BlackBerry OS 10.1 maintenance release begins rolling out

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jul 2013 04:05 pm EDT

Just as many users in the US are getting their BlackBerry OS 10.1 update, the OS 10.1 MR (maintenance release) is starting to roll out to certain regions today as well. The release isn't a major one in the sense that it doesn't bring any huge features, but it fixes up some issues on OS 10.1 to keep things running smoothly.

Users on Rogers, Telus and Bell are already seeing available updates and we're sure more carriers will pick it up shortly as well. While the update will be hitting other regions and carriers soon, it begins today in Canada, Asia Pacific and EMEA. 

Here's the breakdown:

  • Asia Pacific: Starting July 29th
  • Canada: Starting July 29th
  • EMEA: Starting July 29th
  • Latin America: Starting Mid-August
  • U.S.: Starting End of Summer

It's great to see BlackBerry being so transparent with this update too so we know what's what. So if you're in these regions be sure to check for updates if you're not seeing anything yet. You'll want to look for an update of or higher. And yes it sucks that the US is last on the list, but at least we know when to expect it.

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BlackBerry OS 10.1 maintenance release begins rolling out



"End of Summer" means start of February for those of us on Verizon in the US. I should have bet that when Big Red finally releases 10.1 everybody else would be preparing to get the "maintenance release" for fixes.

Posted via CB10

American carriers old just F off! What the F do they need to delay this for? No major updated just bug fixes. When I had an issue AT&T took about 3 min to forward me to BlackBerry so support is no excuse. There is no excuse.

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They don't sell the phone and they don't care about blackberry. Who cares if they ever get it.

Posted via SEGA master system

Kind of makes sense why the U.S is late since their market share is so small there and still declining. Unfortunately, there are still many users who are still hard core loyal users there. Too bad it s like that right now because the U.S market is the biggest and the most important one. BlackBerry better get their marketing and advertising right if they want to comeback!

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It doesn't make any sense. Market share and the importance of a market have no bearing on the ability for the OS to be released. It comes down to the US carriers not caring about BlackBerry or their BlackBerry owning customers.

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i dont think it's about marketing. bb marketing is about the same everywhere else around the world.

at this point it's more like US carriers are cockblocking bb.

Yes!! You are correct sir! lol.. It's all about the encryption and Patriot Act. Not a shock that 5 years after BB is almost dead the NSA gets a hold of all this information. It was a lot harder to obtain when BB was on top.

If I could wave my magic wand I would have my American brothers and sisters get this and all other updates at the same time Canada gets them.
U.S. carriers... are you listening?

US carriers have deals with Apple that mean they're sitting on billions of dollars of penalties from Apple if they miss sales targets (estimated at 14 billion for Verizon alone). Anywhere else in the world it would be illegal.

That's why BB gets no love. They're not the only one. Most of AT&T's sales are of iPhones for the same reason.

When those deals expire things could get interesting.

That's so true. Sucks to be American. They wanted just the iphone so they got it.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Sorry you feel that way. But everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, because that's the American way.

That's a great attitude, since those that left for other brands won't be affected by the slow updates - only those that remained loyal will be punished.


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That s true the carriers are the blame for delaying the updates to its customers but it's definitely BlackBerry s fault for their horrible marketing. Even here in Canada their advertising sucks!!!

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Not true, but imagine if the BB10 phones really picked up in the US? There would be faster pushes for sure; either by the providers, or directly from BlackBerry.

When/If BB10 takes off, like iPhones did years back, there will be less strong-hands by carriers such as Verizon, that thwarts regular push updates from the maker.
Apple forces their pushes out world-wide, as they don't give a rip whether or not the carriers agree. Now that is market power at work.

Did you have any issues with the new os?
After I installed, it went back to os10.1.0.1720 after the phone kept hanging in 100% while start up and the worst of all, I can't make phone calls.
Please help me out..

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Awesome. TOO Bad that my Z10 is unable to even turn on after the Verizon update. I have the SOS blinking red led and a five day wait for a RE-frickin-Furbished one. This is totally unacceptable.

If you're not a CrackBerry techno-nerd, I bet you could post in the public forums and give an indication of what area you live and someone nearby would help you recover that thing. If you were in downtown Toronto (Canada) but you're not cuz you're on Verizon I'd be willing to help... but if you've tried everything and it's still a no-go, my apologies.

Thanks for the offer. I may just drive to BlackBerry headquarters. I can do so before the phone replacement arrives. I live in Florida.

LIEESSSS!!!! lol...

Verizon just updated last week (first time). So I wouldnt hold my breath they do two updates in that many months.

It appears that it takes at least 2 months longer for US carriers to test compared with the rest of the world. Brutal...

They just want to add their spying firmware on top. That's why it takes longer

Marketing is everything

But that's what's expected of American carriers to live up to their image of being fat lazy cows who do things slowly. The image must be maintained :D

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Woot! It's available on rogers:

BlackBerry 10 OS update
Version - Size 177MB

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For us on Rogers, it all depends on if you delete the bloatware, ie foursquare, and that newstand app and so on. I delete everything I don't use so I'm at 182. only changes the DL file by a little bit.

Ups! Sorry for that. Never stop learning English. Thanks for the answers guys!

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Quite an update!!!
Waiting for mine to appear (Rogers)
Don't forget to backup first...

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I'm in the us. I will wait for a leak of an official from another provider. And get it way earlier than end of summer. Btw is that 2013 or 2014.

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Just got the notification! :D downloading now (Telus) how large is everyone else's update size? Mine is HUGE! 837 Megabytes! (upgrading from Thanks :)

Wow ! Those are huge files! Just finished upgrading on Bell and it was 184 MB

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I am running the leaked version 4543.. just check and got an update of 44 mb, mentioning software release of don't know how to post a screen shot.

I am on Du mobile network in Dubai, UAE.

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I'm on 4543 as well and worrying that I won't even see the update since the pic in this article shows MR as 4181... @Wissam and @chammer101, from what you said... so running on leaks doesn't prevent us getting updates from 'lower numbered' official OS ya? Any issues after that?

Update went smooth for my wife and I, she was using official Rogers release and got a 182mb update. I did have an issue after my update but my wife was fine. After my update the phone didn't work. No matter how I tried to dial a number it would try to dial but never start the dial it would just go back to phone screen, even tapping a person in quick dial would switch to phone app sit there for a minute then do nothing, no error. I did a second restart of the device and it's been fine after this.

Yay for Sasktel. I got 4181 not 4537 or higher like the article mentioned. Wonder what the difference is.

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@sk8er_tor This is contradicting what Wissam Karaky and chammer101 said in 3 original comments up. Which one is true?

Verizon - Maybe Christmas, unless they decide to skip this release as they did the 10.0.10 MR release!

can you confirm which os version this is? i installed leak .4651 wondering if it will even show up on my z10 at all.

I'm on I think .4181 and there was 7 megabytes to download on Virgin Mobile Canada... so it should update even leaked 10.1 OSes! Super cool.

But BlackBerry Ltd., I'm still CROSS with you... you know why...

Maybe if ppl I'm USA bought BlackBerry phones the company would make them more a priority but BlackBerry is focusing on its strong holds right now and rightfully so. Besides is kinda nice to put USA in its place and remind them the world doesn't revolve around them.

Maybe if BlackBerry was able to get updates in a timely fashion to us they would sell more phones.

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That's a BS excuse and we both know it.
BlackBerry CAN be profitable without USA. Just a matter of actually doing it.

+1 This shouldn't be about the US vs. the world all over again. Bottom line: things could be better in the US for BBRY and it'll take both the company AND the carriers/US media to improve things down here.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

Agreed. Things COULD be better in the USA, but until then BlackBerry better start making profit elsewhere. I'm sure they can....its now just a matter of doing it.

Everything in USA should be considered a bonus and they should plan to make profit based on sales outside USA.

You do realize it's the carriers holding back the updates right and not BB. Don't you find it odd that EVERY other country in the world manages to get updates out but the good ol US of A takes months longer?

Don't you think BlackBerry wants everyone to get the updates as soon as possible? What reason would they have to hold back anywhere, much less the US where they want to rebuild? It's the carriers being capricious and nothing else.

Posted via CB10

Nice how you lump everyone together, throwing a political jab while you're at it.

Yeah, I know that we're only 11% of BlackBerry's sales now, but that is no reason to spew venom any where you wish. Especially when it is directed toward other BlackBerry users.

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I've been running for weeks now and it's been the most stable so far. No reboots! The only thing I see is the callerID is slow to show the contact. I believe newer leaks fix this.

Yay! I LOVE that BlackBerry is actually putting some dates to this. Yes, we want to see these updates rollout globally in one shot, but while they're working towards that goal simply being informed is a big step in the right direction. Nobody likes uncertainty. 

Except for usual BlackBerry BS for the US never giving a date cause they can't get things done in the USA

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I was thinking the same as I hear the size of these downloads. Is it at all possible the US gets it last because the US carriers took more time refining the OS before release? Yeah. I'm going with that!
Honestly I had more problems getting the verizon 10.1 download to stick than I ever had with 10.0. Other than the ability to download additional apps, I don't see much difference. Guess I need more time to discover.

I have Q10 -5 from T-Mobile US unlocked and with Straight Talk AT&T sim now. When I boot up I see AT&T logo. Will I get the update with T-Mobile roll out or with AT&T?

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This is why I keep pushing for OS updates to come from BlackBerry and not be linked to the carrier. Besides, the crap AT&T release ends up having more problems than the leaked versions anyway. Still fighting with issues from their 10.1 official update.

There a release note of the features on clewlys channel I think

Add my channel-C0011B7A6. Posted via CB10

...says "Keep your device connect to a power source while your software is updating." I sure hope I don't get one of them random reboots because I'm plugged in!

Cool! I'm downloading on Orange France. But it seems this update is not pushed by carriers! Awesome!

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Eh I don't think I've used an official os since I got this phone.. don't think I'll start now

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Michael Clewley confirmed in his BBM Channel today that swipe between emails will be available in the 10.1MR, along with some other features.

Ps. Weird that I got a text from AT&T last week that an OS update was available but there was nothing when I tried going through the OS update process. Maybe someone pulled the trigger on the 10.1 MR a little too early judging by the "end of summer" timeframe.

Posted via CB10

Dirty rascals. I wonder if AT&T got the file to test and pulled the trigger on the text a little too soon. Hopefully the MR is released by the end of August.... I'm dying for the swipe between emails (it would have been nice if it was a side to side swipe like on the PlayBook).

The US should be first because of the fact that it's the biggest región they need help in. They have to make sure we get the latest and greatest first to get the ball rolling. The adoption here is slow a great way to help speed it up is to provide the latest features to give people a reason to talk about blackberry and keep the name in people's mouthes. Just sayin

Posted via CB10 for Z10

My Z10 is stuck at the BB logo and when I tap it, it is at 100%. Tempted to do battery pull but probably a bad idea so guess I will wait?

Woot! Hopefully this means end of the reboot saga. Too bad I gotta wait till I get home and back up my phone first.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I am tempted to do a battery pull but heard it was a bad idea. It is also super hot right now. So guess I'm going to the gym and see what happens when I get back. Sucks going out without a phone! LOL thanks...

It is finally back after 30min at the BB Logo @ 100%. So pulling it would have been a bad idea! So relieved...

Don't do battery pull when first boot after took some patient..battery pull will brick your phone

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Usually I'd be upset about the US late release but downloading leaks is so ridiculously easy it's almost a non factor now.

Posted via CB10

When to expected for US?, last time a date for updates was share it ended been almost two months after!

So basically we will receive this one hand and hand with 10.2...

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #TeamBlackberry #KeepMoving #BBMCrossPlatform

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I agree with the transparency thing and I like the hard dates where they appear. So if we get an early snow fall in late August, does that constitute "the end of summer"? If so, LET IT SNOW IN CT. Verizon Z10.

Posted via CB10

Yikes!!!!!!!!!!! After the 1st update and install, it's now downloading an 843MB update. same OS as the 1st

Anyone that doesn't have Visual VoiceMail disabled by carrier have it in the HUB (Im talking to the Rogers/Fido customers). They know what I am talkin about.

Rogers has .4181for me. Started as 184 MB finished that now doing. 4181 as 847 MB. Strange

Posted via CB10

Im on Fido and the total size I originally am downloading is 184. I hope this comes with Visual Voicemail in the hub. As for the installing of the update its been at 98% for almost a min now. Let me know if Visual VoiceMail is in the hub

Got the update lovin it so fire! And ironed out some bugs making my Q10 even smoother than it was! Go Team BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10

This update brought with it the "simple password" feature to use numeric-only passwords rather than alpha-numeric. (At least if you didn't already have a leaked version...)

USA end of Summer.... Verizon and of fall 3054...

Posted via CB10 ~ Follow me on Twitter @TheNewsHQ for all news as it happens ~

If a late summer roll out is in store for the US, they might as well push for an early 10.2 release instead. Unless they mean early September for the M.R. release and an early October release for 10.2.

Posted via CB10

I lost all of my text messages.!!! Why is the update always messed up. No text messages on the phone!!!!! Any help?

Got it, they fixed the annoying Gmail Imap issue that prompted you to add login credentials every time. Keep going BlackBerry. I know that you will make it !!despite all the bad press and negativity

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how do u change the email sync to unlimited?? I'm a personal user and I don't see where i can access that setting? - "Email synchronization – ActiveSync and IMAP email users can adjust syncing preferences to keep emails on their BlackBerry smartphone for an unlimited time period."

seeing that May was the 10.1 and T-Mobile release it in June, AT&T in July, so I would think T Mobile would get it after Memorial Weekend early Sept and AT&T probably October?

Finally have the option for a "simple password"! Also ironed out the bugs in the hub, and got rid of the freezing/random reboot issues

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After updating I found What's On is now broke. Just a black screen after launching. I have deleted, reinstalled and hard booted but no luck. This is a "Built For Blackberry" app btw.

One hour, 2 updates (179MB + 843MB) and finally just finished restarting later, first thing I noticed is the Tutorials Icon on my home screen.

Hi guys just be aware that all your text messages might get deleted as I just completed my update and all my messages are gone. Australian z10 firmware upgrade.

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