BlackBerry OS 10.2 gets some Wolfram Alpha love

By Adam Zeis on 21 Oct 2013 01:41 pm EDT

BlackBerry owners with OS 10.2 will be happy to know that Voice Control has received the Wolfram Alpha treatment. Wolfram Research dropped word on Twitter earlier today that the Wolfram Alpha answer engine is now available for OS 10.2 with "more updates coming soon".

We're thinking this only applies to those running an official version of 10.2 - AKA any BlackBerry Z30 owners. 

The Wolfram Alpha engine provides access to loads of knowledge that includes everything ranging from simple math to chemicals, engineering, astronomy and much more. In just what capacity the engine is integrated with Voice Control we're not quite sure, but you can bet we'll be playing around to figure out just how much we can dig up.

If you're a Z30 owner or somehow running an official version of OS 10.2 on another device, be sure to test out your Voice Control to see this in action. You may have a small software update waiting (like I did) that you'll need to install to get this working. 

With Wolfram|Alpha and Voice Control, BlackBerry customers can get answers to their questions, queries and trivia through Wolfram|Alpha’s expansive, human-curated collection of data.

Examples of such queries include:

  • What is the weather in New York?
  • When is sunset tomorrow?
  • What’s 18% of $43.00?
  • How many days are there until New Year’s Eve?

“BlackBerry wants to bring customers the best possible mobile experience. You can use Voice Control to make a phone call or dictate a message -- it will even read a message to you. Adding natural language query with Wolfram|Alpha allows customers to get answers by simply speaking their question. It benefits personal productivity,” said Adrian Gould, Vice President of Handheld Software Product Management at BlackBerry.

“We’re excited and happy that this relationship will give BlackBerry customers access to meaningful knowledge and answers through Wolfram|Alpha,” said Luc Barthelet, Executive Director of Wolfram|Alpha. “Bringing Wolfram|Alpha to BlackBerry smartphones is an important step in Wolfram’s mission to make computable knowledge available everywhere.”

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BlackBerry OS 10.2 gets some Wolfram Alpha love


Based on your signature - is that an American sentiment based quote? Personally I'd rather be a Perigrin Falcon whom kills my pray in flight and flies much faster ;)

Interesting... I'm on and still can't see it. Maybe it's taking time to populate? Or I'm spelling it wrong? Lol

Posted via CB10

Um, is this a real question...?
If it's official, it's not a leak. And vice versa.

You probably meant, "where's official 10.2 release," I assume?

This is how you CB10, son!

The carriers control this release. I find it hypocritical that they are selling the Z30 with 10.2 and yet tell me that they can't release the 10.2 update for my Z10 as they are still testing it. WTH??

Oh is it?
I haven't really followed SayIt too closely.

Very interesting... Thanks.

This is how you CB10, son!

I'd like to see us early adopters actually rewarded for once and have them release 10.2 soon.

Posted via CB10

They launched 10.2 somewhere, can't remember the exact country but I thought it was somewhere in south-east Asia or around there.

Singapore and Malaysia I think.

Z10 STL 100-2 | back to (because the flash player in 10.2 is busted)

Can't wait for 2.0. This is more awesome news! #keepmoving!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

I suddenly look forward to having my Z30 even more now... And I'm glad this will launch to Z10, Q10, and Q5 owners in the (hopefully) near future here in North America.

I hope Voice Control borrows more features that SayIt uses. SayIt sounds like what VC should have been

Sorry - but walking up the stairs in Grand Central at rush hour, using my thumb to press a side button and ask a question and hearing the reply through my headphones is a million times easier than going to an app and looking down at an answer. BB does not yet have this functionality yet. Others do. It's something to keep working on. Just saying.

And no one looks at anyone in GCT at rush hour - you just move. But never slow down and stare down at your phone typing away. Don't wanna do that.

Jim - I live among the trees and deer and bobcats and bear. But I work where I don't need sympathy, I need performance and function. Thank you.

I had that kind of functionality on my old Treo650. I miss that phone, except of course for the glacially slow browser and chronic reboots...

I am pretty sure 10.2 leaks have this integrated...unless official 10.2 has even more functionality, but my voice control is good!

Weee he said 2nd week of October official release of 10.2. But now almost end of October haha wafew!!!!!!

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It seems to get "set a calendar appointment for 7pm" with no need for pauses and robotic speaking on my part. Nice. :D

Updating my Z30 on WIND from to now. 95mb update that wasn't available on the weekend so this must be it

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

It's a bit slow, but working nonetheless. Such a cool addition to voice control. Can't wait for future updates. I'm having trouble putting my z10 down ever since I tried this out lol.


Posted via the awesome Z10. White STL 100-2

For us red Z10 owners that don't actually have any carrier / data plan, how does one get a version of the OS that includes this?

Sayit is fast than the built in voice software with calculations and everything else!

Tried it on my Z30...


Works here on Z30 and Z10/Q10 (all loaded via Sachesi as these OSes arent available yet for TELUS).

I've been using Wolfram Alpha for a while. I have QuickSearch (a free app by the way), and it has Wolfram Alpha as one of its ridiculously many search engines. I've been combining it with the voice control built into the keyboard and it works well.

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I have the leak on my Z10, which is and do not see the difference in my voice assistant from having the 10.1 or stock build of OS.

I ask my assistant what 2+2 is and it asks me if I want to search the internet....WTF? why are people saying they have this update on leaks?

I don't.....

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When does the official OS 10.2 come out? Dying to update!

Posted off my cracker of a z10 ;)

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I'll have to start a thread on this because I can't add the screen shot attachment to this comment, and no one will believe me otherwise, but....

I am using leaked, and when I press the middle button and ask the questions you suggest, it gives me the answer and says it is powered by Wolfram Alpha.

I'll post the thread under the beta and leaked OS section for OS 10.

Just tried this on my Z10 running It still needs to be polished for a better experience, but the feature itself was very impressive. Great job Blackberry!

Having issues launching voice control on z30. Mute button won't launch it and when I hit voice control app button it opens and closes right away. Anyone else?

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We need a list of what can be said. I can't believe I can NOT say "Weather in Los Angeles" or "Current temperature in ...."
I have to say "what is the weather in Los Angeles'

WTF is this Jeopardy? or an App.

Haha, it's not the app. Those responses are from, or rather not from, wolfram alpha.
So your saying wolfram alpha sucks?
I beg to differ. I think it's awesome.
I hope vc adds weather without using wolfram alpha... then it shouldn't matter how you ask.

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