BlackBerry OS 10.1 said to bring HDR camera, PIN messaging and more

By Adam Zeis on 11 Apr 2013 02:31 pm EDT

The speculation is on about just what new features will be included in OS 10.1 upon release. We've already seen some of the updates geared toward the upcoming BlackBerry Q10, but aside from that don't know much else. has posted up some new info with a few features that could make their way into the OS update. Among them are an improved camera complete with HDR functions, PIN messaging and viewing files on a PC from your device using BlackBerry Link. Not a lot to go on for any of these but still very intriguing.

Now we can't say for certain if we'll see any or all of these features included in the update but it's a good possibility at this point.

You can expect many more features to sneak their way into 10.1 as well and we'll most certainly let you know if we find out more.

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BlackBerry OS 10.1 said to bring HDR camera, PIN messaging and more



Basically an app that will run in the background.
Example: BeBuzz was released for BB10 but it has to stay open for it to work. If they had access to headless APIs (which are coming) then you can setup BeBuzz and as long as it's installed it would work.

I hope that is the correct explanation.

For that matter, what is HDR function on a cell phone camera?

Edit. Never mind. Answered below in thread.

Headless apps plus Outlook syncing. And... want BB to make more noise. Nobody outside BB fans know about BB10. NOW is window of opportunity I think!

I wasn't a BlackBerry fan and switched from my Android to the Z10 last week. I would say that those in the know "Phone" wise, not just blackberry wise, know about this phone.

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Partially true I guess. Bought my Z10 last week (Netherlands where it just came out). The guy that helped there at Belcompany, the retail chain, did not even know about it's existence. A colleague whispered in his ears. Of course, when it's your job, you're a moron. But still; it's ALL Apple/Samsung now. Momentum is here. Blackberry MUST spend a big chunck of its cash on creating awareness. IMO of course..

Talked with my US Cellular provider recently. They don't offer Z10's as yet. I have had Blackberrys with them for over 4 years now. Asked him how many Blackberrys have they sold in our town over the last 3 years. He said between 15 and 20. My jaw dropped. He said that only if someone comes in and specifically asks for a BB they won't even mention them. In my opinion that is the biggest hurdle for BB and its future. I am not sure if the carriers are forced to sell certain phones over others but is probably the case. As soon as the Z10 is available for US Cellular, I will be all over it as I don't care for Verizon here. My problem is I hope the BB will remain viable in a world where carriers don't even mention BB much, if at all.

Well it benefits if when you send someone an invitation and that person doesn't know you, you can pin msg that person to explain who you are etc.

PIN messaging is secure messaging between BlackBerry phones without character limitations and HTML formatting options. Basically, email style. They also show up in a red font (atleast pre 10) in the Messages (now Hub).

Red font is a notification option; not mandatory. (Not sure whether BB10 changes that.)

PIN msgs also can be used for some rudimentary troubleshooting; they prove that your phone is reachable over the network, so if you're not receiving email on a BES or BIS account, it's for a reason unrelated to phone connectivity.

Ditto on the notification improvements! Want at least what was available in OS7, which honestly was a step back from notification options in even earlier OS versions.

Only when developers get an update to the SDK from blackberry will we even GET headless apps. DSK=Software Development Kit.

just skype and netflix

we already know instagram is not going to be released for BB10, so just give us skype and netflix :(

Umm you can have Netflix from android. Give it up already. Their not supporting BlackBerry

Sent From My BlackBerry Z10

I have it sideloaded and it works great. Try it out. Netflix will not come probably for a long time.

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is netflix really that important on a phone? I have it on my nexus 4 and have yet to even use it once. I just don't see the draw to watching things on a smartphone. You have to squint, your neck gets tired, your arm gets tired from holding. Why not just wait until you can relax on the sofa and really enjoy it?

Everyone is different, I would use it to play cartoons for my kids while we are out.. Netflix is a really popular service. Last year it surpassed all broadcast and cable networks. " Netflix viewers watched over one billion hours of Netflix video during the month of June 2013 according to a public Facebook post on CEO Reed Hasting’s feed."

As today is April 11, 2013, I kinda doubt the Netflix data was for June 2013, and doubly so since the quote is referenced as coming from a Facebook post, regardless of by whom.

While I DO agree with "mscrivo," let's recognize that "beginner09" has a valid point & use in mind (I'd use it for that too); AND let's not overlook that little HDMI connector in the Z10 that allows you to hook up & watch what's on your fine device via ANY HDTV using the appropriate cable.

Still, tho' "netflix" wouldn't be a make-or-break" deal for me (again: "side-load!") whereas not having "skype" would be harder for me to swallow.
Who knows, though; maybe "it" can be sideloaded too ... "anyone know for sure?"

The .bar file for Netflix on worked well for me. It's not a native app, so it loads a little slow and tends to cause the battery to get warm, but you can watch movies on it.

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Well yes, the service is really great and many use it but I think your stats would be better if It stated that the bulk of the million usages were from smartphones. It's not a bad addition but i believe it's just a hype cos truly...move when you have unlimited data, there isn't any guaranty that your service would be strong enough while in transit to stream videos seamlessly cos the signal strength varies from point to point. you're most likely gonna use it when static for a long duration. Bear in mind that this is my opinion though. I'm out often and only get decent time for Netflix when I'm home or indoors elsewhere where I could use a bigger screen for it...mno I wonder why loads attach so much to the app. But for the sakes of those who yearn for it and the haters as well, it would be a good addition to the platform so it could truly show the capabilities of the bb10 software and devices.

Not that I care much about Netflix since I have Crackle side loaded. But I do use that to stream movies to hotel TV's via the HDMI output when on the road.

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Really? On hotel tv's? I'm in a bloody hotel every week and they don't seem to allow an input swap... or is it just me? :|

Via Z10

I totally agree! The only reason you would need Netflix on your phone is: 1) if you are at home and do not have a PC, Mac, 7"/8"/10" tablet, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, or BluRay player OR 2) if you are on the go with a suitable signal and 2-3 hours of nothing to do. It's really kind of pointless. If I want to watch something on my phone, I'll rip it from the DVD or BluRay and load it on myself.

That's what I say too... or just torrent the he'll out of the shows you follow and slip them onto your 64gb SD card ;)

Via Z10

It's not so much about the Z10 as it is for the PlayBook. Netflix and Hulu should work on the PlayBook, even if it's the browser, it should work. IDK why they block both sites from the browser. I've been watching Netflix via my PlayBook since it came out! And now with the amazing Z10 browser I'm doing the same!

Thanks for the info on I had never heard of it before and seems cool, I'm gonna give it a try. I wonder if it'll work when I travel overseas.

What does Skype and Netflix have to do with an OS update? Those are 3rd party apps and thus would be on those respective companies to give us those apps NOT BlackBerry. People. Please, get this through your heads!

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You will ONLY get those apps when SKYPE and NETFLIX make the app, or use their android ports, or sideload them or if their developers port and submit them to BlackBerry World. Blackberry DOES NOT make apps for companies.

Which company with an expensively failing phone operating system owns Skype? Now ask yourself if Skype will ever appear on BB unless the European regulators get involved.

Hope Verizon won't wait with the 10.1 update till 2 years later then everybody else like which is still not released for Verizon while everybody is running it already on other carriers.

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I wonder what BB10 people want most; BB 10.1 or top apps to make their BB experience feel more complete? I suspect that just a few major items in both categories would make most quite happy.

Well Skype and Netflix have nothing to do with the new os update, but hopefully there are things in the Os update that will bring about the release of those apps though

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as a matter of fact...Instagram has Been CONFIRMED coming to BB10 Period! Kevin did a whole article on it because he said he would give a car away if it didnt release by the end of January...but the announcement came out then so he didnt have to do it! LOL he said it IS coming though!

It's on the iPhone, basically as I understand it; you know the feature you have on BlackBerry os10 were it takes multiple pictures and you can select the best one? HDR combines those pictures to create an enhanced image, so the image will be made of several layers.. Is that understandable?..

Regards, Tino Chiko

It's not exclusive to the iPhone. It means High Dynamic Range. The result is an image with more contrast has the effect of brighter textures etc. Important to hold the phone still while capturing the image. My gs3 had HDR capability too.

Yeah, some believe Apple invented everything. HDR has been available in the photography world for a while now. I know that's not what tinochiko was saying but it needed to be clear that BB isn't just blindly following Apple.

For a complete explanation HDR uses at least 2 exposures of the same image, one is normally overexposed (bright) and the other underexposed (dark) with both images then being combined together to balance out the over/under.

The result is that you simultaneously get bright highlights and dark shadows giving the image a more realistic quality.

In photography you use steps of EV between the two images and using things like Photoshop you can add all sorts of filters for cool effects.

Essentially though HDR is two exposures and that is why you have to hold the camera very still, if you move you get two different images and the HDR processing will struggle to combine the exposures.

It is available on the iphone~ but if you've never seen it on the iphone, HDR basically makes the picture HD and super awesome

Landscape orientation and unread emails option so u don't have to find them, like outlook where u can choose just to see unread emails. These are two I really want to see in an update!

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There are a lot of aspects in BB10 that need updating. Hopefully BB can punch out quality updates more frequently to help lure in customers and developers, cause im loving my z10. but alot of people i know still think its the same old grandpa BB which is not a good look.

Uhhhhh . update is overdue 2 1/2 months? And remind me, again, how long has it been since the phone was in the hands of the public?

Well hopefully it will be more fixes and functionality added in but PIN messaging will make alot of people happy along with HDR, gives us an extra option when taking pics.
But really i want to see better profile management/notifications and the ability to run headless apps but i know that wont be coming for some time yet...probably after May i imagine. Id also like to see the bedside mode improved and more alarms able to be set rather than the one measly one we have. Fixes to the dialling pad ie being able to paste numbers into the dialpad would be nice. And also some improvements to the phone app and settings menu as they are laggy as hell :/

IMO, BB10.1 is now due. I know we had a bit of a mini-update after the Canadian launch, and while still cognizant of the fact that is a new platform, this dragging-of-foot in releasing another update is causing some people to sour on BB. Assuming the coding is modular, why can't there be a rollout every six weeks or so? At least, release an update to fix some of the more annoying issues while ironing out the bigger ones. Personally, my Z is working fine. I'm just a bit jaded reading all the comments from other users about niggling issues that shouldn't take three months to fix.

Totally agree. Wise from marketing perspective. Plus; why doesn't BB define top 200 apps that are not available yet and pay them 500K or so for native. Then b*tching on apps will be over in a few months and BB can GROW!

Personally I'd rather see fewer updates if it means they've been thoroughly tested. If I want nightly or weekly builds, I would have gotten an Android.

In the 1 month that I've had my Z10, Blackberry has now put out 2 updates - or about 1 every 2 weeks. in your post you made it sound like you weren't happy with the frequency of updates, so if 1 every 2 weeks isn't enough for you, but you don't want weekly...not sure what your complaint is.

This is not the RIM of old. This is the new BlackBerry. Gone are the days of releasing things when they aren't really ready. Yes, the Z10 needs improvement, but if it means waiting a little while longer so that my device is not f'd up, I'll wait.

I am not advocating release for release sake. BB veterans may be content to hold on to their phones while waiting for 10.1; however, seeing BBRY is trying to reach out to a wider audience, waiting several months to release a fix for some niggling issues for which some people are returning phones seems to eat into the goodwill the company may have earned. As mentioned, there are some things that may need time to resolve and that is fine. However, no need to create a marketing and public relations problem by not releasing an update for some of the other issues,

I'm actually surprised so many of the legacy software things we came to take for granted were omitted in the initial release and the first update. The public relations nightmare will go on for a long while yet, especially in the USA. We do need updates for sure, the thing is for me, I don't want to be doing OS software updates every week. I think perhaps some others may get annoyed as I would be. :)

"several months"?!?! You know the Z10 has only been out for 2 months and they've already put out two updates, right? Sheesh. Troll.

Note ad of Netflix I just use plex, have access to all my movie files on my home PC from all over the world, works like a charm. Plus I guess it helps that im not into any sitcoms, and for that my wife has her I phone.../yawn..

Z10 Flavour since 12.2.13

I think one update/fix that EVERYONE wants is the update to some of the menus as they are very laggy. Also, the text messaging needs to be updated. I hate how i send a text and there is a 1-2 second lag before it shows up. I hate saying this but Apple is way ahead on the text message UI. You send a imessage and it is so smooth going to the body of the message. Z10 needs that.

Does it look like i'm talking about what the Z10 can and can't do? No you idiot. I'm talking about how laggy the text messaging is on the phone.

Maybe we should get you banned for your name calling. Did you forget that you mentioned Apple and it's "glorious" text app? I was just correcting you on how it's not so glorious. Get your panties out of a bunch and reread your post, bro.

I hate to say it too, but (and I'm not trolling here), but most everything is so much smoother on iOS. But I supposed they've had a while to fine tune. Waiting for my hub to wake up and populate in the morning, and messages to send, appworld to actually show me what update is available when it 'sparks', are all things that need addressing, pronto. I do love the larger screen, and the predictive typing of the Z10 though. That rules.

I don't get the comments people make about AppWorld not telling them which apps need updating. go into AppWorld, click on My World in the menu, then click on "Updates" at the top of the screen. Voila - all your apps that need to be updated, and you can just click on the Update All button at the bottom. It's pretty much the same as it is in iOS, so I don't get what people are complaining about.

to graheem's defense, It seems I have to do this "BB world -> My World -> My Apps & Games -> Tap the 3 dots -> Check for updates" that's 5 steps.

It would be convenient that the app updates pop up in the initial BB world screen *when* they are available.

I do enjoy the "notification" in hub when apps are updated though. That links directly to the app that needs updating.

You're upset because a text message takes a second to show up? BlackBerry is now responsible for network coverage and data transfer rates? I don't know about anyone else, but my menus don't lag at all. Perhaps consider changing the word "Everyone " to "I". I don't rep everyone. I don't believe you do either. Just saying.

Apple could start with a (D) for delivered when text message is delivered....
The whole BB messaging platform is just far ahead..

Don't get me wrong but how iOS handles messages is awful. My wife writes a long message on her iPod touch and sends it. It gives that sound that it went out. But it'll never go out, she loses everything she wrote. She has to save it as a draft and send it from computer, then it works. I always tell her to send from Playbook, which never failed like iOS.

I just need a more features rich Remember app. I don't care about netflix! Maybe I'd like to get Spotify

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I really need some sort of specific time stamp for reminders instead of just a date. The lack of this is throwing my organizational skills off.

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Can't wait for the update. Sounds good so far. Hopefully a lot more apps will be released during the time too.

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The nice thing is that it shows that BlackBerry is listening and making improvements. I don't know if PIN messaging was something that was intentionally left out, or just put on the back burner while they got the OS release ready, but the fact that enough people communicated about it being missing seems to have bumped it up in priority. Hopefully there will be more enhancements and improvements on the way as well.

While I'd like features such as HDR (manual exposure time setting would be nice too...) I'd much prefer it if BB would address the rapidly growing bug list and start working on re-incorporating some of the features found in previous BBOS releases.

that sounds like a great update i doubt everything....rather hope BBRY has some good features to surprise us with remember this is 10.1 a big update for the new platform !

I want this on my playbook ! is there any word on the matter adam other than soon ?

BlackBerry is no longer top dog when it comes to messages, I would just leave and go apple or android. They all receive messages about the same time. Everything on my iphone update quicker from Facebook to notification. I have both blackberry only have BBM

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Lol, and you just had to post that here? I'll take BB messaging and the Hub over Andriod or iOS any day. Too each his own, I guess...

Well I don't know what a PIN message is so I don't miss it! What I don't like is how when I have phone numbers stored with the international prefix they don't connect properly with the associated stored contact. So my texts don't always show who they're from...

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Lol @ the guy above, the only reason I bought a BlackBerry is for BBM, cause it's secure and encrypted dumb ass. Go troll somewhere else.

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Yes please can I have Netflix, sick of watching movies on a 47 inch screen need the 4.2 inch experience, also when will SIRI be available on the Z10, BB needs to get it's act together, also I need to spend more money on pointless apps that I don't need or use. BB will shut down soon unless we get millions of pointless app's and they all better be native not perfectly functional ports. I also had to phone somebody yesterday to describe to them what I was eating, it's just not the same. C'mon BB get it together.

I get the point, but if BBerry wants to expand it's core "audience", things like not having the apps that most people consider highly valued like Skype, Netflix and Instagram are something that will keep people from moving away from their Android or iPhone.

I was just telling a friend how much I was loving what I was seeing from the new Z10 and when she found out there was no Instagram she immediately took it off her list of possible phones.

Improved screen orientation, when is some apps it don't work such as bbm.
Link to recognise when it connects via wifi.

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Let's also hope it brings baked in panarama mode too. You shouldn't have to buy an app to do this when the compition has it baked in too.

Improved screen orientation
Improved Link via wifi
Improved multi language input recognition by keyboard
Customisation of UI
Improved browser browsing

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As a professional photographer, HDR on a cell phone is only cool for a few things. It gives a lot of contrast and enhances the pictures in certain areas. I'm more concerned about using my phone as a phone before using it as a camera. If the 10 came without a camera, I would still buy the phone. Lol.

Very interested in a Verizon update..

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Why are people so rude to each other? It's just a phone... Smoke a bowl people and enjoy the damn phone for what it can do. If you don't like it, pretty sure you aren't being forced to use it so just switch to whatever floats your boat and stop whining. I love this phone. Iphone wasn't perfect when it first came out. Good things take time.

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pleeeeease panorama for the camera :( thats all i need for the camera other than the thing that is already in it, also improvements to the music app and custom notification profiles, all i ask :), the other things in not on hands of blackberry so there's not much that they can do about the games and apps, that i will leave to gameloft

+1 miss that! I thought I was doing something wrong at first because it wasn't doing it. I couldn't believe BB left this out.

Big fan of PIN messaging! Superfast, safe, encrypted, and show up in red (priority). Happy it will return.

Looking forward to the update. Like others here, I hope BlackBerry brings back some features from legacy OS's to the BB10 platform: notifications, contact management, better phone app features and slew of other features lost from OS7...

I'm pretty happy about the HDR development. Yeah, it's not professional-level photography, but it does improve the photos your smartphone can take IMO. I used that setting exclusively on my old iPhone 4. use this site to side load any and every app including Netflix, Skype, oovoo,instagram etc. So spread the word. Works for z10 and playbook.

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Here is the only thing I want to see

The 30 days email back sync changed to an endless back sync

I am on the go all the time and live from my BlackBerry, always have. But to log into Hotmail from the browser is ridiculous...
Please fix!!!

The reason we have cell phones is convenience, and is the same reason EDupres would want messages that are older than 30 days. It's *convenient* to access from the phone, not from a computer or something. So please don't try to tell someone to do something else that might be inconvenient to them... I think the worst part about it is that BB has taken some significant steps backward in email in lieu of the new OS. (30 day limit, no pop email, smtp issues (bug), selecting multiple messages at once (vs having to tap each one), etc) - I know these things will likely come with time though

How about some basic things like being able to unlock the phone with one swipe while an email is open and selecting multiple things in a list by just tapping the first and last item.

"and viewing files on a PC from your device using BlackBerry Link. "

Once you install BlackBerry Link you can
see the folders in my Z10 thru windows. If it's hooked up by cable or wifi

It shows the Z10 as a networked drive
Using my computer I am able to go into a folder and create new folders copy and paste pictures and files into them

I can not rename the original name of the folders but if I go into a folder and create new ones,those I can modify.

Thru my PC I can open a spreadsheet from my doc folder in the Z10 edit it and save it

I can also open files from the Z10 on my playbook edit and save them

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How about better integration between z10 a playbook. Why should I use google calendar if I want to create an appointment in playbook and also see it on my z10?!

I sure hope we get better sideloading performance! The update to 4.1 will help much I believe

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All I want is to be able to add a line break in my text and BBM messages.
Rubbish that I can't format my messages nicely.
Anything else will be a bonus.

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I have seen Skype and instagram official apps on a Z10 while talking to a BlackBerry Employee in my local take away on Wednesday night he has told me these are both coming very soon. He didn't wish to comment on the 10.1 features however. I hope to bump into him again soon.

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I think they should improve the map app and also get the voice command functionality to match what the car at the CES, or where ever did. It was using AT&T's Watson service.

Just a simple request. I would like to be able to adjust my home screen layout; specifically, enlarging the icons and being able to have one or two rows of icons at the bottom of the screen so I can actually see my wallpaper now and then.

I glad that the pin messaging is coming back. its a great tool. i hope you will be able to attach pictures and files to it though as I dont think you could with the 9900

Headless app, link backup / restore improvement, improved bridge and blackberry protect, ability to call bbm contact directly from bbm. Ability to edit 'Linked' contacts so that social media accounts don't take priority and disallow updates.

Random android bug preventing android apps from connecting. Ability to make calls from hub. Ability to view Facebook attached images directly in Facebook hub app.

Just some of the issues / peeves I've noticed, would like resolved.

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Plleeeassse, have panorama built-in, grid enabled, HDR, improved camera sharpness, Skype, pop down messages for all notifications.

+1 to this.. *temporary fix*: can be sideloaded (it works but not as smooth as gmaps used to be on OS6/OS7)

+1, panorama would be awesome! They know people nowadays are in to taking pics alot, why would they leave that out? It should have been standard!

I'll keep repeating myself until the phone "app" gets fixed, because it's very slow and feels chunky. After all, this is the main reason I bought a phone.

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None of which I would use, but everything little bit helps improve the OS, hopefully there's more to be released with this update. Fingers crossed!!

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yup, I hate how they did away with all the great features, almost makes me wanna go back to my 9900! Totally feel raped!

I would like to see offine GPS in blackberry maps and a storymaker update for multiple songs etc

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Huge, huge loyal BlackBerry fan.. . Probably would defend even if the z10 was poor. Love it! EXCEPT...I can handle all the minor complaints and issues. What I'm having an issue with is that in the last 2 days, my phone has shut down for no reason to reboot...why?

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I would like to see more IT Policy controls for BES 10.

Also being able to set the work space to not lock automatically would be a plus . Our users find this annoying and we can’t justify the need for this type of security. Remote locking and wiping and non contact timeout are good enough for us.

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There was a thread on this that got removed and I would really like type n go to be available. And also they would fix the hub bug that you can't search name of people u just called or texted, tweeted, whatsapped, etc from hub itself.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I'd like to see type n go and fix the search in hub. Can't search the name of people I just texted or called or whatsapped etc from there.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I hope we eventually get a fix to pump up the volume (Ha! I couldn't resist..) since I find the overall volume from the ext. speaker to be pretty low, even with the settings set to max. If I'm in a room with any background noise and the speakerphone cranked or watching a video it's just not enough. Otherwise, I haven't even had one reboot on my Z10 since I got it about 2 weeks ago. Love it!

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Today I took a photo and showed it to several of my coworkers. One question was "Wow! Was that taken with a camera or your phone!? " it's that good.

So what your saying is my network, Rogers, is slow every time I send a text message? I'm not talking about network coverage. I'm talking about the lag it takes from I press send to showing up in the body msg. Not smooth like ios. Hoping future updates will fix this.

I'd like to be quicker selecting multiple emails to delete. Also, they should make it like in my old 9900 where you tap and hold then select any number of emails you want to delete and select delete and voila! versus now where you have to select to delete multiple emails, then start selecting and it's mad slow btw, THEN hit delete. I think it's the biggest thing that bugs me cause I go thru a lot of emails a day.

I'd like them to fix BB Link to where it makes it easy for anyone converting over to BB to transfer their files regardless of what you have, Android, iPhone, WP etc...

Phone app is laggy, switching between missed calls and all calls takes a few seconds every time, and sometimes doesn't happen. Needs additional alarms as well.

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I maybe simple, but I have had few issues with this phone. I am on Verizon so I do desire the update for enhanced battery life. I'm figuring sooner or later that'll happen however. I've only had the phone for 2 weeks. I can endure some of this stuff while they work on things.

BTW amazon videos work great through the browser if that helps some of you. There service works out to be cheaper than Netflix as well and they have a good sized catalog.

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Also the tablet HD TV PRO FREE app has crackle and several other services. I have Netflix and sometimes there just isn't anything worth watching. There content is like a little roller coaster ride as they slowly collect $8/mth from half the population :)

Posted via CB10

Three features I'd like to see:
1) the ability for the OS and underlying apps to reset the "Margins" on pinch to zoom so that text stays within the screen window sort of like an automatic "Reader" mode. If I'm on a web page or reading an email or BBM or Facebook linked in and am finding it tough, I should be able to pinch zoom to expand the font without having to swipe back and forth to read every line of text. I don't know if competing devices have this or not but the biggest reason I went with a z10 instead of the q10 was because these old eyes need a boost now and then.

2) If the phone is upside down, say at night, I should be able to swipe up to see the unlock screen from the real top as well as from the real bottom of the device. It's a nit but it bugs me that this gesture is physically locked.

3) This one really bugs me. If I have set my work password to the same as my device password, do not lock work if the device is still locked unless I explicitly tell it to be locked (to give to the kids to play games or to someone to use as a phone for instance). Too often I'll be reading a web page or a PDF and go to the hub to see what's up and find it locked. REALLY annoying.

4) The ability for multiple emails to be open at the same time. Another nit but having to "Cancel" and then save changes isn't really intuitive when you are trying to go back and forth between emails (say to cut and paste sections). A "Tabs" icon like on the browser would be very helpful.

5) bring back Add SENDER to Contacts when looking at an email. Maybe I'm using bit wrong but the current Add to Contact menu item seems to just open the contact list and doesn't even paste the senders info into the clip board for you.

6) Make folders a mini version of the home screen complete with the ability to swipe sideways to view more panels - ie take the one page limit off how many apps we can have in a folder. I have kids and I'd like to have all their games in one folder so I can give them the device and they can swipe around in there as if they were on the home screen but without them messing with MY apps.

7) another one for my old eyes. If I pinch to zoom on ANY screen. I should be able to stretch the screen - preferably within "Margins" - ie. If I'm on the home screen and I stretch to expand so I can read the tiny text of the icons (which you can't set), instead of having 4 wide, I should be able to have 3 and then 2 all the way down to 1 if I want. BlackBerry needs to hire more 50 year old development staff :-)

8) this one is the main reason I ever actually need a desktop browser. When you get a pop up dialog you need to be able to pan it around so you can actually see all of it in zoom mode. They always seem to be locked to a certain location on the parent but we should be able to

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Try the accessibility option in the options menu. Once on you can run two fingers down from the top bezel to activate /de-activate . It is pretty useful for old eyes and will zoom any screen even the Gome screen

What about ability to see the time when in apps?

I'd take better zoom and camera function with the side buttons. Not to mention the phantom restarts.

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Oh and better folder management/selection when selecting personal media for ringtones and notification

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They definitely should add panoramic features to the camera, I know there's an app but other phones offer this feature free. Free is good, free makes people happy.

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I hope BlackBerry goes all out on this 10.1 os as they need too in order to keep moving.

I hope playbook gets bridge support soon.

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They should first fix all the bugs with the 10.0 version before they release other fancy stuff.
(a) Backup doesn't work (cant backup my device) - this is fundamental (!!!)
(b) Blackberry Link is a bloody joke (where are the old features we know from the Blackberry DM?)
(c) No proper import from Outlook
(d) Issues with my SMTP connection (cant send attachments)
Many users complain about the same issues. How can they win new customers and market share if they cant satisfy their old customers!!!
Get software working! I am not a Beta-Tester!

Keep the updates coming BLACKBERRY. I would like to see more audible notification options for the phone, messages, emails, etc. and revamp the clock app with more display options and functions please. Other than that, I love my phone.

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Also if you want to get the word out then you have to start looking at things other platforms are exceeding in like the map app. There is definitely room for improvement here.

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