BlackBerry Q10 OS 10.1 features get detailed

By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2013 01:21 pm EDT

BlackBerry OS 10.1 is the next major update for BlackBerry users and is expected to be available on the BlackBerry Q10 upon release later this month. bbin has posted up some details of the Q10 update that outlines some of the new features that will be included when the new devices ship. Because of the physical keyboard, the Q10 will have a few different features than that of the all-touch Z10.

The update includes things like Type N Go, Word Prediction and Dark Theme support. Some very cool and exciting new updates that will come along with the full keyboard Q10 - I can't wait to get my hands on one to put it through the paces.

Check out the full list of OS 10.1 Q10 updates below.

Type N Go

Type N Go takes the Universal Search feature to the next level by allowing users to directly access BlackBerry 10 functionality using the physical keyboard. For example, say you want to send a quick BBM message to your friend Jim. Press the spacebar on the keyboard to initiate the Search function. After the Search screen appears, type BBM and then the friend’s name, in this case, Jim. Under the Actions section,simply tap the contact you want to send the message to.

Type N Go Commands

  • BBM a contact
  • BBM Video call a contact
  • Email a contact
  • SMS/MMS a contact
  • Call a contact
  • Update Facebook status
  • Update Twitter status
  • Create a note
  • Set alarm/timer
  • Play music
  • Map an address/place

Customers may raise an issue that the typed command is missing the first letter, for example,“BM” instead of “BBM”.

Word Prediction

Word Prediction on the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone functions in a similar way to the virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. Instead of the predicted words appearing on the keyboard, three predicted words will appear on the screen just above the physical keyboard. The user can tap the words as they appear while typing them on keyboard.

If customers encounter issues with Word Prediction, consider the following points:

  • What word are they trying to type and are they spelling it correctly?
  • Is the customer holding down the ALT or SYM key while typing?
  • Is the customer using a different written language?

Because there are three word predictions, the words may be different than those that appear on the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. Additionally, devices will learn sentence prediction and structure differently depending on how each user writes content.

Corporate Liable feature

The Corporate Liable feature adds additional security in highly regulated and secure corporate environments by implementing a single Work space on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Some of the functions include:

  • Administrators can activate the BlackBerry® smartphone on the end user’s behalf,bypassing the Out-of-Box-Experience (“OOBE”)
  • Device Quarantine –a device wipe may occur if you swap the SIM card or install improper software
  • Additional Policy controls
  • Single Work space only; no Personal space is provided on the device

Customers may question why there is no Personal space available as they may be aware that BlackBerry Balance technology can successfully merge Personal and Work spaces together. In certain corporate environments, companies may want to enforce strict controls over devices whether corporate-issued or otherwise. A company may wish to ensure the devices are used strictly for business, and would therefore remove the Personal space from the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

To determine if the BlackBerry 10 smartphone has been configured for Corporate Liable functions, engage the customer’s administrator, if possible, to confirm the configuration on the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 server.

BlackBerry Balance

Summary of changes:

  • Work and Personal accounts are now separated in BlackBerry Hub
  • You can disable access to the Work space using USB by IT Policy
  • An IT Policy restricts an application in the Work space from reading data in the Personal space

Certain security certifications require corporate data to be viewed separately from personal data. The BlackBerry Hub now has a secured and separate Work account view. You must unlock the Work account view,similar to the Work account functionality for BlackBerry 10. Switching between Work and Personal account views appears as an option in the BlackBerry Hub menu. In order for the Work view to be available, you must enable an IT Policy setting* on the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 server.

*To be available in a future release.

Cross Domain Email Warnings

Cross Domain Email Warnings occur when you compose an email message involving recipients that reside in different Internet domains. For example, if all current contacts are part of one domain, for example,me@blackberry.comand a contact from a separate domain is added, for example,, a warning message will appear alerting the user that a contact outside of the first domain will receive the message.

Keyboard and application shortcuts

The following table shows the keyboard equivalents of actions that can be taken in the BlackBerry 10 user interface. These are used in the English locale and may be different for other localized versions.

Dark theme support

A dark colored theme applies to several applications including:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • BlackBerry Remember
  • BBM®
  • Text message conversations
  • Search
  • Adobe Reader
  • File Manager

You cannot configure the theme. Some education may be required to inform the customer of the change; for example, the color change is not the result of a display issue.

Out-of-Box-Experience (“OOBE”) software updates

Configuration and software updates now occur in the background as opposed to a visible task or step in the original release of BlackBerry®10.

Customers may note a difference in the behavior of the OOBE and may wonder when or if the updates occur.

Smartcard support

BlackBerry®10.1 will support BlackBerry®Smart Card Reader 2.0. Previous versions of the BlackBerry®Smart Card Reader are not supported.

Mnemonic phone dialing

On previous versions of BlackBerry®smartphones, users could dial phone numbers by name or number. This functionality is included into BlackBerry®10.1. In the Phone app, simply start typing the name or number of the contact, and then tap the contact.

Changes in hardware support

Currently, BlackBerry®10.1 OS will initially appear on the BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone.

Two hardware changes that differ from the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone are as follows:

  • The BlackBerry®Q10 has an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) high resolution display with a resolution of 720 by 720 pixels. An OLED display works without a backlight, thus it can display deep black levels and isthinner and lighter than a liquid crystal display (LCD) as found in the BlackBerry®Z10 smartphone. In low ambient light conditions such as a darkened room, an OLED screen can achieve a higher contrast ratio than an LCD.
  • The BlackBerry®Q10 featuresa full QWERTY physical keyboard

Applications on the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone

Applications found on BlackBerry World will be developed for BlackBerry 10, but not all applications may recognize the different screen size of BlackBerry Q10 smartphone. In some cases, the application screens may appear stretched or form buttons may appear cutoff or disappear entirely.

As with all third-party or service provider application troubleshooting, make sure that the BlackBerry smartphone is evaluated to rule the possibility of any device issues. Work as a liaison between the customer and the application vendor to determine if there is any progress that can be made to get the application to perform properly on the BlackBerry smartphone.

Wireless service provider configuration and provisioning changes

You might remember that the BlackBerry Z10 smartphones have wireless service provider branding, configuration settings and SIM card locking loaded during the factory install. The wireless service provider applications are transferred over the wireless network.

For the BlackBerry Q10 smartphones, wireless service provider branding, configuration settings and SIM card locking data are downloaded during a software update (which, as previously mentioned, now occurs using a background process instead of separate task during the OOBE).The wireless service provider applications are still transferred over the wireless network.

Wireless service provider customization occurs on the BlackBerry 10 smartphones using two identifiers:

ECID: Equipment Carrier ID

  • A numeric value written to NVRAM on the BlackBerry smartphone at the factory
  • Used to map to MEP/SIM locking parameters applied to the  BlackBerry smartphone

SCID: Subscriber ID

  • Derived from SIM card properties read from the SIM card inserted into the BlackBerry®smartphone
  • SCID is used to select all other parameters (with the exception of MEP/SIM locking) to be applied on the BlackBerry smartphone including branding, network parameters, etc.

Because the ECID maps to the wireless service provider, you can use logging data to confirm the wireless service provider value on the BlackBerry smartphone and then confirm whether the data was delivered successfully to the BlackBerry smartphone during the update process.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Q10 OS 10.1 features get detailed


this "Type N Go" thing is pretty revolutionary, could even be better than siri if they continue extending command list

What worries me about the type n go description is, do we now have to hit space BEFORE we can start our universal search or type n go commands?? With current BB phones you can just start typing, no need to hit space first. I hope that's not necessary... Even though it's just one thing, I don't really like to add unnecessary steps into the things I do...

I also don't like unnecessary steps either. I think BB got it right this time..With OS7, if we want to have the convenience of universal search, we have to live without keyboard shortcut. I love the keyboard shortcuts, but I love the universal search more. If I could have both, then that is something...So, I think this (pressing keyboard for search) is a good compromise solution to get the best of both worlds: universal search AND keyboard shortcuts..Way to go BB..give us more of these faster tools so we can get more things done!!

Revolutionary? webOS already has this since 2009. I do like that BB goes the same way now with Type n Go but to call it revolutionary... no.

I'm in the same boat. I've had the Z10 for four days and while it's a splendid device, I miss the physical keyboard on my previous Bold 9930. I also find it to be too large for my hands and there are some minor bugs that hinder efficiency. Battery life is another problem compared to the Bold. I'm at about an 80% chance of swapping it for the Q10 when it arrives.

As long as you stay Blackberry go for it! LoL A word of advice. I've had my Z10 for a week and 4 days now and TRUST ME, if you fully commit to the device, it gets better and better! I got to test drive mine during in Nashville Fashion Week and it AMAZED everyone who saw it and kept pace with the speed of each day! Just look at my Twitter or Facebook (@JPSKILLZ)! EVERY VIDEO, PICTURE & STORY was a product of my Z10! As far as the Battery, the first night it only lasted for 5 hours and I was concerned, but the next morning, I did a Hard Reboot and the Battery Life changed DRAMATICALLY! You may want to try this. Also, I think there may be a possibility that the battery gets better as it adapts to your usage, but this is only a theory for now. I say all that to say this, you HAVE to COMMIT to this device for at least a month, because there is just so much to learn, but there's also so much to gain ;)

Bring it on, I can't wait to dump my Z10 in favour of Q10... Should have waited, but at least I have been there and done that and now know that I'm not ready just yet to ditch a physical keyboard. Maybe in 50 years when my fingers will have evolved to be thinner perfect for small touchscreen tapping, but at 83 my fingers will be all over the place, so the keyboard will still prevail...

Wait till the Q10 is in stores, then try out how entertainment apps work on it. Android apps (20% of appstore) will have some trouble due to missing support for a square screen. Critical buttons could be laid offscreen. Native apps should allow you to scroll downwards.

At this point my concern is the divergence in hardwares support particularly the significant changes from LCD to OLED. The release dates for BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 are so close that the change to get superior OLED technology would have provided significant battery performance improvements and reduced the weight of the BlackBerry Z10. How these design decisions will affect BlackBerry 10 application developers remains to be seen. We've already witnessed the abandonment of the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Just because something isn't on this leak doesn't mean it won't make it in the update. We'll just have to wait and see.

HDR is present on!

FYI shooting modes available: Normal, Stabilisation, Busrt, HDR

It doesn't actually need it. Because the Q10 has an OLED display, it benefits from darker themes (the pixels are actually "off" and aren't consuming battery). The Z10's conventional LCD doesn't benefit from this.

If people prefer the look of it then their lcd would benefit from it even without the battery life benefit.

You can force a Theme when you create your application.

But as said by Thunderbuck, you won't have any benefit from it (except the awesome dark look)

I was hoping to see something about better Profile customization and ability to resize photo attachments when composing emails.

When I saw 10.1 I got excited but after looking these over...I could live without them. (Yes I know the changes are because it is for Q10 and not Z10 but still, where's the love?)

I read it that these are the Q10 specific changes for 10.1 as opposed to the overall changes being introduced. I've been biding my time waiting for the Q10 and at the very least I'm excited to see that we're getting closer!

Now if the US launch were to be closer to the launch everywhere else instead of making us suffer through everyone else getting the goodness of QWERTY BB10 action first!

Keep in mind these are what blackberry deems "Big" updates.
In our last update for the z10 there was a list of about 30 small points of little, but noticeable changes made.
And this is obviously mentioned for a carrier's customer service to look at. They wouldn't mention little things like the hub refreshing back to a default state every time (like I hope they make happen :)

Posted via CB10

Did any of you that replied to my comment even read my comment? What I was trying to get at was they said long ago that they were trying to go for a unified OS but they are already fragmenting, not that they don't have reason to. If they are going to put out 10.1 for the Q10 then they also need to release it for the Z10.

No surprise really. All that was mentioned here was pretty much expected. Not sure how this is even called an update.

I'm seriously considering going from the Z10 to the Q10, especially if the battery life is going to be as as expected.

Interesting to see that they have word prediction, and that it's exactly as the latest version of swiftkey for android

CrackBerry forget to hold a contest for Kevin's hair. Ha!

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I really hope that the word prediction feature can be turned off.
Kinda poitnless to have it when all it does is take away from the screen space and theres only three words
Plus its a physical keyboard why do you need that for, maybe they should have kept the trackpad instead
I dont know how I will live without the trackpad haha

One would think it can be turned off (prediction can be disabled on the Z10 as well).

In terms of "valuable real estate", you might think of that space as being pretty much the same as the button bar was on the Bold. Now, instead of being fixed buttons, it can display all manner of different controls that change in context. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and you might just find you like the prediction (it's frankly excellent on the Z10).

I can't find the link now, but I am sure I can remember reading a confirmation that the prediction could be turned off.

I can live without the track pad. But yes; those predictive words are freakin huge. The way I see it, "don't break my concentration when I'm typing". :)

What about website drop down menus? Just hover over it to see the options. Never figured this out on a touch device. This is a pain in the a$$ without the trackpad. Also, I will miss it for editing text quickly and Brickbreaker...

After playing with the phone last night at the CBNYC party I'd have to say that phone is awesome... yes has hdmi out and feels great in the hands

Posted via CB10

All great....but what about apps. Are all of them gonna work? Yeah they are adaptable whatever, they need to be clear about this! Which ones will work and which wont. Blackberrry needs to do it now! Not two days after the phone comes out and all the bloggers are bitching about it and the stock looses 2 points in a few hours. Now!

are they two different sets of apps? or will it be like the ipad, ipad mini relationship where there is seamless integration. You know ipad apps will work on a mini even though they are different screen sizes. That is how they need to do it. If not they need two separate databases of apps. a real pain in the ass.

Yes, but the aspect ratio of ipad & ipad mini are the same. Q & Z are not the same SHAPE. It's not the size that makes the difference.

It'll depend totally on the developers of each app making a version for the Q10, this has been clear for a long time. Ask the developers of apps you use whether they will be making a Q10 version. Of course all apps won't work properly, it'd be daft to even think they would. This is not Blackberrys fault, it's just a problem that comes with having this screen size, which again is a product of having a physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10

It's not the size that's the issue, but the ASPECT RATIO.

And the aspect ratio problem could be avoided by making the keyboard a slider like the Torch. But the Bold form factor was much more popular in those days, so BB's had no choice but to make this compromise for the Q10.

Well, if the Bold was more popular, it isn't really a compromise, right?

While I would rather have the slider Torch than no keyboard, I highly prefer the fixed Bold keyboard.

It isn't a compromise though, it is a considered design change where the horizontal resolution matches the full touch devices meaning that many apps will need no changes to work on both devices, the q10 user will simply need to scroll more.

I think point becomes moot as HTML5 takes hold. The concept of apps being designed for different sized screens with different aspect ratios will be a thing of the past. I like how BB is leading the charge in his area. If I were an app developer, I'd be getting on that bandwagon of developing once, deploying everywhere right now. Not doing different ports to every phone type, OS release that comes along...relax folks...the most important hinges will be how fast the phone, network and screen type you have. I can't wait to see the Q10! I'm hoping with 10.1 comes the playbook release as well...that's when the stock will be at $30-35 before you know it!!

The Q10 sounds awesome!! But I for one am so impressed with my Z10. Don't think I'll be going back to a physical keyboard anytime soon. BlackBerry by choice!!

Posted via CB10

Yeaman, I was a hardcore keyboard user, but this Z10 keyboard LITERALLY gets faster & faster everyday I use it. Hell, I'll type in the wrong word & it will automatically adjust to what I meant! I'll completely miss a key and it has moved my touch point so that I can't miss! It's RIDICULOUS! Look at Avengers! The scene where Tony Stark pulls out his Smartdevice. Look at Mission Impossible! There ARE NO BUTTONS! I'm over buttons. The Z10 is the way of the future!

They better not stick the Q10 with a fixed focus camera like they did on the Bold 9900. In my opinion, this would destroy my opinion in blackberry.

8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Features Geo-tagging, image stabilization, face detection
Video Yes, 1080p@30fps
Secondary Yes, 2 MP, 720p

It has been confirmed as being autofocus this time round and given that it is a slightly thicker device there is no reason why it would be otherwise this time round.

Sounds fantastic for the people holding out for the Q. I personally am in love with my Z. I just hope we hear more about what 10.1 will bring in total. Also would like a dark theme on my Z. For cosmetic reasons of nothing else

Posted via CB10 on At&t Z10

I know that the Z10 doesn't benefits from the dark theme, but I just think it should still be available on the Z10 because it looks good!

So hopefully they will include it in future updates!

Posted via CB10

It concerns me that they are relying on the customer to liaison with devs in order to ensure that their app gets updated to work on both screen sizes...

Im not a big app user but the ones I use, I use.. so if they are now going to be incompatible, maybe I will stay with my Z10 after all.. (definitely dont want to! want my keyboard back)

Maybe I'm alone in reading this... but it reads as a bulletin for major IT departments in regards to security and corporate apps, not a consumer-based press release for consumer consumption.

You will still need to contact the developer, but Blackberry has been educating them on the different screen sizes and the need to develop for both since day 1.

Been like 2 months and still little to no real apps have arrived. Wonder if any developers will bother to actually optimize apps for the q10. don't get me wrong, love blackberry but I am disappointed.

Should probably re-evaluate your expectations, "2 months" is not as long a time as you think - and Q10-specific apps are a long way off.

Agreed, 2 months isn't alot. But the massive delays before that, the fact that blackberry recognised that apps are going to be the biggest obstacle they will face this year and so decided to contact and collaborate with major developers and yet there is still a massive lack of apps is a little disappointing. Consider this, angry birds (the space one) was out in the app store the second the z10 was released, that shows that developers had well enough time to port their apps (the ones that were contacted by blackberry) and so you can see where I am coming from. When i bought my playbook they said skype would be on it, wait, it still isn't on it so I am just a little worried about the support for the q10 though I am going to get it anyway.

please read my comment again, I said real apps. There are plenty of crap apps in every app store so the 30,000 really doesn't say much. I only want the major apps anyways: viber(coming),skype(coming), temple run(would be nice), spotify/rdio(no idea) and thats about it.

Q10 time baby! So sexy. A phone that is built to maximize the efficiency of what phones are actually for - communication. Give me some WhatsApp, hopefully Instagram down the road, Kindle, Netflix (not really needed on Q10 anyway), and I'll be good to go.

This list is pretty dumb. Any leak not mentioning anything that would apply to 90%+ of the customer base serves no purpose. Also, the type and go feature should be made available on the Z10 as well. It's not like we cannot pull up the keyboard up anytime.

Posted via CB10

Actually we can pull up the keyboard pretty much any time we want, two finger swipe up from the bottom pulls up the keyboard. Try it now in the Crackberry app.

Posted via CB10

With all the "bad battery" talk in forums, you would have thought that BBRY would only use screenshots using a full battery instead of one being under 20%.

Hey BBRY, listen to the chatter and subliminally market accordingly.

This is a Leak, Thus BB did not intend for the screenshots to be made public. Marketing is not exactly high up on the list of priorities for internal memos.......unless your in the marketing dept & it's a memo about marketing ;)

I've been patiently waiting for the Q10 and I'm ecstatic about the dark theme. However I have not heard if there will be home screen short-cuts (example: press B to open Browser). Anybody know anything about that?

I believe one of the OS changes included API changes so developers can make use of new 10.1 features like the keyboard shortcuts. And I believe users can customize the shortcuts too.

So my guess is that one way or other, you will get "homescreen shortcuts". (otherwise known as keyboard shortcuts since I doubt you have to have any particular page on the screen to activate them) Blackberry does seem to be aware that such features are critical to the acceptance of a product which is targeted directly at "traditional Blackberry keyboard users".

"I" and "O" were the shortcuts to zoom in/out in maps - not sure if it was Google Maps, Blackberry Maps or both. So it would seem not entirely illogical to keep that since Maps are also a very commonly used function.

"Wireless service provider configuration and provisioning changes"

I wonder how these changes will effect people installing leaked or other carrier updates......

Reading between the lines there, sounds like it will be even harder to avoid the carrier-pushed bloatware than it was before, since it looks like you will have no option to refuse such "updates" like you had before.

Funny thing is, BBRY even recommended doing this if you didn't want them:

Quoting: "If the version numbers from Step 1 and Step 6 match, the update is only intended to install deleted applications and can be ignored."

Heh. Oh well.

BlackBerry Just lost the sale of 3 Q10 s. I'm keeping my Z10 and my girlfriend and daughter are keeping their 9900s till black theme on BB10 keyboard phones is an option. Like the locked auto dim, I the customer want to choose, not have BlackBerry assume they know best. And battery use is my choice. Heartbroken first time poster .

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure I understand what you mean, the dark theme IS an option for the BB10 keyboard phones (Q10)

Wow eh, not having the option of changing the battery saving sweet looking dark theme is a deal breaker!???

Priorities man lol

Posted via CB10

Well, jdcfinisher, you win the award for "most over-dramatic post of the month". OMG - it doesn't have a font that I want!!!! The sky is falling!!! BlackBerry is doomed! Screw you - I'm going to Android!!!!!!!!

Have a 9900 (24ct gold :)), definitely prefer a physical keyboard. Like the build quality and the bigger battery of the Q10. Have tried iPhones, S3 and the Z10, but virtual keyboards are somehow not for me. The Q10 is a real phone made for efficient communication, and it looks sexy too. Can't wait to get my Q10 in gold, of course.

Dark theme on the Z10 would be great! And Type N Go should be possible on Z10 as you can two finger swipe to bring up a keyboard in the active tile or grid views.

I'm happy for those that waited but man I have no regrets. The z10 is just so sexy and does everything I want. Plus the realista te has been awesome for pics and videos. I don't seem to miss my keyboard but this keyboard makes it hard to even remember what it felt like. I'l go mess with it when it comes out but as I type this I just want to keep yapping just because if the z10 keyboard

Posted via CB10

"just because if the Z10 keyboard."......sorry man I'm not ragging on you but that's the reason I have to have a physical keypad. I've tried touchscreens(typing on my ipad now) and can't stand them. If I'm going to make spelling errors, I'd like to do them myself. Don't need the phone to do it for me lol. To each his own though.

I can't wait for the day I only have to press "F" to forward an email. Nd not use then touch based menu systems of common phones these days.

So much faster

Posted via CB10

Tried the Q10 at the NYC meet up last night. It works well, though I hope they will use a black rubber backing like the Z10 instead of the glass weave. The weave, while lighter and stronger and cooler looking, doesn't offer a solid grip and the phone can easily slip from your hands. It should be an optional accessory, not the default.

Posted via CB10

I remember seeing a picture of two Q10s, one had the glass weave back and the other the classic rubber back so I think both should be offered?

Indeed, the somewhat matte finish to the weave on the z10 is not like the pattern on the 9900's battery cover.

I'm also considering switching my z10 for a Q10. I thought I would be using landscape a lot more on the z10 than I do now because of the awkward ways not all screens are available in landscape ( active tiles and app screen).
It totally negates the use for landscape for me and leaves the option why not to change it for a Q10 apart from the amoled screen and better battery life of the Q10.

The Z10 is still a nicer phone. It better suits my needs, but i can see why so many people are so excited.

Here's a couple of things that I'm not too happy with the Z10: 1) They should have added a convenience key for anything you want and a second as a dedicated camera button. 2)I liked how I could delete multiple emails on my 9900, they should have kept it the same where you just hold down on one then drag all the way to the last email you wish to delete versus now where you have to physically select in the options to select multiple emails. This in my opinion is a biggie! 3)Lately my Z10 has been rebooting on its own after serious use and its been freezing at times. Idk if this is normal and other users are experiencing this too or not but either way I have the USA T-Mobile version. This is another biggie! 4) They should send updates directly to users, NOT thru carriers. 5)Changing the profile sounds is a pain compared to the 9900. They should have kept it easy and simple like OS7 6)There should be a gesture to maximize web videos. Trying to hit that small button to maximize is pain. 7)Make it easy for iOS and Android users to transfer their data and convert over easy. 8)Support for APT-X high quality codecs is really needed. 9)Make it easy to sync with Outlook for crying out loud! Business people want it to be easy that's why they flock to BlackBerry. 10) The US T-Mobile version needs to get UMA/wifi calling, this is the main reason why I went with them.

In Regards to the Q10, I hate the size of the screen that's why I got the Z10 but now I find myself missing the keyboard. I hate that they kept the screen so tiny still and I really wish they would have made it bigger like the TK Viktory a fan designed. That would have been better and myself as well as others would have even gotten that as well.

I am really surprised that BB didn't have the courage to give its faithful and sadly dwindling supporters the phones that would have seen the flight to Samsung stymied big time. Doesn't BB think that the TK and Blade concepts are better than what they offered us instead? I have been giving the Z10 some serious look and am still not convinced. Software has me hooked though but the phone itself? Nope. My Torch still feels better even if the software is nothing like BB10. I spoke with an ATT agent and he suggested I wait for the Q10 after I told him why the Z10 was not convincing me. My wife has a Samsung S3 and if Samsung ever cam up with a slider on that S4, I don't know how I would resist. I mean, 5' screen? 13MP camera? Quad core processor? Now imagine BB coming up with a gadget like this? For me even if it came with 4.5 inch screen I think I would stick to BB. I like the OS and the security it offers. Now if only BB had the balls to make BB Blade a reality, Ill be happy to retire my Torch. Meantime, I must admit, the S4 has me drooling - absence of a keyboard might be the only reason I might still keep my BB Torch even while I drool. Sigh! C'Mon BB why does Q10 need to have a tiny screen? Why couldnt you add a slider option to your Z10 line? Why can't you just go knock the competition dead with the BB Blade?

The Q10 screen is anything but tiny, I'm not sure of the exact dinentions but the TK Victory wasn't that much bigger than the Q10. Yes it's not as bis as the Z10 but it sounds like you need a slider.

It will probably follow slightly after the q10 because the carriers will have to approve both and will be more interested in getting new hardware out than a software upgrade.

+1 on mavricxx and +1 on the TK Phones! Those concepts shoud be SERIOUSLY considered and every attempt should be made to contact DigitalHomboy regarding his designs! Add the OS 10 to the mix, and you have a device that ANY querty user would die to have ... myself included!

No mention of Wifi calling support. I ran into a Blackberry employee (app developer working in their Fort Lauderdale facility) with a Z10 running 10.1.x.x. His work phone is on Tmo. He said no wifi calling yet and no news as to when it will be added. Don't hold your breath Tmo hopefuls. I'm one of them!

Well I heard there is going to be a better blackberry than the z10 and q10 later this year! To be fair a like the bigger screen do its good to watch movies ect

Posted via CB10

Lots of buzz about the BlackBerry touch keypad but as a previous non-user I've found it very easy to get used to and I just love the predictive word technology. The Q10 may end up a more popular choice due the improved power usage though.

Posted via CB10

Physical keyboard, IMO, is a thing of the past.. full touch screen has many advantages, in browsing, watching movies, looking at pictures, and it makes you look cool too LOL.. next big thing after touch is voice.. one day you don't have to touch your device.. you simply talk to it.. :)

Posted via CB10

I too have been holding out for the Q10 and have used the Z series at every opportunity when I am either in a retail store or hanging with friends that have them. I am still on my Bold waiting, and waiting ...

and yeah the dark theme would be good for battery life, that's why Microsoft made everything dark in Windows Phone.

Posted via CB10

Nothing wrong with being productive and look cool in the same time though! Well my gadget is mainly used for recreational purposes. I am much more productive working behind a PC with no Internet connection LOL...

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Thats why i love BlackBerry for so many years...the short cuts of my qwerty!!!!!
I am happy to read that its also on the Q10 :-) .....when the Q10 arrives in the Netherlands i will buy it as soon as possible.

Dammm the Q10 is looking more again like a must have but at the same time would love to see the dark theme applied to Z10

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I yesterday got confirmation from a friend (works in international import/export) that my Q10 is already reserved for end of April from a 500 batch, I get the Q10 before it gets to the stores or carriers here (I'm not in the UK). Unlocked he said would cost me about €650, but I'll know for sure in a few weeks. Another good thing is that i will immediately have 1 with a QWERTY keyboard (azerty normally in my country but a lot of people use qwerty too).
Z10 launched here officially 2nd of April, already i'm seeing great users reviews, even from former iphone users, overall scores 4.5 out of 5.

I have two complaints about bb10 vs bb7.
1. I can't save important emails.

2 no auto on and auto off.

Seems like they imitated the I phone Os which was more limited than Os 7.

My upgrade is May 30th with Verizon. I think the Q10 was meant to be. The rep even said I could upgrade early if it came out sooner than expected. Of course she asked me why I wanted a blackberry and I said I've been happy with my current bold for 2 years and there i have tried all other platforms.

I am a little worried about application support on the Q10, especially for consumer oriented apps like music players (Grooveshark, Songza, Spotify). I really want a keyboard and currently have a 9930, but I've always been frustrated by lack of music app support for the keyboard phone. You guys think it'll be any different this time around?

There's a lot buzz around the Q10. Release it already. I couldn't wait for the Q10 so I got my hands on a Z10. I think it's time the wait should've been over by now.

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Wait, so what's the word on the 30 day email limit? I am not seeing anything on that in this post about 10.1...

I hope all the pfoblems with the SMTP server are gone with the next update....they should stop talking about Q10 and fix all the bugs on the z10...overheating, freezing and the worst one the outgoing MAILS....its unaceptable to be using K9 to send mails

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Same I'm waiting on the smtp bug that came with the last update to be fixed. Haven't experienced any of the other issues though. My X10 battery life is good and my it gets warm sometimes but nothing I haven't experienced with my other phones

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Very disappointed that they are enabling the Personal space to be removed (ie effectively allowing administrators to remove the Balance feature)....

Make what seems like a more secure option for an administrator and they will take it every time....

Once again you will see dumbed down BB devices that don't show off their true potential.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't really like OLED-displays, as Blackberry states on their develloper-site the lifetime of the screens is shorter than LCD

Shout out to those who passed on the Z and waited on the Q. Looks like you all are in for a treat! Love my Z but I really like this Q!

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I continue to believe, they should have released the Q10 first. Theres loads of folks looking for a new blackberry, and its NOT one with a touch screen. The die hard BB users wanted the keys. Most of the torch people have already switched to the iPhone or Android. Can't wait for the Q10 on Verizon.

I totally bought the Z10 and love it! I do thoroughly miss the keyboard though. I'm sure I will break down and buy the Q10 as well to have more options, buuut... do we know if the standard keyboard shortcuts are still there? a for address book, b for browser, m for messages, etc... and if universal search is turned off, does the s go to search? one of my biggest losses from my 9930 to the all touch is how much longer it takes me to find contacts or get to my native apps that I had shortcuts for previously.

Definitely a better phone than the Z10 in my opinion as long as the Sunshine doesn't hose usability as with the 99xx.

What do you mean "hose usability". I have had problems with my 9930 when outdoors at certain times. The cursor moves around when on certain screens such as typing on word to go documents. I thought I was the only one.

It's a known issue that the 99xxs are vampiric...Sunshine adversely affects the screen in ways you described.

Why do you guys have to continue to upset me by making it more evident that I should have waited for the Q10 instead of buying the Z10! Ugh.

Do you think they will expand that Type N Go command list? I am surprised "book an appointment" didn't make the list..
Better yet, if WE can add commands manually like we do for typing shortcuts? That would be AWESOME

I think BlackBerry waited to release the Q10 after the Z10 so that all the yahoos could get the Z10. The real BlackBerry loyalists need a true multi-task production and communications device and will be rewarded for their patience.