BlackBerry OS 10.3 will give you the option to Delete Original Text when replying to e-mails

BlackBerry OS 10.3 will give you the option to Delete Original Text when replying to E-mails
By DJ Reyes on 7 May 2014 11:50 am EDT

Here is sneak peek number two for today. The theme seems to be E-mail today. It looks like BlackBerry are adding some nice new features. It looks as though we'll be seeing more E-mail features we enjoyed on BlackBerry OS. We finally got the option to 'Delete from Handheld Only' when BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 was released. And slowly but sure we shall see other favorites come about.

Coming in BlackBerry OS 10.3 is the 'Delete Original Text' of an E-mail option when replying to one. It wasn't a feature I made use of on BlackBerry OS but there are many out of you who did. And so, you shall be able to once OS 10.3 is upon us.

I don't know about you but every time I see a new screenshot pop up on Michael Clewley's BBM Channel (C00014277), I get all giddy. Can't wait!



How does he get these leaks? I thought there weren't supposed to be any more leaks!

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Tater Tots

If I'm not mistaken, he's the BlackBerry product manager

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Halifax Guy

These are "teasers" not leaks.

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This is a smarter approach, this way they appear like they are in control of the flow of information.

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Well not really. Leaking the whole OS might help find bugs like the one for delete on handheld, which still isn't fixed.

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And make your competitors know what your working on, so they can just say they they already have it when it is officially released.

We all say that BlackBerry needs better marketing, well it starts by having an effect of surprise when something is coming out.

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Nah keep leaking , Blackberry is number one in email so more leaks the better


I'm with you on this. The element of surprise is an advantage in many ways.

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As if these gigantic companies can't afford a few moles to find these things out huh? BlackBerry's problem is they often take way too long to execute market arrival. Things get leaked months on top of months before it is in consumers hands.

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To build hype you need something to talk about.


This IS marketing.

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I also agree with that^^.

Cheers. :)


Yeah, he works for BlackBerry. This is straight from them and should be taken as official! :)

And from his words, these screenshots are only the small added features, not the big ones. Can't wait to see more.

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10.3 was leaked in the forum a month ago, anyone can play with it themselves.

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DJ Reyes

Michael Clewley is Director of Handheld Software Product Management at BlackBerry. He is running a beta version of 10.3 SDK and these are controlled sneak peeks into the OS. No leaks here.

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Thank you...geez!

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Astro Boyzone

Thanks for the info..

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Not something I used alot on legacy devices but I have found it useful now and again so its a nice extra for me.


Yes, I thought John Chen Would deal with, or even fire people for leaking anything at all now?

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Michael Clewey works for BlackBerry and is a manager of some department I can't remember. Surely, BlackBerry knows he's giving details of 10.3.

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He is Director, Handheld Software Product Management (source LinkedIn)


He's only showing what's in 10.3 SDK.


These are not leaks, it is BlackBerry marketing.

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Wait. Blackberry -Marketing-? Didn't think I'd hear that phrase in my lifetime. Promising.

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Gord Cluthe

This comment made me chuckle ..


It's weird, this is probably more effective marketing than the superbowl ad, minus the costs.

Lubabalo Mapipa

Great staff! Great staff

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The question is... why don't they give 10.3 a cool name?

Apple names Mac OS's after animals.

Google names Android OS's after desserts.

What should BlackBerry name their OS's after?

Maybe nature / the elements / forces of nature? Like 10.0 could have been "Fire", 10.2 "Earth", 10.3 "Aurora", etc...

Just some ideas...

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The default background they could use for BlackBerry Aurora could be the Aurora Borealis over a forest, for example.

Could be cool.

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Deleting previous text will be VERY useful!

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AWESOME!!! I miss that feature and would use it extensively.


Didn't use this feature before but it's good to see other popular features from BlackBerry OS coming back.

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Anybody got a release date and most importantly will it be carrier or BlackBerry that push the update....... hope this control returns. To BlackBerry

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If you're in the US, expect to see 10.3 in late 2016...

The rest of the world will be on BlackBerry 11.3 at that point though :/

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Cool feature

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Guus, so I know there's no release dates and official anything on that,
But anyone with the slightest idea aoirnd when we can see this update popping up on our phones?

Zeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^


June 30th 2014.
No source.
You will have to take my word for it.

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I think you meant June 30, 2015.

Wait, ATT might be Dec 30, 2015.

Maybe I'm still gonna remember some of these tips by then lol

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We all hope for this release date etc but I think some time in the past the roadmap showed Gold SDK for 10.3 should be close to the end of May.

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I guess they have embraced this as a marketing strategy to the existing user base. Knowing full well that leaks are just too difficult to contain 100%. Mr. Snowden would be proud of the leak lol

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Jim Wolfson

If this feature existed in old BBOS, it makes you wonder what they were doing all those years with OS10 that they didn't bother porting existing features into it. Even the "delete on phone only" option took forever to implement, and that's an obvious necessity.

And yes, this is useful; I'd use it on a regular basis.


Yeah, a few of us were wondering the same. There are/were a number of BB OS7 that were handy and needed to make the cut over to BB10. I am glad some have been slowly re-implemented, including this one. Yay!


Good news. I used this a lot in the BB OS days.


This build up is for a very soon release, to coincide with Z3 deliveries for sure.

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Are they going to have some native apps that do not turn my phone into a heater unlike the crappy android ports as well ?


I wish they could give us the option to use bold letter in automatic signature for creating emails and also the signature not to appear in the replying of emails

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Turning off or changing your signature is quite simple on BB10. Check this link out when you get a chance.

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Delete original email, I don't have to copy and delete...greattt

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I can't believe it!!! We were just talking on another thread about missing this option and hoping that maybe 10.3 would have it...and voila! There it is! Yay!

Now I'm getting the giddies, DJ Reyes!

Thank you for the post!


is this feature on other platforms


Is it me or is every article here about Mr. Clewley's info commented with at least one "BB isn't supposed to leak anything!" post? I don't see where Clewley ever said he was leaking anything and in fact has said that he's keeping the major stuff secret. These's aren't leaks. These are appetizers.

Nifty Foods! C003262E5


Some people either don't read good. ;) or they don't understand the difference. Then there's the people who just like to complain and/or cry about things imaginary or not just because it's BlackBerry.

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We need old caller screen not this new one this show we have android phone but old up down slider looks awesome shows we have blackberry phone.


No, we all don't think like you.


The other one did look better I agree, however after using the 'new' one I find it much more efficient and easier to use. I could use the original bb10 call screen without an issue after a week or so but I know a lot of people who hated it.

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Ogbu Onuoha1

To be given the option to pick the call screen would be ideal but if You ask me the old call screen won hands down, it was soo original

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Delete from handheld only option works only when deleting an individual email not multiples. That makes no sense.

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Stop the burlesque show and just give us the goods! What a tease!


Love your avatar. The angry BlackBerry user!

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Yes!!!!! :D

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Sounds great feature!!!!



I'd use that feature for sure!

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My only thing I would like to see in regards to the email section , is that when composing an email, the auto suggest only would suggest emails that are either in your contact list, or emails that you have actually replied to at one time. Right now, every email received, junk mail included, shows up in the auto suggest list, and this can be hundreds of useless suggestions after awhile.


I know we can Search by Sender, but I would like to see an additional option to select all the messages (by page or the search response), so they can be deleted at once. Or then allow you to deselect desired messages so they are not deleted.

I find this ability useful on our organization, when a series of alerts or erroneous messages are received.

There use to be an option on the OS7 platform to Delete Prior, but i have not seen that yet....

If anyone has some guidance to offer, it is much appreciated.

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Gord Cluthe

Haven't seen anything as robust as what was in BBOS either - but I agree this would be AWESOME to have :)


The closest we have at the moment is press and hold an email, hit select more, then you can select all the emails you want to delete and hit the trash can to delete them all in one go.

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That feature is already there. Just press and hold on any date in the hub and then the option of delete prior will appear.


Can I store email addresses as objects (like Mac OS) so they could be dragged & dropped ?


I like this feature. So many times I just want to reply and not include the old information. So excited

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Most awaited feature. Very useful when you need only last conversation instead of the whole thread in the context.

It's wonderful when people designing the core apps understand what the masses want.

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This is awesome!!!

"Battery Monitor v2.0"... headless, graphs, alerts, csv export!!!


Loving this more and more :) hopefully it's out sooner than expected :)

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Well I am looking forward for this Auto On/Off feature on the BB 10.3 OS. This would be a great addition.



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OMG thank you! I >HATE< trying to delete the original text manually.

Now I can't wait for 10.3 even if the camera icon looks like a cartoon image.

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Again we are in May... it's miles away...

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Does anyone know the official release date for 10.3?

Z10 Vodafone Ireland


This is a clever form of combatting leaking. Keeping people interested and excited about the product while not actually leaking anything. I am placated and although I'm looking forward to the changes, I'm not necessarily compelled to search for leaks.

Nathan Hesketh

Just send us an OS update already! Even with the nicer icons or something. I'm getting diabetic just waiting.

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RP Singh

I feel like this is spinning a "woops we missed this during the build, knowing our userbase already liked it" into a "hey how exciting that you'll be able to do this now".

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Kapil Kaul

I can already do that by selecting the original text and deleting..

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And now you won't have to do that.

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I'm in USA w/ATT. I'm guessing I get this update in early 2016. Took forever to get 10.2

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You're optimistic, dawg

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Loving the sneak peeks! But BlackBerry needs to get out advertising to the masses! I live in Halifax Nova Scotia, and every where I go it is nothing but signs for Samsung or Apple, even in the retail outlets the only phone you see is the Z10, no one even knows what a Z30 is because they've never heard of it!

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canadian nick

Nice. I'm very excited about 10.3. I felt 10.2.1 was needed to show off what BlackBerry 10 can do and 10.3 is icing on the cake

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Ahmed Hanif

Can't you just click on reply if you don't want the original text?

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Dave Hong

Can't wait can't wait can't wait :)


So long overdue!!

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Crackberry sure does like posting an article for every improvement. Why not combine them into one article? Is this to get more hits

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I'm assuming that they're reporting them as they come in? I haven't checked out the BBM channel myself to see but I'd say that's a safe bet. Also getting more hits isn't a bad thing not to mention the discussions on each article are more or less narrowed down to each feature. Makes for easier reading and replying.

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Where is the '10' in BlackBerry 10?

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In 10.2.1 you can select text and delete oryginal text from email but in one swich is a easier.


I won't use this feature, but I am still absolutely loving the fact that I can select and delete sections of an original message when replying to or forwarding an email - such a great feature upgrade over the old BBOS, thank you BlackBerry!

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I'd like to know how these new features stack up with the competition. It would be nice to know...

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Link doesn't work!

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Copy paste into browser works!

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That is a great article!

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When is 10.3 due to be released ?

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I'm missing a "reply inline" option in the action menu...


Why is the overflow menu in black? It should be gray also, yay?

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Individually, these little features are nice goodies.

But collectively, they show that BlackBerry is really pushing to develop this platform into a true "power user" tool.


Like ^

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Astro Boyzone

BlackBerry is learning to do marketing... these sneak peeks should pop up on gsmarena..

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This site still exists? Why?


Clewley needs to learn how to spell or have someone proof read his posts. Not good PR for BlackBerry.

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George Petridis13

I was terribly annoyed to see that guyz but as it seems BB sales have droped a lot from Q4 of 2013 to Q1 of 2014 as it seems in this research : Why people are so blind that they cant see how amazing bb10 is ...


Incredible feature in the next generation OS!


Want a landscape clock on locked screen (without enabling bedside mode)

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Nice addition.

Please allow us to change the font colour to black in the replies.



A feature I would like to see in the hub would be to select various items by multi-touch. For example, you have four items in the hub. You want to delete items 1, 2, and 4 but keep 3. You touch items one and four. The phone recognizes that you're touching in two spots at a time and highlights all the items in between the touch points and automatically opens the side menu. You tap on item 3 to deselect it (, then tap on the the trash icon. Voilà.

That's a feature I miss from when I rocked my Storm and Storm II. It would save time in comparison to the current system of having to press and hold, tap multi select, tap all the individual messages, and then tap trash. My two cents.

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When can we expect this 10.3.x. on AT&T in USA? 2016 or 2017?

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I know what you mean, can wait for this new toy!

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Gerald McQuinn

Really like the direction BlackBerry is heading... Would love to see animated wallpapers on this one (10.3)... Just a thought...

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Enrique RG

I was missing that feature so useful!
I am anxiously waiting for 10.3 :))

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Lee Clark

So when is 10.3 supposed to be available?

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Tim Querengesser

Call it something other than 10.X. Relaunch. Bring back lost BlackBerry functions and leave bb10 behind, at least in name.

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Yes! At least!

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Bacon Munchers

What I would like to see is the removal of email signature upon replying to my original email.

This is one of the gold features missing.


Now your talking! That is clever!

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Can't wait omg...

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I'd prefer the "report as spam" feature from our legacy devices.

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Instead of deleting original text outright, how about an intelligent feature for quoting parts of the original text? I hate that top-quoting is our only option.


YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! FInally!


Would be nice to delete portions of the email for forwarding too

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We need the ability to email notes from "BlackBerry Remember ". I don't know why it is not an available option.

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Yeay! That’s awesome

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Any quick lock options for 10.3. The long press of the power button doesn't cut it.

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What a feature in 2014 from a company which feels strong in messaging.

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I can't wait for this. Everytime I get attachments I can't seem to delete them when I reply and if the file is heavy my email won't send too fast. Not very great 3g network here.

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Muhammad Kemp

Does anyone know the official release date for BlackBerry software 10.3?

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About time for the option....i've been wanting this year's ago! Never understood why this wasn't available.

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But will it have auto bcc??