BlackBerry OS 10.2 shows off enhanced UI, BBM Channels, multiple alarms and more

By Adam Zeis on 5 Jun 2013 05:56 pm EDT

While many Z10 owners are still waiting on OS 10.1 to officially arrive, the rumors about OS 10.2 have been stirring for quite a while. Kris dropped some screens in the forums today that show off a bit of what we can expect for the next big OS update.

In addition to a slew of UI enhancements, BBM Channels comes pre-installed, BBM has been revamped, there are now multiple alarms in the clock app and a new loading indicator takes over for the old blue circle.

While these screens do shed some light on what we can expect to see, this is surely just the start of things as the rumors point to many more additions and fixes for OS 10.2. 

Don't get too excited however since there is no official release set for the initial release.

Swing by the forums to chat it up and check out the full set of screens in the gallery above or watch the video walkthrough below, with some mild NSFW language.

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BlackBerry OS 10.2 shows off enhanced UI, BBM Channels, multiple alarms and more


Every carrier is ahead of the US carriers in releasing the update, most of the carriers release the updates with 2 weeks. What could be the problem for the US carriers?

BlackBerry OS updates are on the very bottom of every US carriers to-do lists. Can't blame them for not caring about BB right now. BB should have released a flawless product to begin with if you ask me.

You don't know what you are talking about, which software release does not need regular updates. You are lucky BlackBerry fix this in a haste manner. Apple will take forever.

I'm not saying there isn't anything out there that doesn't need OS updates but BB should have known with BB10 there wasn't going to be any carrier cooperation when it comes to anything beyond sales. When it comes to advertisement and O.S updates etc BB is on their own.

American carriers don't act like normal corporations, can't get there shit together, aren't interested in providing the best experience for ALL their customers and generally are dinosaurs that move at similar speeds?

This is bb's problem how?

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

I would like you to show me one example of a technical product that was perfect on its first iteration ... releasing flawless software hahaha we can't even expect perfect spelling from a newspaper and you expect perfect software.


Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

I agree Moz. If BlackBerry had released a decent product that people actually "lusted" over; the U.S. carriers would get the updates done right away. But the Z10 is a very flawed product that is performing badly in the U.S. So who could blame the carriers for not putting serious attention on it?

They need to get the software in there to track our conversations. BlackBerry probably isn't installing that for them ahead of time.

From what I know it takes a lot longer than several months. Look at the Apple iPhone iOS6 problem with MS Exchange, they didn't even admit there was a problem. BlackBerry is a lot quicker, there were couple releases on bb10 already.

try out some of the leaked os - they are more or less the same as official releases. check the forum. no need to wait for the carriers.

At one point. Then again, my grandfather always told me the reason our name was Zeis and not Zeiss is because we didn't have as much money. 

you mean "off" not "of".

I've heard this before ... I'm actually wondering if the name change was costly per letter prior to the 1940's in the USA?

By the time 10.2 is released, VZW maaaybe will be thinking about releasing 10.1.

GRAH! I am so damn tired of the political BS the US carriers are playing!

Please can someone at CB or BB (Kevin? Thorsten?) speak to someone influential at VZW and tell them to get on this already!? There are SO many apps and updates I can't dl because I am mired in 10.0.9 land. (I'm not too proud to say that I'm not brave enough to try dl'ing a leaked OS.)

Calling VZW doesn't help. Most of the reps aren't familiar at all w/ BB or the BB10 platform.

So frustrating!

Do what I did. I walked into a Rogers store & asked if I could get an old MicroSIM card. (they always have old deactivated ones laying around. Took it home, put it into my Q10, did the update via wifi, & then put my own SIM back in ;)

You suggest for us USA carriers to go all the way up North to Canada to do that loophole to receive OS 10.1 update...

The cost for that trip will cost us more money than what the BlackBerry Z10 is worth 0_o

No, that won't work for those not living on the boarder, or without Canadian friends or family, but it may help some people.

I was just pointing out that there is a way around it ;)

Apparently this new one has a cool animation (I'd like to see it), but I don't like that it is gray and looks like text. I would like it to be blue again, but I need to see this animation...

I prefer the new one more, also it seems like the button texture changed too, it looks more contrasted and glossy 10/10 would tap on that

Me too, maybe that's why they changed it.
I like the new animation too, maybe even more, though I will hold final judgment until I see what they have when they officially release 10.2

re: vzw 10.1, what I head is that VZW was skipping 10.0.10 and waiting for Q10, which comes out next week. 10.1 should hopefully be out within the next two weeks.

maybe the blue circle is gone cause QNX BlackBerry 10 is so effin solid, it never lags!


Posted via CB on a Q10

love it! good news.

updated to 10.1 last night.
a10 rumours.
10.2 rumores.
i love BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Just updated to on UK TMO. Also available on EE in UK on my work Z10. By the time we get 10.2, there'll be leaks for 11.2! Lol

Posted via CB10

I think a revamped BBM is much needed. Not a big fan of the new layout. Much preferred BB7's BBM setup

Posted via CB10

Sucks the U.S carriers are so slow to push the 10.1 OS update to their customers. Thank goodness with Rogers we got that update so quickly. Looking forward to the new 10.2 OS update when it eventually arrives.

Posted via CB10

10.2 for the A10!

We need some coordination regarding released updates. Judging by the response from the Crackberry crew the carriers can't be trusted to deliver for their customers.

Time to give those carriers a damn good thrashing.

If can't always be BlackBerry's fault.

Posted via CB10

The carriers couldn't care less. As far as they're concerned they can live without their BB customers, so whats the point of having a sense of urgency when rolling out updates???

When you think about it, it doesn't make much sense for BB to spend a lot of time/money making Bridge work for OS2.1 when BB10 is coming for the PlayBook. Fingers crossed with the hope that we'll see Bridge functionality restored then.

Yup. Keeping the phone on/plugged in to be able to use the alarm is a fail. No other phone I've owned had this issue.

And... no... fan boys... I don't want an app to accomplish this.

Posted via CB10

You should be able to use top button to turn off. Swipe up half way on lock screen just enough to wake it but not go off lock screen. Swipe down from top and the alarm comes up in Bedside mode. Viola. I use this all the time.

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Yeah I thought so too. Didn't come with headless apps either. Hope this one does. Course, won't matter much to us US folks if the updates don't get to us...

I can't wait. This last update has ruined my phone. And that's not a joke.

Even after wiping the device and starting over it still has glitches requiring restarts and poor touch response on the bezel.

Posted via CB10

perhaps it's simply a descriptive toast. Currently, we don't get any notification of screenshot except for sound but if you have your phone on silent, there's no way for you to tell if it saved or not.

It's for balance (corporate) users. With 10.1 screenshots are stored in the work space, which can be annoying. :)

I'm all the way in Africa Namibia to be specific, my operator pushed out 10.1 update 2 hours after BlackBerry Live, ur carriers shouldn't have any excuses...

I thought US carriers were waiting on the Q10 before they released the 10.1 update, but now that they're pretty much available what the he'll is the hold up?

Posted via CB10

Can't wait for the A10. I now know what I'm getting for xmas this year.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

BlackBerry needs to take the power to upgrade away from the carriers. It was my understanding that BB10 would allow carriers to only have a say in upgrades that affect things like the cellular radio stack, and all other upgrades could come straight from BlackBerry. What happened to that...?

I don't know who ever started that rumour but I don't ever recall anyone from BB saying that. It obviously wasn't true.

No it is true, the OS is modular so they can update everything but the radio stack if they want. Seems the Carriers don't like that idea.

On the upside, it has helped the hybrid guys because they are able to grab leaks & then pull in various parts/modules to create their builds. There are some restrictions of course, sometimes big build jumps require new radio stacks ect.

Woops, that was meant for the A10 post. My bad. I also cannot wait for 10.2.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

They makeing it really easy to walk away and it's said. Just like the playbook and the z10 like I really can't understand who made dat up grade my playbook is waste now

Posted via CB10

We know, but still an update would be nice e since I'm sure that BlackBerry is in constant communication with our carriers.

Posted via CB10

Why do have to wait on the carrier to update the OS. BlackBerry should push it direct the way Apple does.

Posted via CB10

We see this news about new features in 10.2. Sorry but I don't give a damn since I still don't have a 10.1
Apple pushes OS updates directly why can't BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

The one thing that's unique about ios is the total lack of carrier bloatware, which is somewhat responsible for update delays.

Is it me, or do those screen shots look bigger than usual?

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

Hi, my name is Ron and I'm a recovering Craberryaholic... show some official OS Love somebody.

God!!!! you're already talking about 10.2 with screenshots and all... and i have not 10.1 yet!
i freaking hate this carrier dependent updates.. i'm not happy at all (but i definitely love mu Z10)

I'm sure that if the updates where global BlackBerry will go higher!

Can people stop complaining about carriers and just do the leaks? I'm with at&t and am no longer waiting for them so I can have BlackBerry goodness. Love the updates. Can't wait for 10.2 leak.

Posted via CB10

I think with the new update rolling out soon for 10.2, they should add the ability to view the home screen, and active tiles in landscape mode. Also add in more customization for notification like os6/ os7 had. And let's not forget some more native (pre-installed) notification sounds. I think these 3 would make bb10 even more awesome!!

Posted via CB10

I wish the bbm display picture have more option and can fit bigger photos (like the zoom in and zoom out in older )

Posted via CB10

Any news of activity icon as with legacy devices?

Any native data traffic monitor?

We getting charged upto $ 0.20/mb of data!

Posted via CB10

I'm running the hybrid thanks to Kris and DarcyTallGuy and it is a smoking hot build. Loving it so far.

Love BB and this forum only makes it better

Posted via CB10

I wish BlackBerry will work on the Facebook more cos I don't understand why the BlackBerry z10 don't have share

Posted via CB10

It has share. All you do is swipe to the right or long press what you want to share and you can share it!

well technically, as the Q10 was released in the USA yesterday, 10.1 is released in the US...just not for the Z10 ;)

....also, I bet the vs of 10.1 on those American Q10's is an older 10.1 build lol

I haven't read any of the previous comments. I would like BlackBerry to move as quickly as possible to implement screen sharing for BBM cross platform. Smart phone users already have the features BBM is proposing. If there is no added functionality then there is no real reason to switch from their favorite messaging client.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Incessant whining? Most people here including myself are just talking about what we would like to see. For me, it's mostly about wanting to make a good product even better. There is no place for complacency given the competitive position BlackBerry is in. I want the company to succeed, that's party why I just bought a z10

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Yeah let's get 10.1 first!.. ridiculous it hasn't come out yet officially for the Z10!...

10.2 looks cool though! BB10 is getting better and better! It's crazy how solid this OS is so far and it's so brand new! Can't wait see what the future holds!..

how is this considered a large enough update to go from 10.1 to 10.2? great i have multiple alarms. i like that. but new loading display? why would anyone care about this? let my phone turn off and then have the alarms wake the phone up when requested. let apps run in the background like they did on legacy software.

I dont understand why they are working at these points that are nothing but superficial. i love my z10, but they are focusing their efforts in the wrong places.

In UAE Etisalat released the 10.1 update a month ago nearly. Probably in the US they don't care much for BB, they are too pro ios and android.

Posted via CB10

Not just the US, three in the UK are still 'testing ' apparently, no fixed date still *sigh*

Posted via CB10

Any chance that group email functionality is supported? It is a real pain having to input 20+ email addresses every time I need to send an email to my team.

For all the excuses, BlackBerry had the reputation of over promising and under delivering. Making a big deal over 10.2 when 10.1 is not out just reinforces that reputation. It us a month since 10.1 was announced and in the US it us still just vaporware. Love BlackBerry but wish they would stop giving fuel to the critics.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has made 10.1 available however the carriers have yet to finish "Testing ". Starting to think phone carriers in the US are working with one or all of the big 3 to facilitate the demise of BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Verizon must be in that boat. Asked about the Q10 and when they would have them in stock and the salesman said there is no more keyboards on Blackberry's. Wow. Really informed about phones.

My Verizon had the Z10 up front. Had moved the display from the back side when I bought my at launch. The rep was fascinated by my Dbrand skin that I had. I said it was to cover up the ugly Verizon logo. We both laughed. He was knowledgeable about the Z10 and the Q10. This was Saturday and I am headed back tomorrow to see the Q10 in white. Oddly same city different Verizon store had nothing Blackberry. Not even a Bold or Curve. So it is still a garblef#$!. Hit or miss.

Agreed. I can see why they are working on the icon as it's not the best, but the 10.2 icon is worse.

The channels logo needs to go back to tomoes or what it is in beta.New logo is garbage.The new load sign is also wtf man atleast have a blackberry sign spin around.Or better using the loader we have when we boot the phone.

2354? isn't that a leak? You can't install a leak on your phone & then complain about bugs ect.

btw I believe the Q10 leaks are now in the 4xxx range....not sure what the latest Z10 is. I believe it's still in the 2xxx range though.

I thought that mashup had one big fatal can't make/receive phone calls with it due to no 4xxxx radio stack. Have you found one now?

When will people understand that leaks are a way that Blackberry is able to get upgrades into the hands of people despite the best efforts of US carriers to delay upgrades as long as possible. Hopefully a time will come when Blackberry will not have to depend on continuing carrier crap.

Still waiting for an update that will allow me to group contacts :'( ... BlackBerry is a business phone after all, right?

Posted via CB10

After the new Iphones are released we will get the update. In the mean time they can say that these apps don't work on Blackberry's and only on Apple and Android to push for more sales for them cause there is a bigger mark up in prices for them.

hi, i'm in nigeria, my device is still saying up to date software and i'm operating an older version. so please let the 10.1 be available for us also

I can't be the only one who thinks the elective mix of 2D and 3D elements are ugly, right? BB10 would benefit a lot from better UI design. The underlying OS is fine, but the visual elements are a distasteful mix and match of 2D and 3D that doesn't work very well.

I don't even have 10.1 yet from Verizon. Just got done talking to a Verizon rep & they blamed Blackberry itself for not releasing. He said that the release would come directly from Blackberry, SMH. I don't think the rep knows what he's talking about.