BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available for download

By Bla1ze on 28 Mar 2014 12:29 pm EDT

Tired of whatever OS it is that you're running on your BlackBerry 10 device? If so, another new OS has now been made available for download and this time around it's OS Like some releases before it, the base files are from OS but the radio file used is and although it's not really a leak, it comes in autoloader form for all BlackBerry 10 devices except for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1.

There's a few new things in there such as the updated BBM with stickers but some of the stuff, such as the camera, is possibly also a downgrade for you depending on what OS you're running as this release is using an earlier version. In any case, while this can't really be classified as a leak, it should be treated like one as it needs to be loaded via an autoloader or through the non-destructive OS update process.

You can grab the autoloaders in the CrackBerry Forums courtesy of DarcyTallGuy as well as the individual update .bar files. If you're reading this and don't really understand any of it, you can ask in the forums for help or maybe consider skipping it and stick to what OS you're currently running.

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BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available for download


Then maybe we should ask him why his employees uploaded an OS that was easily accessible by the general public.

Indeed but it still doesn't answer the base question. Why was it uploaded there in the first place? They have different protocols to use. It came from them and to be honest, it's actually a bit of an issue anyway.

You ever read a thread about how someone randomly got sent an OS update yet NO ONE else ever received it? Its happened a few times now. An early OS slips out the door to someone who was never supposed to get it in the first place. It's a bit weird.

I disagree. He was being deliberately vague, since coming right out and saying that OS leaks are fine would be inappropriate, but there is a huge difference between leaking the next point release of an OS versus leaking info about future hardware designs, which would constitute much more proprietary info that could affect BB's bottom line.

I keep saying that OS leaks are good PR and good for BB; hardware leaks are what Chen was complaining about.

Certainly, Raphael. But what does that have to do with my comment? Did you mean to reply to someone else?

It's funny you say this. My mom asked me about an update BlackBerry sent out. She said it was 10.3.1. And she said she waited till she got home and it was no longer available. She already has the 10.2.1 update Verizon just pushed. We updated to that last week.

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Earlier version. Other than that not sure. Ask in the forums as folks in there have tried it.

Chen's gotta say what he has to say. He loves us getting the leaks. Especially if it sends a giant "whuck you" to the carriers.

Brought to you by...My sweet Z30

Yeah... where is the squircle? :D
and as usual... no love for the STL1.
I will wait patiently for the 10.3.0.xxxx to hit us STL1 users, or till a new OS gets pushed out.

The only thing I would want it for is the bbm update but that is likely coming on Monday anyway

From my new z30

:) that was the only thing that caught my attention too. I can wait for BBM. I don't screw around too much with my primary phone, but I have a Q5 and Z10 I may play around with this weekend?

"Tired of whatever OS it is that you're running on your BlackBerry 10 device?"

The best thread start ever LOL

This is a issue that needs to be addressed, after these updates are released officially is it okay to use auto loaders for your updates. As a Tmobile customer in the states Im very reluctant to wait and or use their quick copy of the versions for some reason the last one was a prime example of this seeing the multiple errors I received trying to run it


Hi Everyone!

I have a probably stupid question but since I'm a newbie, I'll asked anyway :)

Why is there a difference when I install a leak between the leak number and what shows in my settings? For instance, This is what I read on my phone : My provider is Virgin Mobile (Bell) is there a way that I can be sure that if I install this new leak, I'll be upgrading my software?

Thanks for your help buddies...


I think you care talking about the OS version # and the software release #. For every OS there is an operating system version and a software release. If you go to settings- about and then hit the drop down and select OS, you will see both numbers.

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The only thing that I specifically see see on my phone (setting scrolled down) is the software release number Nothing else...

Go to "Settings", then "About" at the very bottom.

Change the "Category" drop down to "OS". That's where you'll see both numbers among the whole page of numbers for the various parts. You will see the OS (simply "BlackBerry 10"), Software Release (which is what the carriers prefer to go by), then the OS Version (which is what we go by).

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As of right now I'm running 10.2.2102. So far it's been awesome for me. I think I will stick to this for now. Since I just got my Q10 little 2 months ago. F11c!< sprint.

" Initiated from my Q10 "

Not for me, not messing up my one year warranty. Sticking with OTA carrier updates...I think..

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This update didn't run well for me.
I have a message saying that I cannot install android apps...

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Load it up! Really is the best ever. Backup and restore is money. Everything is ultra smooth.

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Well, these leaks should make everyone who runs them feel like a real "Bad Boy". I think it's just Chen doing collateral damage...although he know it's happening he HAS to say, "Now now, you guys aren't supposed to be doing that". In a nutshell it's going to be an issue that repeats itself until we're all sick of it...then it will repeat itself some more, a bunch more.

It's ridiculous that an official update is not available across the board. I've had my z10 for over a year. Waiting for an update to fix all the "small" things that are just simply not even close to the quality of competitors. Even BlackBerry 7 was way better in many things, they are going backwards instead of improving. I've been loyal to BlackBerry for a long time but know I am seriously thinking of taking my business elsewhere, I don't see any care for customers. We are sitting with a potentially great smartphone waiting to be on par. I really don't want to leave BlackBerry behind but everyday I don't get updates is making me walk away from bb. I still have OS10.1 and I don't want autoloader I want the official thing to be available to me ASAP.

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As is discussed before, many times, in the majority of cases, the carriers are the ones holding up the OTA updates. Here in the Netherlands, all carriers have pushed out 10.2.1
So, if you actually checked with your carrier, and if you know for a fact that it is not them, but BBRY that are responsible, then yes, you are right to complain here. But right now it sounds a bit like whining. There are destructive and non-destructive options for updating your phone, quite apart from OTA carrier updates.
This forum has all the information you need. It is not difficult, it will not void your warranty and it can be reversed. So maybe man up, and stop complaining?

If you were successful in actually minding to your own business, I'd love nothing more than to ignore you, you namecalling spineless bimbo. Oops, now I did it too... My momma told me not to associate with the uncouth...

Good luck waiting for your carrier to rescue you.

yeah well, you'll have to make do with it. No time to translate it into troll, too busy pondering whether to load up an early 10.3, give this late build 10.2.1 leak a go or just stick with the 10.2.1 that my carrier pushed out in such a nice and timely fashion. Such a first world problem to have...

It isn't blackberry 's fault. I think you're choking yourself, there's great leaked OS, and my opinion I don't need any participation of any carrier, I can improve my Z10 and Z30 everytime when a great OS appears and I've never felt disappointed

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@carlos 10.2 version is officially released. Why stick to 10.1 lol:D

Posted via we want 10.3 os for Stl1 as soon as possible.

Downgraded from 10.3,and this version is running sweet so far. I had trouble with my Android apps on 10.3


The 10.3 wasn't complete and as stated in the post when it came up, it was not for use with everyday drivers. If you have any doubts, don't upload it. It's an early version. Be patient. Blackberry hasn't done us wrong yet.

Z10 100-3 with

Nicely timed leak. I have been running on 10.3 since it leaked and needed to drop back this weekend so this is perfect.

It was great to have the early glimpse of 10.3 and as we were warned I wasn't too bothered about the odd snags I encountered. Like tw820 I had a lot of issues running Android apps (fortunately daughter was away roughing it, so had her S4 mini to fill that gap) and it seemed to go through the battery at about twice the normal rate. It was only when I came back to 10.2 that I realised how much I prefer having the shadow around the icons, I found the lack of it on 10.3 slowed down finding the program I was looking for. However, for me at least, red on the dark themes (blue is better on the normal themes) such as the keyboard is simply the best improvement in user experience they have yet come up with and the Intelligent Assistant is quite nice to use and clearly heading in the right direction; among other good things.

We want the 10.3.1 update not...something they not even sure about. since I got the Facebook facebook hasn't been normal...hate it...

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If the general public had any idea how cool it was that blackberry did half the things they do, albeit leaks, etc...
The iPhone I believe wouldn't be so "cool".

Z10 100-3 with

This autoloader is not available for my z10 :/ please help :( my latest update is !! Nd my phone is saying its up to date :/!! M from india!!

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in the next BlackBerry 10 update you need to give a massive change to the software! its getting boring now

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Loaded the leak, the only change is the android app are backed up through BlackBerry Link.

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What's super cool: I had been running a prior leaked OS 10.2.1 for my T-Mobile Q10 (wifi calling was the only thing that didn't work). Plugged it in to sync some photos over the weekend via BB Link and to my surprise, it said an update was available. Updated by phone and now running official version--THAT SUPPORTS WIFI CALLING!


Hello I can't move a file from internal storage to the SD card. It tells me: not authorized. What the f***... I never had a problem like this. can someone please help me ? Thanks

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I'm running this OS on an AT&T Q10, and it eats through the battery like nobody's business - any suggestions? Debating a rollback to the previous 10.2 version I was sporting...