BlackBerry OS now rolling out officially

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2014 01:30 pm EDT

If you opted to not install the OS leak that appeared, you may not have too long to wait for it to show up on device. Perhaps, you may have already even received it. As we noted when it leaked out, it is the next official OS to be delivered by carriers and some in Singapore, France and UK have already started releasing it over the air.

If you've received it on your device already let us know in the comments so others know to be looking for it on their devices. Alas, if you're not really liking the whole idea of playing the carrier waiting game, you can still run the leak. It's identical to the official release, it just requires a slight bit more effort to get it installed.

It appears as though BlackBerry never updated the change log for it as it's mostly just a maintenance release but no matter. We now know it covers a few small bugs within the OS and overall, folks who install it should see some battery life improvements.

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BlackBerry OS now rolling out officially



.....or write professional and unique responses to every email I receive.
I would even pay a subscription to have it follow up and solve all emails sent to me.

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Hah, good one.

( unless you have a time travel machine and traveled 6 or so months into the future)

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It's almost sad to see what happened with AT&T and BlackBerry. They used to push every device, I especially remember their support of the Torch. Sad how times have changed.


lol would love that but I'm still on. 2156. To hell with US carriers.

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I will rephrase: 'Great! Hopefully Canadian carriers will release this soon! And by Canadian carriers, I mean Virgin Mobile particularly.'

No but it is good to rephrase for those who take everything to the first degree. Your abstract thinking capabilities anticipated the inherent paradox of your own comment first hand ? Or do you just realize you were effectively commenting on yourself given your principal assumption was erroneous ?

Amusing. Thank you.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

+1 I feel like I do this too. Press it once.. up to date. 'Nono, this cannot be right, let's try... 20 more times'

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Was it 10.2.1 or AT&T that removed my mashing ability. It now says the device can only check for updates once every 24 hours. If that is AT&T'S deal, would that energy not have been better allocated to just getting the darn update out in a timely fashion?

You just gotta enjoy all this good news from BlackBerry as of late. Keep em coming!

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10

I feel like I'm being lied to... I remember last month on the 27th the update was to be available in Canada. Now roughly a month later I'm still here waiting for it to be released. The leaks for some reason wouldn't install after downloading it... so I guess the wait must continue

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FYI I had a similar problem that was driving me mad. The download would go but shiz would freeze in the process. Turns out my Rogers Z30 could see the update on BB WORLD but my Vivo chip (Brasil carrier) would screw it up. I switched my Rogers chip back in and presto the installation flew like a charm.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Hardware issue, yes, but should be fixable with suitable keypress filtering software changes.

Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30

It could be hardware but I'm leaning toward it being a software issue as it never happened when I was on the original OS that my Q10 came with, started (and got pretty bad) with the next update, and then has pretty much disappeared with the last update. You'd think that if it was hardware, it would have started doing it as the hardware failed and then either stayed steady or gotten worse.. Just my 2 cents.

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I also have a company assigned Z10 and that one still hasn't updated. Last update, I only got the Z10 the next day. No idea why.

I'm in NB too on Bell. Nothing yet on my Q10 SQN100-5 although I still haven't received the update though.

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T-Mobile in the US - no , I've been checking for updates for over an hour. Nothing! The US Carriers sucks for BlackBerry customers.

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

In UK, how about pressing the update button without the sim inside, will the update come?

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I get the update over Wi-Fi with no SIM on one of my devices, all others need to have a SIM card in it.

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I've even loaded my Vodacom card and went to a wifi hotspot, nothing!!! :-( I jus won't waste data bundles on downloading the leak... a whole GIG!

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Still no love for the Dominican Republic with Orange!

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I know it's just a fixes update but which ones? I'm playing around with it with no obvious changes.

Have it on my Z30 I use Three UK, although they don't actually sell the device so I guess it's just a generic BlackBerry version.

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No update here for T-MOBILE USA in Phoenix, Arizona. I may have to write a strongly worded nice letter in hopes T-mobile will send us the update. Pwetty Pwease will blackberry jelly on top?

Waiting on the Z50 with 32gb of internal memory

On my Rogers Z30 in Vancouver I picked it up earlier this morning. It has not shown up on my Q10 or Z10 devices, yet.

Just grabbed it from EE UK, nice to see them issuing it sharpish too.
Maybe they felt a bit guilty leaving their customers dangling for almost two weeks on the last update.

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No update for me with Mobilicity as my carrier in Toronto. An update would be highly appreciated. I haven't been able to purchase anything from BlackBerry World since the last update. Also battery life has been crap since last update as well.

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Ready for the Verizon to release it. You know the US is always behind on the updates

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On Rogers but with the Z10, q10 or Z30, I have the Z10 and I haven't received the update yet and I am with Rogers as well.

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Got the update (vodafone DE) but I hate updates, is there any autoloader for a clean install of 3247?

RedBerry Z10 #00167

I just updated, am having quite a few bugs when using bbm,.laggy and typing issues.

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i havent received this update yet but after i update i always do a battery pull and give it a few minutes to catch up on things in the hub and BBM. i never clear my old messages so it sometimes takes awhile for everything to get in order it seems.

Until someone confirms significant battery improvement, I can't think of any bugs that need fixing on my Verizon Z10. I'll wait patiently for 10.3.xxxx

No love from Verizon. :-/

Posted from my big beautiful BlackBerry Z30!!! I love this phone!!

Mind fucking myself trying to cipher if it would be a downgrade or an upgrade to go to this from 10.3 hybrid sdk

Posted via CB10 has been by far the worse update for me. Phone hangs, contacts duplicate,3 hrs on a full battery, arrgghh!!!

The z10 01

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Before the update also I am having the issue. I thought it will solve in But didn't. Will it solve on this update.??

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I am using the same OS Version and software release and I don't have the issue you mentioned, seems like you have a hardware problem, download and run the BB virtual expert (BBVE) to check your device.

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I removed the sim from my z10and did not get the update either.
Anyone with a z10 get the update yet?

Will it be a week or a month this time for Telus to push the update after other Canadian carriers?

Posted using a DroidBerry Z10.

Still having the "camera cannot be started" issue on my Z10, slt100-1...hope this fixes it...any other ideas??

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You should pull out for battery, it happens to me when I got previous update. BlackBerry Z10-STL100-1, Vodafone România

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Does anyone else feel like this happens a lot, big release comes out, a month or so goes by, then another OS releases and then some number of months later, it appears in the US.

Via Z10

Does anyone else get irrationally angry when the phone tells you you have the latest software when you know for a fact that it doesn't.

BlackBerry is on some other level nw,a leak n an official os same day#me_LIKE


Wow, cheers CB, saw your post, checked for updates and there it was, better finish my fag and update.

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Guess I updated I have Q10SQN100-1/ now

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Not seeing anything on O2 where I am in the UK. What device do you have?

Careful! BlackDroid in action!