BlackBerry OS Running On A Nokia 5700?

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2010 09:49 pm EST
BlackBerry OS Running On A Nokia 5700?

I..really don't know what to say about this. It appears as though the above Nokia 5700 has been frankenstiened to run a port of the BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 8220 OS more specifically. Maxpda is the source of this unruly behaviour and as much as I am appalled, I find myself unable to stop looking at it. Well, best I can say is if it's a fake, they sure did the video of it in action quite well.

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BlackBerry OS Running On A Nokia 5700?


Yes, but BlackBerry Connect simply replicates the e-mail side of things for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) users (you don't even get unlimited Internet!) - it does NOT give you a copy of BlackBerry OS, nor does it give you access to any of the "other" BlackBerry features (such as BlackBerry OS software or BlackBerry Messenger)...

Same device and operating system (eg. Windows Mobile: Professional), with BlackBerry-powered e-mail.

BlackBerry Application Suite has been dormant for a LOOOOOOOONG time now and that's not likely what we are seeing here, someone ported the OS direct to the device it's self. If it was application suite, it wouldn't register it as a BlackBerry 8220.

But, maybe...just maybe... they managed to work around it a little since the .cab files are out there for WM and S60 was in the works...but who knows. Either way, using it on a 5700 is pretty whack, lol.

I've never heard of the BlackBerry Application Suite until now and I've gotta say, that is the most stupid thing I've ever heard of!

I mean, on a computer (eg. an Apple iMac running Microsoft Windows 7) it is somewhat justifiable because there may be some niche programs that aren't available for Apple Mac OS X (I say "somewhat justifiable" because realistically, there are Mac OS X equivalents for MOST programs, many of which are superior - industrial users would feel the pain the most in a PC-->Mac or Mac-->PC switch)...

On a smartphone though? That's a joke, and would be just as silly as Apple selling iMac computers with Windows 7 pre-installed!

It's not as impossible as you might think - I've seen Apple's Mac OS X running on multiple PCs and (non-Apple) laptops, and various versions of Microsoft's "Windows" operating system running on dozens of different devices (some of which I've seen first-hand)...

A-N-C-I-E-N-T H/PCs ( ) running Windows XP, the PSP (PlayStation Portable) running Microsoft Windows 3.1, Microsoft Windows Me: Millennium Edition running on the original Microsoft XBox, various smartphones and PDAs running different ("full") versions of Windows - the list goes on!

Yes, it is VERY difficult to do, you REALLY have to know your s%$t and the end result is often unrealistic (eg. the operating system is just too slow for day-to-day use or otherwise impractical, etc...), but it CAN be done in many cases...

This has been proved to be fake. It's just playing a video recorded from a blackberry. It's impossible to port the blackberry os to Nokia since you will need to write all the drivers for the Nokia hardware.

Anyone can write drivers for a device, if you know your s@#t... It is WWAAYY, WWAAYY, W-W-A-A-Y-Y beyond my skill level, but I've known a lot of people over the years that know programming well enough to write their own drivers for a computer or other device.

And besides, the drivers a Research in Motion (RIM) smartphone didn't just write themselves - there was someone sitting at a desk writing code...

are you sure thats a Nokia?
I mean we know that RIM was workin on a phone with normal kb (not qwerty) so maybe THATs the phone.

8220 OS 5 uhm never seen before

Most likely, you can see the Symbian OS (Series 60 interface) "menu" key immediately to the left of the green send/call button - with only one or two exceptions, Symbian OS (Series 60 interface)-powered devices have only been released by Nokia...

if you could do this, then you could run higher bb software on lower phones o im gonna go out and say its gotta be fake. otherwhise 8300 owners would be learning to use 8500 software

wow what's that?

It's probably possible, I heard that Blackberry is using some nokia software modules...

There are a few possibilities that I can think of.

1: Extensive Photoshop work. Seems unlikely though as it's too well done for that kind of work.

2: The still shots are actually screenshots from a BlackBerry and uploaded the images to the phone and view them fullscreen. While the video is just a video that the guy just worked on and thumb-sync his way navigating through the menu just like how Brittany Spears lip-syncs her way through her career.

3: It's a legitimate video of modding the Nokia phone to run the BBOS on it. Like running Mac OS X on a PC.

Number 2 and 3 seem more likely though. But unless someone figures out how they did that from the main source itself, we'll never truly know.

Hey maybe this means I can load Blackberry OS on a Jitterbug phone. I can head down to Florida and make a fortune selling these things at The Villages.

For those you you saying the video is fake watch again closely. He is holding the phone in his hand and his hand moves from time to time and the screen moves 100% perfectly with the phone in his hand.

If he did shoot the video using a BB and then CGI the nokia in then he is truly worth some pretty good money on Hollywood. The images can be edited pretty easily but videos are a whole new level of complex.

If this video were part CGI (computer-generated image), then he would have to film the handset and replace the screen image with a CGI of Blackberry OS running...

This would involve rendering the relevant images from scratch, and then over-laying them on top of the REAL screen - not impossible, though certainly time-consuming.

On the other hand, if the creator has take two videos and combined them, well this is possible too, though a little harder... The creator wouldn't quite need a "Hollywood" skillset, but he would need to know his way around a video-editing software pretty well (and we're not talking your EVERYDAY video-editing software - I'm talking PROFESSIONAL video-editing tools, such as those used by the media).

Fake! Nokia's runs Symbian, couple days ago "they" release some SDK or something for making your "own" OS.

Soo fake. Have you guys seen a knock off phone from china before? If you haven't let me tell you the interface looks exactly like the manufacturer but the functionality does not work properly. The software was written from the ground up by some Chinese engineers. It's poorly written and sloppy. It's buggy and 80% of the function does not work like the original manufacturer.

my guess is they used a program on the 8220 to record video of the phone in action, then they just played it back on the nokia to make it look like the video is real and its running bbos, thats just my 2 cents...

I think it's a fake, unless they have the source code for the BB OS there is no way they could make the BB OS work on the Nokia Hardware.

But say it wasn't, what a huge waste of time

I've said it before
RIM Hardware: A+
RIM Software: C-

Why in the world would anybody try to get the RIM OS on a hardware solution, I think a better solution would be to get Linux/Android running on the BB Hardware.


Last I have seen anything from App suite (granted I have not been looking since anything but BBs are not allowed at the current moment where I work) was about a year ago. It was designed for WinMo and Symbian devices. Could possibly be this, though unsure why it would show the 8220. It could also be a video and be shown on the device, etc. Third possibility is that it is real