BB OS Leaks: for Bold and 8900 w/ threaded SMS; for Storm 9530; OS for Tour!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Aug 2009 12:46 am EDT
OS Leaks: Threaded SMS Now on BlackBerry!

Holy Geebus. Talk about leaky leaky. After OS showed up in the forums for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 late last night, our pal TimBuk2 sent in some BlackBerry OS download links for the Tour, Bold and Curve 8900. For the Tour, version is pretty old now and kinda buggy, but OS is hot off the press for the Bold and 8900 and makes some jumps forward with OS 5.0 including the appearance of threaded SMS (as pictured above)!! Finally - a native threaded SMS client on BlackBerry! Tabbed browsing is gone (for now at least) in .190 but there's some other cool features too, like theme previews upon downloading and a few other tweaks (just installed an am playing with it now)! Be sure to visit the Storm OS forum and Beta OS forum (for all other devices) for the details on all of these versions.

*OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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BB OS Leaks: for Bold and 8900 w/ threaded SMS; for Storm 9530; OS for Tour!


Our stock OS is super buggy and slow. Why upgrade to 5.0 to take on additional bugs and slowness. Want an udated OS? Use Irtehun's Hybrid. It's really solid. No Memory Leaks. Super Fast and no wierdness. Just my 2cents

So im confused, .140 for the Tour is buggy but .190 has threaded SMS? Why the link for .140 then?

Would there be a way to extract the treaded sms and incorp. that into the current OS?

Like how BBM5 was.

Finally AT&T releases the latest OS and now a new Beta comes out the same day.
I believe I'll pass the update for this time but it would be really nice if someone could figure out if all the software works (IMs, facebook, google voice/sync/maps...etc) on it.

Apparently FB does not work :( Here's to hoping someone leaks the new version of BBM with the threaded text :) Come on, you know you want to!!

Yeah, I was just gonna comment on that. The damn vendors keep coming out with new phone, and the carriers lock us into frickin long a@@ contracts that we can get out of to get the newer phones... OH, unless you wanna pay $500 for the newest phone... sucks.

omg, when is os 5.0 actually gonna be released? like officially? any eta's? that is gonna be sweet when it does.

there is no bbm 5.O with this one. and facebook nor the app world for that matter works with it

It is working fine for the Curve 8900, it took me about 2 hours to download and I had to disconnect it from my comp to finish it. You may loose all of your info when you finish but if you go back to DM then you can put the backed up info back on there and it's smooth sailing. I have it on mine and I'm in love with the new threaded sms and the cool way you can customize everything, you can even go from Zen to Today style Precision themes, yourself.

I just downgraded my blackberry messenger 5.0 due to having to readd my contacts who are on my list everytime I want to talk to them- like they'll be on my list and when I send someone a message it says I need to readd them and then they're pending authorization, then they're added and we can talk, then the next day it starts again- I send someone a message and I get the readd prompt again- over and over- and now that I'm back to regular bbm, there is the whole os 5.0 for my phone lol - how ironic

anyway, threaded sms, wow, who uses sms anymore? after I discovered bbm, sms seems so prehistoric lol and all my friends have blackberrys so forget sms lol

what really are the other new features besides threaded sms or memory statistics or whatever? a loading screen progress bar? there has to be something more... (i guess the regular os has so many features that there aren't really any more to put on there)

you can now uninstall apps without going into options. Just highlight the app, hit bb button and Delete, WOWzer! tabbed browsing, bettering sound profile management over the previous OS(for the storm atleast) a native today screen.. just get it, you'll love it. besides telling you everything it can do takes away from the fun.

also there Tasks, memopad, documents to go and the other frills are now available(on the 9530 atleast) whereas with .140 on the 9530 they were not supported.

My apologies. tabbed browsing is not supported. stick with what the man says, he knows.

seriously? not everyone has a blackberry. so almost everyone accept the 5 ppl i know who r on my list still use sms. bbm i would prefer though, if more of my friends had bb's

Just please don't call us (the carriers) when it causes issues.

Also remember what happened a few weeks ago with the leak of bbim 5.0, it crashed the system. Lets not let that happen again.

i downloaded the old 5.0 os buti had to downgrade again. Can someone play around and let me know some problem kinks before i facebook?

No love for the 8300's I know the hardware is limited but it doesn't seem like much to ask for a clock/timer and threaded SMS.

now, WHY......(frustration)....out of all things, would they leave out tabbed browsing?<-------- (rhetorical question) that was the seller for me. no tabbed browsing, no deal. what could they have added that was better than tabbed browsing? is it a front facing camera?

I know how tempting it may be to want to upgrade to 5.0 for the Tour but, it's best to just wait. There's nothing noticeably different at all, besides the loading screen in fact, it actually takes away from 4.7. Just wait. I'm going back to 4.7. Just trying to help.

None of my favorite apps work on it.. Facebook App World.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... but I am anxious for the official.. Internet loading is super fast.

Does SMS look like BBM when talking to folks? Don't think so. Threaded SMS will make the texts as conversation like BBM. SMS now is not like that.

No facebook, no myspace, I don't have the normal web browser I only have media net even after 3 restarts and 3 times of resending service book. no bbm 5.0. everything else is freaking nice though, fast media loading nice threaded sms I wish everything worked with it. For now I will be going back to .266 but having a peak at the future for us Bold users is wonderful.

So we can use the 5.0 OS but not the 5.0 BBM? Makes no sense, I tried putting all the different files from 5.0 in the Java folder and still no luck, looks like we're gonna have to stick with one or the other.

Just updated to, then .297 comes out, now this, a day before I go away/without PC for a week*. Curse you OS GODS!

*ie: can't afford to take with me a phone with a possibly unstable OS, I'll have to wait until I come home (by which time another leak will have sprung, no doubt).

I just downloaded the ATT update and now anyone confirm that includes East Asia Support...Thx...
what a day.

no viigo, no facebook, no appworld = me no happy

everything is much faster...internet...apps...cant wait for official release.

You know why it's a lot faster?
That's because nothing is working and you can't load it up...hahaha
The best OS to date for the Bold is the AT&T update and call in customer support to activate your Visual Voicemail.

....because nothing else works. Much of the lag in blackberry devices are due to lack of app memory and having a lot of apps open. I would expect 5.0 to perform slightly better anyway and with most of the other apps not working, of course it's blazing fast.

Im new to this, but will the curve 8320 ever have a 5.0 os? anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or is the answer I have to buy a new phone

Hey about a little video of you're curve or bold running You know, show us the goodies.

Can you download just the new BBM with the threaded SMS messages or do you have to download the whole OS?

Still no LED messege indicator. Still locks up when you try multiple deletations. Smooth operation other than aforementioned issues. Man I hope they get the official release fixed and out soon. This is really urking me. Grrrr. Back to 148

you delete your outbox then its just a big huge list of messages from one person and you cant really seperate the messages in to days etc like before!!

not sure if i like it!!

have to get used to it i guess

I lost facebook, myspace, my blackberry app store wont run and gets a error msg when i try and some of my other programs wont run after installing this upgrade. anyone have this problem with their storm?

so for the storm does the .154 have threaded sms.. and is it still buggy.. I had the 5.0 os leaked dont know which version and it was buggy as hell so can i get just a little bit more info on it please..

Threaded? You mean does it show the history from a specific user? In that case yes. and yes huge huge huge yes it is still buggy. Just tried it on my Storm.

ok guys...all i can say at the moment is OS 5.0 is pretty cool, at least before the official ones come out. no issues on wifi or battery life and it is similar to 4.6 in terms of performance (not really snappy, but it gets the jobs done). However on this version , MSN and Facebook apps WILL NOT WORK. the rest are awesome. Sorry if i give a redundant info,i just wanna share my views..thanks for reading ^_^

Got a chance to download the new OS. It worked, but I seemed to be missing normal applications.

1. BB Messenger doesn't seem to come with it.
2. For some reason my SMS messages were not threaded.

Currently going back to old OS.

working fine..i love it!! battery problems so far. don't have any msn or facebook so don't miss that. it d/l in 30 mins from apploader for me.

I wasn't able to tell much besides the normal.

You can uninstall applications using the BB button now..I'm not sure if they make the OS stick to the provider or not.

I didn't have BBM 5.0 on it, but after I upgraded the normal one was not available.

Because it is a leak...some applications do not work. I was not able to download the BB App world because the site did not recognize the device.

I'd hold off and wait for official form ya provider.

So I've been unsuccessfull downgrading. Has anyone else had this issue?!

I strongly recommend staying with your current OS if you have a Tour!!!

i want!!!!!

but i like having a stable OS hopefully this becomes official OR the threaded SMS can be available as an app like the BBM5

would be awesome!!!!

the mirror thats posted here in the commecnts is for the storm not the tour. the tour is what everyone is asking for not the storm.

I DL this and I cannot wait for the Final OS to be done! only a few bugs so far. I cannot use Facebook right now :( but i can do it though text and what not. The Aim buddy list is a little messed up. And in the msg box too. The names overlap ... maybe because my text is too small !? Don't know

Overall 5.0 is really nice.... I think it starts a little quicker too... not sure.

Have tried .190 (East Asia version) on my Bold for a day, but decided to downgrade back to .297. Main reasons are:

. frequent reboot for no obvious reason
. Gmail for mobile doesn't work
. Google mobile app has only a quick link to Google map, rest gone
. MSDict stays in the background, can't be stopped
. mid files won't play anymore

It was also weired that my DM5 wouldn't continue to restore my data after initialization. I had to do it manually.

(lots) room for improvement...

I clicked the link to download the OS 5.0 for the Blackberry Tour and the Mega Upload site came up but said that this link wasn't available because it violated their polocy. So I tried the others and they seem fine. How can I get OS 5.0 for my 9630 Tour?

I've been running .190 on my 8900 (T-Mobile) since early Wednesday morning (upgraded from, and so far so good.
The only thing I truly don't like is that I can't install BBM 5.0 on it :( I've tried over and over using OTA links and thru DM, but no luck yet :( It says it installs successfully, and it even shows up under Applications Options, but I can't find the actual app to run it.
Other than that, I haven't noticed anything bad about this version.
Boot time for me has decreased, from 4-5 minutes before to a "lightning-fast" 3 minutes! I consider this a major improvement!
Also, I LOVE threaded SMS! Kinda makes me forget I'm going thru BBM 5.0 withdrawals. LOL

you may wanna write down your BBM pins cause it will remove them and restoring a backup will not save them..

about how to actually download this for my 8900 Curve. i plugged my phone into my laptop, went about downloading, said it downloaded but can't find it...SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!!!! :(

How can i get my bbm 5 to work on this OS...if its not possible what version of bbm do i need to work with this new OS

BBM 5 doesn't work i will die but i also like the threaded text. blackberry is getting us hooked already...can't wait for 9700

I managed to get this loaded onto my bold, but as soon as my bold starts up and I enter my PIN Code and password, the phone reboots itself.

Any ideas?

Ive been looking all over the net for this .. and finally Im downloading it.... im 75% completed cant wait to start using it ..

Ive been on the connecting to device screen for about 30 minutes in the same spot (task 10 of 11). Just wondering how long it took other people to install the to their BB. I have the 8900

Same happened with me, I just disconnected it and I was fine and then I plugged it back in and it restored my data so I was fine.

I tried an iPhone for about a week not too long ago. I try to be an open minded kind of guy and had never really messed with one before. Needless to say, I took it back and got a superior phone(a Blackberry Bold!)

Threaded SMS, detailed profile customization, holding a key for about half a second any application to get capital letter to name a few awesome things of this OS. I will NEVER have an Apple product again. Long live RIM! =)

haha alright well I downloaded for my AT&T Curve 8900 and it was the tightest! All my apps and theme worked for it and I love it but there was one problem. My internet browser was set to MediaNet and Blackberry Browser was lost and I couldnt find it. I ended up going back down to 4.6 because I use the browser everyday, but I can't wait until the official, but for now this is pretty tight!