BlackBerry OS leaks out, brings some updated apps with it

By Bla1ze on 31 Mar 2011 06:36 pm EDT
BlackBerry OS leaks out, brings some updated apps with it

For anyone tired of hearing about the BlackBerry PlayBook, the new images of the BlackBerry Touch were a nice change. But now, OS OS has shown up and along for the ride is a bunch of updated apps. Extracted and taken from the full, leaked OS updated versions of the following are now available for download:

All of the leaked apps have been tested on a BlackBerry Torch, should any of them give you a hassle about missing files it is suggested you download this file. One thing to note however, is that these are leaked files. If you load them up, you do so at your own risk -- be sure to back things up first.

PS: For those of you asking, no -- it will NOT work on your Torch. The OS leak itself has very little meaning to folks who don't acutally have the devices they are meant for. They do however, make way for more leaks and for hybrid OS builders to make use of the files. Other then that, they really aren't meant for mass consumption. Only the apps can be used by various other devices running BlackBerry 6.

Source: BBH-Plus

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BlackBerry OS leaks out, brings some updated apps with it


have loaded all of the apps on my Torch running and everything is running smoothly. great job getting the leak BBH! This stuff is great. Hope to see an OS 6.1 leak for the torch soon though!

follow the source link and 6.1 is available... but will it work on the torch1 is the question...

I just wanna see someone brave enuff to put it on theri Torch and see if it fires, then tell us.... cuz it sure aint me

im going to up load the new os on my torch 1 and see how it goes wish me luck will deff back up all files lol. see you in a hour or 2 maybe more if it goes wrong

Ok so the article says..."All of the leaked apps have been tested on a BlackBerry Torch, should any of them give you a hassle..."

Then is says..."it will NOT work on your Torch"

So...will it work or will it work on my Torch? Because it says it will, then it says it will not lol.


i believe what they are saying is that the 6.1 os leak install as a whole will not work on the torch

but these extracted apps have been tested to work

Aha. Interesting. Cause I tried to install the news Feeds app and it was giving me the 907 error...whatever that is..and it wouldn't install. :(

maybe if you scan through the files in the OS you might find out what secret apps were blacked out from the photos in the previous post, if you're curious about them.

im interested to see if the browser files are much different

im sure the hardware bumps are gonna be the bigger factor in better browser

Bold 9650 with OS and neither App World (installed but icon wasn't visible and wouldn't launch through QL) nor News (wouldn't finish download, saying COD 907 was missing) would work. The only other one I tried was Radio, which seemed to work, even though I never use it anyway.

I'm running .524 also, and I'm curious is your 9650 is lagging slightly? Everything else is awesome and it seems to have just started, a week or so after I installed the leaked OS. I might try to reload it and see what happens.

Its a new setup. Just click to create a new ID. Your old email and password will show up. Just follow it through. Worked for me, at least.

So, the statement said that" Only the apps can be used by various other devices running BlackBerry 6." I have a Bold 9780. I tried downloading the News app and it kept failing, even after the downloaded that Blackberry I.D app.

Did you delete old version of app off phone before trying install betas normally need you to do that so I'm thinking the leaks may need you to also.

i got news feeds app working on my bb torch running
i installed the bb id thing, uninstalled old news feeds, installed new news feeds
and it worked

i created a new bb id with the snazzy new bb id screen, since my old email didnt work. although when i 'recreated' my bb id i used the same email
kinda odd

in bb news, i had to resubscribe to feeds.
but in the new above leaked bb app world, all my uninstalled apps were still there, i assume installed was to be there no matter what

Some of the stations on Blackberry Radio use Slacker radio, will I be charged through my carrier for using is or is it free?

Can't find the facebook app on bold 9700. Found the app world by universal search and blackberry id but can't find the facebook app icon. Anyone?

I am failing to understand why the newest devices with the newest OS could not or will not be compatible for 6.1. I am a faithful BB user, but even the 3GS was able to be compatible with iOS 4.0... Why can't BB devices be as lucky?? Especially since this new BB I.D is similar to the iTunes method. What's the sense of getting a new device (Torch, 9780) with no hope of gaining from any of the future updates for Blackberry?? I just don't understand the sense of that.

I'm pretty sure the latest ones (torch, bold 9780) will be getting 6.1, however THIS specific leaked 6.1 in the post is not compatible since it was made to be put on a torch 2 (and touch 9930?) which has different hardware.

Let's hope this is true. I feel like it's a waste of a good device, to only have it be useful for one OS. For instance, why would I want to get a new Torch2 with 6.1, just for the OS, when I love my current Torch, and all I need is updated software? ... I think I agree with someone, who once said on one of these blogs, why is it that when an update is available, it can't be available to all devices running that OS? Instead of waiting on individual carriers to release them? I'm not a fan of Android, but even those devices do that, as well as iPhone. Why can't my beloved Blackberry? ...

I agree, if my torch doesn't get 6.1, I will not be happy. Also, I'm no expert on Android (never used one) but I thought that new versions were released depending on the phone model for android as well? I remember seeing things about some phones getting 2.2 or 3 while others were left in the dark. I could be wrong idk.

Yeah I guess that could be true about the Android devices. From what I gathered, when an update is available for their device it becomes available to anyone who is due for that update. Not necessarily relying only on the carrier releasing it. But I could be wrong, as well.

Obviously, the current devices that we have now don't have enough memory to handle the full OS 6.1, just like the 8530 or the 9630 could not handle OS 6. All we can handle are bits and pieces, such as some of the apps.

Yeah. I think that is the one thing or even the only thing that really bugs me about RIM. If anything, the Torch should've been one of the first devices to allow for more than one OS and prepped for such future actions. It seems like such a waste for current Torch and 9780 users to have to buy a whole new device simply for a new OS, when the one they currently have (or at least, the UI) is fairly new. Now I know how the Verizon Tour owners felt when the Bold came out. Ridic, RIM.

Will there be any way to extract the mobile hotspot out of this? I remember hearing that it would be a feature in 6.1

wow! i forgot i had signed up for beta zone and i just downloaded Facebook 2.0 and its AMAZING!!!! True facebook experience for the BlackBerry!

Downloaded the new app world and the bb radio. No issues at all. The bb id is pretty cool. Seems pretty smooth so far. Good things coming to bb. Hopefully we could get some of these things backward compatible to the torch

Don't understand how ppl believe once the 6.1 OS leaks that ppl forget that the OS works for certain devices.


Now that we got that out of the way, I got every app working except for News and App World on my 9700. News fails downloading because of the cod and App World just doesnt show even after a reboot of the phone.

I'm in the same boat as you all the updated apps work fine except news (which I don't really want anyways) and app world, no icon to be found anywhere, however it is listed in the application management screen... Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Yea that's not fair at all. I'd understand not being able to upgrade to OS 7 but OS 6.1? I can't afford a new device every 6 months. Time to get out the ol' piggy bank..

ive got os6 on my bold 9700 phone is just restarting ere nw at the minute will let u no how i get on
i got it on the 9700 bt no icon so no point downloading it really if u ave no icon

I want 6.1 mainly because of the LIQUID TOUCH, which they promised is gonna be amazing. I loooove my torch but if only the touch can be a bit smoother

Installed all apps apart from the FB app as Beta Site has a newer version.
They all seem to work fine on Bold 9780

Anyone having problems with Blackberry ID? some of the apps don't recognize my ID , same id works fine in Blackberry Protect etc.

Sounds like the new os 6.1 is really sick.
but hmm.. does that mean that os 6.1 will only work on the new devices? i just bought my 9780 a few months ago :(

so yeah, ran into some initial problems but after installing the "BBID" app managed to get the new appworld visible and working. also managed to get the podcasts app woking too. Tried extracting the social feeds app from the full OS download and whacking it on my 9700 but no luck, the icon just disappeared. oh well, guess i will just have to try loading up the older version again since i use that app a lot.

Not much of a leak. Facebook 2 is available in Beta zone. Visual voicemail doesn't work for my network (Orange UK), Radio has only one station available as far as I can tell and News reader is less functional than Social Feeds (it wouldn't display my Calvin and Hobbes feed, which social feeds and berry reader both do). Serves RIM right for involving Viigo in the process.

all working on my 9100 cant wait for a new bold device cause my 9700 has drop for its last time and not gonna fix it just gonna wait so RIM pls hurry

It really sucks that OS6.1 will probably not work on the current devices. But I can also understand it a little bit. RIM needed to make a big jump to keep up with Apple and Android and so it just happens that their new OS needs better hardware. I guess the same will happen again once QNX rolls out for the smartphones!?

At first mine did not work but after downloading bb id everything worked fine bb news is alright radio is bad app world is not any different n I didn't bother with the rest I'm not sure if 6.1 will work on torch1 however if it doesn't then I will really regret getting a torch as I was planning on getting an iphone 4 but got a torch by mistake n I'm gettin quite used to the sluggish menus the continuous freezing n the daily batt pulls, the very laggy browser the worst games to come to a mobile platform not being able to take hd video and the rubbish screen quality

I believe there will be an update for bold 9780 and torch and any other devices with 512 MB ram. As for the software. I have noticed an improvement in the appworld. Anyone else notice how when you swipe across from free to paid etc it swipes through and is a smooth transition. I also like the recently updated tab.

Relax everyone! I'm sure that RIM will probably roll out a 6.1 LITE for the Torch 1 if the full version is not available for it (I'm just being really optimistic here)....but I really do hope so! Fingers crossed!!!

There's no real way to tell. However, going by the Storm2 not getting OS6 fiasco, I highly doubt there will be a lite version.

There are very significant changes in the overall OS fro 6 to 6.1. Looking at Flash alone, Adobe states that for it to run on mobile devices the processor needs to be at at lease 800MHz. This link backs up what I'm saying.

So the significantly smaller processors our current phones have just won't do for flash to be implemented. Let alone flash and all the goodies that 6.1 has to offer that would cripple our current phones. Thus, the need to send out new phones with significant hardware upgrades.