BlackBerry OS officially available from Vodafone

BlackBerry OS officially available from Vodafone
By DJ Reyes on 8 Nov 2013 11:08 am EST

A leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices dropped on us yesterday. While many people are comfortable with the process of installing leaked OS, there are also many who don't or would much rather install stock OS. If you are part of the latter crowd and you have a Vodafone SIM card handy, then you can get the OS update OTA.

Taking a look at the forums it looks like it's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices, including the BlackBerry Z30. The software version will show as but you should end up with OS version This is a pretty fast update, seeing as we only recently saw BlackBerry OS 10.2 arrive in the U.K. and other parts of the world. Not sure what's new but seeing as the BlackBerry Z30 didn't get the update, this version will at least bring the dark theme option to Z30 owners.

Don't forget, even if this is an official update, it's always best to carry out a backup via BlackBerry Link.

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In development

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Waheed hussin


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Can I load the bar files from the two latest .1.*** over this?

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I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to read about this update while waiting for it to land in the US.

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Sachesi is the way to go!!! On att an I took the plunge. Z10STL100-3/ and love it. Works like ota

AT&T Z10

Ron In Motion


Z10STL100-1/ Hybrid


Anyone from Vodafone Germany received it already?


I am on Vodafone Germany and received it yesterday. Hopefully it fixes my random reboots. Was totally surprised to receive it.

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Do you have BBM Channels?
I hope it fixes the dark theme and animated avatar issue.

From my Vader Zed


I'm on Z10STL100-3/ with channels and dark theme works great. Not sure what the animated issue is.

AT&T Z10


i didnt recive the notification, i went to make the manual check.. and there is it

Markus Mohr

I got yesterday. Vodafone germany.

Loving my QTEN!


Awesome news! Keep it coming CrackBerry!

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Where's the squircle?.....bring it back

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I have a black one.

AT&T Z10


I'd love to have an official version of 10.2 available for my Z10 on T-Mobile period. Without having to sideload or all that other jazz.


Sachesi method is easier than you think. I've never loaded a leak, and sachesi method is actually loading an official version just from a different carrier.


What do u mean? U found the update wit AT&T as ur carrier, curvezzz?where is it?


I used sachesi to get it you load a Canadian carriers official os onto the phone works like ota.


Find a Canadian with a Rogers sim

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Contacts: Dark visual theme bug is fixed on

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I got the update yesterday and the dark theme in contacts is problematic. It doesn't let me change to dark from light, even after numerous reboots :-/

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Had that issue at first. I deleted my longest thread convo which is twitter and viola it worked. At first I set dark yet it would still show light. And my text convos would freeze always on twitter thread so I deleted and now it's flawless.

AT&T Z10


Received it from Vodafone NL yesterday but still having issues with calling contacts who have '(0)' in their number. This worked fine with 10.1 but since 10.2 I've been unable to do that; anyone else having that problem (or better, a fix)?



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I wonder if Canada will soon be next to receive an update?

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If it helps, Z30STA100-5/ gets a software release on Telus.

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What, on Telus, when?


Can't wait to #Sideload this on my #Q10 and #Z10

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I updated my AT&T Q10 last night to 1803. Works flawless! You should do the same instead of complain how slow AT&T is... Unless you like to complain?

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Anything missing? VVM works? Still on official AT&T and ready to move up tomorrow when I have some free time.

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I'm on Z10STL100-3/ got it a few days ago and love it. Vvm works. Love sachesi!!!

AT&T Z10


Hey, I did a "Check for Updates" on my phone (AT&T carrier US) and it states I have the latest software but I only have

Any idea on what I can do to update?


Not for all BB10 devices - as STL100-1 still don't get an update (just checked via Sachesi). Please be precise.


Quoting : "Taking a look at the forums it LOOKS LIKE it's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices, including the BlackBerry Z30." Emphasis added.

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Depends on carrier. I think Vodafone Spain has it for STL100-1.

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Friend I'm on an STL 100-1 and can confirm it is supported as per the file available on the forum


Is it available for Vodafone customers Worldwide because it's not showing for Vodafone Qatar using Z10 STL100-1..!!!


Got this update yesterday @ Vodafone UK... ;-)

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Any one from Vodafone India got?

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Shark Week

Barely woke up, so I'm half asleep. All I read was "10.2.......out now......Verizon". I wiped my eyes clean and read, Vodafone


So far a very stable release.

And battery life has been better for me


No issues so far. Everything works fine. Battery life much better after 3 restarts.

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Thanks. Installing tomorrow.

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Even Vodafone India has not got the update.....I am presently using on my STL100-1 Z10....


You can grab the STL 100-1 update from the forum it will be the same as an OTA from the carrier


Come on Verizon .
Blackberry forever


Don't see it here in Austria :/

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Mine landed 2 days ago, main difference seems to be notification details present on the lock screen.

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I'm seeing a good performance enhancement on my z10 it's very smooth especially when going back to the open apps screen. Before there was just that slight of a stutter which seems to be gone now

Bikram Kochar

Means its available for vodadone india also..???

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So far, so good!


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I wish cracker built it's own app and is update portal. Ideas?

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Crackberry that is.

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Bikram Kochar

I bot this fone from u.k.. but now m in india.. I think I hav to go to england to update this.. ha ha..

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Already on it! No issue so far that's not already on .424


Hi read this article, put spare Vodafone UK sim card, up date down loading now to Z10,
Great site very helpful.


This update just for STL-100-2.

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I'm facing a lot of problems with, I was expecting an update fast. A lots of apps Android AND non-Android still close unexpectedly, even after the runtime update in BlackBerry World Android ports still close. The phone lags a lot, especially after booting it when I touch the BlackBerry logo it shows the percentage after 3 seconds. Iron Man and SayIt either don't start or close unexpectedly. BBM takes a while to open, and keeps changing to the Light Theme alone, that's what's on my mind now...

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yes... phone also decides not to call the number I dialed, just grays out for a couple of seconds then goes back to normal and nothing else happens. Goes back to normal when I restart.

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Here in Ecuador, south America, the update was launched yesterday by "Claro" . I was really surprised.

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Que sorpresa que un operador de Ecuador haya liberado esta version, yo estoy usando Movistar y no creo que ni siquiera exista la actualizacion de la version 10.1.x, bastara incluir un sim de claro o tiene que ser alguno que tenga servicio de datos?


Yo soy de peru e igual las operadoras nunca homogan los os.. así que use sachesi para cargar el 10.2 en mi Q10

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Update arrived on Vodafone Germany for my STL100-1 but not for my STL100-3 NFR.

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Could fix text messaging and browsing issues with 10.2. I've had issues typing in a contact's name to send a text to.. when i go to click the person's name it freezes and takes like 20 seconds to register. Also I've had issues with jittery video playback in the browser with 10.2. I'm using a q10

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Abdul Aziz AlBastaki

what About Middle East?? ...
am dying out here -_- !!


agree with ya3guob
exactly that! xD random closes, auto changed to light theme on the txt msgs... -_-



How did you change the text message theme to dark? I thought you could only do that for calendar, contacts and bbm


In settings get to it while in the text screen.

AT&T Z10


Not true, this is totally false, I'm Vodafone and is not here...


someone has got the update for the Z10STL100-3?? I want to do the update through Sachesi; any carrier that has been released for this model?


May I suggest some of you experiencing lags, freezes, reboots and force closes try something

Back up your data and resort to factory settings then allow the phone to perform an update before you restore your data

I was heavily into the custom rom scene with Android and i can tell you the phone sometimes just needs a fresh start to clean up any left overs lingering.

Give it a go!


Just loaded this yesterday into my Z30 via autoloader. Awesome performance! But still I lost my contacts once I restarted my phone. :(


Link your contacts to your email account it will give you peace of mind never to lose the data again (Gmail or


In Ireland and no update, an unlocked phone from Tmobile that is now prepay on Vodafone and nothing.
Am i the only one getting left behind?


what about SQN 100-1 ???


Not yet in Vodafone Greece...

Bor Navas

Already updated here, Vodafone Spain. There's still some bugs... like the black screen when I swipe to unlock.. C'mon, will I have to wait for 10.2.1? I haven't tried Sayit yet, but I hope it fixed the annoying bug where it just stops doing anything until you reboot. I hope battery life is improved (stl100-1) It seems as if 10.2 wasn't ready and it only came out for the Z30 release...

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I experience that SayIt bug as well on any 10.2.x leak I've tried before. I once reverted to the latest official 10.1.x and it worked perfectly. Put back 10.2.1791 and it refuses to work properly.

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When is it going to come to the US keeping checking everyday but no luck..

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Pete The Penguin

It's not rolling out for some Vodafone customers.

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I got the official update yesterday. Claro, Ecuador.

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I live in Sweden but bought my Z30 online from Selfridges London. I'm currently on Any idea when I can get ny hands on this update? Thanks!

Sayumi Whisp

Upgraded now with my second simcard from Vodafone...
To bad, the sharing issue isn't fixed :(

Since the first 10.2 leaks I cannot share pictures directly from my hub "email " with 10.1 it was great but now many apps have problems with picture sharing and downloading. :(

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This update has slowed my phone down. It used to be quick and I loved it. Eg if I open any contact to text them it takes a while for the previous convo to load and enable me to write. Before it used to be quick

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Um, you have to allow the phone time to settle and complete it's reindexing of all data. That's normal the first 24-48hrs after installing a leak.

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Whats new on this OS?

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Is there a trick to get this to discover the update? I have a Bell Canada phone, unlocked, and a Vodafone UK sim card from a trip there. I put the Vodafone sim card into my phone in here in Canada and try to update over wifi, but it says I have the most current version. Is there something I have to do to have it trigger looking for Vodafone updates and not Bell ones?


Wish T-mobile USA would put out 10.2 already! Running leaks is not such a good option anymore since the WIFi calling only works with the older radio's and call quality with those is awful. Sachesi not an option for same reason.


Nor yet for U.S. :-(

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I honestly don't see any significant changes ; and I believe I was the first to notify our community of this Vodafone UK update about 36 hours ago. There may be some added smoothness, but really not a great deal. The biggest leap I experienced was in the *prior * update, with the addition of notifications and so on. Maybe because I am travelling light app-wise, ain't seein' much. I have also noticed that dark theme is not taking in contacts though. Not a biggie for me. I think this 'dark theme' fad is a bit bemusing to be honest. Could there be major improvements under the hood with the latest version? Security, compatability and such? Puzzling. But welcome, of course :)

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I already have this version so I don't see how it's new....

I'm in the UK ON EE ORANGE though.

I have

Does this mean Vodafone customers had an older version at the last update? I've updated nothing since 10.2 release.

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Ah I see, .429!

My mistake!

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When released in USA :(

I hate T mobil

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看了评价 看来有译者问题和明显的,bug, 所以还在观望

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:) loving it!



Good news, thanks team for hard work!

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What New?

AT&T Z10 Z10STL100-3/



AT&T Z10 Z10STL100-3/

israel goncalves

Eu estou adorando a última versão do z10,rida perfeitamente sem.bugs,legs enfim...

Parabéns a BlackBerry.

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I got and update with 10MB only!? Is it normal?

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Hi...just landed on Vodafone Greece


After the update to, power button doesnot end the call. How to get it resolved?