BlackBerry opens its first tech center in Argentina

By Adam Zeis on 24 Apr 2013 11:40 am EDT

BlackBerry announced that they have opened their first BlackBerry Tech Center in Argentina. As part of the BlackBerry Academic Program, the tech center will serve for students and developers to learn about BlackBerry while creating and testing new applications. Technicians will be on-hand to help out with support for anyone working on the BlackBerry Platform. The new tech center is located at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and will be open Monday through Friday. 

Developers in Latin America can even tune in to a live Q&A this Friday. The live stream will be in Spanish and targeted toward the LATAM region. Called #InnovationLive, Alec Saunders will be live taking any and all development questions you may have.

You can check it out Friday at 1p EST at

Press Release

Buenos Aires, Argentina.April 23, 2013 – As part of the BlackBerry® Academic Program, a global initiative aimed at encouraging and supporting students and mobile application developers, BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) is opening the first BlackBerry Tech Center in Argentina in conjunction with the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN).

The BlackBerry Tech Center will have a dual purpose: to provide on-going training for students and developers to create and test new mobile applications, as well as encourage their entrepreneurial spirit by helping them create business opportunities.

“The opening of the first Tech Center in Argentina reaffirms BlackBerry’s commitment to the country. We are looking for the brightest and most talented software developers in Argentina to invite them to innovate with us, creating the future of mobile computing,” commented Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations at BlackBerry. “By offering training, tools and a unique combination of startup culture and product excellence, we are supporting the innovation of the mobile developer ecosystem in Argentina.”

“This is an important milestone in the global BlackBerry Academic Program. Argentina has one of the most active and passionate developer communities, and the BlackBerry Tech Center will give students and teachers the opportunity to specializeon the BlackBerry 10 platform. The center will provide them with support and help to generate new business opportunities focused on application development,” said Bryan Tafel, Developer Evangelistfor Latin Americaat BlackBerry. “We want to invest in developing future entrepreneurs, and this way in which to do it.”

Dr.Ruth Landenheim, Planning and Policy Secretary at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Product Innovation, said, “Increasing the commitment of companies who are spearheading development in research and technology and who are making favorable contributions to the professional and student community in Argentina is a fundamental part of this Ministry’s policy. In our vision of the future, young people are the drivers of added-value through their participation in technology-based companies, as researchers or entrepreneurs. With technology comprising a greater percentage of our exports, our country’s growth will be sustainable and inclusive.”

The BlackBerry Tech Center Argentina is located at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. It will be open Monday through Friday with office amenities and specialized technicians who can provide support to developers working on the BlackBerry platform.The tech center isa follow-on to the opening of the first BlackBerry Innovation Center in Latin America, which launched in Argentina in October 2012.


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BlackBerry opens its first tech center in Argentina


BlackBerry need to come to Qatar and open up a base here... i'd love to work for them.. my dream...

Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now BlackBerry is talking. Get down on Business. Great move BlackBerry. We need one in Los Angeles. :)

Love it blackberry but wish you had one un the uk. Plus please address the level of apps on z10 as I have high numbers of returns because of lack off apps. Ow and I loved comprised data

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Nice to see. Now if the Argentine Ministry of Education would buy a ton of BB's that would be sweet.

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im from arg, and the funny thing here is that we have both center, tech and innovation (innovation center was lauched at october 2012), but we don't have BB10 in any carrier's catalog at the moment.
we can buy (unlocked and imported from contraband) it from MercadoLibre (sort of eBay) at AR$ 10.000 (5,1 AR$ = 1 U$S. actually it costs around 1900 U$S). this happen due we have control on buying U$S, but can buy dollars "illegaly" for AR$ 8,91 each one, so the correct price will be U$S 1122.

I'm glad to see this one posted over here! I read this on the news today and was so desperate to se launch dates on it but there was NOTHING!!! Almost 4 months into the BB10 launch and we are one of the few latin american countries with no news on when it will launch.
Regarding what @unknownr said. Our imports policy will not allow these phones to be sold unless they are manufactured/assembeled locally as 99% of the smartphones sold in Argentina.
Keep it up Blackberry!!!

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