BlackBerry OS gets caught on video

By Bla1ze on 10 May 2014 03:54 pm EDT

If you can't get enough of BlackBerry OS 10.3 and want to some more of it then you may want to check out this quick hands-on with from ZonaBB. Overall, it shows off a lot of what we already know is coming but it's still nice to see in action. No telling if and when it'll leak but the folks at ZoneBB have noted they'll be, at the very least, showing off some more of the OS in the near future.

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BlackBerry OS gets caught on video


Bluepearls, like the one above said just copy it from my signature or anywhere you can find and paste over to your

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Copy and paste the logo into your Word Substitution with a label of "bblogo" or whatever you like. Anytime you type that trigger word it will replace it with the logo.

It works in the CB app but only here in the comments section. It will appear as a "?" in the forums, which stinks.

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Can we get a stable leak for the Z30 already lol This is crude and unusual punishment.

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Lmfao! I thought the same thing but decided not to ask incase I wasn't and I was the only one that thought that... lmfaooooooo

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Was that a dick pic in his photos or am I seeing things? o_o (2:28, bottom pic in the middle)

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TMI I will not abuse my eyes. BlackBerry leak takes on an entirely NSFW approach with their new genitalia "app".

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Equalizer finally in the music app! That has taken it's time to arrive.. but OS 10.3 is starting to look very complete.

Why isn't BlackBerry making its music app headless. Like showing the name of the track playing in the Quick Settings drop down. Considering that when it's playing music the only immediate controls you need is to change or skip the track. If anything more than you can just open the app and do it. The active frame of the music app takes up unnecessary space when it's just playing.
Gotta think about it!

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Too confusing for some users to have music playing even after they "closed" the music app.

Why is it still playing?!!! How do I stop it?!! I don't see it anywhere!

That type of thing.

The active frame doesn't really take up valuable space since it just gets pushed down outside the screen by the 4 more recently used apps. Plus now being able to re-organize active frames should let users prioritize/declutter that screen better!

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But the idea it great if we have the option to do so.
+1 after me if you agreed

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Did I see him merge active frames into one frame like folders for the icons? Which implies no limit to the number of open running apps?

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Don't forget ur volume keys help you control music at the moment...u cn still use dose coz I find em quite handy for skipping tracks while the device is in my pocket or whilst playing games or using BBM and whatsapp...headless music app +1 I support big time...#pardon the grammar this ain't no English test!!!

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Keep it up BlackBerry and I'll be all over a qwerty with a big screen! Looking very nice. I'm almost over the playbook fiasco and ill be back when the pain is completely buried.

Anybody else noticed that scrolling down in the hub doesn't get rid of the bottom bar?

The leaked 10.3 had it disappear and only leave three lines/dots on the left and right bottom side respectively, leaves more screen real estate to look at your content. It'd be nice if the official still has it

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I can see needing that on the Q10. But every bb10 phone has enough screen space that you don't need it disappear.

Would be good on the Classic and any other small screen QWERTYs though.

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2 minutes 30 seconds in. Take a close look at the pictures this guy has on his phone.
That is all I have to say.

Having a blank home screen seems pointless, best to have something on the background i.e some apps at the bottom or other functions buttons, shortcut button when there's no active frames.

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You would be surprised how many people like the blank screen to better show their wallpaper. That's the only reason my friend won't leave android over bb10 or ios, because she can get rid of all the icons and have a blank screen.

I like it. But if you don't, then you're also in luck since apparently it's optional (can make it like 10.2.1 and below by changing settings) .

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That's one slick looking OS ... can't wait ... then again ... I have a Z10 STL1 so it'll be some time before we see a leak, but happy to see how 10.3 is coming on.... #goBlackBerry

I mentioned that to them in all the posts in BBM about it... thought it was weird.

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When you access youtube, change the http:// with https://

Dont know why.. youtube redirection = sucks :p

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If no one else is going to say it I will. Zone BlackBerry stated that they were uploading and prepared to bring it to the forums alas they send a video instead. Don't tease ppl it's not nice it's likw the saying don't keep your dog's hungry cause they will bite the hand that feeds then

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This build is old btw, look at the setup/camera icons and compare them to the one Clewley posted.
Now that Clewley posten an in camera photo, it looks way different than the one in this video.

Clewley may be using who shows up on sechesi/bb servers clewley is the only few that could get access to them files....

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Really impressed with the new camera featuring and also with the equalizer...!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

Really impressed with the new camera featuring and also with the equalizer...!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

I was talking g to a programmer yesterday and he said that now that adobe air is gone on 10.3 that you will see about a 15percent battery increase and a lot smoother....i guess adobe ar was taking up a lot of memory.

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Makes sense since adobe is one of the worst and over bloated pieces of garbage software out there. Not to mention the endless security holes that it has.

Would loveeeee to know to bring the quick setting down with one hand on my z30. Oh right. Move the settings swipe down to the overflow menu and make the quick settings one finger swipe.

There's going to be a leak?! I don't care if it does not have radio! I have to try this!

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The present icons r much better, than the ones they implemented now. And will dey keep the hub dark themed or light,i really wish to see dat as an option in 10.3. They should also allow us to color code our hub messages. Live gallery and a 30 second video glance for news media and social media should also be implemented.
Bbm should have animated surprises dat appear on the screen to give it a live conversation feeling.


Glad the action bars are black with white text. I didn't like the preview colours Michael was showing.

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Look at the comments up top. Every one has seen it by now. I hope the vid gets taken down or that portion edited out.

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I wonder. Is only me that dont like when opening an app see it first in task manager and then full screen? I would like when i press app icon open full screen at once.

Overall, I think the OS seems to be more responsive, especially the context menus (e.g. in the music app). However, this blue action button still looks distracting and, contrary to what someone responded to me a few days ago, it does overlay some of the text. I hope that this is something I can turn off. Regardless, can’t wait to hear more about this release!

Anyone else notice how he was having problems closing the active frames sometimes. To press that little dam x

Commonly happens to me as well and I don't have large hands. Wish we had another gesture to close them.

Zwiped from my Zed

Perhaps it would be handy to close active frames by dragging off screen or drag and drop to a trash can icon.

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Omg equalizer. Thank the gods! I cried on the old beta zone forums about getting an equalizer back before 10.2.1 so to me, this is HUGE!!! THANK YOU BB10 DEV TEAM!!

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Cool OS... I love BlackBerry... hope this will help the firm ;) Hope the Update + new devices will bring the golden times back

I don’t think he showed anything that we didn’t know already. It seems likely to me that BlackBerry implemented or activated the new features carefully, to prevent leaks from exposing them.

Exciting stuff.

I'd like to see different color themes, like shades of grey, and colors to match upcoming BlackBerry body color customization
(hint-hint BlackBerry)

Great, now thanks to that dick picture I can't think about 10.3 without feeling disgusted.

Nice :)

One thing I don't love it on it ..

2hen u open gallery the photos are

not in group's we want group's like

-Whatsapp photos

-camera photos

And like this !!

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Hmmm... First the photo, on the main page, shows that the leak ( is running on a Z30; second, though the version is listed as, I seem to have a different icon for Remember on my Z10! How does that happen? Does this mean that a different version is out in the wild? Bla1ze, care to comment?

For God sakes make the video in Fucking English!!!! SHIT it's a Fucking universal language, so other can understand you Jackasses


Math relies on understanding of characters that represent numerical values. Typically English numerals are used. So.. yeah. There is no universal language.

That aside... bb10 is going to get awesomer! I'm so proud to rock a 

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Seems like 10.3 has the same old problem. It often takes you 2-3 approaches to close an app, because the closing "x" is too small