BlackBerry Outage Planned for March 22nd, 2008?

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Mar 2008 10:22 am EDT

Planned BlackBerry Outage

Posted here, sourced here, and confirmed here (who has apparently confirmed with RIM), it looks like North American BlackBerry BIS and BES users may experience some BlackBerry service interruptions on March 22nd, between 12:00am - 4:00am CST as RIM works on database upgrades.

I like knowing these things. Most of us will be sleeping at this time anyways, so no biggie, but I always think having more information is better than not having any. It would be sweet if RIM just put a "Bulletin" page up on their site, which users could subscribe too. It would make getting this kind of information out there so easy, and would save on a lot of end-user frustration (and battery pulls). Full details after the jump.

RIM "Scheduled" Outage for March 22nd

Description: Database upgrade for all North American subscribers in the following locations: The Americas

Change Window Start Date and Time: 03/22/08 06:00:00 (GMT)
Change Window End Date and Time:
03/22/08 10:00:00 (GMT)
Downtime Duration:
4 hour(s) and 0 minute(s)

Impact: BlackBerry subscribers may be unable to send or receive messages during the maintenance.

Subscribers may also be unable to register their device, roam in another location, or use other services such as Internet browsing.

BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers may be unable to use the BlackBerry Internet Service web site or perform activities such as creating new accounts, accessing their Internet mailbox, integrating third-party email accounts, or viewing email attachments during the maintenance.

Devices may not receive new service books during the maintenance.
BlackBerry Connect and BlackBerry-enabled devices that require a new PIN may be unable to receive the PIN.

BlackBerry Enterprise Servers may be unable to connect to the BlackBerry Infrastructure during the maintenance.

Wireless service providers and device resellers may be unable to use BlackBerry administration web sites or perform activities such as creating subscriber accounts or provisioning services for subscribers during the maintenance.

[ BBCool via PS via DataOutages

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BlackBerry Outage Planned for March 22nd, 2008?


okay so when there is an outage, what exactly am i missing out on with my device. am i missing out on email, bb messenger, data??? cause i am awake during those hours... im a bartender, so i do alot of communicating during that window.

Right, most, if not all, data services will be out. All of this "data" passes through RIM servers which will be unavailable during the upgrades. Voice will work and SMS text should aswell.

I am going crazy today because my phone has no type of service what so ever. HELP! It is the 20th! This is not part of the outage I suppose?? My service provider are no good and have no answer for me. are there any other outages I should know about??

For those of you who recently received an email from bb stating your email would stop or you lost your email, you need to go on to your carrier's bb page (ie. and edit your profile. If you do not have a pw, then register your device and try again. If this doesn't work, then go to the help button and call the 800 #.