BlackBerry OS now rolling out regionally

By Bla1ze on 8 Aug 2014 03:59 pm EDT

Although most folks are waiting to get their hands on BlackBerry OS 10.3, the often rumored BlackBerry OS 10.2.2 (or more specifically sotware release v10.2.2.932, OS v10.2.2.1531) has now started to arrive on devices in Germany and surrounding areas. At this point, there's not a whole lot of info about the changes in the OS other than what is noted in the change log that states it covers security enhancements for some Enterprise customers with specific requirements. (See: Secusmart):

This updated release provides security enhancements for some Enterprise customers with specific requirements. For customers that have not already upgraded to 10.2.1 software this release also includes the following enhancements:

  • Applications – No more limits on the number of applications that can run in the background.
  • 64GB Support – Now with support for 64GB (or higher) SD Cards.
  • Enhancements to Bluetooth, Media and Browser amongst other improvements.

If you're in Germany, the OS should be available via OTA on some carriers. If you're not in Germany and for whatever reason still want to load the files, it's available through Sachesi and the URL's for the .BAR files for manual installation have been posted in the CrackBerry Forums along with a findings and fixes thread. This OS isn't expected to roll out for everyone, so if you've not got it OTA then it's entirely up to you if you wish to install it.

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BlackBerry OS now rolling out regionally



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I hope the runner up gets something better than just attention lol

Frosty white Q10/

Okay there seems to have been a graphics update with the new os update in the phone app. Ps stop these pointless discussions about firsts. One should ban you all

He's right, that's exactly what he got - your attention. That's what most of the firsters want. If no one commented on the "first!" comment, it would probably die out. But we all have to make a big deal of it (kind of like what I'm doing now, ironically).

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Thank you. And now I'll get off my soapbox.

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If someone spends too much time or REALLY any time conveying a "serious" thought...they WON'T be first.

I find it much more irksome that people are worried about people saying ain't HURTING nobody.

Discussions about 1st posts are SOOOO boring.

Murray Squire Marr

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Murray Squire Marr

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(unrelated) How do you guys get the BlackBerry Logo on signature ?? Thnx

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Heard of copy and paste?

Copy it into Remember app or buy the awesome ClipMan, that's the easiest way...

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I type "bblg" and it automatically inserts . Just go into text substitution and configure a shortcut. Here's a bunch for you to C/P and get started     

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Hi slag,

you're absolutely right for one-time use, but for saving and recycling, Remember and ClipMan are great....

No need to hunt for a comment that contains it, once you saved it.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

For recycling the logo putting it in word sub is easiest :)  *

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You should be Firstmaster! ;-)

Sure, Quickie and Gvo wouldn't wanna see that...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Never mind being first, give me 10.3!

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I don't care about 1st, but where is the FUCKING 10.3. Sep is coming... oh god bless.

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I think I'll definitely grab this one, but if sachesi doesn't have the files, I'll have to do reloads. Gahhhhh.

After the last update my wifi seems to delete the saved ones for some reason. It has cost me in data charges when i don't notice it :(

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Didn't happen to mine. Weird. Wish was better consistency with the effects of the updated software

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There has been a thread in the forums for months about a basically Germany-specific OS. Thread missed out in regards to time frame but the OS came. Cool stuff!

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Sorry guys... jumped the gun. Mine shows the same verbiage as Bla1ze listed in the article but OS version

Still stuck on OS I'm beginning to hate U.S.A T-mobile and their slow updates or lack there of

I want a Z50

Well, T-Mobile USA did get 10.2.1 into the hands of customers sooner than the other U.S. carriers, though technically Verizon did accidentally leak it earlier for a short time before really releasing it to their general customers.

I still haven't gotten the update on my vzw z30 that my z10 and I understand the qs got lately.

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I have an unlock z30 with or whatever. This isn't even a big update. Be smart next time and buy directly from BlackBerry if you're going to be a little b about everything.

Sometimes, I do not quite how, my call app freezes, since the last update. The only option I have is to restart my phone. It has only happened twice and is the only bug I noticed on my phone, but still, hope it is fixed with this release.

Symptoms: when I attempt to call somebody the app with the phone icon that in my dock hangs, so I can't select a recent call or anything. I have to call via contacts, and when the call is established I cannot mute, enable the speaker or get the number pad... slightly annoying... am I the only one hit by this bug?

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You are not alone. Am a heavy user, as the Z30 is my main phone. So I do experience this about once a every week. It's annoying.

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I will get it too on occasion. I find it's happened when I am dialing out and try to do something else while the call is initiating. So I just try to be patient now (so hard to do).

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Bit late to the game I know, but have you tried doing a hard reset on your phone? Just in case you don't already know how to do this press and hold the up and down volume keys on the side of your phone till it restarts. This normally seems to solve a multitude of reboot/apps not working properly issues for me.



10.3 for Passport only, 10.3.1 will be introduced with Classic and all others phones will get the update later on.

Double-typed and posted with a BlackBerry Q10.

They can't put 10.3 on the Z10. If you check the forums, you will see that with every single person that put it on, their phones transformed into an iPhone 1 and refused to do anything other than flip you off.

Go check my facts. I will wait...I know I'm right. Science, bitches.

M on n i gotta tell ya m having some issues bt i really can't imagine going back to 10.2.1

Sounds like I got these enhancements on the last Verizon update? Anyone know IF this differs in any way?

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Wow never saw that coming! It's not showing up for me on koodo Toronto sadly.


If this release is only really to support the additional security requirements of the german government as seems to be the case, why would it get released anywhere else.

...nobody mentioned that German chancellor and Gov. Reacted promptly on Obama and deported CiA head in Germany because NSA was spying on them !

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Sorry for the caps, just need a answer to thiz:

What does unlimited apps running in backgrounds mean? It said the same thing on the last update, but I am still limited to 8 active frames. If that doesn't mean about active frames, how does app run in the background without an active frames, unless there's some invisible apps I don't know about. The moment you open more than 9th app, the last one closes and latest one becomes the 8th app that is running in the background. If it isn't talking about active frames, please explain about the invisible app, and how I know which app and how many app running in the background without seeing it on the screen. Thank you.

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You can have headless apps running in the background. Hub++ is an example of one app with headless support. And that bullet list says that those features are in the previous update.

T-Mobile Germany - it installed a little update first and now my Z10 is loading an update with 853 MB (from to

64GB SD support? I don't get it. I've been using one for 8 months or so... Which point do I miss here?

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Maybe support for exFAT instead of just FAT32? exFAT allows for individual files to be larger than 4 GB, which is useful for large video files, for example.

T-Mobile Germany

Just performed the update on our three Z10, each time nearly 70 MB. No problems so far, nothing special, too.


Upgraded my Z10 to 10.2.2 932 here on T-Mobile Germany/congstar, but there are still just 8 apps running simultaneosly...

Posted by STL100-2 on

This is not about minimized apps running in foreground.. this is about headless apps running in background. :)

No update on Q10 on Vodafone in Germany so far. I have an O2 sim as well - is it worth swapping or does O2 also not deliver yet?

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What is happening to BlackBerry 10 lately : Yesterday my browser crashed twice on the same site (really hope it was the site and not my device or Ozs's browser) . Today my hub hung (black screen) on trying to open a message, had to restart else hub stayed 'black ', but OS didn't crash (which is good I guess). BlackBerry really needs to stabilize the OS, else we will loose more potential users to Android.

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I have never had any issues with my Z10. My wife's windows 8 phones is another story altogether. You want an unable OS, use my Samsung tablet, now that android is really unstable.

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Just at the Verizon Store a couple of hours ago. Saw a demo LG with a crashed App on the screen.

Name one Operating System That doesn’t have problems sometimes.

Posted using CB10 on my Verizon Z10

I find it doubtful thia OS will ever get rolled out by any US carrier. There is really no reason to. It is basically an old OS with some updated security features. If you want it, use Sachesi and jump on over to a German carrier. I'm less concerned about AT&T updates and more concerned about device offerings. I can get the OS from any carrier with Sachesi once it is live on a server.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Why does it say in every build that it now supports 64GB sd cards? My 64gb sd card has been working since 10.2 lol

Because now it's official. Before was more a trial and working out the bugs.

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So whats the status on T-Mobile USA updates? Will we not be receiving updates for our devices anymore?

If T-mobile USA gives us any update it will probably be 10.3. I'm always bugging T-mobile about being late with the updates and the ETA of the last update that's suppose to improve battery life

I want a  Z50

I just re-read the post very carefully. No one is being lazy. It does say it is only in Germany AND surrounding areas RIGHT NOW. It doesn't say it will never be anywhere else. People are just hoping to get updates when they are available.

Posted on my Q10 or Z10

I just read it again. They are clearly lazy, or underachievers who lack comprehension skills.

This post clearly describes a maintenance update for Germany.
Or surrounding areas. (of which Canada or USA is NOT included -unless your geography teacher was an incompetent fool)

I swear some people should not own BlackBerry's. FFS, they make the simple iPhone for these type of people.



I read the article, it wouldn't take much for carriers world wide to just push this if there is much in the change log

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Lostonline, you have an incredible patience to reply to everybody who says "not in (my country) yet". I lost count of your posts. What an admirable dedication to the cause :)

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I got the notification... Any issue yet?

BlackBerry  Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS

I have on my unlocked Z10. I cannot change any settings on my contacts app. It is stuck on light theme, first name first, and all accounts showing on the list. If I change anything, close the app, then reopen it, everything goes back to default. I discussed it with BlackBerry tech. He said it is probably a glitch in the OS. That was after we reloaded the OS 3 times! He suggested I live with it till the next update. Is this update going to be the cure?

No problems on my Q10 with an earlier AT&T OS. Maybe that's why AT&T didn't update to 2977?

Posted on my Q10 or Z10

Im also having weird issues with a att z10 that my friend has, it cannot do some of the things that my tmobile z10 can do. Still have not gotten to the root of the problem


Fyi the last update that Verizon had out for the q10 was a joke imo I would get confirmation before playing with Verizon updates


Such a waste of time reading the first page of comments. I swear the posters must be 15 years old.

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You're being too kind to them. They are much younger if you ask me. Only 7 year olds get a rush of being first or second comments in blog posts.

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Change log looks the same as I got when I upgraded to about one week ago. In Caribbean region.

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Can somebody please tell me the sachesi country code, and carrier number that I should use to get this on my -5 z30?

Kinda exciting here on AT&T won't be here till 2015

Posted via Z10 and copy pasted BLACKBERRY logo 

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I can't get any of the apps on Snap to install on my Z10 At&t since I updated. Anyone else with this issue?

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Wtf does this have to do with the article? Go search the forums. Unless you are a troll......

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Unlimited background apps such as Hub++, Power Tools, or Data usage counter. Application like that. Not active frame. Why people keep confusing that two?

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I hope they update the Calulator! A lot of countries need the thousand separators feature.
1000 vs 1,000
Which do you prefer?

Posted via CB10 from Q10

Yep, agreed. Android apps load faster. Much smoother. Enjoying this much more and so happy to get this off sachesi instead of having to lose all of my apps and contacts. :D

☠From my Z10 via☠

Germany won the world doesn't means it should be in the first place for everything :/

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Interesting. I am in Germany and the latest OS that I got was

Checking for updates here and then but so far nothing new.


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How to install it. Plz help me, iam new to BlackBerry z10. How to run autoloader, my mobile is z10 stl100-1. Thanks in advance.

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I don't have this yet but to me small little changes and improvements no matter what they are is always a good thing. It shows that BlackBerry always continues to improve and make little refinements to make the users experience better

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But where can I download this update? Vodafone Germany doesn't uploaded this "brand new" update.

Greetings from Germany ;)

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When they will fix the issue with the virtual keyboard?
Really often is swipe to delete words not possible.
But yeah, BlackBerry don't like hotfixes ;)

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

Man I'm still stuck on the qatar still hasn't released any new updates

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I love my Q10 and did love all my BBs before. The thing is that BlackBerry talks and leaks so many month before releasing OS updates or phones... bad marketing and boring concerning 10.3. Announce your OS and release it like Apple does or keep it secret, perfect it and release. BlackBerry is still the slowest. But still love u!

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I have a q10z10 nexus 5 iPhone 4s and nexus much as I like BlackBerry still way behind the times thank God for choices! That being said it's adequate and keep coming back know to it hopefully the next version and devices can compete

No update roll out in UAE.. not on Etisalat nor on Du...

Why is this update roll out so slowwwwww....??? Grrr...

Weird is the change log is the same since the past couple of updates... o.O

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Yes, I would wake up with an empty battery every morning, even from 70% which I thought was a fault, this seem to have fixed the issue. And battery last longer.

Posted via CB10