BlackBerry Beta Zone now accepting sign ups for BBM beta on Windows Phone

By Bla1ze on 10 Jul 2014 05:24 pm EDT

As expected due to the app having arrived on the Windows Phone Store under private beta status, BlackBerry has now announced their open, external beta for BBM on Windows Phone. As noted on the Inside BlackBerry Blog, BBM on Windows Phone will bring a fresh new native look & feel having been specifically designed for Windows Phone.

The BBM team here at BlackBerry has been busy getting BBM for Windows Phone ready to go. We're preparing for an external beta ahead of our launch and are ready to start accepting applications to participate. Now remember, this is a beta and our expectation is that participants will help us make BBM for Windows Phone great by actively participating. If you're not ready to report bugs, respond to surveys and provide feedback – better to wait just a bit longer for the full release. If you are excited to join the BBM for Windows beta program, please apply at BlackBerry BetaZone.

Out of the gate, BBM for Windows Phone won't have stickers, BBM Voice, BBM Channels and location sharing powered by Glympse but all that good stuff is being worked on and will be added as the app progresses. If you've got a Windows Phone kicking around, you might want to sign up when the links fully go live or at the very least, tell folks you know about it!

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Those pics look gross, that ain't bbm

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Harrison Cole

I disagree, I think it's great BBM is looking platform specific here

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God that WP UI is gross....But cool nonetheless

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Don't understand why they didn't use a Icon based subtitles for WP. Which also is Metro


Gross is German for Great so we'll take that as a complement.


Haha...its personal preference, I've got no issue with windows phone peeps.

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That's a lot of missing features. Better than nothing, I guess. Fingers crossed it works better than BBM for iOS...

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Too many missing features. Windows Phone users will try it, think it's too basic and lacking, delete it and never use it again.

It would be worth delaying it 6 months and getting all those missing features in to it for launch if they want grow the user base through Windows Phone users and actually keep them in the long run.

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bad mojo92

You're right! And here I was thinking how I am gonna convince my people on windows phone to try out BBM! I guess that's out of the window now!

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Why did windows phone get the windows ui and ios and android get the BlackBerry ui?

Loving my black Q10 and white Z10 and ordered the white Z30


I have to wonder the same thing. Although I think the answer is simply Microsoft. They have a strict design scheme and BlackBerry probably had to conform to it. That may be another reason why it came so far behind the others.



I totally agree wid u.. + I think there are several Microsoft developers who are actively participating with bbry developer for designing this apps. that's why its a mixed bbm.


Newest investment gets what BlackBerry has been saying. We will build the app for the Os's UI in the future.

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It's very thoughtful of BBRY to have a version for windows phone. But I have not seen anyone in my area with a windows phone. What's this bringing really?

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I haven't seen anyone in my area with a Blackberry either so what's the point?


where do u live?? probably in Africa..


you will not see anyone with bb in ukraine, russia and other East European countries.. but there are some amount of wp users.


Really??!!!, considering we use blackberry faithfully and always buy new flagships as they are out, I'll say we are supporting the brand better than you. Note: I'm in Nigeria which is in Africa..

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I told u na u live in Africa hahaha...


Well windows phone is beating blackberry the US more or less.

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John Vieira

I actually think it looks very nice. Maybe even better than the blackberry version.

Say what you want about Windows Phone, UI is not one of the issues.

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I agree, looks pretty nice.

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Joel Hill

I actually really like the Windows UI. Here's hoping they give BBM a more native iOS and Android look on those platforms.

Anyone try it yet? I'm curious on how it performs and integrates with the OS. Last I checked, Windows doesn't have a great notification system in place.

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It's not in open beta yet. We're still waiting for the download link! :)


So now we can bbm windows central editors and tell them directly what a holes they are always slamming BlackBerry.

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How do they slam BlackBerry? don't know what you're saying


Does this mean the bbm for Windows Desktop will soon follow? Is Windows Phone and Windows Desktop basically the same operating system?

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They could be waiting for Windows 9, which is rumoured to b able to run Metro apps on the desktop as well as a full screen Metro tablet app


Weird to see a BlackBerry CEO not breaking a promise this long.
John Chen hip hip Hurrah!!!
Come what may all my WP users we welcome you with arms wide open!

STL100-1 ( STC


Great news but limited features? Come on. So now just clean this up and improve the bbm on ios and we r cross platform in full! Bbm should get a head start and build for Tizen while they are at it!

From my z30


What's Tizen?!

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Please be released for the Surface as well..

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This would be awesome!

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Prem WatsApp


Also Desktop while we're at it.

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@bla1ze any reason why the windows version has a different look

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Microsoft puts strict designs guidelines that must be followed, or Blackberry is preparing to port the UI to Windows 8 or 9


I would imagine that they struck some sort of arrangement or as you've said it might be ready for other versions of Windows.

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Looks pretty nice

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I'm happy to see this going on windows fone but once again, it lacks the rest of the features. Why can they launch it just once with everything ready???

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Ibegbulem Onyebuchi

Dude this is a beta, it's not been launched yet, WTH are people daft.. ?

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Fiddle Deedee

It is only a beta. I suspect they want to get the core features ironed out before adding more and setting it loose on the world.

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Looks nicer than the native BB10!

I really like the OS UI. I am considering getting a Windows phone next.

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It does look nice, even the picture looks bigger. But I wouldn't go as far as getting a windows phone :)

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WP and BBOS have best UI. I have a lumia 925, its great! I love minimalist.


good move BBRY! i've signed up.

don't just concentrate on WP! we need a NEW BBM for BB10!!


Wow will not have location sharing via Glympse, Hmmm, sounds like the BB10 client.

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Waiting for the link, so that I can download? Will come sometime this year.

Fingers I might be enrolled?


as a blackberry beta tester I already tested new twitter 5.0 apps for bbos now im waiting for bbm

Jose Casiano

Bbm video cross platform?...

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Looking forward to something special...

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I've been testing out a Windows Phone the past couple weeks. When BBM is finally released, it may just keep me on WP for good.


I hope with the next update for non windows phone, BBM news feed is separate from profile pic.

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