldn't be here or own another blackberry. What's happened in the last year is an abomination. The execution of BB10 was/is horrible.

It simply doesn't matter how good anything is if you can't convince people to try it.

If you do *everything else* right and can't get that done, you fail.

We need a new word to describe those who attack and insult anyone who offers up a realistic perspective on BB's situation and outlook, and who willfully adopt a fervent, slavering, blind devotion to some fantasy version of reality in which BB is perfect, and its troubles are all unfairly heaped upon it by evil and/or ignorant external forces. We can't use "fanboy, " because some of us, like myself, are years-long advocates and evangelists of the brand, and deserve that label ourselves to some degree. We can't use "moron," because despite flexja's comments above, not all such rabid anti-realists write in such an unintelligible, self-dismissing vernacular of txtspeak and grammatical obliviousness. (Besides, as his "I'm the boss"-invoking signature makes clear, he is apparently about 8 years old.) And all other references to their religious zeal tend to come off as, well, anti-religious -- which is OT at best.

Any thoughts?

You are one of the few who demonstrates any sign of sanity regarding BB. I've suggested that these diehards be regarded as members of Blackberry Town. They can choke to death on Q10 devices rather than die from drinking cyanide laced Kool-Aid. Blackberry is dead. Period.

This is what I don't get yall keep referring to us the die hard BlackBerry supporters how we are oblivious stupid etc but yall are the ones taking time to comment negativity on a site called "crackberry" dedicated to BlackBerry and call ya selves supporters get out a here.. I'll be here cheering them on till death!!!

Posted by z10 boss

I agree with you flexja, all these haters saying "BlackBerry is dead, period" need to get a life. the funny thing is, they keep coming back and checking what's new here in CB bout BlackBerry.

To all the haters: what's the point of going back here in CB and bash BlackBerry if you yourself said that it's dead already... and don't u say uve been with BlackBerry since the beginning of the beginning and telling us u made a good move switching to other platforms, if that's the case, then we're happy for you - cool story. now, move on with ur life.

- live and let live. :)

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Another tell-tale sign of the kind of knee-jerk BB fanatic to which I referred above is that they can't tell the difference between a rational, measured, realistic perspective, and one like the equally blinders-wearing "BB is dead" viewpoint expressed here.

As far as that assertion goes, I have said anything times, and I will say it again: Apple came back from worse, and they're doing pretty well now -- so things could, conceivably, improve.

But to your suggestion: I appreciate the effort, but it seems a bit of a stretch to go from "Jamestown" to "BlackBerry Town." "Heinstown" would be better, but still doesn't address the stated need for a name for the followers.

Well, as I have posted a few times: Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, and a few others make other electronic gadgets. Although they would lose hefty profits, Samsung nor Apple would be out of business if they lost their shares if the smartphone markets. BlackBerry offers very little in comparison, yet, is in competition with these companies that have multiple sources of revenue.

BlackBerry simply cannot rely on handsets, Enterprise, and BBM alone if they want to compete...unless they shrink the company. which they are in the process of doing. It's obvious at this point BlackBerry is not going away. AR least no time soon. However, they will never be the giant they once were...unless they branch out with QNX.

We all need to accept that although most of us love BlackBerry, they are now small potatoes, and may remain so.

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I believe the term is "apologists". I reserve "delusional" for the ones who think BlackBerry is dead just because they read it on the Internet. You can believe everything you read on the Internet. Bonjour

I don't like apologist; these people are denialists, not apologists. And you can believe me; I'm a French model.

Maybe having to sign 3 year contacts for your phone is what's hurting phone companies so much. People don't like paying full price for phones. Maybe this new 2 year change will help them out

Posted from My all in one beauty Z10

No doubt! I'm buying out my three year with Telus and going to Kudoo or Virgin, maybe get the Z30 when it becomes available from BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I hated 3 year contracts as much as anybody. What I really hate even more is having a minimum $70 bill per month before taxes in order to have a 2 year contract.

And on top that, with a $70 plan you get 250 mb of data for the entire month!! That's a goddam joke. The big three are laughing all the way to the bank now. I am furious that they increased the monthly min to $70. I will be buying my next phone outright and keeping my "cheap" monthly bill.

Posted via CBZ10 baby!

I don't know what kind of contracts you have, but I'm going around with under 20€/month, and I've never heard of 3 year contract

I'm with Rogers. I signed my contract before they recently upped the minimum contract even more. Really recently actually. Only a couple months ago you could get a plan without something you don't need like, UNLMTD anywhere in Canada calling.

My Contract is 70$ before tax... I get 2gig data( 1 bonus because of promo, but permanent)

Unlmtd anytime local calling. Unlmtd picture, video text messaging, plus Rogers One which has some cool features. I also get 10$ off each month which was part of a promo when I began my Rogers almost 2 years ago. So after tax and bill is about 69$-70$ which is great compared to what's out there now

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The thing is, those contracts hurt all manufacturers equally, so I'm not sure how that's part of this discussion.

This conversation was about how all phone companies are having problems with sales. How does it not relate??

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45% prefer Android? That's unbelievable! Why the hell would someone willingly import Android in his company??

You have to take into account just how many companies user Android in their phones (Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Google) I'm sure I'm missing a few. That's the lions share of the pie right there.

CB10 - Z10 -

Yup it seems most analysts look at Android market saturation, based on all android compatible handsets sold. If you look at a handset manufacturer level it would probably show a interesting picture.

Posted with a red Q5!

True, but as an IT decision maker, you can disregard all that and go for the OS that gives you the least headache. As an IT decising maker myself, I wouldn't feel confident proposing Android as a company phone to my higher management (at all). I'm really shocked that almost half of the IT decision makers would do just that!

Many IT pros are forced into Android by upper management who has no clue, but some young college sells them on it. When asked to give a reason not to use Android, I asked how many different models of phones and flavors of Android we had just in a small group? Showing the amount of time we would spend just to support the different android platforms and versions put an end to the conversion.

I don't like Apple either, but if BlackBerry were not on the table, then apple would be the choice. With either BlackBerry or Apple, I only have one or two OS versions to worry about, regardless of the hardware.

Android is a moving target, and moving targets are unpredictable.

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If BlackBerry won't be around in the future (but I hope they will) Windows Phone could be a nice alternative for the companies that cannot afford or do not want to spend the money on iPhones. But Microsoft will have to increase their business-focus drastically. Even with a renowned MDM as Air-Watch, the amount of policies on WP is so low, it almost makes me wanna cry (jk, but seriously, WP is totally not ready for business).

+1000000 , we did pilot test at my company and all of the execs and senior vice presidents hated the android they said it felt cheap, os felt messy and the smarter ones were skeptical about the security. At the end of the day we stuck with bb10 and we are a futures trading company with young senior management making high 6 figures or more, funny enough our IT team was surprised by how many decision makers still want their BlackBerry, it seems like the the senior executives who get things done might be onto something. It is the main stream iSheep and followers trying to be hip that will talk down BlackBerry but funny enough a lot of these people don't hold senior executives roles , they believe everything in the media. I.e the same naive people who believe the media it comes to weapons of mass destruction and the so called war on terrorism. Too many sheep out there! BlackBerry is the underdog and they will survive if it was dead they would have been long gone now, but they just won't die so deal with it. Even if they own a small market share they will still be around so deal with it haters

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I wonder if they counted BB10 as Android devices too. Afterall, BB10 can run Android.

At 4.2.2 in every BB10 device shortly they will be less limited than the vast majority of in market Androids.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Don't worry, all the apple and android phones are still under BES10 regardless ;)

BBM channels: c00121c99 for some knowledge and c00123fca for some real hip hop

Oops, 1st I got a Z10 then a HTC one, Z10 is by far the better phone to have

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Have a Z10, A Q10 and soon to have a Z30! My wallet even loves BlackBerry's i think that's why when a new one comes out i always end up buying it... haha

Posted via CB10 (My amazing Q10)

You rich lads buying two phones...envy you. I'd like a Z30 but. Tied my wallet down with my Q10

From my smokin' Barbeque10

The naysayers who argue that Blackberry is not dead are the new Kool-Aid drinkers or, I might add, a progeny who intend to ingest Blackberries and then, like Socrates, die quietly. Blackberry is dead. There is no comparison between Apple's so-called "comeback" and Blackberry. The Q10/Z10 represented BB's comeback. The marketplace has spoken. BB is dead. Period. I use a BB 9650 (rebranded BB Tour). The BB 9650's browser is slow as hell. I waited for the BB Q10. I found the OS to be cumbersome and the hardware (form factor) to be downright ugly. I am holding on to my BB 9650 until I can purchase an iPhone5s. I did not want an iPhone. I would love to have a high-end BB without a touchscreen that has a great keyboard and a top-of-the-line browser and other features. That's what I want. BB's current management should get the Braindead of The Year Award. They will never be on par with Apple. Ever. Apple is now the No.1 brand in the world. Other than BB crackheads, who cares about Blackberry? Who? I believe that BB will resume as a niche player; but, their days producing hardware is basically over. The brand took a serious hit with the release of the Q10/Z10. The only way they could survive going forward is to raid Apple's design team/management and completely re-work BB's aesthetic appeal and engineering. Beyond that, I maintain BB is dead. Period. End of story.

Addendun: I also maintain that BB fantatic need to define themselves as Zoebees. A Zoebee is a person who is addicted to dead technology. They are a cross between a Zombie and a bee. I just made this up this term the same way the Blackberry management and design team designed and rolled out the Q10/Z10. Blackberry was told year after year about the horrible phones they were releasing. They did not listen to customers. Now, they are dead. Blackberry is dead.

Soooo... I can't help but ask why you care? Know what? I'll cop to being potentially delusional, but even if I'm full-blown crazy, what harm does that do to you, exactly?

If you really have no interest in Blackberry, what exactly are you doing here posting crap on every post? Just get yourself an iPhone and do us all a favour!

Posted via CB10

What exactly is being compared here? All BlackBerry phones vs 1 Motorola phone and 1 HTC phone?! It's confusing.

Fired from my Z10

Yup, just about as confusing as comparing BlackBerry market share with Android market share just based on Users and ignoring the Device breakdown...

The underdogs should unite together and compete as 1. ~ back to reality though, hopefully lenovo buy BB

This is what I've always thought; just because Samsung and Apple are the 2 most popular devices doesn't mean there isn't room for more. how sad would it be if they were the only 2 devices to choose from!

Posted via CB10

Just got my Z10 - I adore it. It exceeds all my expectations. Everything is so much easier than on my old Windows Phone. Can't figure why sales don't reflect how great it really is.

Posted via CB10

Stores have a lot to do with it. You walk into, say, carphone warehouse and they instantly jump on you with offers for apple and samsung, maybe other manufacturers in the android range depending on what offers they are told to shove down people's throats. BlackBerry tend to be dressed down as cheap and rubbish alternatives without showing the customer.

Posted with a red Q5!

I agree. I walked into best buy the other day and asked for the z30 and the guy just looked at me and said "what a blackberry? I have no idea"

Posted via CB10

thats so true, I walk into a best buy the other day just because and I was looking at the phones in general, the guy jump on me and ask me if I was interested in a phone, went I say yes,
-he said, "well we have the last galaxy or the last iphone"
-I ask him, "what about BB"
-he said, "well BB don't have apps"
-I said "I don't need apps"
-he said "they going out of business"
and we go on an on,
long story short, it's a shame and sad how much damage the sales staff from different stores are doing to BB sales,

It's crazy how salespeople kill possible sales of BlackBerry phones because they're either told to push something else or just ignorant about BlackBerry in general. I had to basically convince my Verizon salesperson that I was absolutely sure that I wanted a new BlackBerry 10 device. Seems like they go out of their way to get you out of buying a BlackBerry.

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I felt that in Best buy when i went to get a blackberry that they REALLY didn't want me to get the seriously? Give me what i want.

Posted via CB10

I had a similar experience when shopping with my son for him to get a Z10. The sales-bot actually says... wait for it...
"Most people want a smartphone".


You should have told him, BlackBerry has plenty of apps, which it does. Secondly, BlackBerry is not going out of business.

I actually had a pretty good experience at Best Buy when I asked about the Q10 (before it was released). The sales guy actually owned a Z10 and showed it off to me. He wasn't a fanatic and also showed me a iPhone and a Samsung, but he was very complimentary about BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

This is a big deal actually. Simon do you know if Yankee group is just comparing BB10 handsets, or all Blackberry devices total? That's a reasonable question but I'm not sure how much it matters...we know roughly 3.5 million BB10 devices have sold-through worldwide as of now (likely more). They still sell legacy devices really well in certain parts of the world, so what? I don't perceive that as being "a fault" per se...just need to push/market the 10 devices more effectively in addition.

I remember hearing similar stories when BB10 first launched, how it was selling better than X and Y. Look how that turned out.

It may be a bit confusing considering blackberry has the Z10/Q10/Q5 against one phone...yet still great news.

Posted via CB10

Not bad though considering everyone thinks Blackberry is dead!! Surely you also have to take into account the fact that this is a new OS that only came out this year (amid very negative media reports and no marketing to speak of)

Posted via CB10

Does it even matter? Its still device sales. Each BlackBerry device also potentially takes sales away from the other BlackBerry devices. This goes back to the Samsung phone spamming vs the 1 iPhone a year sales arguments. Whichever S4 people bought, it was still profit and greater market share for Samsung, just the same as another iPhone sale was for Apple.

Posted via my Z10

Jesus wept, that's some desperate spin - "company's entire portfolio outsells single phones from two struggling also-rans".

What would you prefer "Samsung outsells all the also-rans - Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia and small Android manufacturers" or "BlackBerry proves to be an unshakeable 3rd"? I think the later makes more sense in this context too.

Yeah although I am a big Simon fan this article sounds desperate. Only thing I can say is maybe next quarter will shock with huge number of q5's being moved

Posted via CB10

The two places I asked about windows phone sales have said they are non existent. I'm not bashing windows phone because a friend of mine has one and it works quite well. I'm just saying I believe BlackBerry is outselling them big time around here...

Posted via CB10

You know. It doesn't make sense, because both Windows phones and bb10 phones are better than the other two.

Posted via CB10

I think the tide will turn at some point. Apple has not innovated anything on iOS for years. Android is spyware. 5 years from now, its a different game altogether. I see BB as one the top dogs. It's a young OS and look how great it is. It will be slow overcoming the bad rep, but it will happen slowly as people learn how great it is.

Business is cyclical. It now seems that bbry is down and out. I've only they can hold their pants at their knees and ride it out, they might actually make it through. In business sometimes the top dog becomes the underdog and the underdog becomes the top dog. So if blackberry manages to weather this storm well, they might actually get back on top. Well let's see what happens.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10 (My stable: 8310, 8520, 9900, Z10)

So it shows.. there r only 3 mobile fones in market.. number 1 is android.. 2 is apple n 3rd is BlackBerry.. so..its ok... its.fine..

Posted via CB10

I used to work for Motorola. They were one of the best companies around. Always in the top 5 in yearly patents. Very innovative. They always took risk and mostly succeeded. They took a couple of new tech risks that didn't pan out and they hired some division leaders who were stiffs. They ditched the Galvin family (this was the founding family in Chicago - big mistake) and brought in a stiff named Ed Zander - who then destroyed the company for short term profits. They stopped investing in innovation and got crushed. In the US they still have brand loyalty but they are now just shills for Google. Google let go of many thousands of these guys (probably close to half - 10K - note I am talking about Motorola Mobility not Motorola Solutions). They had a big patent portfolio but have been doing nothing for the last few years - they are not even in the top 50 in US Patents - Nokia is not either. This was some nut who destroyed their innovative culture. Sad to see. I think they are doing good hw still but I think it will be all over when Google usurps the Motorola brand in the US.

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Why doesn't BlackBerry just make a "a10" stick android on it instead of bb10 ?shouldn't cost anything they already make the phone and already stick android runtime on them? I personally wouldn't buy that BlackBerry but apparently 45% would

Posted via CB10

The better solution is to extend and play up the android player not run plain Jane android and become another HTC me too player.... Blackberry should provide a solution to browse google play, download, convert to bar and run on just your phone. ( like the debug signed sideloads). This would eliminate the piracy concerns while enabling people to get access to 800K plus additional app. Make BB10 into a Blackberry10 Plus (plus being any android app). This would with 1 app eliminate most of the APP GAP complaints. You don't need to be full android to support all android apps. I know people will say that would let them load CRAP with security issues from the android store. But you could with relative ease allow BES10 to limit that for business customers ... This has to be technically feasible. If Google limits them business wise. allow on phone conversion when downloading from other that Google play sites.

I personally think BlackBerry isn't dead as many have made it to be but rather it has become more of a niche platform for specific crowds of people now, compared to Samsung and Apple.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Give us the sales numbers of BB10 devices compared to Legacy ones. 3 to 1 in legacy favor?

Posted via CB10

All they need is an unlocked runtime on the BB10 phones so that we can download from BB app world or Google play or even pre-vet Android apps safe to run on BBRY and put them in App world in a special section, charge a tad more (except ones that are already free) so Google still gets their cut and move on with our lives.. no more side loading.

I just traded my Z10 in for a Z30 today and man what a phone. The speaker upgrade is worth and the extra battery life is worth it on it's own. I don't know if the Bestbuy where I bought it really plans on selling many though. They only brought a single unit in, they had no display model and most of the staff I spoke to didn't even know what a Z30 was or if they were even selling them. Everyone who did see it as I was setting it up really was impressed with how it looked and that's a good sign I guess. Kinda disappointing considering I'm in Canada. Here's hoping that some more people get impressed with the looks and actually pick it up and try it.

You guys who only have negative things to say here are laughable. You realize we are rooting for BlackBerry in a similar way to a fan rooting for a football team, right? And in a similar way, too: with good humor and wry but hopeful enjoyment. If you find that intellectually disingenuous then ask yourself a probing inquiry - why the hell are you wasting your time here? The joke is on you.
Z30 was just released days ago, and who knows how well Q5 has done (probably not great), so actually it is pretty much just 2 BB devices compared with the HTC and Motorola ones. Looks like a pretty decent comparison after all.

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Q5 outsells Q10 and Z10 two to one at one kiosk around here. I was surprised to hear that but after playing with the Q5 I kind of believe it. Why bother paying close to 700 for a Q10 when you can get the Q5 for 300. I even like the typing on it better...

Posted via CB10

Would that have included the z30 at the time? It just came out. The Z30 is not part of Q2 sales then right. Not that 3 -1 is much better. I'd like to know how htc's whole lineup does and how BlackBerry does as well as Motorola. It is still positive though as you rarely hear of how HTC is "dying" or Motorola is "bankrupt". It's all BlackBerry is failing and sucking and shitting all over. The whole BlackBerry and media thing is bizarre to me.

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BlackBerry makes the best, most practical, and efficient smartphone platform on the planet.

BlackBerry makes the best mobile computing solution for enterprise with a world class, end to end, most secure MDM solution on the planet.

BlackBerry is Candian too, which for myself is important to remember when deciding how to best utilize a mobile computing solution by choosing BlackBerry as that solution.

Posted via CB10

Exactly...I'm quite a protectionist and couldn't fathom buying something non Canadian until the option is not available

Posted via CB10

I couldn't care where the product is from, however, I applaud your sense of National pride. Ireland don't have a lot to offer when it comes to smart phones...... so my options are limited..... that said, I choose the best phone for me, the most efficient and productive phone I could find. after extensive testing only one stood out ... the BlackBerry Z10.... or Q10 but I need the screen space so the Z10 won... I wish them every success, and with a product this good hopefully after this dark period passes BlackBerry will rise again... I just ordered my Z30 this morning!!! Every little helps!

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Ireland...isn't that where Apple parked all of their profits as a tax dodge? Congrats Ireland, you won the race to the bottom!

Posted via CB10

Have a BB10 device? Download Crackle and check out the sweet selection of classic horror movies! So good..


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The article title is "BlackBerry outselling Motorola X and HTC One", but you say in the article that BlackBerry is still outselling Motorola & HTC. Can you clarify if all BlackBerry units (ALL units, I'm assuming, not just BB10 devices) are beating out all Motorola/HTC units, or if they're comparing all BlackBerry units to single Motorola/HTC models?

I'm fairly certain that the wording of the article is correct, and the the title is drastically underselling it. If it's even a close race between ALL BlackBerry sales and the Moto X/HTC One I'd look at this as very bad news. We have rough sales numbers for both of those devices:

The Moto X is currently being produced in Texas (both stock & custom models) at a facility that, unless it's been upgraded in the past month or so, is only capable of shipping 100,000 phones per week, so at best Moto X is likely only selling about 1.3 million devices per quarter.

The HTC One sold relatively well for its first few months (~1.5 million in May, ~1 million in June), but sales since then have been expected to be around 600-700k/month and dropping. It's likely only sold about 1.8 million units in the past 3 months.

In Q2 2013, the Gartner numbers have total BlackBerry sales at 6.18 million units for that quarter (likely primarily legacy devices), those numbers are for sales to end users, not the fuzzy "shipped" numbers. It took a year for BlackBerry's quartly sales to drop 2 million units, so it's unlikely that they've dropped another 4 million or so units in the last few months to be in even the same ballpark as the Moto X/HTC One.

Again, I think these numbers are compared to TOTAL Motorola/HTC numbers, across all of their devices. That's the only way a comparison makes sense unless they needed to be sure they'd put BlackBerry into a fight it could win. Essentially, take this as good news, but not great news. Google is in the process of turning Motorola around, I suspect their sales are climbing. HTC is in danger, they have great products but a huge marketing issue (sound familiar?), but even their sales haven't been plummeting like BlackBerry's. If trajectories continue, BlackBerry won't be outselling Motorola/HTC for long.

So, the report wording was a little weird, hence the wonky headline. Specifically: "Even in BlackBerry’s so-called disastrous second fiscal quarter, sales of BlackBerry phones exceeded those of other high-profile phone launches such as the Motorola X and HTC One." It was hard to tell if just BB10 phones beat out the X and the One individually, or all BlackBerry phones beat out the X and the One, or if all BlackBerry sales beat out all HTC and Motorola sales. I got clarification from the source of the report, and changed the headline accordingly - the comparison is in sales, in dollars, total with all devices, for all companies involved. 

I certainly agree that BlackBerry's hardly in the clear, and that legacy sales are very likely buoying their current status. Even though you're right that all three are on different trajectories, I think for the time being my final point stays the same: it's a hard life in the smartphone world if you're not Samsung or Apple. 

Thanks for clarifying that Simon. I absolutely agree, Samsung and Apple have the marketing dollars to throw around and have used them to become the dominant smartphone manufacturers (combined, they have about 46% of the market). I think some other Android manufacturers are doing very well at increasing their market share though, and they tend to get ignored. Namely, LG, but also Lenovo & ZTE, all of which sold significantly more this year than last year and all of which outsell BlackBerry on a unit count sold basis (LG almost doubles it). It's a brave new world and the dinosaurs are struggling, but there's definitely hope for manufacturers that aren't named Samsung or Apple, it's just a hard-fought battle.

A report just released by Yankee Group that shows how BlackBerry is in a healthier position than many realize. Among other strengths, the report points out that BlackBerry:

has sold more BlackBerry 10 devices than Nokia Lumia, Motorola X and HTC One devices

retains significant cash on hand

has announced some notable recent customer wins, including KPMG just this week, and

remains the gold standard in security, and its enterprise business continues to grow.

This report comes on the heels of BlackBerry’s recent announcement of a new, cloud-based multi-platform enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, which highlights the company’s dedication to enterprise solutions.

^^All this is straight from the report so Noone is confused

Posted via CB10 (My amazing Q10)

Then it's a rubbish report. Any report that says BB sold more BlackBerry 10 devices than Nokia Lumias has to be instantly discredited.
They remain in the exact same precarious position as we all surmised, notwithstanding the crafty comparison with the Moto X and the twilight of the HTC One.

Remember one thing during this "phase", every other company is trying to make a device as good at communication as a BlackBerry - but they've legitimately failed at making better or equal products, but they've simply succeeded in marketing things to the masses of people who don't even know why they have a "smartphone" to begin with. BlackBerry users know exactly why they have a smartphone.

Posted via CB10

Every time I see any person buying anything other than a BlackBerry, I cringe. It's annoying. Especially those people who don't need anything more than a landline rotary phone - because they don't know what the actual purpose of a smartphone is, aside from stupid apps they like to play around with and aside from making sure everybody sees the apple logo when they're on their ifones.

Posted via CB10

I wish BlackBerry was really doing as well as the title implies.

BlackBerry needs to get a deal done to instill more confidence and start pounding the enterprise market 2x as hard. It's their best chance Imo.

Posted via CB10

In the US, ATT stores won't display the BlackBerry 10 devices. What a joke. They say they need room for devices that sell to consumers and not enterprises. Guess what I'm a consumer in the US and I love my Q10. Just because it doesn't have an app market of 900,+ apps doesn't mean the phone isn't still awesome!

Posted via CB10

For a change good news for BB. I hope they survive because i don't want to be stuck with just two smart phone choice Apple or Samsung (Android or IOS). I use to like Nokia but not with Windows. I think BB10 is better. I will buy a Z30 so far I like what i see about it.

Why the "Source: Yankee Goup" link doesn't show up in CB10?

Posted via CB10, from my DarthBerry

We heard the same news when the Z10 launched. What killed the Z10 momentum was the OS problems (heating, excess battery drain, syncing and setup issues, etc.).

Fortunately, these rough roads are behind us, and the Z30 should have better success with people actually hanging on to the device this time around.

"What killed the Z10 momentum was the OS problems (heating, excess battery drain, syncing and setup issues, etc.)."

What killed the momentum was that there was/is no largescale market for a phone without the top brand applications.

What killed the Z10/Q10 was poor marketing.

Did you see the terrible BB Super Bowl ad?
Did you see Ms. Alysia Keys after the OS10 launch?
She only wanted to promote herself - not BB.

I live in NYC. I saw it all and though I love AK artistically, she was not the best choice for trying to reach the urban youth of the U.S.

Is there a study on how much the average BlackBerry user spends on apps compare to Android and iPhone? I know I have over $100 in apps myself.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry app are generally more expensive....there are a lots of free apps on android which do the same thing as apps we have to pay for on the BB platform

I think the z30 on 10.2 will help BlackBerry in showing a positive light which they need and also it will make a fantastic corporate device as a stand alone and even better on BES10.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I think too many people are fixated on percentages, 72 million clients worldwide, that nothing to sneeze at.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Weird...I JUST ordered an HTC One for my daughter, and a white Z10 for my son TODAY....I told him, numerous times so that I was SURE, that he wasn't going to have all the apps his friends do....he said, "So? Isn't a phone supposed to mostly be for messaging and talking?" lol....he's 12

It was also outselling iPhone and galaxy phones. I guess that's why they are still trying to sell BlackBerry off

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Just because BlackBerry beat HTC and Motorola doesn't mean it's third. I'm pretty sure LG, ZTE, Huawei, and Lenovo are also ahead of HTC+Moto.

That isn't hard to do! Now we just need to have Samsung in our sights!
GO BlackBerry! Come on 10.2.

Posted via CB10

Thanks Simon. I realize it's not a completely fair analysis, but I can see some good news within it. I'm not the smartest of men, but it doesn't take many brain cells to acknowledge BB10 has enormous potential. I'm still inpressed every single day as I get through the day with my Z10. I just hope they can buy enough time after Nov 4th and get the word out more effectively. I can see BlackBerry taking off in a year from now and crushing many of the brands besides Apple and Samsung.

Posted via CB10

How much exactly is that 'Vast Majority of WDown'?
500 or 600 of 1b?

Posted via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10

There are only two types of people: those that have a BB and those who wish they had one. Those that don't come here and make big stupid noise and try and gate crash our BB party. You people remind me of somebody who is still in love with their ex. Leave her alone, go and be sour somewhere else.

My only comment is that I'm in NYC, ride the subway at least 3x a day. I saw 3 HTC Ones today. Two silver/metallic and a red one. I notice them on the train whenever I see them. Since the launch I've seen 2 Z10s and haven't seen a Q10 yet. But, I do see 9900s.

Living in a city of 8mm people

I agree. There are a lot of BB users in NYC.
And, many use legacy OS7 hard keyboard phones.
Regret the Q10 did not take off .. but, the older BB keyboard phones are real work horses.
People who use them are not easy to rid them for OS10's.

The issue is that I would best my last slice of bread that the vast majority of the 9900s on the subway are work issued phones.

I don't believe that many folks here are spending their after-income on BB phones.

I am looking for Simon to write an article with the header

BlackBerry outselling Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy!

"BlackBerry outselling.."
NOT: Some relatively low selling Smartphones.

The Chinese smartphones are ready to take over the market ..
so what does this mean for Blackberry. They will be buried by other brands.

Disclaimer: our family owns and uses 2- Z10, 1-9900, 2-Playbooks
My daughter does not want to give up the 9900 due to it having a hard KB

I think it's time for analysts to separate "Samsung" from "Android" because the consumer market sure has.

This is timely because on my way home from work on the Toronto subway I saw my second HTC One in the "wild" and thought "I've seen more of each BB10 device..." too bad because the One is a great device.

Just because they are doing badly doesn't mean it's an excuse that BlackBerry can too....

I know that's not what the article means to get across but that's a bit how it sounds like...

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is going to be just fine..... history repeats itself, and plus do you really think the government is going to trust foreign Chinese phones.... just sayin

Posted via CB10

Whoever wrote this must not do his own research.

BBRY's total unit shipments is not even on the top 10 lists any more.

HTC ships way around 10M units per quarter, how can it ship less units than BBRY?

MOT just released its first phone since google bought it last year, even then, MOT's hardware revenue is 1.1B comparing to 800M for BBRY. Next quarter MOT will most likely pass BBRY even in unit.

I love my BB10. When I use my Z10 in public, I feel the excitement that only comes from owning a phone that functions well (does what I want it to do), and is fun to use. Anytime I hear something positive about BlackBerry it puts a smile on my face, cause it means there are other people out there experiencing what I'm experiencing when I'm using this great phone. The phone that just keeps on getting better. Thanks for the heads up on this article Simon. Good news is good news. However you want to cut it.

Went today to by my son his first new phone. Went to the first ATT store, asked where the Z10 was to try; they said there was no room for it and its in the back room and needs charging. I said charge it and I will wait. 45 minutes later it never appeared. Went to another ATT store, the Z10 they had on display did not work. I asked, they said waiting for the rep to fix it. Sadly ended up without able to show my son this great phone he ended up with a Lumina 1020. Wonder how any one ends up buying them?

"375 IT decision-makers" almost 50% Android? -- just for cool/geek factor or business?

Most companies I deal with do not allow Android devices do to security issues... which I agree with..

BlackBerry is dead. Period. C’mon guys let's face that. Pick where we are going. I say windows phone cause clearly u like to back underdogs and they are a really well funded underdog with an outstanding product.

Posted via CB10

Damn , this is real eye opener , I wonder Panasonic took long before launching their smartphones section in India but nevertheless they are quite good with their technology and the home appliances segment is a crowd puller especially in this Diwali festive season which is OFFERING HUGE DISCOUNTS AND DEALS.

I think the main major issue that BlackBerry need to add to BB10 are those applications that cut the cost of international/locals such as Viber and Mobilevoip. Other applications may not be vital for BlackBerry regular users.

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Loving my Z10 and work issued Q10! The OS just makes sense and the gestures work great not to mention the ergonomic and screen size is perfect for working and single hand swiping! Also got a work issued iPad with ios7 I hate the one button function with Apple and their so called multitasking doesn't beat BlackBerry or DROID, copying and pasting from one app to another is still faster (less gestures) on the BlackBerry than ios7

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I am still curious why HTC is doing so poor. IMO the One is a very nice device, just yesterday I saw the red and blue versions in the shop and really liked their design. If I would have to chose between one of those and one of Samsungs el-cheapo plastic Galaxy devices, I'd pick up the HTC any day.
And Motorola had the long awaited Moto X coming, I am not an Android guy but even I cought word people were really waiting and hoping for this device. Any reasons why it doesn't perform well? The customization options prior ordering are pretty unique and the USA assembly is something especially US citizens should care about.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

The author of this article is living in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks that one survey makes a "spring" (no pun intended).
Blackberry should watch the future sales and wait and see if the z30 will sell well enough to assist the company back on its feet. I have been a BBM user for a number of years but not anymore so am not an addict for the company. However I wish it well for the future.

We BlackBerry users know we have great phones in the bb10 but for some reason BlackBerry can't seem to convince anybody else. Where is the marketing?

Posted via CB10

There are a few problems.

Ordinary folk and company IT's believe that BB has no future. Therefore, they will avoid making commitments for BB hardware and BES. To them, there is 'no problem' to become part of the masses who stay with Apple and Samsung products.

This whole mess may go away (a little) when the fate of the BB company is resolved in a month or so.
BB did run weekly full page ads in the NYTImes focus on business users. These have been stopped since the BB company ownership is under negotiation.

There has been little or no marketing to the retail market (TMobile took BB off their retail shelves-only mail order).

I am a proponent of "Blackberry Is Dead." It is the philosophical distillation (one might even say revenge) of a train of thought about Blackberry, a company that refused for years to listen to the needs of their customers and innovate (improve) their phones. This is not about switching to another platform. It is part of a forum that seeks to convey to the braindead management at Blackberry that they are dead even while they send out letters claiming otherwise. And you know what? Good for them. These arrogant managers destroyed a good product and also sold us horrible ones while living it up. The marketplace has spoken: Blackberry is dead and sonn Crackberry will be dead. Long live innovation!

This is without a doubt, the worst article ever written on CrackBerry. Come on guys... This is horseshit and you know it. BlackBerry is in serious trouble and they aren't outselling the big guys. If they were they wouldn't be in serious trouble. Utter ridiculousness...

Its certainly not a good news. Though HTC has been also accused for non-innovations, but Moto has been doing well. Of course the current condition of Blackberry is quiet unpredictable. However that does not relieve the apps and games developers of appnxt or tapjoy or adcolony as the new owner of the Blackberry has already talked of a long term plan of survival

It was important for BlackBerry to realize it couldn't sit around, stagnate, and take for granted its leadership position. This is one massive dose of humble pie for them to swallow. But hopefully this lesson in humility is just what was needed to create necessity to innovate, and take the threat of competition seriously.

However, to say "BlackBerry is losing less than companies X and Y" isn't much of a victory...

Blackberry is dead; long live Blackberry!

@fin2007 Do you have a source to support that claim? Otherwise it's beyond ridiculous. HTC is not shipping 10 million One's per quarter. I'm at a loss for how else to describe that concept. Just plain wrong.

Posted via CB10

This inventory write down is not as bad as the media makes it out to be. They are going to get sold regardless how you look at it. And it happens to the best of companies, just that this time it was BBRY. The only 2 things that hurt BB10 sales is 1) Strategic Review, BBRY was not motivational and reassuring enough and 2) its lack of marketing its products properly.
That OPEN LETTER should have been posted right after this strategic review and/or should have been released same time.

Celebrating BB outselling HTC and Motorola is like celebrating the fact that you're the tallest midget at the circus!

I don't understand why people that claim blackberry is dead will still stick with blackberry and keep making stupid comment, witch mean blackberry is making progress that's why you can't go, you are stuck with blackberry leave with it and stop fooling yourself. BlackBerry Z10 is lovely am satisfy using it and am happy if you not move on and let's enjoy our money....

Posted via CB10

I certainly hope they stick around awhile. I shoot with Leica M's only because it's the best tool for what I do. This Z10 is quite simply the best tool for me... a helluva sturdy piece of equipment.

Posted via CB10

Oh, what's the point of having an underdogs fight when these 3 brands are less than 10% in the global market of all mobile devices?

Posted by BlackBerry Z30