BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available for download

By Bla1ze on 18 Mar 2014 08:59 pm EDT

If you never managed to install OS, your patience has kind of sort of been rewarded as a new OS update has popped up in the CrackBerry Forums thanks to toobs623 and Wigley458. This time around, it's just a small update covering a few system files that look to improve NFC and the Settings app but hey, it's newer so it just might be worth the download.

It's hard to say what other improvements may be in this OS but you can head on into the CrackBerry Forums to find the autoloader download links, as well discuss any other changes you might be seeing after you have it loaded.

Keep in mind; autoloaders wipe your device clean so if you're not wanting to do that then you'll have to look at updating through Sachesi. Finally, if NONE of this makes any sense to you, then it may be best to just stick with the OS you have or ask in the forums for further help on getting it all loaded up.

Download and discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums

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BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available for download


I guess I will stay with my official OS from t-mobile for now.......all is well
Good luck to all who go with this update

Posted via CB10 on the BB Z10

Not everyone has that version from t-mobile, including myself. I've been checking for updates for two or three days and says I have the latest, but I def don't have the one listed here.

Posted via CB10

I did check my phone several times and nope, I don't have this one my device still says OS and Software Release
If you were one of the lucky ones that got that update…..congrats

I'll keep an eyes on the forum just to see what new things are found. I'm happy with the latest TMO update.

Posted via my Q10SQN100-5/

Still waiting for Telstra. If you're on 10.2 it's not too bad. Like the old call screen. Have my other phone on 10.2.1

Please bring back the the old call screen, I will miss it.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Telstra's bloody useless. They're still sitting at I really wonder if they're all asleep.

I got my notification on the new OS from TELUS this morning. Downloaded and installed it during a conference call. I haven’t noticed anything different as yet because I've been too busy to dig into it.

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded a Verizon official 10.2.1 and I'm extremely happy!

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

This update fixed my active sync issue. Some users like my self had an issue with active sync accounts, once the phone is rebooted I have to type my exchange password and sync all of my emails again very annoying. Finally they released an update to fix it.

Posted via CB10

I went to back up my z30 to run the auto loader and BlackBerry Link told me I had a update. I went ahead and loaded the leak. Everything seems to be running fine.

Rockin Z30 on

This update process is so lame. What should be done is : AT&T, click here. How hard is that?

Posted via CB10

Just finished installing this leak on my Z30. I must admit, quick and smooth. Improved version! Well done BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has been releasing frequently nowadays, bad for me that I just reloaded 2228 yesterday and now another update?

Should I go or hold this one? I'll be observing first the good battery claim at 2228, and keeping an eye of user experience with this update.

Posted via Q10 running

My link for the Q10 is not working Keeps throwing out an "oops Google can't find the page" Can someone please send me a correct link

Posted via CB10

Hi in albania the update hasnt come z10 had an update last week and I did not do the complete update.since then my z10 is not in good shape.i would like to know if the new update will be for all users

Posted via CB10

I have blackberry Q5
Can I know from where can I download this update?
Can someone pls provide the link.?
As of now my software version is

Posted via CB10

Hi. I had a problem with my Z10. I'm a Tmobile user. My BB is a version. When I try to update it, it shows that the phone is up to date. This Z10 is a replacement, because my another z10 died, and the other one already had the update 10.2. What can I do???

Try to get a sim card from a friend on another network for update your phone. Of course your font needs to be unlocked first.

Posted via CB10

Ich habe es installiert am Anfang lief der Akku sehr sehr schlecht aber ich kann jetzt sagen das es besser geworden ist Danke

Wann kommt mal wieder ein größeres update heraus?


I used an autoloader for and i got the update from verizon for this new one. Can i just update it or do i have to uninstall the autoloader and update with the official release.

Downloaded this leak...I like it! But my contacts won't load and if I try to manually input them it does nothing. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this? Running ATT Z10 100-3

Posted via CB10