BBOS version 4.5 coming to O2 on April 9th?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Mar 2008 06:51 pm EDT

02This rumor might not be for those of us on North American carriers, but it's surely a good sign for all of us if it pans out to be true... a reliable tipster from the UK has pointed me to O2's BlackBerry OS Download Page. Take a look at the notes: For the Curves and 8800s it says "Future Software Expected April 08", while for the 8100 and 8700s it says April/May 08. It definitely seems like 02 is working to make OS 4.5 available to their BlackBerry smartphones sooner rather than later. If you're new to the BB world and don't know what OS 4.5 is all about, click here to see what all of us CrackBerry Addicts are drooling over.

The really encouraging news is that our tipster also said he has been told by an "inside source" that the release date being aimed for is April 9th, which is just a few short weeks away. Here's to hoping!

Update: Check out the Comments Below as well as SLVR6's recent forum post . Seems it's more likely the handheld OS updates (ie. 4.3) will be released first (this is likely what's coming to O2 on April 9th), with the 4.5 rollout coming later. As is always the case with this kind of info, we'll just have to wait and see! 

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BBOS version 4.5 coming to O2 on April 9th?!


RIM representative stated that there would be an OS 4.3 upgrade for 83XX and 88XX devices around the time the 8120 Pearl released, mid April. This was a T-Mobile seminar I attended. They also stated OS 4.5 would be out "late spring or early summer". I would hope they were not lieing to a bunch of BES admins! It was a little embarassing for the to say here is all this great stuff that you will be able to soon as we release the device OS. Like I said, we shall just have to wait and see what happens...

Geez...too much content in the forums to keep up with sometimes - I never saw your forum post until just now.

So Re: 02, you're probably dead on. Just the device update. Since that URL you posted is too long I'm going to republish here the notes you took at your seminar. Definitely can see this coming through to fruition. Good note taking and clarification, Thanks SLVR6!If you get news like that you can always shoot me a msg so we can post it up on the blogs asap vs. 6 days later and getting it potentially wrong :)

From the CB Forums posted by SLVR6:

Okay, the details from the T-Mobile/RIM Seminar today are as follows:

BES 4.1 sp5 - All the details concerning BES 4.1 sp5 are correct.......except html and rich text support for email, that has been moved to sp6. sp5 is now available for BES admins to download.

Device OS 4.3 - OS 4.3 WILL be released in April sometime. It will not however be what we once thought it was. It will be mostly bug fixes, but will include video recording and voice notes. Should be release for the 8820 and 8320 sometime in April (roughly coinciding with the release of the 8120).

Device OS 4.5 - Most of the features that are enabled with BES 4.1 sp5 will require OS 4.5 to work. This will not be released until late spring or early summer (that is all that they would say). It will include quite a bit of stuff, word and slides to go (basic version, full available to purchase), ability to save docs to sd card, all the email search and free busy lookup features, BES only email view, IM contacts in address book.

8120 - As noted above, due out sometime in late April
8820 - Should be released next week.

Hope that was all my notes. Not the news I was hoping to hear, nice to put down some rough dates though.

From what I have read OS 4.3 is no longer going to be released individually but rather rolled up with additional features into the 4.5 release. I would assume RIM isn't going to release them individually, as that would make much sense unless they were having issues upgrading strait from 4.2.2 to 4.5....I would look for a strait update to OS 4.5 hopefully in the next 1-2 months.

1 MORE DAY 2 GO!!!!
ive been waiting for this for so long.
hopefully ill be able to log in 2marrow and find the download link for OS 4.5 (hopefully-4.3 will do)for my 8310 :)

Unfortunately this has been next to that handheld for about 5 months now. I have been with O2 for years and they are pretty slow to update software for there customers. will be really surprised if this OS becomes available to us before june!