BlackBerry Onyx with Trackpad Spotted

BlackBerry Onyx with Trackpad
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jul 2009 10:11 am EDT

When we first reviewed the BlackBerry 9020 (Onyx), we made note of how much we'd love to see that trackball replaced with a trackpad. It was widely believed to be coming and we made note a few weeks back that trackpad 9020's were finally in the wild, so it's almost surprising that it took this long for a photo to pop up that shows the refined device. Hopefully we'll be able to do more than see soon, because adding a trackpad to to a BlackBerry that already has 3G, WiFi, GPS, and a 3.2 megapixel camera seems like just the right move.

[Source: BBU via our forums, New Image Source ]

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BlackBerry Onyx with Trackpad Spotted


When will people realize, you can go out and buy the best phone on the market (or, what you think is the best phone). But if the Network does not work (drop calls, slow, sounds like you are talkng in a can), then you really don't have a phone. I was once a customer of the "Network with more bars. Sorry, "I hated it!"

Why is it sweet that Verizon doesn't get it? I would love this phone if it came to VZW. I hopw you are not one of those people that need to feel superior to others by having something they don't?

Technology changes so fast...we all know that. Good for them if they have a new phone but I am holding on to mine ( it) until a BlackBerry LTE version comes out on VZW, hopefully sometime next year?!?!

As much as I love my 8900, I'm already bored with it.
The photo is STUNNING. ONYX here we come!

so was almost sure i was gonna get the tour but...this is the phone i've been looking for...i have a storm but im sooo looking forward to buttons...i miss actual buttons lol and this has wi-fi AND an optical trackpad!! just the phone ive been looking for...i hope its for verizon...does anybody know who will carry it??

This one is coming to At&t and T-Mobile. VZW will probably get a wifi enabled tour next year some time. No telling if it will have the trackball or the trackpad. That is probably the closet you are going to get to the onyx on VZW.

Lets be serious here.
This Blackberry Onyx is just straight amazing.
Innovative. Amazing. Beautiful. Quality.
It has EVERY feature needed. It lacks NONE.
I'm done.

I love trackballs too, but when they get stuck and you can't scroll up or down for a couple of minutes...or you become one of those victims with the busted trackball...well, the optical pad will make perfect sense to you then.
Lets keep our fingers crossed the optical pad won't have any problems as well...

Is it just me or does the screen press in on the device on the right? Is this the Magnum with a "sure press" screen?

At any rate, the trackpad looks nice.

Umm the phone on the right is the 85XX series Gemini which is a curve replacement, low cost and small specs. It has a trackpad so Im not even sure why you would think it would ALSO be touchscreen. The phone on the left is the Onyx which is in the Bold family and has many of the same features as the Bold with slightly better specs. This too has a trackpad so that will not get a touchscreen either. Hope that clears things up for you

I got an 8900 & I luv the phone, but if T-mobile came out with this onyx or driftwood Damn,I would buy it quick...come on T-mobile...

I'll hold on my decision to upgrade from my BOLD after I see the specs, the trackpad in and of itself definitely won't make me upgrade...and the 3.2 megapixel photos are just ok.

C'mon RIM, roll out a 5 Megapixel Camera phone and I'll upgrade that day!

But who knows, I'm a feen for technology so I might upgrade

I love the ball on my 8900...and I'm not sure I'd want a trackpad.

I also have a Samsung Omnia with VZW for my work phone. It has a touch area very similar to the one in the pictures. I think it's nice, but I don't really use it that often (of course it's touch screen so it's not needed too much)...I think I'd like the ball better.

I agree, the trackball on the 8900 is nice...way nicer than the one on my Bold.

I wonder if this trackpad clicks down when you press it like the trackball does (ie; mouse click/make a selection). I'm guessing it must or it would completely change the user interface...

Im happy with my 3G, but the onyx almost looks too tempting to pass. Seriously considering picking this one up.
Hopefully RIM releases it on Rogers first like they did for the Bold.

i just read on BG that sprint will be adding wifi to there up and coming phones Q will they b adding it to the new blackberry tour 9630 that coming out on sunday

i dont get it....which one is the onyx? the right or the left?

left looks more like a tour, and the right looks more like a curve...

The Onyx is on the left - has a Bold-style keyboard.
The Gemini is on the right - has a Curve-style keyboard.

This would be the BB for me on a CMDA carrier. I am slowly losing hype for the Tour 9630 and I am hoping for more solid info on the next bb to hit CMDA besides the tour.

I know this will be on ATT and GSM, but I'm hoping for a similar or comparable device.

Wow, I just became available for upgrade too, i have a bold, 8900 and hopefully sooner rather then later an onyx!

You people fiend over the tiniest changes that RIM makes to these phones...Trackpad!! Gotta have it!! Slightly faster processor!!! Gotta have it!!! Slightly brighter screen!!!! Gotta have it!!! Seriously, consider how little the differences are in these phones people. The Tour is a dud. They will be giving you these things at work, like that boring WorldPhone BB. I swear, you're all like puppets to your RIM master. You'd buy a dog turd with a keyboard from them and claim it was the best phone ever.

Then they shell out $500 and then complain that it's the same OS and really isn't any different than any previous model.

Call me crazy but is this a touch screen device? looking at it the screen looks very similar to the storm and I can even see a gap in the screen from the frame that looks like surepress.... Flame me if you want I'm not all up to date on the new bb's coming out just something I noticed in the pic...


No WiFi so it's definitely not VZW. I desperately need a new BB and am trying to hold out until Nov, when my contract is up and in that time I need to figure out if I want the Tour or Bold but now it looks like there might be another BB device thrown into the decision mix.

I wonder how much Kevin takes you screamers, whiners, apparent mind readers, angry about specs, seriously. It can't be that many.

9020, maybe this is one for CDMA'ers...The Magnum will be sick for us GSM'ers. Either way, the Bold successor better have HSPA 7.2...and it will. ;) :D :D

I am on Verizon and plan on staying there. I am waiting to replace my 1st generation Storm with a Storm 2...but if the Onyx were offered by would be a tough decision. I want 3G, Wifi and a fast processor with lots of memory. I would be willing to ditch the Storm for an Onyx if the OS was better.

The trackpad look like it has too little room for navigation on the Onyx, as opposed to the 8520. It looks like it would be difficult swiping downwards, you'd just hit the top row of the keypad. I can't see how this would make for easy navigation. I'm sure it works better on the 8520 where the pad has more space around it. I still think I would prefer the trackBALL on the Onyx.

Gonna get it, but I need to use in all aspects my BB Bold...

Anyway, it is a very nice device, keyboard is great, I'll wait for the test...

Now the 9020 series number makes sense.The early pics of the Onyx/Driftwood seemed to show a device alot closer looking to the Tour than this one.Kevin's sold on the trackpad and the rest of the 9020 is sooo sleek.Beautiful Device.In all honesty I think every provider in 2009 won:CDMA providers w/the Tour 9630 and GSM providers getting the Onyx/Driftwood 9020.

is there any word on the magnum? because if that one is another year ago i may get the onyx. Otherwise i'll hold out for the Magnum!

Anyone think that the Magnum might also have a trackpad along with a touchscreen? That would be GOLDEN! and definitely worthy of the "Flagship" device title! (along with WIFI, 3G, GPS, 256MB ..etc)

wow. I don't know if it's just this shot here, but that picture makes me want to trade the Bold in for the Onyx!!

Well today is the last day to win the Blackberry Tour 9630 and it also happens to be the same day I join as a member too. This would be an awsome upgrade compared to my current 8130 pearl. I have never won at anything before. I hope I do win this it would be a first for me! =)

I have had 4 Storms. Tired!! What are pro/cons of switching to Tour? Will apps I have paid for the Storm work on the Tour?

Not to be rude but the Tour is fail. Telus tried to offer me it and I said, "Are you serious?!" That Blackberry has nothing to offer in my opinion. Tour talk needs to get out of here anyways, we have the Onyx and Gemini lised above, lets us bathe in their glory, lol.

is it just me or does the one on the left look like the screen moves??(look at the buttons)

overall tho the talk/end keys on the right are cool and the keyboard on the left looks a a lot better. also the keyboard on the left has to seemingly white lines..they kinda look like lights...

anyways cant wait for the final product!!!!

Hey, I'm no expert or anything, but I do know that some BB's can have their trackball modules replaced. Why can't RIM develop develop a trackpad module "upgrade" for trackball devices? Or is there more to it??? Just wondering;)

For BB's with SD slots (either for memory or SIM card) that do not have WiFi, develop a way to "add" WiFi by an external SD card. Like I said, I'm no expert, just wondering if its possible....

I really want to have a blackberry like this one and hope to get one soon. I hope at least this one won't disappoint me.

I wish they would have kept the silver bezel and the leather back on the onyx like the bold. Anyway, I love the new specs. :)

Ppl u dont knw how much i cant this Sphone....crack aint da word ever since i became a Bberry user iv wanted one that had all the bells and whistles and not jus some the have a clone that had the ones that i didn't have but didn't have the ones i had. This seems like my ultimate "fix"...the only thing that could OD me is if this Sphone was touch screen too. So come on RIM make it happen...soon.

I really hope that the Onyx is comming to T-Mobile. The 3G Blackberry's have made it around except for ATT, T-Mobile. That will definitely be my next Blackberry. My 8320 has served me very well though. Having the trackpad would be great!

is it just me or does the screen kind of resemble the storms around the edges, it isn't flush like the old bold or the 8520 next to it it looks like theres a gap running around the edge which makes me think it could have some kind of surepress screen which would be kind of weird on a qwerty blackberry?

or is it simply my eyes being crap and my overactive imagination taking effect on this one?

i am seriously so excited about this phone. i haven't got a blackberry yet (i know, it took me a while) but hopefully the onyx will be my nex... if i can keep myself calm till november. but i'm not sure if i can!