BlackBerry OS 10.2 concept envisions homescreen quick settings and lockscreen media player

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jun 2013 08:17 am EDT

Just a few weeks back we asked you what you want to see come to BlackBerry OS 10.2. While the response was incredible the suggestions were all across the board. We heard everything from PIN/pattern lock to lockscreen weather to the ability to pin apps as Active Frames.

We've already seen that future updates will be brining lock screen notifications, priority contacts and an 'easy password' feature, but there is certainly plenty more in store down the road as well.

Our good friend Pootermobile did a bit of work and came up with one BlackBerry OS 10.2 update concept that looks pretty sweet. The concept shows off new features like homescreen quick settings, a customizable bottom bar and a lockscreen media player. 

For the homescreen quick settings, you would be able to choose what settings appear in the dropdown and in what order. You could arrange items or choose to hide any you don't use. The menu itself would be scrollable as well.

The bottom bar would be customizable allowing you to choose an app in place of the phone, search or camera icons. Just drag an app icon to the bottom to swap it out.

Lastly a lockscreen media player is proposed for the update. This one is very straightforward and makes a lot of sense. As of now there is no good way to access your playing media when the device is locked, so having it accessible on the lockscreen would be a great fit. 

What do you want to see in future updates?

So that leaves us at the question of what you want to see in future updates. We know that there are some cool features coming as soon as OS 10.1, but what else would you really want to see added into BlackBerry 10? More settings? Different Active Frame functions? 

You can check out our original post here to see plenty of great ideas, then hit up the comments below and let us know what features you'd like to see in the next update(s) to BlackBerry 10.

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BlackBerry OS 10.2 concept envisions homescreen quick settings and lockscreen media player


AN OPTION to show the media player from the lock screen would be awesome! :) Don't want your young kids accessing all the music there is these days. I'm being more and more discrete nowadays and removing stuff off my BlackBerry.

I'm guessing it would only show once you have already initiated some sort of media playback (for which you would have had to unlock the device).

Posted via CB10

I know what you mean about the kiddies, but aren't you playing pretty fast and loose with the word "music" in the current context?

Technically this is already on the OS. It works anywhere, even on the lockscreen. Wake up the device, and push the up or down button. However, the catch is, you have to be listening to music first.

I don't see how additional features or making the phone useful is being more like anyone. I think this "concept" is a cool start. Maybe BlackBerry will take notice.

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I agree with GoJaysGo, as well. Sometimes I wonder why some people just don't go and buy an iPhone or an Android device if they want their BlackBerry 10 device to be so much like them, or be able to run their particular apps on them (i.e. Android). It's like they are saying, I want to be an isheep, or I want to be able to do Apple/Android things, just allow me to do so undercover in a sense by carrying a device with another name on its cover. They have no sense of coming up with anything in terms of being truly unique as a BlackBerry owner, nor appreciating BB10 for its own uniqueness. There have to be ways to make the device/operating system better that are not almost identical to that of other phones, and there surely have to be some innovative minds out there which are able to do this, and who are willing to do it, for BlackBerry.

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So blackbery never borrowed from IOS? Wow dragging one rounded corner app icon onto another creating a folder seems familiar...pinch to zoom and rubber banding? why didnt you just get an iphone?......putting media player controls on a lock screen isnt IOS or android or anything.....its good practice...for every OS!

It's only good practice because it caters to the across the board wants of what is already in place on other platforms. It's not putting something unique and mind blowing out there that would grab the attention of the masses just as much.

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And if you are, in all sincerity, asking me why I didn't get an iPhone Spork...three words...BlackBerry's unique (that's the keyword here) security.

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No one is denying that companies don't take good ideas from other companies but moving apps to the bottom bar is taking it too far and too much like iOS.

Nobody is saying it has to be identical to the iOS or android experience, simply to have a certain functionality. Should BB10 not have a high quality screen because the iPhone has one? Should it not be stable for the same reason? Should it not have NFC because android does? I guess multiple alarms are a no no then. It should absolutely not have a full touch screen, because that's so iOS/android...

You two are somewhat missing my point. Of course, we all know that different platforms borrow different ideas from one another. That is a given. And although nobody is "saying" BlackBerry has to be identical to the platforms you just mentioned, in a sense (and in some cases, realistically), they are asking for some of the very same functions to be available for BB10. There is nothing wrong with that. But at the same time, it would be nice to see people think out of the box a bit more in order to make BlackBerry more unique in itself. Like I said, there have to be some super bright minds out there that can come up with something. They just need to be persuaded to think past going with the crowd when it comes to developing. Which in today's realm, sadly seems to be iOS. I do think BlackBerry is going to eventually surprise everyone, though. Just my opinion.

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I like the way blackberry implemented setting the alarm in the clock app. Although an AM/PM toggle would have been nice, because I've made that mistake. Curious to see how they'll do multiple alarms with that system. Different colors? But that will eventually get confusing...

I'm getting bored of the status quo. We need more people to think outside the box. Like waaaaay outside. Take one hundred ideas and develop a couple of excellent ones... (but there are some basic ones that should be on all platforms, like options in a motor vehicle).

Blackberry Gods please have BB10 come to Playbook, we supported this tablet actually two tablets for me .
Yes, we are waiting for BB10 on my Playbook , I know the A10 will replace the Playbook as a Phablet but having the BB10 OS on Playbook will Keep me Moving !

I hope they fix the blackberry hub because I don't get notifications unless I refresh the hub all the time :(, please fix this BlackBerry, - coming from an att BlackBerry user

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Interesting...could it be a device issue? I'm on the same carrier, and I didn't experience that while running 10.0, nor now while running 10.1.

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Have you tried rebooting the phone the old fashioned way? ie pull out the battery...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

The more functionality and options the better. One thing I would Not want to see is messages on my lock screen. This should be an option Not a function of the OS.

Posted One-Handed via BlackBerry Z10

I absolutely agree with that!!! It's the purpose of a lock screen to hide personal data, isn't it.

Regards Johnny

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I also agree. Would also like Voice Control activation from pause hard button disabled when music player active. Still want option to disable native Games app.

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SlcCorrado- buy an iPhone. It is going to be just like ios yes the skin of the players will be unique because it is BlackBerry's own concept it is not new.

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What SlcCorrado seems to be saying is that he wants certain features available on the competition provided for his device because he likes his device more than the competition.

Here's what I equate it to: There are certain features I'd like to see Honda put in their vehicles (available in other brands), but you'd never catch me driving, for example, a North American vehicle.

if you're playing music, have an option to have it appear so that you have easy access with a quick long pause like the camera so that I dont accidentally press the crap out of it.

I like the new options as long as they stay as options and so far BlackBerry is listening.

Don't care for pinned apps but being able to have them run in the background with an option would be great. there are some apps I've downloaded from BB world that doesn't allow me to set the app restrictions - unless they're well known apps and/or made from BB, they get deleted if I can't control what they access.

See where I'm getting at, its all about giving me options to give some sort of customisation all while keeping it uniformed on BB10 across the board.

Great step in the right direction. Can't wait for the next update to see what other gems are going to be hidden in this update :) at least we know they are making changes for the better. Any little feature is a welcomed feature :)

Posted from My Z10 via CB10

Sounds great.

The one that I want to see, is different options for Active Frames. It's nice that devs can create them by themself, but why many of them didn't use it and it shows only a freezer picture of the app. BlackBerry has done it too. An option for: app like function and active minimised preview for Videos or Android ports would be great.



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the return of BIS, my phone shouldn't wait every 15 or 30 minutes for emails. I hate this BB is suppose to be FAST. that ain't fast

Email speed is not a problem for me, but I agree we should have the option of BIS. I would pay a few bucks extra each month to get back on BIS. Also, I want my Bridge back like I used to have. That was the best function of all. Anyone who had a PlayBook and used their Bridge knows what I am talking about. Come on BlackBerry enough!

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Would be nice, but the average guy on the street didn't want to pay for it. They didn't see or care about the bigger picture.

Having the option for bis would be great. I know I would definitely pay for it. I got used to the extra 5 bucks a month.. knowing I would have the most reliable and secure communications service.

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

For my suggestion; I would like to see BlackBerry allow the use of commercial VPN's in the next update - specifically OPEN VPN.

It's great so see much innovations, with the ui etc - however BlackBerry is known for security... yet they don't support commercial vpns?! crazy. To think, we no longer have BIS, and not everyone has access to a BES server - surely is should be simple to adopt that feature set.

The majority of sales for BlackBerry are by people that use it for personal use, not corporate. Personal security is a must. Very backwards, indeed.

EVERY OTHER os allows for this (android and ios), yet the "secure" bb10 doesn't. I hope this is just an oversight and something they're getting onto, like unlimited time to save POP emails, delete on device not server and other niggling options...

If anyone can tell me how to directly talk to someone at BlackBerry directly, I would love to hear from you!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Yeah blackberry balance with either enterprise or microsoft exchange activesyc.

My office emails are getting mixed up with my personal ones.

Posted via CB10

Yea I have been saying that since BB10 was on the Dev devices. People with kids ect. would really do well with a "Guest" profile so they can let other people use their phone without worrying about their personal info

Keyboard update/option :

Give us the option to change the color of the "flickable" words. I think that might help those of us that have poor eyesight. I'd use the feature more but I just can see the words well.....

A: OS integrated Option to Block specific Numbers / Calls and SMS independent from Carrier support.

B: Swiping through my emails forth and back while I have a email open.

Right now it works this way: I need to close the currently opened email to go back to my inbox. Then i can read/open the next email. That's unnecessary and took much too long when you have to read ~150 emails every day.

I really miss both features from my old cheap Samsung Wave Device with Bada OS.

I hope BlackBerry will some Day begin to listening to its customers took a step in to the Future.

Posted via CB10

Can't you access music from the lock screen by pressing the volume rockers? Works for me and let's you skip fwd or back and pause as well as adjust volume.

Posted via CB10

As a Verizon customer still waiting for 10.1 I probably won't see 10.2 until next spring, so it's a little too far out for me to worry about now.

Landscape mode for which feature? I'm running (leak) and have landscape mode for a lot of features. Some features simply don't need a landscape mode.


I would like to see a quick right swipe out of an active or currently composing E-mail to go to the hub to quickly open another E-mail or message. or a quick left swipe to go to your home screen. If you want to discard an E-mail you began to compose, you can do so from the hub view itself. If you are composing an E-mail and you need to get out to reference something, you currently have to select cancel, then either save or discard to go back to the message hub view. I would argue you do not delete composing E-mails as much as you exit them to do something make that part easier.

Also if you are in an opened message (reading or composing or what ever) and you go back to your home screen or apps pages and then you get a notification, the peek (up and to the right) should take you back to the hub view, not the message. If you want to go back to the message you should just swipe right to do that.

This is my $0.02 from a travelling power user that spends most of his time in the hub :)

A lot of users my not realize that the Hub works with left and right swiping.
If you have a case on the phone it may limit your use of the left and right side of the screen for those gestures.

I want to access the Home screen Quick Setting anywhere any time , eg if I open a youtube video or open a PDF in email or on a website etc..I want to be able to swipe down uncheck the Rotation lock to view in landscape !! Keep Moving !!

I would love to see a hub timeout reset feature. It's annoying if you forget to go back to the main page of the hub before you close the hub, you'll still be on your old message from a long time ago. It's not easy to check new messages at a glance.

It would be great that say after 5 - 15 min, the hub will always go back to the main page of the hub, also this feature could be turned on and off as a behavior option.

This one sounds like a no-brainer and easy to program.

Posted via CB10

It also sounds like a no-brainer to just close an email when you're done reading it. :-/
How hard is that to do? The only thing you should be annoyed at is yourself. At some point, we do have to think for ourselves.

^We have an attention troll here. I've seen your other messages on crackberry and you are only antagonistic to others. Did you think of that insult all by your widdle sewlf?


1. Be able to change ring tone from quick settings. Toggle between multiple ringer-profiles from quick settings.

2. Be able to make outgoing call while phone is locked.


Posted via CB 10 app on my Q10!

Enough with the gimmicks, BB needs to fix the core issues and bring back productivity while adding security and privacy when upgrading the PIM, including the Hub.

Absolutely right!

And I read your thread re commercial vpns - very informative, thank you!

I only just realised one can't use cryptIp (openvpn provider) with my BlackBerry, though everything else in the home is connected - madness.

BlackBerry please sort out the security and privacy settings and options! The gimmicky stuff can come along as and when... :-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I want an option to clear the "recent" video,music,and photos from the BB player without deleting / removing them from the SD card/or internal memory please.

I want a camera app that saves pictures with geo location in the file name, just like the camera app in BB7 did (on the 9860 geo tagged pics/vids have been named in a scheme of location-date-filenumber.jpg)... oh and I would have expected BB10's camera app to be able to do panorama pics, would trade panorama against hdr option :p

Posted via CB10

I want to have tasks with set able reminder times and priorities just like they were in BlackBerry OS. This is one area where I feel that BB10 went backwards. It would be great if they could get us access to Office 365 for programs like Lync, One Note and SharePoint. This is supposed the phone for highly productive people so it is those type of capabilities they should focus on.

Posted via CB10

But they don't show on my calendar. Kinda pointless to have a reminder that is not on your calendar.

Posted via CB10

I want to see a OS upgrade that magically transformers my phone into one that ends up with a real qwerty keyboard when typing as well as all the requisite features to make the BlackBerry a kick ass phone but also the ability to zap all other non BlackBerry phones into oblivion. Maybe I'm dreaming too much. Lol.

Posted via CB10

I love the "concept envisions" euphemism... about admitting that it's a straight copy from Android? It'd a lot less ridiculous, trust me.

I would like when watching a video in the browser that when putting the volume louder doesn't cover the middle of the screen and just like on top or something

Posted via CB10

These are some great new capabilities for OS 10. Please bring them on with the quickness. That said, I'm sure AT&T will be last in line to push to users.

Still! I'm glad I stayed with BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I would like to see a photo screen saver / home screen, so that not everyone has to see what I was doing on my multitasking screen. Also, it would be great to have multiple layouts for the home screen as the previous blackberry OS-es did for more personalization options. Furthermore it would be great if the number of active frames can be raised to 12. Looking forward to the official release of 10.2.

Software: I'd like my little notification icons backs...mail envelope, BBM, etc on the top between the battery indicator and the time display so I'm not constantly swiping into the hub to see if I have new messages. I'd also like a coherent organization of the "pictures" file, so when I take a picture with the camera I can find it half an hour later. WHY does it not automatically get saved in "pictures", and WHY did they do away with "camera" and "photos" from OS7? That was such an easy, organized way of doing things. And have the most recent pictures first, instead of at the BOTTOM!!! And the option to automatically go into bedside mode when charging, restricted to certain hours (again as was possible in OS7).

Hardware: (I know this wasn't asked, but anyway) someone make me a battery door with contacts for a cradle for my Q10! PLEASE!

I would be happy with the 10.1 update that WE (AT&T) STILL HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting to get a little passed off we have been waiting for it for a couple months now

Posted via CB10

I would like to have folders with multiple frames.
I currently have 3 "Games" folders & 2 "Utilities" folders
I would prefer to only have one of each.

Auto shutdown wakeup for overnight

In holster profile

Select text and cut and copy from within attachments and pdf docs

Posted via CB10

Can they fix the issue of dropping contacts from the phone and not be able to sync with icloud before we start adding bells and whistles?

Posted via CB10

Love these concepts, and can honestly say that I would use each and every one every day, they would be a real improvement to the user experience.

Apparently that's illegal in some countries so all manufacturers of phones implemented the shutter sound.
For now there's some shutter meters in BlackBerry World. Just wait for 10.2 when they release the headless api so the active frame doesn't have to be open.

Headless apps will be a blessing!

And just for info: it's not illegal anywhere bar south Korea. There was a whole thread on one of the posts, just last week. People keep mistaking a proposal from 2009 as having been made into law.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Having used the Q10 for about a week, here are my observations..

1. QNX is a why aren't the minimized app panes running/updating in real time? From my limited experience using the device, it seems like they stop once the app is minized. As an example, the map app doesn't continue to update when minimized.

2. A setting that one can select a time that the hub would default from say the text message view back to the main hub view.

3. Enhanced bridge integration.....cmon BBRY, as good or better bridge functionality than OS 7 should have been there from day 1.

4. Just overall more polish on the having the device not send me notices every 2 minutes to connect to my work wifi.

5. Additional enhancements TBD as I'm still exploring the device.

I would like to see options on contacts where someone might have 2 cell phones (like my wife) and when I send or receive a text I don't know what phone it came from without having to swipe around and find out. In BBOS7 it would have cell 1 or cell 2. Same with calls on the call log. I don't know what phone it came from.
If someone already knows the solution other than making the 2nd phone "other" I would appreciate it.

I would like to see the old style 'toolbar ' come back with weather docs and real time battery level or just programmable for whatever you want.

Have blackberry protect function like it does on OS7 devices... or at least integrate a backup feature to use on Dropbox or box.

Posted via CB10

There is an Action setting in the camera as well as Whiteboard, Night and Beach or Snow within 10.1 and I believe it was in 10 as well.
Open camera, open overflow menu (3 .s), tap A Auto Scene and choose Action.

I don't know if anyone has said it but I would like to be able to get into bedside mode from the home screen. Maybe use a two finger swipe down from the top to lock the phone and enter bedside mode simultaneously. That way I don't have to go through the clock or lock the phone first. Just one way that I think will help me to "keep moving" :)

Posted via CB10

The two-finger swipe is a nice idea, but what does it save, really? Maybe a half second over just pressing the lock button twice then swiping down?

LOL! I knew you were gonna say that. And you are right. But I'd rather see those half seconds saved by way of more streamlined UIs on productivity apps. If you're putting the phone in bedside mode, that pretty much implies you've reached a period in your day that you have some half seconds to spare. ;)

Plus I use the magnify mode so I already use a 2 finger swipe down from the top to turn it on and off

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

One can never save up enough half seconds when it comes to sleep lol besides, great ideas come from a solid rest :)

Posted via CB10

The one feature I miss the most from the legacy blackberries is the second simple display features of BlackBerry Traffic. As "simple" or "boring" as the graphics may have looked compared to the 3D visuals of newer smartphones, the BB traffic app did its job, and did it well. I wish I could take a screen shot but don't have any way to now. But the "bar" display that shows the trip route would show green for no traffic and change accurately from yellow to red to dark red for heavy stopped traffic. The estimated arrival time would also adjust accordingly and was always within a 3 minute +/- window.

Bottom line is blackberry maps is good, but blackberry traffic, aside from graphics, was damn near perfect. As some people swear by BlackBerry Travel, I swear by BlackBerry Traffic. So please BlackBerry Inc. Please, please restore BlackBerry Traffic in all its former glory to BB10.

I loved BB Traffic it would be great to have for BB 10.
I still carry my 9800 as a work phone to have Traffic and to send more that 10 texts at a time.........

that Texting limit BB need to fix

Digit grouping in the calculator. 1,234,529,000,000,000 is easier to read than 1234529000000000!

Also give us back the landscape scientific mode!!!

I have no complaints on the dev concept. I would like more battery optimizations but I think that's oj their list already. Option to peek back into the top level hub.

I would really, REALLY love it if Bluetooth playback of the music library didn't default to "shuffle play" when I get in the car! It is not easy at all to fish through the horrible music interface to find the shuffle option to turn it off. Not to mention the response is so slow when you press the symbol that you don't know if you selected it or not, which leads to more feverish presses. This behavior has been present at least since BBOS 7, but at least on that one it was a cinch to turn it off.

"As of now there is no good way to access your playing media when the device is locked, so having it accessible on the lockscreen would be a great fit. "

I disagree. We have access to aging music via the volume control buttons. I for one love this as it's quick and I don't have to wake the phone to perform a skip. Since my music is always on shuffle, using the buttons is perfect. Should access to the music player via the lock screen be an option, absolutely.

posted via CB10

The equivalent to Advanced OS and LED. Missing these features every single time I pick up my phone. Should be built into the next release!


All BlackBerry ring tones to date should be available. Hate having to hunt peck, then download old faves...


Alarm clock settings such, so tiny tis a PITA first trying to read and then scrolling. Backward slide. Also, miss being able to alter snooze time with code like on my old BlackBerry 9900. very easy to see/do...


A few things I would love to see in 10.2

-The txt message bug. Does None else notice that txt message is slower than bbm or what's app by far? To the point I can't type fluidly

-full agenda view on the calender. Not just agenda of the day but all events until infinity like the old calender

-better media/universal search. I'm still having trouble finding some songs o. My new BlackBerry. Where my 9900 had no issues. With the same memory card
Eg; song with j.cole and Miguel. U type Miguel it says no file

-volume toggle. Why is it right in the middle and not off to the tops or side? Changing volume while watching a video. And suddenly you can't see the video. Just the volume bar

-landscape home screen

-battery life

-fix call logs. Many times after I make a call. It does not appear in the recent call log. No clue why

-message history from the contact list. In the legacy devices you were able to pull up contact and message them from there and you would see the history of the messages. On bb10 you don't get that. It's a blank slate until you send a message and it will pull from the hub after. Or you would have to manually find the convo from the hub

-contacts Un link quite a bit. I link them one day. And tomorow I have 2of the same contacts again and their unlinked

All and all this is a new os. But many simple features I believe they dropped the ball on. They had all these locked down on os 7. They should have all that and more on bb10. Not less. They should do these simple things well and add to it. Instead of working on the gui and games then work on the core after.

I had android and came back
..had ios. And camde back.....but after owning the z10. unless I get the q10. I may just go windows. I'm honestly dissapointed

Btw. The z10 keyboard sucks. Auto correct sometimes. And not other times.

This was my rant for the day

Posted via CB10

Is everyone forgetting about BlackBerry Protect? FULL FUNCTIONALITY PLEASE. And more unique options for back up and restore on BlackBerry Link, just like desktop manager.

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

All these updates are NEEDED. I like the pix and vid above. those would be cool to see... i think there needs to be a quick settings like in the new iOS 7. that is an amazing and useful feature.

I want the equaliser back in the media player and also bridge to have the same os 7 function oh and MULTIPLE alams!

Mwahahahaha it's the Z10

I love waht BB did with BBOS10, but I really would like to see like many others some excellent functionalities we had with BBOS7 ... like the way pictures and media were working, having all situations people said, also different icons for my notifications, I liked I was able to recognice really easy all of them and also now I do not get anything but a led blink when I get a gtalk...

Panoramic photos would be really nice too :)

And for me, I am still waiting for 10.1 update ... really thinking to install a leak but afraid I made it wrong ...

Hate active frame....... I would like to some application to run background..... please make hardware not have heating issue like mine had..... it 41.00 * c. it harm my device and decrease battery life

Posted via CB10

features i wanna see
1 Radio ..
2 Music Equalizer
3 lock screen widgets (music player , radio , notification previews)
4 regular tap to focus on the camera
5 customize able toggles area (wifi, bluetooth, data services on/of, alarm, profiles)
6 pin frequently used apps to the active frames area and more than 8 running apps ( so i can keep bbm there constantly.
7 a torchlight on off toggle would be nice i mean we have an led flash we should get features budget phones have
8 more camera settings and modes
9 >>> smart camera mode if i take a picture of an address, phone number, email address in it can let me store the data from the camera app , act on the recognized data or when i am going through the gallery of pics make the numbers, addressed or emails clickable to i can act on it later Eg i take a pic of some one's business card i can open the image and tap the number to make a call.
10 pin unlock and pattern unlock
11 option to clear blackberry id data ie ... backup up apps and bbm contacts associated with a bb id could be cleared from the phone itself
12 battery percentage option on either lock screen or home screen maybe both some how
13 better native Facebook , foursquare and twitter i mean steal some features from the android version lol
14 i played with a q10 speed dial needs to be there the phone app should always be running in the background and when i deal a number and hit call it should call one time not put the number in the phone app for me to hit call
15 a bit of Samsung features should be copied and executed much more seamlessly like direct call, shake to update, double tap to go the top ,maybe smart stay and tun over to mute / pause
16 an automatic driving mode that knows when your driving and adjusts the phone accordingly

One thing that drives me crazy is how the video player can't be locked into landscape view! Every time I try to watch a video, if I turn or move the orientation changes, it drives me nuts!

Posted via CB10

I would like a lot of these features but I would really like to be able to organize my active frames and they stay where I put them the without reorganizing when I enter the app

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Why does everyone keep saying the A10 will replace the PlayBook? It's not even close to tablet size. In fact, it's on the smaller side of phablets too.

Most important thing to have it in this new update: predictive search directly in the dial pad. A thing very simple considering that all other 7.1 OS has it. Why BBRY has forgot all good business feature that allows you to find quickly somebody in your contacts ? From my point of view forget about any useless features (iPhone or Samsung like....) and bring back all good things. Thanks BB.

Posted via CB10

OS10 is great but some old things BB already made, and made us love them now are forget ... Get those back please

Same thing I have said since day one. Make everything available in landscape as well as vertical.


Separate notifications for BBM individual messages versus BBM group messages. Also a notification for when someone posts and comments on a pictures. Great features that existed on legacy devices...

Lock screen media player for sure. A lock screen api would be a cool thing. Allow 3rd party apps a user selectible option to enable things like stocks and sports scores. A feed essentially.

Posted via CB10

I would like to see on the bbm to broadcast in categories not just all and I would like to see an option on and off for ping!!! Vibration.

Is dirty bit fun run coming to blackberry 10 or should I take a android phone just to play it??

Posted via CB10

We need as much customization as we can get in BlackBerry 10 now that themes and custom fonts are gone.

Posted via CB10

I would like to see more font styles! Definitely would love to have that option again. More apps with the clean HD look to it. More ring and alert tones. I would love to see another blackberry keyboard option. That's all that I can think of at the moment.

Thank you

Posted via CB10

I would like to see at least those three things in 10.2

1- auto answering with CORDED headset sets!
2- separate phone ring tone volume control from the rest of notifications volume ! Just like it was in my bold. While i want my bbm, texting, email's and whatss app notifications volumes to be low, I want to be able to have a loud volume for my phone calls only!
3- landscape view for BlackBerry maps!

Thank you.

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I think a swipe to the left on the lock screen will bring you to a "day view" and have the weather, calendar , music,notifications..ect.
I was also thinking of changeable sizes of the pinned active frames similar to windows phone, the open apps would still be at the top but these different sized apps would accompany the active frame page so its not just one or two active frames open which I think makes it look bad.
Oh and I'm starting to not like the shade that surrounds the apps

I'd like to be able to get a reminder more than just two weeks in advance, on Facebook I would like the share feature to actually able to access voicemail without having to key in the pin all the time and I would like to see BlackBerry Navigator since it offers more than BlackBerry Maps

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The three main areas I would like to see modified in 10.2 - based on my experiences with a Z10 running 10.1 are:

1. With the Music player, I'd like to see the EQ (presets) return and for the Artist sort to actually sort on the Artist field and not on the Album Artist field. I'd also like the ability to be able to skip songs while the phone is locked.

2. With the Email/Hub - Apart from the various other issues listed in these comments, I sometimes see massive delays in sending emails if there are more than one email waiting in the queue to send. This is not a connectivity issue as I see this happen even over the office WIFI - so it could be an issue on the BES and sync. There is also a bug I see often when using Select More - after finishing selecting more and deleting or moving emails, some email headers retain the selected appearance even though they are not.

3. With the battery life - have seen some major issues with some applications (like Ebay) draining the battery in a few hours to zero - wishes BB World would decline apps that do this. Also found that keeping the ability to unlock the phone by gestures active drained the battery majorly - even though this was a nice feature.

You can already skip songs while the phone is locked. Just do a long press (1 - 2 seconds.)

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I would love to see more apps that push info. Can't find one weather app that pushes severe weather warnings.

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Would love to see grouping contacts in the Contacts app, and since not every peer of one owns a smartphone, would love to be able to send SMS to contact groups!!

The CB10 Experience

I had been using Curve,Bold and Playbook. My Z10 has gone back to the Centre for problem with camera (more on this later). What I found within 1 week is :

1.Messages in lock screen : Shows events and that is a problem. Lock screen is a lock screen with limited access.
2.The LED for network coverage is a MUST. While travelling if you have a manual network search option, this is a God sent option.
3.Hate that haveing a BB account, I cannot backup my contacts. Had a tough time going wireless, synchronising thru Outlook from my Bold to update z10.
4.FB birthday alert triggers from Calendar but no option to post from there. could do so from OS 6.
5.Option for sending photo with limit size is required.
6.Reminder does not have a time set. Nor does it trigger anything. Evernote working better than OS 6 though.
7.No native app to show by battery charging %,. BB site shays the LED will be green when fully charges. Have yet to see that.
8.If phone rotation is locked and teh phone is witched off, the rotation lock is gone if rebooted.
9.Could not find FB chat !
10. THE MOST MISSING THING : There was an option in OS 6 to search mails remotely. Z10 can only search what is on teh device. If BB plans to target business people, why did it go for this ? I just hated z10 fro this only. It really handicapped me.

I miss a customizable calendar reminder snooze. When the reminder pops up I can only choose to let it snooze for 5min. What about offering users to choose whether they like to let it snooze for 5, 10, ... min, a day, a week, two weeks... Like my Outlook calendar notifications.

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Does anyone else miss the flashy ness the bold 9900 had? I'm missing that with these phones. Doesn't feel right

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I would like to see the end call button moved to the left side in the middle. Too often, I find myself swiping the application to minimize it so I can access my calendar, contacts, etc and I end up ending the call.
I'd also like to see multiple alarms, the visual voice mail app for rogers, but most importantly, id like the phone to not freeze if i type too fast and not restart unless I tell it to.

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An option to consolidate multiple contacts into one master would be really helpful! Since moving to BB10, the only real frustration I have is the number of duplicated contacts for the same person I have based on whether it was taken from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, phone book, etc.

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I would really appreciate if they adjust the quality of the screenshot pics when we use them as display pics for BBM...

Because now... if you take a screenshot and use it as a display pic in BBM, the quality of that pic got very bad and looks very small.

BlackBerry please, fix this issue.

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And also... thy have to add the ability of the add-on features...

For example, now, when we want to add a face from fancy character, for example, we have to:
1. go out of the BBM
2. open the fancy app
3. then chose the face
4. go back again to the BBM to paste the face you have chosen.... long story man... very bery very annoying..

And what if you want to add more than face in the same text? I guss you will never finish that text hahaha

It has to be improved, there must be add-on features which allow you to add the faces from different apps in the BBM without having to go out of the BBM...

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My Z10 and my wife's Q10 are both awesome phones but the biggest things that need fixing/restoring to previous functionality is BlackBerry Bridge and BlackBerry Protect!

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What i want to see in BlackBerry now? I want the icons to be more presentable in a way it will look more realistic and stylish. Being in a classic look can be boring. Can it be for office and other world? And one more applications that really needs enhancement most of applications like skype, ym anf gtalk are just for chat and with skype the quality of the app is a mess!!

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I'd love to see this on the next software updates:
When you swipe up from the bottom on the home screen, the keyboard come up. They can make type and go just like the Q10! And leave a place to make us chose what app we want to be in the search place.
And they can put more settings when you swipe down from the top you can go right to see more settings.

That's my suggestions

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Oh and in Saudi Arabia, the BlackBerry World do not have the movies and the music, and we need some of that :/

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1. Swiping up with two fingers on my Z10 will bring the keyboard, however it is useless since you can't do anything with it
I would like to swipe up with two fingers to use the keyboard for searching anything on my Z10!

2. Alarm is not as good as in previous blackberry models
I would like to have an option to turn on or off vibration with alarm tone .

3. Arabic letters in Z10 keyboard are not in the right order for example English letters are arranged in QWERTY order, however in Arabic it's arranged like in VWERTY order, this is a serious issue and a main reason for Arab customers to not buy the Z10, and blackberry should fix it ASAP.

I have a question...
Is blackberry watching our suggestions?
Or is it only us reading this?

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I would love it if they could integrate the phone app into the OS like the Hub. So, swiping up from the bottom to the right takes you into the Hub (as it currently does), but adding the ability to swipe up from the bottom to the left to take you into the call log, speed dial numbers, contacts, and dial pad would be amazing. Then removing the phone icon on the bottom menu bar of the homescreen and replacing it with a screen lock icon would be brilliant. Then to wake up the device I just swipe up from the bottom bezel. To lock the device I just tap that icon on the menu bar of the homescreen. You would never need to use the physical lock button on the top of the phone again. Obviously, I would still leave the physical button on top of the phone with all its current functionality (screen lock, turn off, restart).

A huge thing I really want back is filters & categories for contacts. I always was a big user of this on legacy BlackBerry devices, and have missed it ever since. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring this to BlackBerry 10!!!

As for the idea to integrate PTT into BBM, that would also be amazing. Having that baked into the OS & BBM would bring a nice functionality to business power users on the go, and I can even see that attracting younger users to the platform. Making it available on iOS and Android builds of BBM will also increase the competitive features of BBM to its competitors in messaging services. However, if this is done, on future BlackBerry handsets I would put a dedicated BBM PTT physical button on the side of the phone for quick launch & use.

All the lock screen features possibly coming sound great, but I would still like the ability to set a different background pic for my lock screen and homescreen. Actually, having animated backgrounds would blow the competition away. Why have a pic of the nighttime sky when you can actually see the clouds pass before the moon, or the stars twinkle at you. Wouldn't you like to see the Northern Lights glimer, or even the city lights of NYC.

Also, I know they said theme builds were not going to happen, but this is something I would still try to do. Customization can really make BlackBerry stand out from the crowd. At least allowing for built in customization features like what we've seen from some apps in BlackBerry World would be great. Maybe even allowing for custom app folders (like on legacy BlackBerry devices) would be nice.

I would always like to see improved camera features & picture/video editing abilities. Built in panoramic camera & a timed camera should be standard across all OS's by now. Shouldn't have to download an app just for these features.

I also welcome improvements to the voice command.

Two things that I really want to see on future BlackBerry devices is the IR remote feature like on the HTC One & Samsung Galaxy S4. Also the feature where I can wave my hand over the phone to answer a call (S4) is great for convenience. Although, I hate all the other gesture features on the S4. The one where you look away & it pauses a video is just annoying.

I have many more features for OS updates & future phones on my wishlist, but these are my tops ones for now.

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I forgot to mention, I want to be able to turn my phone so the screen is in landscape view instead of portrait and have the homescreen, settings, setup, music app, etc. swivel into landscape view too, like on legacy BlackBerry devices. Right now the homescreen, settings, setup, music app, and phone app only work in portrait view, not landscape view (other areas may also only work in portrait view). The only thing that should be in portrait view at all times is the phone app, and the homescreen should have the ability to lock it in portrait view or allow for both portrait and landscape views (swivel as you rotate the phone) in the settings. Then BlackBerry can finally put that nice media dock on sale.

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I would love to see more manageability in the HUB after all this is the go to area in the os and is the starting point for everything you do on the BlackBerry. I'd like to be able to further customize the hub and how information shows and how it's it organized. Also to be able to further creat seconday notifications or to group them together like all of your email addresses instead of having an endless list from top to bottom. Also multimedia links in the hub as well like direct link to browser like Google search. Just my two cents!

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The groupings of emails & notifications is a great idea. This can certainly help clean up the infinite list of them and help organize them better. After all, organization is a key element of BlackBerry and their user base. I've seen something similar to this idea on those commercials. The only problem is I don't use a computer to send emails or anything like that anymore, so is completely useless to me, and I'm sure that's the case with many (if not all) BlackBerry users. I either use my PlayBook or my Z10, so bringing this to BlackBerry 10 would really enrich the user experience. I definitely would benefit from a feature like this. I get around 150-200 emails a day on average (and that's just emails). Plus, it's something I don't think the competition has (correct me if I'm wrong), so it's another thing that could make BlackBerry 10 that much more special and exclusive to its users.

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When you call, to access your favorites. You can presently, as you have three numbers you can favorite! I would like to see more than 3, perhaps 3 and then you can swipe sideways to access the rest!

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I miss being able to assign a a ring tone to a contact and allow it to ring even when I have put my phone in silent mode. In OS7 I had the option to let some of my most important contacts to have their ring always on regardless of the ring mode I had set up for the phone. Keep the good stuff that makes you differentiate from the rest BB.

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