BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available

By Bla1ze on 21 Aug 2014 02:05 pm EDT

If you fancy living on the edge and don't mind running some autoloaders on your device, you can get a pretty recent build of BlackBerry OS 10.3 loaded up right now. It's not official in any way, so the usual 'leak' disclaimer is in effect. You mess your device up, it's entirely on you for doing so.

With that said, there's no PIN watermarks here and it's a full OS, so if you're into that sort of thing, grab your USB cable and head on into the forums for the downloads. Not all autoloaders have been posted yet but like always, CrackBerry Forums members are working on it.

Changes? Well, most folks are still going through the OS at this point but BlackBerry Blend makes an appearance but it's still not fully working, BlackBerry Assistant is in full working order and the Amazon Appstore comes pre-loaded (Still Android) on this one so there's that. No doubt there's plenty more that hasn't been spotted as of yet as well, so keep your eyes on the forums.

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BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available



That's shocking why not make it native even better drop all amazon apps into app world!

Such a better solution

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But aren't BlackBerry selling amazon music and video via app World.... where's the loss?

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No, they are doing no such thing.

There's no agreement with Amazon for music or video, and in fact BB has just signed a new agreement with 7Digital to have them sell music in BB World again.

What's going on with Rovi? It wasn't the greatest when it came to buying videos, but at least it was an option. I miss not being able to download videos on my BlackBerry.

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So basically you say BlackBerry should ask Amazon to build a native store app (or worse, build an own one), because it runs better than an android app, in order to sell there Android apps that are 'not good enough' compared to native apps... ???

There's a lil' bit of contradiction here... don't you think??? It's basically implicitly admitting that they sell crap...

Ferrari ZetaTrenta STA100-2 Versione

I didn't understand that either and brought it up earlier. Dichotomy.

Either Android compatibility is there, working and usable, or it's not. That goes for the App store as well as the apps themselves...

(Let me have a swim, but don't make me wet... as a showcase to demonstrate BB10 native superiority, yeah, the App store could be re-coded, but the consumers don't care, do they... ? )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Giving you a chance to run most android apps doesn't mean it will run all apps.

It is well written on the text every time you try to install an android app.

Personally i want to run even 90% of android apps than none of them.

I can't see it being a port on the final official 10.3 release....That being said, you never know, if anyone were to do something stupid like that it would be BlackBerry....

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see Bla1ze's response below...

what indication or hint have we had that it's going to change?

The Amazon app store is an Android app- not just for BB10 devices, but for other Android devices as well. I don't see why Amazon would go through the trouble of building a native version of their app store for BB10 when it's purpose is to allow users to download Android apps.

Additionally, BlackBerry is educating it's developers on how to build Android apps. So again, why would Amazon code to BB10 when nearly no one else will?

BlackBerry will pre-install the existing Amazon app store on devices going forward to help to close the app gap. I'm not sure why there's an expectation that Amazon would be doing more than what's been announced.

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*****************************WARNING DO NOT LOAD THIS OS IF YOU ARE ON A BES - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RE-CONNECT***************************************** Not sure why this is not part of main post.

Why would anyone load a leaked OS on a BES device unless they knew it would work from other people's experiences?

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I've been running leaks on BES devices for a decade. Never had an issue re-connecting. Not once. That's why - thanks for asking.

I don't mean that destructive load will disconnect you. I don't mean disconnect, I mean re-connecting throws an SCEP profile invalid error. IE when BES password is reset you will still be unable to connect to enterprise server.

Thanks. This wasn't obvious to me. I'm on the company BES but was tempted to load the leak. Of course, I won't do that now. Glad I read this and thanks for the heads up.

I just finished updating able 15 minutes ago, so my phone hasn't settled down yet. So far my Android apps are running slower than before, but I'm pretty sure it is because I haven't restarted my phone yet. I'm also having keyboard issues.

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Is it the real amazon app store, or basically what we can get already?

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I'm not sure what the big deal is either. I appreciate apps that work well on my BlackBerry. I don't care if they are ports or made for BlackBerry specifically. If it works fine, why the fuss?

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Selective app permission is one thing. For a lot it's rather big...

Another is fluid response and coherent interface / behavior across OS and app UI. Not always a given, Android apps sometimes have a weird UI. I didn't know where or what to tap...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

We still have the option to select the permissions that we wish to allow for Android apps. And the option to not install Android apps at all.
There are still some people that don't install apps, period. The choice is always there and, as far as I see, having the Amazon store just provides more choice which is a good thing.
I will still likely choose to use Snap more often because it is super slick but let's just hope that the new runtime improves how some of the apps run and just let BlackBerry and Android be friends.

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Its amazing that BlackBerry can't get native big named apps. If people wanted Android apps they would buy an Android phone. BlackBerry is the only OS that doesn't have their own big name apps.

Not just BlackBerry. Windows Phone and, even Amazon is missing apps. Realistically any app store that is not Apple App store or Google Play lack some or all big name apps.

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Actually I have seen more than a few big apps with the tag "On the App Sore, Google Play and Windows Store".
Felt quite abandoned.

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

??? What we can already get IS the real Amazon app store. Come on, people!!

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Just download the Amazon store apk and install it. Easy. I've walked lots of folks through it on their work device. Google amazon apk and do it.

Anyone who has an issue with BlackBerry driving people towards Amazon and Android apps take it up with BlackBerry and their developer relations / evangelist teams. Maybe ask them to do their job? When they are not busy dicking around with Porsche and F1 and... whatever.

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You wanna know why I chose BB10 over Windows Phone? It was because of Android app support. I know that I can get any app I want. It may not work 100%, but it is better than not having the app at all.

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Someone test it asap on a Z10 and Z30 and report back! I want to know if I can use it as a daily driver.

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Start the school week with a fresh looking new os.... I'm down!!! Definitely will wait until all the issues are reported tho

OS | Z10

Humm, it includes BB Assistant.
With Siri's evil sister on-board?
I hope 'she' is a good sister and really knows what we mean.

Works very good. Sets alarms, scheduling etc great. A little slower than siri and does not have a personality.

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LOL, no personality!
Some have objected to Siri giving smart 'A' answers when 'she' does not have an answer.

"Slower" speed might be related to network considerations rather than app properties.

Oooohhh. 1052 :) Very curious to see how this bad boy performs!

As for the Amazon store not being native: who cares? As long as it runs fast.

Also... it's an APP TO DOWNLOAD ANDROID APPS! Lol :)

It's seems a tad silly demand that an app that does nothing but download Android apps not be an Android app itself. If you're that against Android, then why would you even use it in the first place?

I mean, if the only thing stopping you from downloading Android apps from Amazon is the fact that the Amazon app isn't native then... that would be... interesting.

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Inherent problems:
> All Android apps do not work on ALL smart phones that use Android.
> Many apps, like those through 'Snap', require the Google Play Service which BB's do not have.

Hopefully as more people have BB's, and specifically OS10, the dev's will make BB native apps.
Presently there is a slim BB10 audience.

Still new to the BB game... So an autoloader is the equivalent to the beta or alpha version? If I were to load this on my Z30 STA-100-5 would everything work?

Blackberry and Android fan on T-Mobile

I can help all u need do is remove ur device battery for an hour minimum after which u insert it and immediately hold down d power button for at least 30sec then plug to charge hope this helps if yes add me on 2BA8C798

Yes!!! Let's go for it!!!

Downloading now from Mega and coming soon to my Z30!!!

Post from my BlackBerry Z30 smartphone.

Also I'm guessing this means 10.3 is around the corner... Maybe next month or Oct?

Blackberry and Android fan on T-Mobile

Remember only the Passport will Get 10.3 all other devices will be getting fall when the classic is released most likely

Had homework to do when I get off work. But I guess my priorities won't be aligned right because this is the first thing I'm doing when I get home!!! Lol

BlackBerry 4Life

Just loaded, but wow what a huge improvement (visually) over 10.2.x After a few moments of playing with the OS I couldnt help but feel like 10.3 should have really been 10.0.

I was just thinking this morning how much I miss the OS leaks and bam! Downloading it tonight when I get home from work.

I've got Amazon and Snap. Really debating auto loading when the OS will probably come down mid September...

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Already blew through my home Internet quota for the month. Will have to wait unfortunately. Or I could use mobile data to download...

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

That background in 10.3 is the same background I have on my phone. Ripoff!

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

One thing I dint like , we r getting late years stuff, flat ui design was introduced long back. But we get it now :s

Ah well, better late than never...

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Wow, I'm blown away by some of the questions. Some people should NOT even be thinking about installing this leak. These are the same people that will turn around and blame BlackBerry for all their problems in life!

Posted via the best phone on the market, the Z(ed)30!


SOME people should not even be thinking about posting in public! Reading comprehension test should be required.

I forgot to ask . . . where can I get the ringtones from my 1996 Nokia flip phone? (as long as we're asking for random help here)

How about simple features like
- ability to personalise phone number type in contacts
- remove cache of past email ids
- not letting you text to a landline or fax...

Not text to a landline sounds like an anti -feature. My phone company treats a text message as a voice mail, and reads it to me. Plus, blocking that behaviour is probably impossible with plain SMS.

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Again, not official and not complete version. Load at your own risk, then when loaded, these ppl will start complaining whats missing, what's not working, why this?! Why that?!.. then they WILL start telling theirs friends, and friends or their friends. Saying "oh! 10.3 version sucks " Blackberry are really a goner. By the time the New Complete Official release of this version. It already had many, many negatives surrounds it. When the fact, it's not even TRUE. Ignorant ppl, ugh!

Wait for the official release.! If you can't wait, then load at your own RISK. Once loaded, STOP whining. Remember ITS NOT COMPLETE!!!

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

I'm going to enjoy the fruits of snap and what it has to offer first since I FINALLY put it on my z10 last night. has been an enjoyable ride save for the phone call without contact name every now and then. I'll wait a little for 10.3, but I agree with prior poster don't get mad if you're an early adopter and you see bugs!

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Amazon is too busy strong arming their suppliers to care about coding a native BlackBerry 10 app store.

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Love the 10.3 so many new and great improvements. Can only dream what's to come in 10.4,5,6 QNX is limitless

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Hello! I've got a BBZ10 STL100-3 on Telus. I download (STL2/3 OS Mega) and run the autoloader with my phone connected and that's it? Am I downloading the right autoloader, and/or is there another step? Thank you so much! I've been waiting for 10.3 for a long time and if someone could help, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance! :)

You have got the right autoloader! just make sure you follow the on screen instructions, and leave it to finish.

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Thank you for replying! I really appreciate, it's about 20 minutes away from finishing. :) that's all I need to download and run? The other 'radio' 'verizon' stuff has me confused. :s

If you did a backup on link. Then yes. Connect your device to computer. Open Link. Let it connect. Then click on your device on left. Click the backup/restore link. Then click restore. You have to choose the version of backup files. Choose most recent. Viola. Crack open beer. Sit back and be patient.

 Swiped off my Z10 

Everything works well...except I can't connect to Link with USB, I can connect via wifi but that doesn't allow me restore from back up.
I keep getting "Updating Blackberry Blend" message but there is nothing there to update. Would really appreciate any help here.

If nothing happens just go to My Computer and click on the blackberry logo there and try to install if it says cant install or retry click on install drivers only after the drivers have been installed try unplugging and plugging your USB back to the computer and it should work.

I connect phone to computer and now it acts like it doesn't find my phone, my phone wants to download blend but it fails to install

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This new 10.3 OS just made my fall in love with my Z10 all over again. I can't put it down.

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10STL100-1/

Please can I get the link you used? Would really like to do this? I think it's high time I change this Z10 STL100-1/ to the . Thanks in advance.

Z10 STL100-1

installed 10.3 to z30 but i cant restore it, every time i plug it in it keeps saying something about blend and wont let me restore it using blackberry link . how to fix that ?

Hit install blend, it won't dow load blend but wi give you the option of updating link

Gives you back a working copy of link

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Hole shit first time using 10.3 and I'm loving it so far, thank you for the share.

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Running like a champ so far, restored all apps from10.2.1 via Link and all of them run way smoother and eliminated quite a few crashes in them. New daily driver ftw!

The Z10

I'm using a z30 unlocked can I still use the verizon one??? The non Verizon links aren't working.

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I think I will use snap too.
There are more apps and regulary app updates.
Amazon has outdated apps and on both stores there are apps that don't run on bb10.
Why using outdated :)

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

I downloaded a 1.68 GB rar leak file. The upgraded O/S is just fantastic; clean, fast, and very smart looking.

I ditched my iPhone 5s for the Z30. The phone and BlackBerry 10 is just fantastic.

Thank you, BlackBerry. :)

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COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, I've just upgraded to 10.3 on my z10 and did everything I backed up all my media and contacts but now I try to restore it and the same message appears "Restore did not complete please verify device is turned on and connected to blackberry link and try again" wtf? its on and connected to bb link for sure..any suggestions on what i could do? ;(

Try closing bb link and make sure you don't just go hitting the x, make sure its closed using the task manager. Then reset the phone and try again

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Just installed it on my Z30 and love the look and feel of it. A few little glitches here are there, but nothing major yet.

Many android apps are not running on bb10. Of course many are running, but many not and I don't believe, that every app from the Amazon store will run.
You cannot preload the store as a part of the os, when it's just a slot machine game with app installing...

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

please help me, I use z10 STL-1 10.3 installed, everything was OK, but when you're tied to PC phone tells me it did not recognize the phone .... I can not restore mycontacts. Could the problem be that I do not have installed Blacberry Blend?

For those of you that can NOT connect to LINK and your phone is not detected to restore their backup, here is the FIX: dismiss the Blend message. That's not working for now. In you blackberry, click System Settings >Storage and Access > set the USB connection to connect to Windows. Voilà...enjoy :)

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This is how blackberry should look like!!

Omg I love this leak, its sooooo sooo responsive, very fast, even when u jump from 1 app to other, its freaking fast, unplugged it from charger like half an hour ago and the batter still 100%! Been running it for a day, I hope it stays like this

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I downloaded this OS at 1am today & have been playing about with it this morning & i am enjoying it The only issue I have is that when you unlock the phone it goes straight to a home screen & I have to swipe to the right to get to my apps ...Is anyone else finding this annoying

Z10 owner

Yeah It all works fine so far I have had a phone call & I have used the Voice Assistant to send a text I done a full back up of my phone & installed this OS & then re added my own stuff all seems to be ok

If you go into settings/Display, at the top, turn off Show Wallpaper When All Apps Are Closed. This will remove that home screen when you close all apps.

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FIX for restoring backup and contacts: For those of you that can NOT connect to LINK and your phone is not detected to restore their backup, here is the FIX: dismiss the Blend message. That's not working for now. In you blackberry, click System Settings >Storage and Access > set the USB connection to connect to Windows. Voilà...enjoy :)

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Who cares about amazon app store app is native or not. The apps from amazon is still Android!

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Good day crackberry readers, I have a Z10 and a Q10, but as I am more in love with my Q10, I would like to install this auto loader on it. My question would be is this for all Blackberry 10 devices or are there specific models? Thank you for the help

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Had some problems getting my old settings and apps restored via BBlink but it was a fast download via bbworld/amazon... I'm loving everything about this OS! Thanks so much for the release, so much to play around with

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Anyone else using a T-Mobile USA BlackBerry Z10 having a issue when pulling the battery or restarting the phone that the phone erases everything and you have to input all your emails and etc again?

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I loaded this leak on my Q10 and just did a battery pull, which I usually do for the first day or two of a new leak. Much to my surprise, the phone came back as if it had just been loaded. The device name had reverted, bluetooth had turned off and forgotten what it had learned, the hotspot was no longer set up, and all my accounts were missing.

Got on here and found your post....and yes, I am on T-Mobile too.

I love this OS but am going to have to restore my backup to version 10.2 if this can't be resolved. I assume you haven't found a solution yet?

I think I will restore it back to t-mobile latest update. Loving 10.3 but not the fact I have to re-setup my phone if I pull the battery for a fresh battery. Other than that I have no issue with this Autoloader version. It even runs the android apps I use faster

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Say what? On this version, every time you pull the battery, you have to re-setup your phone?

On my T-Mobile branded phone you do. My phone is funny. It loads up with a blue light instead of a red one. I don't know if this is commonplace or not but doesn't effect the phones ability to work

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Works like a charm on my Rogers Z10, odd thing I noticed although it might be my PC, but Link wouldn't recognize my device was connected when plugged into a USB 3.0 port I had to plug my phone into one of my 2.0 ports to reload my backup.

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BlackBerry Link has to be upgraded. Go to BlackBerry site and down load the latest version to restore your backup after upgrading the OS.

I download a 1.67 GB RAR file. I didn't trust the Verizon autoloader.

After upgrading I was very impressed. The upgrade works flawlessly. And, it is really fast. Really fast!!! BlackBerry Assistant works amazing.

I am quite impressed with BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Z30

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Sorry I'm late to the party, but this is the best news this month!
I hope I can carve out some time this weekend and get things rolling!