BlackBerry OS 10.3 new features, changes and additions roundup

By Bla1ze on 10 May 2014 02:44 pm EDT

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BlackBerry OS 10.3 new features, changes and additions roundup


There seems to be an underlying theme in all of these announcements... productivity!

Nice adds to an already decent OS.


A great keyboard that corrects spelling for one. Nothing more annoying to get messages from iPhone users that use i instead of I and have a ton of spelling mistakes. So unprofessional.
Moving on..... does anyone know if they will be updating the Android Runtime to 4.3 with this upcoming 10.3 update?

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

Let's start easy: adding multiple different types of files as attachment when creating, forwarding or replying to a mail

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The native mail app do not do it, however there are many of other IOS mail application provide you with that feature!
As i pointed before i agree that Apple native mailing app do miss that, and Blackberry handle it in a better way!

What about being able to file email messages in my folders that are synced with my email account. Apple can't do that either. You can go on all day about apps, but when it comes to productivity, Blackberry beats Apple.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

Come on mate, all my emails messages are filed in folders, what do you mean by apple ca not do that !!!
productivity = to do my work in short time with the support of needed tools/ apps and that what Blackberry is missing !

Well then my co-worker doesn't know how to use is iPhone because he has folders set up in his Hotmail account and when he recieves those messages on his iPhone, he said he has no option to put them in those folders. I've never really used an iPhone so I only had that to go by. I just find that when I ask an iPhone user to show me what their phone can do, I always get demonstrations of cool little apps that are neat, but don't really do much me. I'm not into games or music or editing video. I'm into getting shit done, and I do. With my BlackBerry. In fact, just last week I was in a hotel room with my BlackBerry hooked up to the TV using a wireless keyboard and mouse to edit an excel sheet that was sent to me. I'm pretty sure if I had an iPhone, I would have been screwed.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

Must have been docs to ho as Microsoft Office 2013 is not supported on blackberry. The only unsupported platform. Productivity -fail!

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Your position is that productivity means having to search through the 1,000,000 apps in the app store just to get email working properly? Interesting.

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Dude, you don't have to look through 1,000,000 Apps, all you need to do is to read at iMore and they will provide you with the best options :)

They're still extremely lacking. Having to upload your files to DropBox, etc, before attaching them to your mails, not having support for imap idle (since iOS doesn't support idling background tasks with a persistant connection), and so on. Mailing on iOS okay, but not great.

Can freely handle files and folders on the device the same way I do in the PC, can edit Word and Excel files with included applications, have micro HDMI interface, full bluetooth functionality, SD card reader, the best auto correction and suggestion keyboard (you should test it!), sweet and easy integration with my Exchange and Evernote accounts... I was an iPhone user, with my Z10 I feel free to do much more things, the iPhone is a really nice & easy to use device, but is like using handcuffs by its limitations and 3rd party apps dependence.

Jeez - this is like your Mom giving you hints about your Christmas presents in September..... :)

Half those are not really needed to, besides the ugly boxes being removed the rest are really ntn that's really needed

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Maybe those are things YOU don't need, but since they're working on it, you can bet that enough of their customer base want those changes.

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I agree, if I had to choose between them I would keep the boxes around the icons and choose the productivity features.

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Hi! I agree with you as well, i think Blackberry is losing its productivity feature ! plus the new theme concept is a copy for Apple, i believe now we know where is the innovation do come from !

You wouldn't say that if you attended the BlackBerry Experience. BlackBerry is working on 50 productivity apps as we speak.

I'm not talking "trash", i'm a professional man that use a professional case not to prove anything for anyone because you have no idea how much i like the brand blackberry, but it did fail me !

I think that you are close to taking your Q10 out of the drawer! I think you find that the novelty of all your cool little apps on your iPhone have become boring. You are straying away from your herd and slowly checking back to the crackberry forums out of Apple boredom. There is no way one would spend so much time on a Blackberry site if the we're happy with their generic iPhone. So get that Q10 out off the drawer, or better yet, get yourself a Z30..... if not, head back to the iSheep herd :)

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

Obviously you have never used iOS and BBOS/BB10. Try attaching multiple files to an email message, especially different file types. That's a major productivity feature lacking on iOS. Rene Ritchie has been griping about this on iMore for a couple of years, but Apple prefers to keep their products "simple".

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I used BlackBerry since 2007 till Jan 2014 when i switch to IOS. and i can tell you THE ONLY thing i missed in my IOS is the ability to attach files other than photos & videos from the native mail app, which however can be done by other applications.
But my friend, Blackberry is still missing a lot and their updates are lacking the real accepts of "Productivity" .

Dude. What do you mean with "productivity" because I used Android and IOS 7 and let me tell you that both sucks if we compare to BB10. And I can say yes because I know both OS

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- Being able to find the direction on a proper map is productivity
- Being able to sync my media and data into one ecosystem is productivity
- Being able to access my media and data from my laptop, iPad anytime and anywhere is productivity - within the same ecosystem.
- Being notified on the traffic status on real time based on my location is productivity.
- Having a high quality applications is productivity
- Having native applications is productivity
- Having applications is productivity
- Having support from the team, to answer my questions and give me the help at the time i need is productivity.
- Please do not make start talking about the Camera :)
My friend productivity is not only eMail, i own BBRY for a long time but in Jan 2014 was the month i drop my Q10 into the drawer for not being able to deliver me needs.

However i still respect QNX and i hope one day they will make difference.

BB10 can do all of those things also. It may be missing some apps, but most have substitutes that are better in most cases.


gain being revert to an ecosystem is a choice we made, and BlackBerry do not do anything from that.
I wish they do!!!

I think by productivity you mean personal productivity, which frees up your time for work or more personal things, unless you're in the situation where you have a particular app for work. When I said productivity I meant professional productivity, which frees up time for non-work matters or for more work. Either way, it is about getting more things done so that the limited resource of time can be used for something else, whatever we choose to use it for.

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- When you're talking about maps, you're talking about Google Maps, right? Sideload on BB10 or use BeMaps. Otherwise, BB10 Maps works fine.
- What would amaze me would be to be able to sync to any device/cloud service. Restricting to any one is too limiting.
- Traffic status is available. Are you talking about Waze? Available too.
- Android apps are available if BB10 native apps aren't enough.
- On the support end, the plethora of users using the same device is helpful, just like with Windows. Why aren't you using Windows instead of Macs?
- Another amazing thing would be to have data from any source be recognized by the device, instead of having a limited set from one ecosystem.

- Yes I am talking about Google map; the side loading is too slow! Moreover, BB10 Maps suck where I lives.
- I still have the "choice" to synchronize with any device/cloud service, but for me, it is better to have it all in one basket.
- I am talking about “Google search” application that provide me with "Traffic status, flight status, and my favorite team score and upcoming events" all in one place.
- who said Android applications is a high quality one, still better that Blackberry "cheap" quality applications, but still it is not native for the OS and work slow and buggy.
- I mean by support is the customer services support, which neither BlackBerry, Android or even windows have it, as far as I remember I sent BlackBerry customer support more than an email, requesting some help with my device and they ignore it! However Apple customer support take them ONLY 2 hours to get back to me and more than once!!!

I LIKE BLACKBERRY AND I'M A BIG FAN, But not in the way it is now !

I have to agree with you on the "customer service" needs a major improvement!!!

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what i have liked about apple, is that they do respect their customers and i think that what making them having a loyal one, in other hand Blackberry did not give us the luxury of such a support even though i have been loyal for their products since 2007!

You probably pay for that customer service. Higher device costs. Watch a movie called planned obsolescence.

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iPhone is by no means a bad phone, I do think it's over priced for what you get. I haven't heard of a lot of people that have switched to iPhone from BB10. I haven't used a Q10, but it's not the flagship device. When you compared Z30 and iPhone 5s, to me Z30 comes out on top in almost all categories except maybe third party applications, and even that argument is losing merit with the Android Runtime. It's just has more functionality.


If you want to be technical Windows. Their homescreen icons were always "flat". Where did apple get their ideas from? Android,Windows and not to mention their computer os is just a overpriced unbuntu lol..

Agree - half of them are not needed BUT Hub Reset, Remember Update, Calendar improvements are a step in the right direction.

And although the removal of boxes isn't needed (and not even wanted by me), as lot of users are complaining about this, it's nice that BB listened :)

Moving active frames would be great, as would the ability to pin one or two so they don't close or get aged out. Fingers crossed...

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Moving active frames around is great. This was something that we was able to do with Webos which is one of the things I miss but with 10.3 can have again.

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Thanks for manning the Sat. shift Bla1ze. Good to see a CB article without the incendiary extra commentary that non-CB contributors seem determined to throw in.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Yes, because it makes perfect sense to have a secure OS like BlackBerry then let Google data mining and the NSA etc. in via Play Services !?!?!?!?

I think having the ability to re-arrange or pin down some Active Frames would be a neat feature. I'm really curious to see what else they come up with. Though sadly I'm in a minority of people who actually like the shadow boxes around the icons, so I'm sad to see those being phased out of the OS.

Pinning frames should be there since 10.0 but i was reading somewhere on twitter it is coming in 10.3 or 10.4

RedBerry Z10 Limited Edition #0167

I'm getting excited about all the new dressings, but hope they add some wow factor somehow too.

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Hope they work on the Internet Browser also. Can not even organise my bookmarks, can not swipe left and right page forward / backward, have to reactivate private browsing every time i restart the browser etc.

I'm using 10.3 browser, it is fast but that is all about it.

RedBerry Z10 Limited Edition #0167

Please fix the photo gallery. Sometimes its organized old to new, or new to old, and sometimes the picture i just took is missing, but can be found in file manager.

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And we also need a option to arrange it to our etc etc


It all looks good to me, I just hope we get it directly from BlackBerry and not the carriers... smh t mobile

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Awesome OS becoming Awesomer LOL. Loving the updates guys! What is the expected date for this release? Long Live Blackberry!

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I can only hope and pray they fixed the contacts mess that we currently have. Looking forward to 10.3


Why BlackBerry won't listen to us the end users. Kevin posted a list of what people want to see, so far non been implemented. They are just adding some stupid things that people can live without. Please do something good like adding Google services, native user profile Management, improved voice control something as good as siri or Google voice. Instead there ignorance will take them to down fall.

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I am happy with the improvements and don't think they are trivial. But I agree that your priorities are high on my list as well.

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Hope the Contacts app Issue was solved...
And there isn't anything about contact prediction direct on dial pad ? Nothing? BlackBerry? Mr Chen? You forget the old best features of 9900?

Proudly Z10 owner

Will it make toast?

I can't wait for 10.3. BlackBerry has shown that it takes input from its users seriously and has also shown a climb towards future success.

I just hope we can all receive the update at the same time.

emPowered by 

I still don't see what the ugly box icons are. I don't see the diff other than they look a bit diff....

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I know this is a rather minor thing/non issue but I find it really annoying that the article lists things repeating that it's for bb10.3.
Eg. BlackBerry 10.3 will feature... ,...feature will be featured in blackberry 10.3 etc.
It'd be easier to read the list as just feature 1, feature 2 etc..
Just a thought

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Also, the ability to search emails that are no longer stored on your device by querying your IMAP server?

What about improved APIs for BBM with more possibilities and FINALLY a good working and reliable Backup and Export function for the chat history? :-/

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Why isn't BlackBerry making its music app headless. Like showing the name of the track playing in the Quick Settings drop down. Considering that when it's playing music the only immediate controls you need is to change or skip the track. If anything more than you can just open the app and do it. The active frame of the music app takes up unnecessary space when it's just playing.

Gotta think about it!

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I don't seem to have a problem syncing with Outlook.

Do you mean Outlook desktop to BlackBerry phone sync?

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I would love a remember app that let's me set the due date (and time,pkease) from the hub/email when I set the flag. (May be that is a hub or email feature.). Either way the 10.1 flag ui forces me to close hub, open remember app, find flagged message, open remember entry, set due date (not time :( ). Then save. I'm pretty sure my 9700 flag setting was much smoother (yet no due time) . BlackBerry OS 10 was a major step back in that regard.

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Yesterday it finally occurred to me, the only change I would really love to see is the return of the symbol key next to the spacebar. I don't suppose there is any chance of that is there?

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ITUNES. We don't have to do everything via iTunes. We have a choice from BlackBerry world to Aptoide we are not walled in to a company who puts greed before all else.i have iPhone but now I've used Z10 the iPhone sits in the draw. What's so good about BB10? HUB!

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

How about office 2013 or two way synching? BlackBerry will die without real business requirements

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Yawn..............More NOTHING from Blackberry.
If I do not not get functional calling blocking with blacklist capabilities by years end (when my contract is up) I leaving Blackberry.
Mr. Chen , is anyone listening?

Now we just need a CB10 App update at the same time this 10.3 rolls over...

Make it happen team!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I will add my voice to those that find the contact app simply not very useful.

Yea, its keeps em in a list.

Where is the function that once a contact is entered manually and you hit save - in the PAST w/BBOS, it used to go directly to said just entered contact - a useful feature to check to make sure its entered correctly and/or send a text/e-mail. I really miss that. Its a major PITA the way it is now with the app taking you back to "A".

When Will We See Auto-Capitalize function when entering City, Province/State in Contacts?

Why is it now that when one long presses on a numeral, it will not repeat? Press # 1. Used to be in BBOS if I needed 4 "1's" in a row - simply hold it down i-now and in order to do so, every time you have hit alt and the numeral. 4 moves extra to do what I used to easily do with an 8830. A very nice bit of missing useful functionality that suprisingly, I used often.

Why is it that FB, LinkedIn & other contact types DO NOT sync automatically.? They should - if there is an apparent conflict as in: John Smith and John Smith, well then we could be prompted one way or the other:

Sync Contacts. Y. N
Keep Contacts Separate (by adding for example a "2" after the 2nd identical named contact..?
Y. N.

Make it happen you guys - manual sync is so Analog.

THOSE things my friends is loss of productivity - simple shit that BB10 has yet to incorporate.

I could care less about the flipping icons or other glitzy for show UI changes.

I want ease of functionality..

My take on Contacts.

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

They need to bring back the original beautify edit in the photos. The one for 10.2 is not the same. Sometimes it detects a face and sometimes it doesn't.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL!

I could careless what's in the list, let's talk about apps and app world, show what can you do compare to an iphone app store and samsung app store.

That matters the most.

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I hope there are VAST improvements to the Contacts App. The current Contacts App has been the biggest disappointment of the BB10 experience for me and it has hardly been touched since the initial release.

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Why don't they use one finger swipe down for quick setting and two finger swipe down for app setting. Too much inconsistency.

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Hopefully this Michael Clewley guy does something to promote the features after the OS launches otherwise nobody outside of the core fans will know what's new.

Thx BlackBerry! I can't wait for the update, my keyboard is having sensitive key issue but I love using BlackBerry so im looking at changing to all touch BB smartphone in future

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No background data connection management then? BB10 remains in the dark ages!

What about the browser? BlackBerry haven't half sat back and rested on their laurels with that. The UI is far from perfect and what about text/page rescaling on zoom like sophisticated mobile browsers do.

Oh and the gash text message UI. On the Q10 why am I still composing text messages in a tiny letterbox window, barely more than two lines with most of the screen space dedicated to previous messages and superfluous rubbish. It should be the other way around.

Do BlackBerry's developers actually use the devices they design for?

Apple can't run android apps.
Can't manage email
Typing on apple is horrible
I really can go on and on but I have more productive things to do. Have fun with your toy spy wear.
....... I won't even get into security, privacy or productivity

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I wish they could include an option to time "seconds" rather only with minutes & hour. As my daily driver, I use my Z10 when I go to gym, but sucks I have to rely on android phone with the above feature.

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I'm seeing adjust active frames? Is pin part of adjust? Or am I going to have to keep screaming?

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

When will real "SMART DIAL" come to BlackBerry native dialer?!?

I can't believe that BlackBerry doesn't have real smart dial!
That's the only thing I really miss on my z10.

I hope that we will get it...some day...

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Any word on whether they will fix the address book?? Do we really need all these links? They have use do away with duplicate contacts suddenly appearing in the address book.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Now in my BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 Camera shows a message 'camera can't be opened'. What should I do? Want to wait for 10.3 update or go for repair.

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There are ben rumors for voice assist simular to Siri IOS its that true wold be great a voice assist prety much will do evrything for you....

 BlackBerry 10

I'm Actually really upset of what 10.3 is supposed to look like. I like the rectangles around the icons and how it all looks. It's going to be flat like apples IOS 7. I thought blackberry was unique?

speaking of productivity please fix documents to go as the included 10.x version is not supported by the vendor on they refer you to Blackberry for support. missing features: page view / break - no way to even insert a page break - rudimentary basic features are missing. on iOS the Pages app has this feature. For people editing Word docs, this forces them to a PC or tablet. come on Blackberry don't of this. enhance functionality, don't limit it.

They need to open up S/MIME ability for personal email, and not keep that functionality locked except for BES users. Apple/Android both include that functionality, and it comes across as a greedy scam on BB's part to refuse to include it unless you have an employer who is using BES.

If they want to talk up BB's security dominance (which they should), they need to let people use at least the same security features as are already available on Apple & Android...

Hi all,
I' am using Z10, and It doesn't display Company name Field in Incoming Call although we can see all information in Contact info.
Hope V10.3 will improve this problem.


Awesome but it would be nice to see a few updates with
1. editing pictures instead of having to have apps for that like atleast add text the pictures
2. in contacts if it can detect duplicate contacts because they are save in every email u assign with your phone would be great....
3. Have a disable Data bundle button especially in the quick settings menu
4. add more colour codes for the hub to assign for different accounts
5. be able to assign an LED colour to a specific contact
6. Have a vibration function for when dialing and the receiver picks up your call, that way you dont stick the phone to ur ear waiting.
and more i cant think of now