BlackBerry OS 10.3 will give you the ability to rearrange the Settings menu

BlackBerry OS 10.3 will give you the ability to rearrange the Settings menu
By DJ Reyes on 9 May 2014 09:25 am EDT

It's Friday and it's day 5 of Michael Clewley's BlackBerry OS 10.3 sneak peeks. There have been lots of goodies so far and those are only the small things. So, we're definitely looking forward to loading up the whole thing when it lands. Let's see what today brings in the world of BlackBerry OS 10.3 teasers.

This one is for those who like to customize things. The ability to rearrange the order of the System Settings menu. Allowing you to put the items you access frequently right where you want it. I am already used to the layout of the Settings menu and know how far I need to scroll to get to where I want but customization is always good. Just like you can re-order the items within the Hub. There is an option to restore them all back to default, if you wanted.

Happy to see this feature? What other tweaks would you like to see in the Settings Menu?

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BlackBerry OS 10.3 will give you the ability to rearrange the Settings menu


I actually find it quite useful. There are some settings you can’t access with the quick-access panel, which means that you still have to go through the entire list every time you want to change or view something. I use the security, about and BlackBerry Link menus quite often, so it would benefit me if I could put them at the top.

It’s also these little things that add some more flow to the OS. It’s a simple addition that could make the system more efficient for you. I hope they will implement more of these.

What I'd appreciate more is shortcuts in quick settings. All the top settings should be provided. I also want to be able to switch between 2G and 3G easily. So, a bit more thought into quick settings will help.

I use Docu Shortcut to create shortcuts to settings I use frequently, then I place them all in a Settings/Help folder on the Home page. You can set your own icons and title them as you wish.

I use DocuShortCut, too - but I find it a bit limited as you can only go down (the settings menu) so far.

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True. BB seems to be paranoid about allowing the user to customize their device OS experience. Too bad. I have over a thousand tweaks on my Windows PC and it works like a dream.

the "" file works on 10.2.1 and it allows you to do this already.
we've known this feature for a month now...

lol I didn't mean to offend anyone, I was just disappointed that I, the people who have the bar file, running or anyone who checks the beta OS/leak section already know about this feature. Everyone loves to hear something new :P

Why soo serious people jeezzz

Gotta love the give and take on the comments - makes me laugh - perfect for a Friday. As the old saying goes "take what you need and leave the rest" keep up the great work and don't forget to comment!

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Agreed not sure how useful this feature could be. Hope pinning active frames is something that will be included

I agree it's not a feature that's worth the work. I think we are all used to the layout and where everything is after two years so that was and is a waste of time and energy on Blackberry's part. Time would have been better spent getting BlackBerry Protect back up and running like before.

Z10 Post.....

Zee vs Zed: not this discussion again. It just depends where you are from, language wise.

OT: looking forward to 10.3. Lots of nice features. Some eye candy here and there.

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Zed vs Zee depends on whether your speak English or American English. The two are similar but not the same.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

Very true. Once got ripped on a forum for spelling centre like I just did lol after three posts I had to tell the guy I'm from Canada lol no line under centre for an incorrect spelling on my phone lol

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Sweet... Does the slider button now have a nipple?

More options isn't bad as long as it's tastefully done.

I just hope the OS runs smoother than the current and responds quicker to all gestures. It just feels less snappy when scrolling in menus and etc when compared to how snappy iPhone and Android motion movements are.

Coming from a S3, I find the current BlackBerry official OS smoother in swiping than my S3 ever was. So I'm not sure why your experience isn't as snappy.

Anyways I do hope that 10.3 will get even more smooth or snappy, so it will please everyone.

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Most people don't realize that when you fill up storage space on the device it will slowdown. So basically at 500mb left the device was slow make about 1gig of space available and the system seems to run back to normal.


What I meant was the rate at which the movement follows your finger input when scrolling up, down, left, or right.

Yup! I went from an S3 to a Q10 and recently to the Z or Zed 30 :)
I went Black and I ain't going back.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones!

I just moved from s3 to BlackBerry 10.2 and BlackBerry is way more smoother and snappy than Android..

Posted via CB10 on my love Z30 with BlackBerry 10.

First thing I'd do is put "About" at the top and "Airplane Mode" at the bottom.

With airplane mode being in the quick settings, I never need to get to it from main settings app

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I don't understand why there's a giant cancel button that pops up every time I want to put on airplane mode.

Just have it go to airplane mode. Just like when you take it off of airplane mode. It's annoying.

It seems that cosmetics taking priority over innovation.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Z10 Official 10.2.1

I'm pretty sure it has been stated that these are teases and the big changes are being withheld for now.

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I wouldn't call 'Meeting Mode' and the other mentioned updates to the calendar "cosmetic". They have real uses in the business world and I'm looking forward to 10.3 because of them.

Innovation is great, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't get the most out of the existing BB10 OS.

I agree that most of these leaks are cosmetic. Hopefully when it comes out it has a lot more to offer.

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"So I wanted to let you all know that my next few posts up to the release of the SDK will be focused on some of the new things you'll see in 10.3.

....but don't get too excited :) I'm not going to be talking about the crazy secrets just the little things that make our lives easier! " - Michael Clewley

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For example, edge swipe on the sides (left / right) has no function associated with it yet. Could make the OS even more useful.

On Ubuntu Phone OS left edge swipe brings out the quick sidebar app menu (fav apps), whereas right edge swipe let's you move through all the open app screens.

I am not suggesting to implement exactly these same ones, but I'm sure the boffins at BlackBerry could find something nifty.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I believe blackberry said by the end of the year, hopefully FY2014 that means October but if you are in the US probably in 2016....just kidding.

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App permissions should be a top-level menu entry of its own right, not "buried" under Security and Privacy. Just imho.

There should be a password-protected option to *selectively* clear learnt words. Some might reveal confidential info when typing while others are looking (word suggestions, auto-correct). Also you can't get rid of one-time used words or misspellings you accidentally confirmed or added to the dictionary without clearing everything.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Omg unless you all are incapable of comprehension, it's said that these are just teases...

Zee coolest flicking smartphone ever

What?!? You don't think being able to rearrange the order of a menu is more important than CONTACTS working properly? Sigh. I can see some exciting functions are coming, but we sure need some things fixed! When I spend so much time defending BlackBerry, it is humiliating to have CONTACTS show blank when I open it and have to wrestle with it in front of others. And it simply must sync accurately to Outlook without the cloud. Puhleeze fix it (said with a wracking sob as collapse to knees in desperate groveling posture)!

Or there is the option of waiting until we see what the BIG changes are before we start complaining.

Michael clearly stated he is only "teasing" the little things and the bigger secrets are being withheld for now.

What the bug changes are is anyone's guess, but it's hard to judge something before we know for sure what it is.

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There should be a "Local Contacts" section in the contacts app, not just "ALL", "SIM", BBM, the BB Link associated computers, etc.

No way to find out which contacts are actually managed locally, without having to go through all other sections and matching / subtracting from "ALL"

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I need this feature. Tired of scrolling past stuff I'm looking for. A feature I need though is to enable us set a "reply to" address in emails like bbos.

Posted via CB10 on my Z mfk'n 10!

Great that options are being added so that we can customise our devices to suit us, although I am so familiar with the current lists that I don't feel that I would want/need to rearrange them. Most frequently used setting are already in the quick settings but this is good for those that will use it.

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Feature request : I want the ability to set turn off/on the device at specific times of the I could with bbos. Also can we get back the ability to just hide a file like we could before.

Posted via CB10

So they will allow us to rearrange a "settings" menu but not allow us to hide app icons just like the previous OS....i don't get it...

Posted via Q10

I want phone ringtone & messages alert can control separately because sometime we need louder ringtone than message ringtone but don't want the messages tone alert off. Pls bring it back like OS7.

I do like this. Although like you, DJ Reyes, I am used to where the different options live, for me personally, they weren't in the best logical order. Maybe because of my caffeinated mind. So this will be really nice to have especially since not many OS's allow for such. Thanks for sharing!

Totally indifferent to that feature.
Current order makes sense (it didn't before 10.2.1 when it started with 'about device' info, which is now last)

With quick settings I rarely go into the general settings menus anyway.

Bring a 3-way toggle to quick settings bell icon pls! Normal/silent/vibrate

Bring back the Q vibrate toggle to the Q devices!

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More worried about cosmetics than fixing something that has been horrible since launch. I am with you on this.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Z10 Official 10.2.1

More native, built in contacts management tools, without having to rely on a third party app, which can be hit-and-miss.

I would pay a hundred bux extra for a new phone with those features, "a great native built in solution is worth a thousand apps" (adapted from another popular proverb).

Kinda expected contacts to be up to scratch when buying the Q10 when it hit in Australia, but no, not on BBOS7 level.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I know not SOO useful really but yes..
'The More.. The Merrier'
It's like letting you have YOUR phone the way YOU want..

Power to the User!!

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I would really like to see the customizations that the legacy devices have, as far as notifications are concerned. I was surprised that this wasn't available when I got my Z10 coming from 9650

Posted via CB10

So now that ATT just rolled out 10.2 I'll probably have to wait till Donald Trump grows hair for 10.3

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There needs to be a basic Blackberry Balance Feature. Not one that you need a BES license to have work. This would be a great feature for individuals as myself who are in sales. Nothing crazy just work mode and personal mode. That's all.

Can I have an option to rearrange items in the hub in an order which isn't chronological, something like the "I'm feeling lucky" button in Google?

Just kidding.
Options are good (as long as they are bug-free!)

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I don't really care about being able to customize settings, but if other areas also become drag n drop rearrangeable, I'll be thrilled! Specifically, if you have a music album which lists its tracks out of order for NO REASON, it would be sweet to be able to correct the order without creating a playlist... just a tap/drag/drop function would be awesome for when the title indexing won't function alphabetically for some reason :-p

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+1 I dislike when the tracks go alphabetical and you have to rename them on your computer with the number in front of the track i.e. 01. Very embarrassing when you know the next track, start singing it, and a completely different song comes on lol

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I don't really care about being able to customize settings, but if other areas also become drag n drop rearrangeable, I'll be thrilled! Specifically, if you have a music album which lists its tracks out of order for NO REASON, it would be sweet to be able to correct the order without creating a playlist... just a tap/drag/drop function would be awesome when the title indexing can't function alphabetically for some reason :-p

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To the poster who explained how to use the delete all messages feature , I thank you.

I wish someone would do another how to article about the hub. I am sure a lot of people don't know all of the little time-savers BlackBerry has put into this little gem.

Since the latest os editing has gotten much easier on my Q10. I still think the tool belt will make it better for us physical keyboard guys.

BlackBerry is really pulling all the stops out for the coming os. They may not be the phone maker for the masses but if they keep doing what the are doing they will be Crackberry to the business sector again. And that is a niche market that will be very profitable.

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I keep thinking it'd be nice to not have to turn my phone and wait for pictures to turn to fill the screen. Also option to use the vertical swipe to answer!

Posted via CB10

That feature seems pointless, I feel like blackberry is trying to do to much when it comes to customization and missing small things that most users love, fonts and themes like the old BB7 devices!

Posted via CB10

Love all these new updates, I'm OCD for being particular. But again, option to remove preview on picture menu and options to sort pictures by date when inside folder not just main menu. Customers don't want to see my "its friday lets drink" humour pics when I open my pictures menu to show a new product lol.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely agree. To me that's one of the weakest features of the OS. I think it is terrible to see all the thumbnails or the recently viewed ones when you open the Pictures and Music apps. Very amateurish!

Posted via Z10

It's nice to have the option as I obviously use some more than others so now I can put them on top!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Hello, all these changes are not enough for hardcore corporate users like, who has been using Berries since 6210 with a jog-dial, until they bring back basic features like Email Preferences-Send Read Receipts! Still clinging to my vintage Bold 9000, thanks to BB 10! BB10 is like a 20 year old model with a botched 'second rate boob job', and BBOS, well, Old is Gold; enough said!

Yeah, but you should know the gold glitters, even in the dark!
Why can't they just keep the original Email preferences from OS7 and add all that glamour of BB10. It makes no sense to 'exclude' all that nice little functionality that always worked for everyone.

I'm loving that BlackBerry is bringing back the deep user customizations many of us are accustomed to from the BBOS platform. Those Android and iOS folks are just platform sheep's. I like my phone to be "my phone"

I have lost quite a bit of productivity moving from BBOS to BB10 but not as much as when I moved to Jelly Bean or iOS.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Seemingly small, but significant. Even Android & iOS does not have this and I have always wanted to be able to access some items faster without having to scroll down.

Am surprised some guys feel this is trivial. Small nifty changes, is how it starts.

Posted via CB10

Ehh it's a nice feature, nothing that should be touted anywhere but a change list. Large front facing changes and large systematic changes should be the promoted stuff. Yes I know this is an info tease and little things etc are shown, I just look forward to the big changes, if any. The permanent home screen is big to me, but not that big of an overall deal if there is no change in task management to really utilize it more or differently etc.

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Cool... but...

What about rearranging and creating folders for bookmarks in the BlackBerry browser???

That definitely should have a higher priority than settings... what brings the fastest browser ever if such a trivial function like bookmark sorting and folders is not available...

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

Also agree with this. Since the playbook blackberry removed customizing the order for bookmarks. You should be able to customize them then lock them so it's not changed.

Posted via CB10

This is all very fancy, but what about reinstating the ability to create and customise the notifications like we could on OS7?

That's far more important!

Posted via CB10

I'm sure it does, but it was part of OS7. We've taken leaps and strides..........backwards!

Posted via CB10

The volume change betwen calls sms and notifications apps and black theme for Setting and BBM wold be soo cool afterall it suits BlackBerry

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Fun point. See glamrlama's comment above, I found this suggestion might be over the top (submenus, etc.). Wonder how far one could take it,

Settings of Settings of Settings....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I have been waiting for newer applications straight from BlackBerry. These little Enhancements are not yet enough, I mean rearranging settings. How does that help

Kind of a useless feature... why do i need to customize settings menus? BlackBerry, just arrange them in the order you deem most important and leave them... like you have since the beginning of time

Also, a feature where the phone used to turn off all radios at 5% battery life was an amazing feature... please bring that back

Posted via CB10

Please add the silent mode when holstered... Should not have to toggle on/off Silent mode to achieve the same results. When it sleeps in the holster so should the sound...

Thanks for the info... Really think it should be a software setting not an app install to fix the problem... It was in all devices prior to the 10 software...

I hear you but Hub++ does even more than just control notifications, it also acts as a message manager and allows you to set different alerts for different emails from within the same account.

It's spectacular.

Flicked from my Z30 (STA100-1)

BBRY buy out this app, and integrate into OS. Would make the phone worth a hundred bux more, imho.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Indeed. I wish they would bring back BBM custom LED's though. Loved hearing the tone and seeing a color for each contact. I know custom LED does it, but not on my Q. Unavailable :(

Posted via CB10

How about ensuring features we already have work like dark theme in contacts... doesn't work on my z10 since last os update

Posted via CB10

has anyone tried to guess when 10.3 is going to land? i.e. based on previous version upgrades, what's the time period between when the SDK is released and when the actual upgrade hits (not hits the US, but hits almost everywhere else)?

How about REALLY useful yet small features:
I would loooove to see the company name when a contact is calling me....right name I have to guess or try to remember 2000 contacts..

Posted via CB10

Good thing! About time, as there is no logic, that I can see, to the current order. Even basic alphabetical order would be better than how it currently is.

Come on 10.3!

This is all cosmetic! Where are the new features? When can I pin an app to the home page? BlackBerry are you listening?

Flicked from my Z30 (STA100-1)

These "News" posts are useless. Subscribe to Michael Clewley's channel and avoid cluttering the main page. The best way would be to just give a compiled list at the end. The quality posts here have been steadily in decline and it's obvious with these terrible fillers.

Posted via CB10

Crackberry posts about everything BlackBerry and this is BlackBerry.
I'm not sure why you're here if you don't care about new things at BlackBerry.

Cheers. :)

Posted via CB10

But there are at lot of short, rubbish comments on BBM, and not such a fruitful discussion as here on CB.

I'm glad this is getting re-blogged /posted on CB.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yeah it's a real help seeing as they moved the About section lower down with 10.2.1. I used that a lot.

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I welcome all the new features in 10.3 but one feature which im looking forward is built-in notification led editor.

Huh? Rearrange the settings menu but so far no option to restore icon backgrounds?

Priorities, BlackBerry, priorities...

The more goodies you can cram into an update, the better. Customization is always in demand so I like that it's part of OS 10.3.

Cheers. :)

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I would like to see the ability to create your own notification settings, like ring and vibrate for example.

Posted using the most awesome phone on the planet... BBZ30

Stupid, how about you get rid of the 10 second speaker hiss every time u unlock phone. that would be the smart thing to do, but you aren't smart.

Will someone let Clewley know that we need a dark theme throughout the OS?

Posted via the ultimate mobile compu... do I even need to mention it???

With all these teasers on 10.3... what's in 10.2.2 ? We've seen a number of releases out in the wild, but I haven't seen any posts on what was changed/fixed.

All the updates addressed up till now on the new OS 10.3 to come are simply awesome. I have read people saying it's not coming out officially till January 2015. So is it to unfair for Michael to share this and make us feel envy. Never mind the update that I am really looking forward to is on the Music App. I am expecting to use music functions on the lock screen. Same as on IOS 7. I guess it will be a cool feature that BlackBerry can use it for 10.3

Yup, that's one logical choice. The browser bookmarks should also be arranged alphabetically, rather than a moving target!

Posted via Z10

This has been a long time coming (was already hidden in 10.2) and should be enabled everywhere there is a list!

As long as it is accurate and reliable then it is welcome. Sometimes BlackBerry has the tendency to give you lots and only some of the features actually work properly. Since 10.2 however they definitely have made things sexier.

Posted via CB10

Open gates of BlackBerry and make it easy for every single person on this planet to use BlackBerry!!! Long live bb

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Ok, it's nice - but there are far more important things; complete revamp of Remember (the shown split tasks/notes can only be a start), contacts, hub improvements (reset to 'initial' state), easier app switching (w/o going to the active frame), "swipe to close an app" (or select apps which won't be minimised to an active frame), ...

Can we have built in led color options that would be awesome instead of the apps that have problems

Posted via cb10

I would like to have the cursor and edit number typed on the dial pad, instead of having to delete everything to correct a digit.

Posted via CB for Z10

I probably wouldn't have to have this feature, quick settings would be enough. But just more proof of how professional grade and advanced this OS can be. Apple has nothing close to this type of feature.

Posted via CB10

I agree this not an "OMG" before the quick settings was available I would have found it helpful. Not so much now.

What happened to the ability to scroll up to top of any page. Similar to the iPhone. The browser has this option by swiping down from the top but there is a need for consistent feature across the OS. Would be very useful to scroll to top of text messages as an example.

Posted via CB10

I like the built-in LED feature. BlackBerry started the light notification. Android has taken it over and done so much more with it. BlackBerry should have a build in feature to customize for emails, text, Bbm, etc

Posted via CB10

I know it won't work and all apps, but when possible I would like the option to install apps on the media card. Or install on the device but store data on the media card.

Posted via CB10

The thing about most 'smart' phones is: that they aren't all that smart!
A truly smart phone would automatically reorder my menus according to which ones I use most frequently ;) *sigh*

Posted via CB10's on the cusp of being "smart". If after a month with the phone it can predict your next word within 60%, and you just touch it, instead of typing it, what do you think it will be able to do after a year? And if it can do that, why can't they implement the technology to know that you work Monday to Friday at 7:30 and you read the cbc news app at 6:30 to see what's going on in the world, to have the app open at 6:30 from Monday to Friday, like an alarm. As wicked as that is, and as smart as the phone would be to do that, I still see us as fat people in floating robotic chairs like Wall-E in about 50 years lol

Posted via CB10

I don't find this feature particularly important since all of the settings that I need access to quickly I've added to the swipe down settings menu. But anyhow, I welcome the ability to further customize and improve the OS. Great job. Hoping that there will be bigger improvements and features yet to be unveiled.

I however don't like how the swipe down gesture does different things depending on what you have opened. It should always take you to the quick settings for consistency. I find that all of the other stuff that swiping down does can really go on the overflow menu (3 dots)

Unnecessary......they need to work on Contacts - that should Priority #1....the Contacts issue is a mess.

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