BlackBerry Curve OS v4.3 Real Look?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Nov 2007 12:06 pm EDT

BlackBerry OS 4.3 Dimension L Theme

What do you think guys? Could this be the New BB Dimension L theme that will be available on BlackBerry OS v4.3 for the Curve? Mock-Up or the Real Deal? Wink

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BlackBerry Curve OS v4.3 Real Look?!


looks like a mock up to me. Personally, I don't like that layout. May work better if they have icons on the right and left sides of the screen.

I'm going with legit, that looks like RIM design, I like the look as well, it's a cross over of all the standard themes

Well, not sure. It could be the real thing because it looks so straight. But why would a fresh Curve 4.3 have google talk installed already on the first screenshot....

It does look nice, but I never really understood the point of themes that aren't based on the "today" theme. I suppose if you are looking to maximize your view of the background image or if you wanted to really keep your personal data (appts, calls, email) to yourself, this would make sense.

I much prefer the today themes, though, and unfortunately many of the 3rd-party themes aren't based on those. I've tried out cool iPhone themes and other ones where the graphics looks great, but I really want to be able see my email, calls, and appointments on the home screen. Otherwise, why not just have the home screen contain your full list of applications?

When it be available for the 8300? I can't wait. I have been anticipating this for some time. Can you provide a link where we can download it?

Thanks for the review!!


It seems like a legit RIM theme, I have it installed on my 8310. You can find it for OTA download on a few Blackberry forums, just look around some. I like it a lot, I can keep the 10 apps I use most frequently on-screen and still see my background. By the way, if you find the OTA theme that I found, the icons are not set like on many L themes you may find; you can put whichever ones you like on the L.