BlackBerry OS update already arriving in Canada, UK

By Adam Zeis on 23 Oct 2013 12:13 pm EDT

BlackBerry just announced this morning that OS 10.2 will be rolling out starting this week, but users in the UK and Canada are already seeing the update available. The OS is coming in at version with the software version at The update is around 500MB depending on your device and current OS.

We've already outlined all of the new features in 10.2, but here's the shortlist in case your keeping track:

Priority Hub

Keep your important conversations closer than ever with the new BlackBerry® Priority Hub. Always at your fingertips, Priority Hub learns what conversations are most important to you and automatically puts those messages at the top of your inbox, helping you to stay focused on the most important items. The new attachment view helps you find files and documents across your messaging accounts and within specific message threads.

BBM Video with Natural Sound

BBM™ Video has always allowed you to have a live face-to-face conversation. Now, with BlackBerry® Natural Sound, BBM Video and Voice conversations between BlackBerry 10 smartphones sound more natural and realistic. It's the next best thing to being in the same room. BlackBerry Natural Sound captures a wider sound spectrum, so you can hear subtle nuances that are lost in most cellular calls.

Instant Previews of BBM, SMS and Email from any app

BBM, SMS and E-mail messages now find you no matter what you are doing on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Email, BBM and SMS message previews now appear in any app - you can even respond to your BBM or SMS messages in any app, or go to the BlackBerry Hub with a single swipe to respond to your email. Perfect for keeping the conversation going while you browse the web, watch a video, or use other apps. Of course, you can tailor notifications to the way you work to ensure you're only notified as much as you want to be.

BlackBerry Keyboard

The smartphone keyboard that knows your next move just got even smarter. With personalized next word suggestion, auto-correction, and the distinctive BlackBerry keyboard layout, we've built this keyboard to help you have conversations with speed and accuracy. And on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Z30, improved audio feedback with distinct tones for specific keys like backspace and shift help you type more confidently because you'll have more reassurance you've hit the right key.

Copy and Paste Enhancements

Copy and paste just got easier. BlackBerry 10.2 gives you more precise cursor control and text selection is now easier. Once you select text, a pop-up menu gives you editing options and direct sharing with BBM, Facebook and Twitter - so you can quickly copy, paste and share.

Faster, Easier Sharing

BlackBerry 10.2 learns how you share and who you share with, helping you reduce the number of steps and amount of time it takes to get your files, photos, or documents to where they need to go. Touching "share" in any app provides suggestions on who and how to share your files based on who you've shared with in the past, and the feature only gets smarter the more you use it.

Lock Screen Notifications

When the red light on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone starts blinking, you don't have to unlock the phone to see your message. Take a peek at the latest email, text, BBM, or notification right from the lock screen to see if that's the message you've been waiting for or one that can wait a while. You can customize which accounts appear on the lock screen and scroll over the icons to display the sender and subject line.

Reply Now

Reply Now lets you respond to incoming phone calls, even when it's not a good time to answer the phone. Easily send a response through BBM, SMS or email - choose from a list of standard automated responses or respond with a personalized note. Perfect for ensuring that important contacts are always given your attention.

Calendar Enhancements

BlackBerry Calendar now comes with an 'I'm running late' function so you can instantly let meeting participants know if you'll be late. You can even specify a new time in your notification. A redesigned interface makes adding an event easier, so managing your time is simpler.

If you're already seeing the update, be sure to hit up the comments letting us know your device and carrier.

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BlackBerry OS update already arriving in Canada, UK



Great week for BlackBerry! BBM and now 10.2! keepin' it low key, while pushing the 'go' button is working.

*put shades on* deal with it.

Posted via CB10

Downloading on Rogers Z10 OS to 105Mb OTA

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

Hi, did show up on you device to update? I have but it keeps saying I have the latest update when I go to software updates on the device. If not, where did you get it from?


Yes it showed up in the hub. To be honest other that installing the Orange app and another UK app not sure what was in the 40Mb? Seems about the same.

Same Here... started with 476MB... downloaded, installed and it automatically started second download of 1017MB underway... wtf

on Rogers BTW

Mine too changed to Naija, did you get yours in Naija? Cos I am beginning to feel that's why it changed to Nigeria... Got mine there

How did you get the update for Tmobile USA?! I have been waiting for it! I don't see it in my hub or BlackBerry Link. It doesn't show up when I click to check software updates.

My Z10 is unlocked. Glo is probably taking their time. You could just insert someone's MTN sim you know?

From Zuri my Z10.

I'm using a unlocked T-Mobile Q10 in Israel. Anyone know where I am in regards to when I get the update? Thanx :)

Posted from my bangin Q10

I'm with Sasktel too, does the update delete your SMS or any other messages like the last update?

It's crazy, I am on Wind, upgraded, but then I have a EE app and a Nawigacja Orange app!?

I have an Unlocked Koodo Z10 on Wind Network!

Posted via Me on my Z

Maybe because BlackBerry isn't that popular in our market? Who knows... the leak team keeps me ahead of the curve ;)

Posted via a Verizon Z10 running a hybrid and CB10. My channel: C0004F9BB

Maybe you can answer this question for me. Why doesn't my photo show up when I post a reply? I've checked my profile & it shows my photo but not when I post on here.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

I also see it. Perhaps, it's the anti-narcissism feature CB is testing.

Sorry. I get a little catty when I have to wait until winter for my os update.

Heyyyy,... Can you spread the Hybrid joy?

Is it posted somewhere? PM please.

Sent from My BlackBerry Z10

I think it is the carrier who is stalling not BlackBerry. The carriers have to do their checks and balances

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

The press release said it won't be released in the USA until winter. The first day of winter is December 21 and ends March 19.

This means Verizon will release it March 18, 2014.

Posted via CB10

That's a question for the US carriers and I doubt you will get a straight answers from them. I can come up with a few. US has the strictest testing procedure( am laughing as I type this). The carriers way under staff.
Which is possible. And perhaps they are practicing some underhanded anti competition behavior to get users off BlackBerry devices.

Posted via CB10

I want to know the same thing. If anything they should want to get it here first because it takes so long and they have ground to make up.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, I meant latest 10.2.0 leak, I think the 10.2.1 branch is still very alpha and has the PIN watermarks, not stable enough for a daily driver...

Also .. confirmed from UAE on Du carrier .. update 10.2.0424 (size 443 MB) :) .. downloading

I don't know what that guys talking about, I'm on WIND and have update so far

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

I'm on Bell and manual check showed the os update available.
The size is 1024mb though, don't know why.
Try to update it, now its saying the server in unavailable.

Aww...not here in South Africa yet on Vodacom. I'm on so it should still show up.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Would Koodo and Telus get it the same time since they are the same??? Omg so excited for school to be out :D

Posted using my fab BlackBerry Z10

Cereal? First Mavericks now 10.2? Ohhh, update nerd!

Nevermind, my carrier's probably not going to push it for a while.

Good god. It's available on EE already!

They've gone from being almost last with the prior updates to getting it out first. Well done them :)

It's downloading now :)

Posted via CB10

Can't wait to get home so I can download! Go rogers!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Just came through to my phone now - Rogers Wireless - Vancouver area. 476 mg and it wouldn't let me download via LTE so I'm stuck with slow wifi - painfully so. LOL

The OS version number is the same as the leak I have installed. Doubt It will show as an update.

Posted with my BlackBerry Z30

I am on Globul too, but can't see the update. I am running updated with Sachesi.
Do you got the

What an awesome time to own a BB10!!! BBM4ALL, Instagram coming soon and now 10.2. I love it!

Don't complain about being last in your country. I'm in the U.S. on T-Mobile & have to wait until God knows when to have what the rest of the world is getting.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

No sign of it on Bell Mobility yet (Canada). Figures. That being said, I've been running the leak for what seems like months and its been as solid as a rock. I'm not even sure what I'll get that I don't already have. I will like the OTA upgrade though. Wiping the device is a PiTA.

Been running the leaked 1791 which I suspected as a release candidate. Runs nice.

Posted via CB10 on a Verizon Z10 running

Getting it from Rogers also.. running leak "67" only a 53 mb download to "91"

What is the difference from 67??

Posted via CB10

It's no wonder why BlackBerry has such a dwindling fan base in the U.S. We are always last to get the good stuff. Can't even get a definite release date on the Z30!

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

Got it! Going home right now to download! Work can survive without me for a little while!

Posted via CB10

Did the update for Rogers, via BB Link. Hub won't load passed: "Preparing BlackBerry Hub" and there is UK Carrier bloatware on my device now. Looks like they got their wires crossed... again.

Now in Nigeria...
I am running Z10STL100-1/ I hope downloading this official os won't downgrade my phone cos an enjoying every bit of this Z10STL100-1/

SSS Surveillance portal is the software version, not OS version. So it will upgrade!

I was on as well

Take out your sim card and try to check for updates over WIFI. No carrier, no carrier restriction.

I was just wondering if that would work. grin. I'll give it a shot. I'm in the US so most likely won't work though.

The U.S get things last purely because your mobile networks run vastly different to the 'first' countries that get them. The updates etc. Have to be vetted so that they run on your mobile systems without any problems :) Its not that they 'hate the US' it's just down to hardware and infrastructure pal :)

Posted via CB10

woah I'm on GiffGaff uk and got it already... which is amazingly fast for them!

The update is only 101mb though, is this because I'm running a leaked 10.2 ?

It is out for Ooredoo in Qatar. That's Middle of East for the uninformed.

Thanks for the heads up CB. If it wasn't for your shout out, I would not have checked manually.

I'm on Rogers Toronto and don't see it. Anyway to make my Q10 see it or I just have to wait? So excited!

Posted via CB10

It's like being locked out of your car

I have the update on my telus z10 but cannot download it ota......

Posted via CB10

Hello CB, please update the topic title: Netherlands also has the new OS On KPN Network and on Lebara Network

Yes ok, for your country they will change the title so it reads "Available for Canada and Netherlands".
Queen Beatrix is not the same as Queen of England.

Haha Devil, it is not Queen Beatrix anymore, but King Willem-Alexander, and true Queen of UK is better then ours.

C'mon bell.... Just keep raging, just keep raging just keep raging, Raging, RAGING!

*HULK SMASH!!!!!!!*

Posted via CB10

I have a doubt... I Live in Colombia, but buy my BB Z10 from Canada on Telus... The update that recive my device is made for Telus or My local Operator???