BlackBerry orlando - A Curve Touch with a physical keyboard?!

By Bla1ze on 8 Apr 2011 01:36 pm EDT
BlackBerry orlando - A Curve Touch with a physical keyboard?! 

Is that a BlackBerry sedona / apollo? Not exactly -- it may look similar, but what you're seeing above is reportedly a new device now running under the codename orlando. From the information gathered, this device keeps the best of everything we have seen in the past from the sedona / apollo but adds a touchscreen to the mix. With the BlackBerry orlando not making an appearance on the leaked 2011 roadmap we're left wondering if this device -- the orlando, actually evolved from the sedona / apollo and those devices have now been scrapped, only to be replaced by this one.

When looking at the upcoming BlackBerry line-up, all of the devices are touch based, to round out the line-up and make it complete putting out the sedona / apollo as a touch screen device makes sense. Although, it does take away from those not wanting a touch screen device but with a keyboard and trackpad, if you don't like it then -- don't use it. In any event, this device is still lacking a lot of information behind it beyond a name and a picture that gives no signs of it actually being a different device then what we've already seen of sedona / apollo. For now, take it with a grain of salt -- more info to come as we get it.

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BlackBerry orlando - A Curve Touch with a physical keyboard?!


I am so into this - I love the curve form factor and keyboard. I was hesitant about the Bold Touch because of the size, but I would definitely pick this up!

That is a nice looking phone - if this is still entry level in price but not in the specs dept (eg screen res), this could be the hotcake of 2011.

For all those who will inevitably criticize my observation, you should note that I am currently using a Blackberry Bold 9650, so I can't be dismissed as a 'Rim-basher.'

RIM is missing the point. Completely. It is not the touchscreen that make their devices less appealing, at least to the North American consumer. It is the size of their screens. Slice it any way you want, all functions on the phone, especially browsing and media functions are made more pleasant with a bigger screen real estate.

A touchscreen on a phone with the same screen size as my 9650 is almost as useless as a mole on a nose. It gives more options, but doesn't necessarily make the user experience any more pleasant.

The 3.7 inch screen should satisfy demands for a larger screen - the iPhone 4 is 3.5 inch. So if North American consumers are looking for a larger screen it looks like they have an option.

from the visuals this phone looks WAY better than the new bold but it won't come close in specs... and I can't justify buying a cheaper version of a phone when I know there is something way better out... SMH idk what to do

The BOLD TOUCH is a 1000% more attractive than this curve. Obviously, some people have questionable taste.

I totally agree with Barredbard... What's the point of giving a touchscreen to a phone that already has a keyboard/trackpad?

Not much...

I know the Torch also has a keyboard and a trackpad, but can we agree that the phone was designed from the beginning with a touchscreen in mind?

So, as Barredbard said: it all comes down to screen size...

I wasn't too thrilled with the Torch when it came out, but chose to get one anyway, and I have to say that this form-factor is interesting... I think it's the way to go for RIM on their future phones, while still keeping the "old school" format around for those that prefer it...

Some people prefer the candybar style phones, I personally don't like sliders or full touchscreen....I'll give up some screen size for a decent "old school" format non sliding blackberry keyboard! Besides, can you imagine how big the phone would be in the candybar style with a 4" screen, if I wanted a obnoxiously huge phone to carry around, I'd just get an android

This pic could easily just be the apollo or sedona again and to be honest it seems quite unlikely that they would release another phone that was exactly the same as those except for the touchscreen.

When we first heard leaks about orlando it sounded more like it would be a cutprice storm model rather than a curve version of the bold touch.

Is it a half touch screen/half physical keyboard phone? I just can't see myself using something like this. I'm a chick and have small hands but with just a half touch screen phone like that, what can you do other than click icons?

Pinch to zoom, copy and paste, and other screen functions. Oh and probably the ability to play a few new/different games.

I have a Torch and to those users asking "what is the point of a touch screen and trackpad/keyboard", I say it's actually quite nice. I use my torch with the keyboard out all the time. In fact, it is sitting on my desk right now with it's keyboard hanging out (teehee).

The experience of using my phone with the combination of the screen and keyboard is just great. I touch an icon and then start typing on the keyboard. Or, I use the trackpad in those sticky places where the writing is small, because it's accurate.

No one is asking "what is the point of a touch screen and trackpad/keyboard?" Everyone is asking "what is the point of a touchscreen and trackpad/keypad on a small screen like the curve?"

Of course you enjoy using your keyboard on the Torch. Afterall, it has a sizeable screen that dwarfs that of the curve.

I don't subscribe to the don't want it don't use it. It gets in the way sometimes. Hope non touchscreen devices are in still projected in the long run

Looking at the Picture, It has quite a Small screen and I think it's not gonna have a Touch Screen.

Is it 480x360?