BlackBerry OS 5.0 To Have Tabbed Browsing!

By Bla1ze on 16 Jul 2009 08:45 am EDT
BlackBerry OS 5.0 To Have Tabbed Browsing!

We all love our BlackBerry devices, but one thing you may not like about it is the built in browser. RIM has improved their browser over the years, most noticeably at first with the launch of OS 4.5. And here we are now about to roll into version 5.0 device software and though we have already seen a good glimpse of it in action (many of us have tried the previously leaked betas), RIM has snuck a new feature into the most recent builds - tabbed browsing.

Tabbed browsing in the BlackBerry browser is finally a reality! Now while it's not earth shattering news it does show that RIM is still working on giving us a functional browser. The only problem with such a thing though is that while they may be working on the browser, it still doesn't feel right. At this point, the implemenation of the tabs is menu based which makes it less than user-friendly. At least RIM has really improved the speed of the browser in recent builds. Now it's a matter of working out the kinks for the rest of the browser that is the issue. Check out some more screen shots after the jump and be sure to let us know what you think of tabs in the browser.

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Two Tabs Showing In The BlackBerry Browser!

Creating A New Tab With BlackBerry Browser!

Opening The Shop CrackBerry Store

Shop CrackBerry Open!

New Tab Now Opened In BlackBerry Browser!

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BlackBerry OS 5.0 To Have Tabbed Browsing!


Just get 'em to hurry up, every day I'm sitting here waiting for an alert to pop up saying OFFICIAL BOLD OS 5.0 released. WAHHHHHHH.

I have to get me a life.

Its good stuff, but RIM should of got off their lazy a$$ and done this ages ago.

Does better late than never really apply ??

RIM should make the tabbed browsing look like how the iPhone is or like how it looks whenever you picture scroll with the Tour. Now that would be nice!

You people are the biggest effing complainers, the fact that tabs is even a possiblity should be enough but NO

"I'm not excited at all. That looks crappy".

Very nice, go get a job at RIM and make it better.

"That looks God-awful. Please make sure there is a fast way to switch between tabs!"

REALLY??? What are you comparing it to? And excuse us but who are you to make demands???? How fast can you switch through tabs on your BB now???

So people can't complain? Well I think it does look like crap. People have different opinions, get over it. Who are we to make demands? Umm, consumers and we have the right to complain. Don't tell me you've never done that :)

Point taken but this is not a RIM forum hehe if people want to put out their opinions then they should do it on the official BlackBerry forum?

I hope they at least have something similar to the way the Iphone does it where you can touch and scroll the different tabs on the storm.
At least it is tabbed browsing, one of my main complaints about the BB experience right now is lack of. Now if they would increase app memory RIM might get dragged into the 21st century.

The browser is better. I don't even open 1 web page now because the browser is crap so I defintely don't care about being able to open more. As long as the browser stinks, tab browsing is irrelevant. You'll just have more pages of crappy browsing for memory leaks and OS freezes/lag. Good idea, but not for Blackberry Browser.

Kind of a clunky way of doing it though. How about holding down alt and scrolling to let us scroll through tabs? or the 0 key or something to pop up a tab window with previews? Or both :D Just some suggestions.

I don't have an iPhone and don't expect my Storm to be one. This "tabs" implementation on 5.0 looks good enough for me. BlackBerry has never had the most visually stunning UI, so I think this is basically on par for what we should expect to see from RIM. Function over form, as usual. I'll be satisfied when (or if...) it ever shows up.

You guys think of everything. Keep up the good work and would love a blackberry tour. I have a curve but the tour would be the bomb

I agree with most of the other commenters that this feature is a welcome addition. That being said, some significant improvements (leaps forward, not baby steps) have to occur with the BB browser for it to be more useable. The good news is that RIM seems to be committed to improving its product, evidenced by several OS releases all of which have improved the speed of the browser. However, we are all just getting impatient with not having certain features available to us such as Flash, etc.

Why doesn't RIM just start endorsing Opera's browser as the default browser for the devices? I only ever use the standard blackberry browser for extremely simple mobile web tasks, and then only because it defaults to it for those things. Otherwise, waste of memory.

Will the Tour 9630 for Verizon get this? Any idea when? Are there leaked copies?


@brianjking me on twitter

i thought of doing this a while back but ended up i didnt find myself needing it so much BUT

can you open opera, bolt and have bb browser and simply switch apps (websites) via bb button between the different websites loaded?

again, never tried it, at different times i downloaded opera and bolt and removed them as i was ok with bb browser.

They should make it so the tabs are at the top like other browsers so you can just click the tab you wish to see.


I think that it will work out just fine. We need them for better surfing, becuase it can be a pain trying to get from one site to another and not lose your place. Tabs away.

go buy one and stop complaining about Blackberry. When I don't like a product, I don't buy it. I buy the one I want.

I'm not into little kid toys like the iPhone. I like the straight forwards, organized, tool of a Blackberry.

RIM isn't retarded. They are the masters of shortcuts. There are probably shortcuts on your phone that you don't even know about, which is your fault, no one blames you for not being efficient though... They will simplify the tabbed browsing. when 5.0 is released officially, it will be nice, don't worry. Just be patient.

And for those of you that like to complain, go learn Java, please! I would love to see your app or OS...

Blackberry browser right now sux!...this 5.0 OS better be a major upgrade....i doubt we'll even see a descent BB browser till prolly 7.0 or something.....BB is sooo slow with upgrades and updates

I know this is "desktop" software but what does it do anything for your phone? I installed it on my laptop already, plugged in my phone & didn't notice anything different.

look, I'm not expecting much out of RIM, especially with this 5.0 update and I really don't care about the tabbed browser - something that will probably end up working half as well as it should - All I ask is for the browser to to much faster so I don't need other third party browsers :) Im not saying that this tabbed browser is a bad thing, I just hope they spend time dealing with the REAL issues of the browser

I run the beta and have no tabs< :(. I think I will use the feature a lot. Just need a new 5.0 to be released.

It would be solid if I could change tabs via convenience keys... that is, have an option to disable my right side convenience key (currently for camera) while in the Browser and use it exclusively as a "tab-switcher". Or since I have a Storm, a smooth swipe across the screen SHOULD change it.. I guess we'll see what they've come up with!

the tabs should be shown on the upper bar instead of opening up the menu to do this.. they should incorporate a keyboard shortcut(ex. ALT + T) to switch between tabs. just my $.02 lol

Blackberry if finally catching up with the rest of the smartphone world. Being a storm owner, im glad to see the new 5.0 is looking good...and i hope they keep adding to the 5.0...btw when does this officially release???