Blackberry 6 Overview ( running on BlackBerry 9800 [video]

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By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2010 11:18 pm EDT

Last one for this round. So far, we've all been getting to see early release versions of BlackBerry 6 running on the BlackBerry 9800 and the BlackBerry 9670.  This release is seemingly no exception to that. While it has been updated from .91 it still has a few bugs and kinks in it that RIM will need to work out. That said, I'm starting to like BlackBerry 6 just a little bit more each time I see it. What do you guys think? Is it growing on you? Need to have it yesterday? Video after the break.

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Blackberry 6 Overview ( running on BlackBerry 9800 [video]


I just finished year 1 of my 3 year contract with Rogers.. i shouldn't even watch these videos since i won't be able to get a new phone until OS7

I hate AT&T I know its being released there first. WOnder how long it will take for T-Mobile to roll out with the 9800. IMO Its looking really great

After seeing the 6.0 OS, I'm disappointed. It doesn't come close to Android or Iphone.

I've been with Blackberry for 4 years now. Gone thru the Curve and Bold 9700. Both are very competent smartphones for its time. Now it's outdated.

My next phone will be an Android. It is more appealing with its google integration (gmail/docs) and free turn-by-turn GPS. Now that email is pushed, there is no need to keep my Blackberry.

The wow factor in the new Moto X, Samsung Galaxy and various HTC phones hardware and software is way beyond what Blackberry has to offer on the 9800 and OS6.

you must be using different Android/iPhone phones than I have, because although it is quite as slick(read flashy) at those OS's it certainly is very close in terms of usability, if not on par, the small refinements such as the background going from translucent to opaque as you fill more of the screen is just a little bit of a show that they have put effort into the user experience and function, FULL html email support and webbrowsing were 2 of the main complaints with OS5, 6 clearly has caught us up.

I'm not saying Stay with BB, because really I say go off, you've made your mind and you want to justify it, but go off because you want to, not because you think RIM isn't close, because with every video it is shown they have stepped up to the plate, they might only hit a grounder into first base, but they are not striking out.

My Inc. will be here late this week, and too bad we had to have 2 suretype devices before RIM figured out that a virtual keyboard isn't a bad thing. I hung on a long time and will keep my S2 for when I travel int'l. Hopefully they lock out/give the option to the screen click or who knows no update for the S2 maybe.

I've been saying this over and over
Blackberry is fallen behind
I'm blackberry user since 7520
But I'm ready to move to a different Phone/platform
and Htc us going to be my next phone after many years of using blackberry
Honestly i do not want to move but Rim is not doing enough to keep me

I saw that number as well, in another screen it was down around 150MB for memory usage, so MAYBE theoretically they will be able to shrink it and put it into a hybrid for 256 devices.

it's been known for awhile devices with 256mb of mem won't be "officially" getting this. it really sucks actually. even if you can shrink it, you'll end up with like 10-20mb of mem. so in other words...the situation the 8330's are in atm(with them having so little mem after an OS install), us 256mbers will be in for os6.

oh well, im going android at end of the year anyway :D

Wait...the Memory tab says the OS is using 260.2 MB, while the application storage tab says it's using 151.2 MB...I'm confused.

I read somewhere on the forums that the web kit browser is integrated into the OS. So maybe the cache for the browser is taking up the extra space?

i don't have high hopes on OS6, it's experimental i guess.
and it will take atleast year or more to make it perfect..
by the time 9700 will be grandfather.

i hope they come up 9000 like form factor and high screen resolution and better harware with very stable OS6.

9800 doesn't gaurantees robustness and stablility like 9700,
so no 9800 for me.

Anyone know how the copy function works with OS6, now with pinch zooming there will obviously be a different way to copy text from a web page ect...

I'm not going to get excited until I know if this will work on current BlackBerry 9700's. Why would I care about something that I probably can't use anyway? Also, with all the haters? What can the iPhone do that the 9800 running OS6 can't, other then drop calls based on how you hold it?

Honestly, what RIM is *trying* to do--somewhere months and months down the road--is what the iPhone did two years ago. What the iPhone can do that this OS--some day, maybe--will not be able to do is run an app worth having.

Look at the apps for RIM. They're a joke!

When RIM finally introduced this OS, and again, we don't know when that will be, any phones it sells after that will be where iPhone was two years ago, only without the apps.

The iPhone can't do a ton of things the Blackberry can. Also, the things the iPhone added this year were on Blackberrys for about 3 years previously.

It goes both ways. The iPhone is far from being the perfect phone/multimedia device.

I'm planning on upgrading from my 8330 to a 9650 this week. I'm hoping that in a year when I can upgrade again this baby will be ready for Sprint.

This is RIM's answer? How many years does RIM need? If google created a skin for it's android os like "sense" or "motoblur" and called it a new os there would be a huge outcry. I have a 9700 largely because I'm forced to. I've been waiting for the last 4 years for something new and all I'm getting is a new skin. Slow web browsing, no choice in apps, no choice in hardware formfactors, this is getting beyond pathetic. You know who else followed this path until they were forced to innovate? Palm. Palm had the enterprise market. Palm had the smartphone market. Palm increasingly was made insignificant and the change was almost overnight. I have been a fan for years. I've used blackberries since the early 2000's but I'm done.

Did you watch the videos or are you just an idiot? Slow web browsing... Webkit rocks and is by far as good as what the iPhone or Android has. Full HTML in email. No choice in apps... What is the "I can't live without this app" that you are missing? Wait it must be a fart app or 10,000 dictionaries. Hardware formfactors... This must be a joke. Apple is a one hit wonder and Android is hardware whore. I wish people like you would leave or just STFU!

Yeah I watched the video. And actually you are the one who is stupid. I don't blindly follow RIM. I THINK and observe which would make me not stupid. You on the other hand just go with it and call this new skin "hot" and man its gonna change smartphones forever. Fact is there are no new features that you couldn't get with an app from app world. Or a theme. Its not faster and it won't even work for most of the devices out there. As far as a formfactor difference in hardware man RIM sure has a lot of different types of screens. Man they sure make GREAT processors that would move its platform on. You are a victim of their cheap ass feed the masses mentality. Grow up. And when RIM continues their march to obscurity talk to me then.

you have used blackberries for 10 years... yet you say palm "had" the market. Why didnt you switch to palm when they were so "hot"? OS6 is not a skin. If this were true then every phone rim has would be getting it. They arent.. why? because the old phones cant handle this new "skin". Go get a droid or a crappy iphone and leave already.

Palm was never "hot". Palm was a market leader like RIM is today. They also had a big chunk of the exchange market. They refused to innovate. Their code is based in Java. A very old language. This new OS is still based in java. The picture is that RIM is going to die off. You can lie to yourself and call it something it is not. Plenty of fat chicks come into a clothing store and claim their a size 6 when they're more like a 16. Hell Nokia, and windows is even at least trying.

Java is old, really? Java was released in 1995. C on the other hand was released in 1972 and is still hard at work in most computer OS (Unix / Linux / Windows), so I think your argument against Java being old is off.

The second thing to point out is that Android's OS is written in C/C++ (both older than Java) and according to all applications for android are written in Java.

do you know Andriod also uses Java for its runtime and core functionality? Dalvik VM used in Andriod is a JVM and is nothing but Google's implementation of Java specification. Android and BB have some what identical platform architecture except for the fact BB uses Sun's implementation. Only plus that Andriod has is its OS kernel which at present is more efficient that BB's but BB has already acquired a company called QNX which has a specialized OS kernel. In the coming days you will see significant developments on the BB front.

I would usually never make my previous comment. And I despise people who do. Its puzzling why people bitch about things that they have choices about. If you don't like it then get something else. Get off our fan site. But this blackberry 6 has put me over the edge. It looks the same. It acts the same. It has NO new features. No tethering. No inherent integration with any cloud services that I use. Nothing new. Nothing innovative. Even multitasking is exactly the same. They're trying to fool everyone. Btw I would leave and get some win phone 7 or symbian device. But my company like I said FORCES me to use a blacberry.

Late October?????? I hate you now! lol
Seriously though, wtf, I would so be gone if work didn't require it. Someone hit the crap out button on the 9000 this weekend.

It is just a new theme with webkit, which has taken RIM a LOT of time to implement... BBs now feel like browsing the web with Internet Explorer... it just SUCKS!
This OS shouldn't be even called 6.0, it should be 5.1

Why are the standards so much higher for RIM than anyone else? Seriously, what did the iPhone OS 2, 3, and 4 add that were so revolutionary? They made little changes and considered it a full version jump. What do you really expect RIM to do on top of what is already done? They have added Webkit and implemented it throughout the entire OS (even emails), they have completely changed the look and feel of the OS and they made it MUCH faster.

Great video showing off some highlights of 6.0!
After messing with the Iphone 4 and Evo 4G, I realize that the current Blackberry OS works for me. I'm glad that they have improved efficiency and made 6.0 a little more user friendly.

RIM has made some visual improvements and rebuilt their OS while maintaining their roots. So many people complain about how they feel the OS looks outdated and its not flashy like the Android phones. Last time I checked, this is only the default theme and people will continue to develop themes for Blackberries.

If this OS does not come out soon, then it will be time to switch to DROID. Face it - All of these phones do the same thing and RIMs exclusivity with PUSH mail is losing traction. I really love my BlackBerry, but these less than perfect OS' are becoming archaic.

I want them to take their time to make sure they get it right. We all know what happens to rushed products.

Too late, already got my 3 year contract transferred. Going with Samsung Galaxy S when it comes out later this month.

Its gonna own!

Bye bye RIM! looks like RIM did it right with OS6. It looks very promising. I love how you can drag the app bar up and down to show more or less icons...that's a great feature I've always wanted from my S2. I've already made the switch to Android (Incredible) but I'm happy to see this from RIM. There are certainly a lot of things that Blackberry does better than Android but there are also a lot of things that Android does better than Blackberry. Most of it is really a matter of personal preference.

As far as apps go, I could care less about useless apps that make fart sounds...I want apps that help me be more efficient and more connected...that are going to help me remember what things I need to get done and get them done faster and more efficiently than I would have without the device. Blackberry and Android both have helped me in that area, but I like the way Android does it better.

IMO, iPhones are for fan boys...I can't stand Apple.

Just my 2 cents...

You'll bitch and moan wanting more and they are giving you more and still not enough! What do you expect out of a phone that is smaller than most peoples hands? Such a shame with all the problems in this world, people seemingly act like their phone is the end of the world!

We have made huge strides just with Berries! Give me a break! Honestly hope you sheep move on as you don't deserve BB anymore...

I can't wait for Os6 and the 9800 more specifically.

Once RIM does get "IT" and starts cranking out 1ghz and 4.0 super Amoled screens with a kick-ass OS that rivials apple and Droiiiddd...everyone on this board thats loyal will look back on these time of waiting 10 mins for a phone to come on and the clock of death and say WTF was I thinking you wont admit it thats fine because we will all be happy.

Android and Apple fans ae spoiled yes....why because google and apple go where other (RIM) are trying to. And when others (RIM) seem to notice but don't really step it uo like they can...there fanbase see's other things and go after it, most droid and apple fans came from RIM, thats why we have accounts HERE. Loyal fans get the shaft and dont want to hear about Droiiiid or Apple because they are waiting for the second coming of RIM...and uhhh it hasnt happend yet.

just my silver $$$$

Many people on here are complaining about why RIM wont make the phone more like an android or iphone and comparing them way too much. Each of the three companies have a demographic that they are targeting. RIM's target is for business/working use (mainly), business phones shouldn't have the wackiness that android and iphone have. Blackberries are made to be stable (for the most part) and reliable phones. I owned an android device and and iphone and if i had to rate them the BB would be number 1, android next, and iphone last. My android phone grew old because the a 80% of the apps in the market suck or are just ugly. My iphone was the best multimedia device i had but the service always dropped and customization is almost unheard of on this phone...@ the end of the day it all depends on what u want.

this looks interesting. i wonder if this is what they may put on the tablet that is in beta testing and be on Storm 3. I have been on storm 1 and while i like it. i am ready for something a bit better.

does anyone know about any problems with the bold 9650 that has the trackpad hardware wise like camera problems, keys sticking that sort of thing?

OS6 and the 9800 both look amazing! Can't wait for OS6 for the 9700 finally a significant revamp in the OS and web browser from RIM it seems.

Salomondrin says the OS will be available for the 9700 and S2, so I'm a bit more optimistic. He knows his stuff.

why post it if you know in advance in a way or another it's not supposed to be shared to the world on the first place?

"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation"

RIM are not behind, but neither are they running their arses off in a clown costume with everyone laughing at them....unlike some manufacturers.

I take a personal satisfaction in seeing the smug comments from Apple owners and knowing that my RIM device is made without compromise to performance or reliability.

Funny how people can watch a video and proclaim they know all about some new unreleased hardware and unreleased software without ever having actually used it. Everyone claims it's just a new theme or this or that. Look at how much Windows hasn't changed since Windows 95. Would you really tell me that the only thing that's different between Windows 95, 98, ME, XP and 7 is that the icons have changed and the start button doesn't say start anymore? What you refer to as 'tired' is what others refer to as 'familiar' and what tech support refers to as 'thank god I don't have to re-train all of the managers'. RIM has much bigger concerns than the user who wants a toy, and they revolve around the users who need a work tool.

I just qualified for an upgrade for my ATT 9000. It was amazing when it came out, but is a brick now. I was eagerly anticipating OS 6.0 and it looks very good, but not great. I bought a SAmsung Captivate and will see how it goes. If I can't live without the keyboard, or OS 6 is amazing, or I need enterprise support, I will be back. But a 1 GHz processor, 6 axis sensor, compass, 4" OMLED screen, 2 GB application memory, 3D video processing, 720p video, interesting applications like Layar, etc. etc. etc. are just too compelling right now. BB does not need to "catch up" with more "me too" technology. They need to leapfrog with something better - time to innovate.