BlackBerry OS Running on LG Rumor2 During NCIS

BlackBerry OS on LG Rumor2
By Adam Zeis on 15 Apr 2010 08:59 am EDT

Its not often we actually see the BlackBerry OS running on devices on TV or movies, but when we do, they are usually on a BlackBerry. Rob sent in this shot from this weeks episode of NCIS. It appears as if (for some odd reason) the LG Rumor2 used in the show is indeed running the BlackBerry OS. Why exactly we're not too sure, but it is quite amusing. I know I always find myself looking at Berry's in shows to see if they are really running the actualy OS, so its nice to know that even non-BlackBerry device's are showing off the OS as well.



How do we know we its actually the OS? could someone just be using a theme that looks like the bb os?


For many television shows, when TV screens or computer monitors or cell phone screens are displayed, they edit in the content of the screen after filming. Synic, it isn't real.


That couldn't be a theme be cause lg rumors and rumor 2's don't have themes, just wallpapers (some of which cost money)


I sent this in quite a long time ago. If you look back at the forums I send this in back on Novemember 24, 2009. The link to the forum is:

It just goes to show you some people get appricated and some don't...


Did you send the news in directly to the Crackberry staff? Or simply just post it on the forum? Not every single individual post/thread in the forum gets read and analyzed by the Crackberry staff (that would be an impossible task). So you can't blame the staff if you just posted a thread in the hopes that someone would see it or pass it along. If you wanted to have it posted on the blog back then, you should have sent it to the staff or sent them a link to the forum thread saying "hey. here's a TV BlackBerry sighting for the blog!"


"Not every single individual post/thread in
the forum gets read and analyzed by the
Crackberry staff (that would be an impossible
task)." That's funny.. I spend about an hour total a day surfing the forums.. And guess what? I read about 95% of all the posts every sub-forum.. I'm sure with several mods they can easily read every thread.. If not.. Vote grotty for mod! :p


needs a social life. j/k if crackberry is your crack- err 'hobby' then enjoy


That is one heck of a horrible rendering job on the part of the NCIS staff. lol


How do we know this os or them
e is actually on the phone?? Could it jus be added on it with technology? Majority of the times the phone is off and they fake talking on it.


It's not a matter of the OS actually being on the phone. The device is definitely photoshopped with a horrible rendering job of the BB OS (looks more like a BB OS inspired theme). It's just humorous to see that the staff over there clearly isn't very knowledgeable when it comes to mobile technology or photoshopping skills.


Why would they even want to put different OS on the screen? Whats the point? Just leave the phone as is and no more extra work for the special effects ppl. Doesn't make sense to me...


look at the quality of sharpness of the cell screen compared to the hand and body. the screen is the only sharp thing in the picture. horrible photoshop job


look at the quality of sharpness of the cell screen compared to the hand and body. the screen is the only sharp thing in the picture. horrible photoshop job


the body is out of focus..thats all.

tony bag o donuts

CSI had a motorola q running symbian last year...
It's all just photoshopped/ video edited bull.


the phone is clearly up and running if it was real they would have video and higher res pictures...fake...NEXT!


Calling fake on something from a fictional TV drama?! Who woulda thought!?


I saw this episode the other night as well and noticed this. I don't think that the producers would spend that much money to edit frames just for a phone shot.


I think Helen Keller could have spotted that it is a fake rendering. That's not the point. The point of the post (in my opinion) is the following:

1. The BlackBerry OS itself (clearly an improper render) is making a TV appearance.
2. It's ironically on a device clearly not capable of running the OS.
3. The person behind placing the rendering into this seen clearly needs to go back to graphic design school.
4. I like the word clearly.

Bob G

"I like the word clearly."

Now that was funny!


But its not a berry. So it doesn't count! Haha. Nice try though NCIS.


That episode originally aired last year.


how are you guys missing the point that GIBBS is on facebook!


If he's handling the phone with gloves on, it's probably not his =)


FlashForward last week had some Sprint device (looked like an Instinct, but not positive) clearly running the BlackBerry OS. They showed a call incoming to one of the character's cell phones and the screen was clearly the Storm incoming call screen. I'll see if I can find a screen shot.


i was watching flashforward last week and i saw what looked like a storm OS running on a samsung phone

editors seem to use what looks the most appealing on the phones,
but at least now they are using ones from real phones and not just crappy looking ones that they make up

**edit** i didnt see the last guys post


I thought that was what I saw the other night on NCIS... Interesting...


Don't know what kind of phone that is though.

Another thought on this though was one trick I used a while back. I had an iPhone and I took a screencap of whatever was on the screen at the moment (various icons etc.) and then copied that picture over to one of my android handsets that had the same display resolution.

Open up the photo viewer and... Magic!

Now I have a MyTouch 3G that looks like it runs the iPhone OS but the MyTouch body.


He's got New Messages... Too bad he's dead...

I wonder if they do that just so they aren't promoting a particular brand without compensation.

At least Sandra B uses a Bold with her BB OS:

Bob G

Not only is the LG running BB OS, but it is also running the "Smart B Calendar" App. Notice the date on the calendar icon is "15" (or "13") instead of the default "31."


There wasn't a NCIS episode this week. The last one was on the 6th which was last week. The next episode won't be until the 27th of April. Just FYI.



Yeah, ok... flame away. Its early ok?


Gibbs is obviously investigating someone that was killed for illegally installing the OS on this phone