BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review

The First 'No Compromise' BlackBerry Smartphone... the BlackBerry Bold 9700

A First Hands-On Look at the BlackBerry Onyx
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 May 2009 01:23 pm EDT

A Pre-Release, Hands-On Look at the BlackBerry Bold 9700, formerly codenamed Onyx


* Update 2: October 21st, 2009 - Research in Motion officially announced the BlackBerry Bold 9700:

* Update 1: August 12th, 2009 - Since this review first when live in late May, a few things have changed in regards to this review. First, the "onyx" became branded with a 9020 device model, which recently changed again to become the BlackBerry 9700 and now for sure will be labeled as the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Hardware-wise, compared to unit featured in this review, a few other things have changed, namely the device will feature a touch sensitive trackpad (as seen on the Curve 8520) instead of the trackball, and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 will also feature a leather back on it. And above the battery door, engraved into the rubber will be the word "Bold". Keep in mind the BlackBerry Bold 9700 will come in two versions - one for AT&T/Rogers/Europe and another version specificially built for T-Mobile in the USA, which features T-Mobiles 1700Mhz HSPA bands. Below is a picture of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 with the optical trackpad:

BlackBerry Bold 9700

BlackBerry Bold 9700

The changes made since this initial review to the Bold 9700 really make this is the ultimate "traditional" BlackBerry. It beats the original BlackBerry Bold 9000 in every respect, and does it in a smaller package.

Original BlackBerry Onyx (BlackBerry Bold 9700) Review

Pre-release review time! Rumors of the BlackBerry device model with the codename "Onyx" have been floating around for a while now and were proven legit when the first photos of it surfaced here at CrackBerry back on May 10th. After going hands-on with the Onyx, I think it's safe to say THIS IS the traditional (no touchscreen) BlackBerry smartphone so many of us have been waiting for. It always seems that every new BlackBerry smartphone makes a compromise somewhere on its specifications and feature sheet - be it the Bold's camera, or the Curve 8900's lack of 3G, or the Tour 9630's lack of WiFi, or the Storm's lack of memory and snappy OS.

RIM has finally packed it ALL into one device with the Onyx -- 3G, WiFi, GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera - and they've done it in a tight form factor. If you put the Onyx side by side with the BlackBerry Bold and compare the specs, you realize the triumph in engineering RIM has accomplished here. The Onyx is basically better in every way but has a much smaller footprint (though arguably the Bold's extra width makes for a better keyboard and physically wider display that some users may prefer). So if you're relaxing this Memorial Day weekend, grab a bevvie, sit back and read on to see tons of photos, a video and some first impressions of the BlackBerry Onyx.

* Disclaimer: Like all of our pre-release reviews, please note that this is non-commercially available device which means things will change by the time it comes to market. *


A Note About the Pre-Release BlackBerry Bold 9700 Device Review

While the pre-release BlackBerry Curve 8520 we recently reviewed felt like it could be going on sale tomorrow, it's apparent the BlackBerry Onyx reviewed here is in a much earlier stage of the commercialization process. While the hardware quality is quite good, the OS implementation is still young. In fact, on this device the OS has yet to be labeled with a version number. It's definitely a version of OS 5, but actually think it's an early build of OS 5.0.1 versus 5.0.0. Likewise, we're hearing that production on these isn't scheduled to begin until later this summer, which means the device is still pre-production and things could change up, like maybe swapping out the trackball in favor of the optical trackpad, which is said by BGR to be coming to the BlackBerry Driftwood (think T-Mobile version of the Onyx).

On the device model front, it's not certain (to us anyways) what the exact model number is yet, but the prevailing thought is that the both the Onyx and Driftwood may be part of the 96xx series. We've heard the Onyx is the 9600 (BlackBerry Tour 9600??), but visually comparing the Onyx to the 9630 the sides/back are so visibly different that one could argue a different model number could be justified. Of course RIM hasn't even officially announced the Tour 9630 yet, so we're talking pre-release rumors on top of pre-release rumors at this point.

Another item to note is UMA support. The Onyx's hardware is technically capable of supporting UMA, but whether we see it launch with it is another question. In North America the Onyx will be heading to AT&T and Rogers. We know (based on history and BG's info) that the AT&T version won't support UMA, but Rogers does offer their UMA TalkSpot service so we could maybe (hopefully!) see it launch with UMA there. In the video below I typed in that UMA was supported...but keep this paragraph in mind. Technically supported vs. what hits the market are two different things.

BlackBerry Codename Onyx - What's in a Name?

There's a little CrackBerry history behind the name BlackBerry "Onyx" that I just had to throw in here for our newer readers who may not be fully aware. Back in April 2008, before the official release of the BlackBerry Bold, the blogosphere referred to the device by its model number, 9000. We knew the BlackBerry 9000 would have to get a brand name, so at that time we held a CrackBerry contest to guess the name of BlackBerry 9000. A short time after, RIM announced the 9000 as the BlackBerry Bold, a name which none of our contestants had guessed. However, we went through the hundreds of names suggested and picked our favorite and gave them a prize anways. And the name we picked as the winner was..... the BlackBerry Onyx! Now I don't if it the Onyx was already in development at that time and we just got lucky, or if RIM was inspired by our name game and used it for a device (that would be pretty sweet), but either way it seems fitting that the BlackBerry Onyx is the device that can basically be seen as the next generation / upgrade of the BlackBerry Bold (as far as it's the next/best all in one BlackBerry).

BlackBerry Onyx (Bold 9700) Overview

With so many existing and upcoming BlackBerry device models that look similar (yet different), it's becoming a bit confusing to differentiate at a glance between models. We have an upcoming article with our theory behind RIM's multiple device strategy, but in the meantime the big thing to note about Onyx is that's unassuming and slick form factor packs a ton of punch:

  • 3G device - GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS (Bands: 850, 900, 1800, 1900)
  • 480 by 360 display, beveled edges
  • 256 megabytes of internal memory (same as Curve 8900, 8520)
  • 1550mAh M-S1 battery (same as Bold)
  • 3.2 megapixel camera, with flash and auto focus
  • Processor: Not 100% sure actually, but am hearing its a Tavor processor that may be running even a bit quicker than the Bold's 624MHz processor (definitely seems snappy)
  • GPS, WiFi (UMA capable but we'll see what happens there), and all the normal stuff you'd expect on a BlackBerry smartphone


BlackBerry Onyx Video Overview

In our Curve 8520 video I played Sunday Morning Coming Down. It got some positive feedback, so we're back with more Johnny Cash, this time the very fitting Man in Black for what is shaping up to be one hell of a BlackBerry. Be sure to click the HD button to see the video in high definition. Enjoy the show!!

BlackBerry Onyx First Impressions

Similar to the BlackBerry Tour 9630, when you first look at the BlackBerry Onyx you're just not quite sure what you're looking at. The close-together keys with ‘guitar fret' separators scream Bold, yet the overall form factor is much more like the BlackBerry Curve 8900. That's part of the reason it seems weird that the Onyx would be a 9600 device. In terms of the device's overall dimensions and shape and feel in the hand, it's actually closer to the Curve 8900 than it is to the 9630. Like the Curve 8520, it features a little bit more rubber than were used to seeing, but the rubbery buttons give off a quality feel. And then when you pop off the Onyx's battery cover and see the Bold's battery, the confusion increases even more. With the BlackBerry Onyx it's like RIM simply grabbed the best DNA from each device and tossed it together to make a super baby, which in this case is not a bad thing.

Form Factor - The overall look and feel of the Onyx is slick. I assume the gun metal grey metallic band around the device is actually plastic, but it gives off a more metal-like feel than the silver chrome on the Curve 8900 or 9630 or Bold. The Onyx feels very thin too. While it's overall thickness appears to be the same as the 8900, on the Onyx RIM has made the sides of the device a little less thick and instead of having the display be flush (even slightly lower) than the side rails, with the Onyx the display's edges are beveled down towards the side rails. It's hard to explain, but overall the device simply feels thin. The Onyx's footprint is much smaller than the Bold's and is even smaller than the 9630. The beveled edge look continues through the top of the device, which does feature the hidden lock and mute keys that so many BlackBerry users have quickly grown to love. Walking further around the perimeter of the device, the usual BlackBerry stuff is there. The Micro USB charging/syncing port is located on the top left side of the device, just below the 3.5mm headset jack. There's a lanyard hole on the left bottom side of the device, just above the charging contacts - there will obviously be a BlackBerry charging pod for the Onyx. Volume up/down keys are on the right hand side, and as always, convenience keys are on both sides of the device.

All in all, the look is a bit dangerous, a bit understated, yet dashing at the same time. James Bond should scrap that Sony Ericsson crap in the next movie in favor of a BlackBerry Onyx (damn, I know "Onyx" is just a codename but it's a good sounding name... I wish it would hit as the actual brand name).


Keyboard – The top three rows of the Onyx’s keyboard appear to be identical to the that of the BlackBerry 9630’s, but the bottom row differs in that the keys are a millimeter or two shorter. I don’t think the downsize hurts there use – overall this is a very nice keyboard that should be comfy for everyone. Small hands, big hands or somewhere in the middle, both this keyboard and the 9630’s keyboard are just awesome.

Trackball – The Onyx reviewed has a trackball, but it is possible that by the time it goes into production that it may feature the optical trackpad found on the Curve 8520. I’m realllly in love with the trackpad, so hope it does. But even with the trackball, the navigation is all good.

Battery Cover – Another BlackBerry smartphone, another battery cover design. Seriously, it’s almost shocking how much the battery doors change from model to model. I don’t know if this means they just haven’t got it quite right yet, or if it means they design it last (once they pack all the guts under the hood) and figure out how to make it work.  The Onyx features a latch-less design (no buttons to depress).  There’s little hooks on the inside of the door at the top that slide into grooves on the phone. You simply apply a little pressure on the battery cover at the top (just under the camera) and slide down and the door comes off easily. It seems to work pretty well.


Micro SD Card - The location of the Micro SD card slot is pretty cool. Pull off the battery cover (a good thing - having it external is one more hole to collect dust) and it's located above the battery/below the camera and is mounted at an angle. It's a great design.

Battery - The Onyx uses the same battery as the BlackBerry Bold, which it needs to power the processor and radios and provide enough juice to power the unit through the day. On this early OS software the battery is getting drained pretty quick, but am sure by the time the Onyx hits the market battery life will be on par with other models. Under the battery there is room for a SIM card and that's it. It's a very clean design under the battery door.



Camera - You can expect the same quality of photos out of the Onyx as the Curve 8900 (which takes some great snapshots) thanks to its 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus.

Other Stuff - With the device software being so early stage, it's too soon to start looking at performance type stuff (3G/WiFi speeds) or OS stuff (web browser), but at the end of the day it's clear from the specs and hardware that for those who don't want a touchscreen the Onyx will be the next must-have BlackBerry.

Be sure to click all the images above to zoom in for larger photos. I've let some captions with details as applicable.

BlackBerry Bold 9700  - Some Closing Review Thoughts for Now...

BlackBerry Onyx... Hopefully Coming Soon
The BlackBerry Bold 9700 - Hopefully coming soon...

So there you have it, a first hands-on review/look at the BlackBerry Onyx, aka the BlackBerry Bold 9700. It's been whispered about for a while now as being a sweet device, and sweet it is. It's definitely the pinnacle of the traditional BlackBerry. But what's really interesting is that this isn't it for RIM... codenames like Magnum have also been floating around for a long-time now which are rumored to be mixing things up and combining a physical keyboard with a touchscreen. It'll be exciting to see how the BlackBerry experience on a device like that will match up with a device like the Onyx. RIM should really just start a BlackBerry credit card already. It would make it easier for all us Crackies to get our hands on the plethora of devices coming out of Waterloo!

I'll be sure to follow up with some more thoughts on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in the weeks ahead. Until then, be sure to drop your comments, questions and thoughts below or in our new BlackBerry Bold 9700 forum.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review


But just the same Kevin is the man. Kevin, you always have the info we love to know. All my friends are saying they want the bold, and I'm thinking hee, hee. I'm waiting for the "onyx". It's my secret edge on being a crackberry queen. My friends all call me "BBQ" for Blackberry Queen. So fitting...

So Excited!!!

this looks awesome. definitely has everything i want in a blackberry... good size, good screen res, good camera, 3g, etc...

so i take it noone knows for sure if it will come with the optical trackpad or not, hopefully that gets cleared up soon

Can't wait to see the rest of the devices that should be coming out from now til end of the year! Looks like the pre and new iPhone is bringing out the best in RIM...

I don't like how the keyboard looks like it's spilling off the edges of the device.

Other than that, it's about time RIM made something like this. Though since I'm on VZW, I'll have to just be happy with the 9630. I think I'll manage, though. Somehow.

why is it going to be for AT&T??? The Onyx is just a slimmer Bold. It should definetely be for another carrier. (in my opinion)

how does the external speaker sound compared to the Bold?
And I'm glad the USB and headset jack are in the right spot on the top left of this Berry :D

Hopefully this phone comes out around the time I'm available for an upgrade. I love my 8900 but I really wish it had 3G compatibility. An optical trackpad and a better speaker would be nice as well.

This device looks awsome! Can't wait to learn more about it but unless it comes as a CDMA device I'll keep my eyes on the Tour 9630. I'm looking for that phone as my next upgrade!!

haha...thanks for the early review. Can't wait till this comes out. I really want to try the 8900 again but I do like my 3G.

Yeah we know, but that doesnt stop us from hoping a similar device drops for Verizon, just like many AT&T owners are hoping for the Storm 2. Please refrain from stating the obvious.

The is THE phone I have been waiting for. THE MOST FULLY FEATURED BLACKBERRY....EVER!!! I'm getting mine in a couple weeks and I CANNOT EFFING WAIT!!!!! I'm still hearing that it may get the updated optical trackpad...Seems doubtful with all these pre-release versions showing up without it...hmmmm

What's going on here with all these lookalike berries coming out with minute differences between them. Now I'm confused, just tell me which is the flagship model and I want that one. I have the Bold and this looks like a smaller bold to me.

The BB rocks. I've been a BB user since 2001. Believe me, it was like holding a calculator against you head back then. The newest versions have been so much better.

I love the Onyx. I'm so impatient!

All other carriers already got they first 3G blackberry. ATT got the Bold Verizon got the Storm. so its only right that the T-mobile get its first 3G blackberry and if it dont im sure is getting this blackberry unlocked so it dont matter lol

This one goes to AT&T. Getting it unlocked would do you no good as far as 3G is concerned because TMO and ATT use different bands. Do not despair though because Driftwood is coming for us TMO users.

Wow, what a beautiful device! The battery looks HUGE, and it has everyfeature a BB lover could want, except the optical trackball, but thats not a dealbreaker. If this(or a similar device)doesnt come to Verizon, I would consider jumping ship to the Dark Side (AT&T).

Its nice looking and the Wifi is nice, too, but I think the Tour is a nicer looking device. Bigger keyboard all around and the chrome is nicer that the bezel on the Onyx and that cheap rubber outline.

This is getting ridiculous. I can't keep track of this, the Storm is the only one different now. Two devices with Curve names is just batty. What ever, we should all give up tracking what we want as an upgrade until RIM actually makes things official! :D

I gave my Bold to my GF and was holding off on getting the 8900 for the next BB I knew would be coming down the line soon. But if this is it I will get an 8900, this thing is damn ugly, what happened to the chrome bezel, this looks cheap. Plus the Bold keyboard was, IMO, uncomfortable this looks worse. The curve keyboard would be perfect on a device this size, plus it is the best keyboard I have ever used on a phone.

Guess I will go tomorrow and get the 8900, unless something else is coming soon.

Wow this just pwned the tour, faster slimmer wifi. I can't wait to add this to my smartphone family.

I've wondered what would my next BlackBerry device would be...since I'm not willing to dive back into a touchscreen device since I left the iPhone behind...for good.

The Onyx is the one! I love my Bold, but the Onyx combines all the good stuff from the Bold...and 8900, and simply adds polish to the packages. Good to see that there are obvious improvements to the "traditional" BlackBerry package, since I didn't think they could top the Bold.

I must say you have a very impressive collection of Berrys! I love the look of the Onyx, especially the battery door and the dark colored bezel. I also like the fact that the headphone jack and the usb port back onto the left side like the old Curves. I think the Onyx is now the reigning beauty queen in the group. I cant wait to get my hands on T-mobiles version.

Ahhh, finally.....the quintessential blackberry!! Every bell and whistle that me and others have been wondering about. But as usual, someone will find something to bitch about THIS phone. I already see complaints about how it looks cheap and I'm thinking it's the lack of chrome (painted plastic) as opposed to the Bold or 8900. You bitched about too much chrome (painted plastic) and right on cue you're bitching about not having enough. It's PAINTED PLASTIC morons!!!!

@blacktoothberry: That was one of the most uninformed asinine comments I've ever read. Is VZW the f#*kin' wifi police??? Wifi isn't legit until VZW gets it?? Did they invent wifi?? Your comment is dumb as hell!! So, listen to this idiot and don't buy a BB until VZW gets wifi....pffft!! It'll be on the Storm 2 idiot.

It looks good...but I'd have to play with it first before actually buying it. Yes there are more features, but compared to the Bold, it doesn't seem as classy. Maybe it's just the video and pictures...who knows? I hope those chrome slats between the keys are more durable than my first Bold.

I want this really really really badly! Ahh :) I was thinking of getting the 8900 on AT&T but by the time I save the money (my father said he's not extending the contract.. Grr) I might as well save a little more and get this! Even though the name onyx makes me think of a pokemon... This is perfect! Now if they added the trackpad... Then they would have to change the name to the blackberry "Zeus" because it would be the god of all Blackberrys!

You're using the wrong word, it should be "lanyard 'hole'" and " one more 'hole' to collect dust".... Sorry that was just bugging me I'm kinda ocd on those types of words that people tend to use the wrong one too much... Great pre-review! :)

well it looks good but i think if they really wanna do damage they have to up their game!

3.2 cam should be 5.0 mp

what processor? better be faster than bold!

i will wait for full specs

y does cdma always gets the short end stick this is B S(by the way the phone is beautiful)

Of course CDMA will get the short end of the stick. Why shouldn't they? CDMA is used in a small portion of the world. Why do you think most manufacturers make GSM versions as a primary? Take a look at all phones released worldwide and you will see that maybe 5% is GSM, and rightly so. Most manufacturers develop and sell units to make money. You can push more units and make more money on the worldwide market if you produce GSM.

Looking at the 2 side by side I am liking the looks of the Tour better. Not enough margin around the keyboard, which is probably why they squished the last row.
However as long as it doesn't interfere with typing, this thing will be awesome. What else could you ask for?

Wow the Onyx is wicked, its truly a slim Bold, omg and the one BB, that has a full keyboard and a touch now i'm jealous


Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us; one question, the 3G (UMTS or HSDPA?) of this device, operates in the bands in the subject or as always is only on 850/1900/2100?


this device looks like a good move from my current bold. but jogballs are now old news. especially with the advent of the gemni touchpad...gimmme a bold or onyx with a touchpad *drools* and i will "JIZZ IN MY PANTS"

Okay, so this device is awesomeness. But the Onyx is headed to AT&T, correct?

What the hell is the Driftwood then? Basically the Onyx but with the TMO frequencies? I'm thoroughly confused.

All I know is that I want(need) a 3G BB on TMO right now.

From what I've read,yes,the Onyx and the Driftwood will be twins.With the Onyx having AT&T's 3G bands and the Driftwood having T-Mobile's AWS 3G w/ UMA. I can't wait to see the Driftwood!!

Onxy, you with equipted with 3G, WiFi, GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera. All the features you include ! Love you so much! Wish I get one!

if you like your BB device already but what is the real reason to want to have BB onyx ?? this onyx should be for first time buyer because it is the right thing to do and if anyone wanted onyx should wait till their next upgrade or contract is expired. being patient is the best thing ever happen to anyone and I am using BB storm from bell without any problem even I am using .76 and no such thing like lagging while texting and I learned to use pretty well. Praise the Lord because God told to go get the storm because texting is better suitable for me. 3 months ago I did ak God which BB device bold or storm is best for me and he said storm so I did go and get it and now my storm works so smoothly just like he said it will happen.

Now i didn't read anything about the speakers on this thing. Or maybe I mist it. Do this have the same speakers as the bold, if not it lost my vote. The Bold has the best speakers a mobile phone has ever gotten. RIM needs to put the same speakers on all of there up coming models. Some of you my beg to differ. if you do you need to go to the doctor and get your ears checked. Put the bold next to any mobile device an it will win.

I'm really digging this phone. RIM has done just about everything right with this one...I really can't find anything to knock about it. For the first time the Bold is no longer my BB sweetheart.

The fact that it has so many hardware upgrades is great, but it's a shame it looks like shit compared to the bold which is the phone most people will be upgrading from when this phone does hit GSM carriers.

To me that name is one of the most original and well suited name for the device. I hate the name Tour (if it is apart of the tour series). This phone will definitely be mine the day it comes out on ATT. (my perfect network) No complaints about this phone at all. I would love to see the edition of an optical trackpad but thats just about it. I love it so much! The perfect phone.

Please can you make a list of all the new blackberry devices that you write about so that i can compare them and help decide whether too buy one now or wait a little

great review. if i didn't already have a BOLD i would consider the onyx. i already have my bold blacked out and don't use my camera enough to consider an upgrade based on a camera alone. i prefer the design of the bold because the width isn't an issue it's only the thickness i would like to see improved on the next model. i'm looking forward to a "PRE" like os on a blackberry.

I don't really get why this should be the flagship model, the "ultimate Blackberry" - my 8900 Curve that I've been using for the past 8 months or so has the same form factor and same features (except 3G)...

Wow! I love how the phone just fits into the model's hand. This is the best one yet! Thanks for sharing. I just hope this won't cost me an arm and a leg.


I hear negative comments re the narrower form factor of the Onyx vs the Bold. Why not make the smaller width models with the Pearl keyboard? The keys would be larger and I love the speed of the Pearl two character key set.

gona get one of these badboys ! for sure !@

looks wicked .. jumping up and down already hahah

The Jog dial is too smooth the buttons are soft and much better than the previous version......Even though it is a bit overly priced we could say..........but overall a total package...........

I still have my BB Curve 8310, and I love it. I contemplated upgrading to the Bold, but I just couldn't justify the cost just to have a better screen and faster internet. Now I've got my sights set on the Onyx which seems to have it all. When I upgraded my daughter's phone, I talked to the AT&T guy about the Onyx. He said "It's coming and it's totally worth the wait".
Yep, I think the Onyx will be my next BB.

Great review, and pics as usual kevin

Hot damn, I am getting this no question!

I have a Bold and would it realy be worth switching to the smaller Onyx? At this point I would have to day no. I have big hands and I love my Bold. Can anyone help me out?

wussap putos, hey I'm due for an upgrade Sept 05 with verizon. I'm really excited about getting a new phone. righnow righnow I have a BB Pearl 8130. I was skeptical at first about BBs cz everyone and their gramdmother has one, plus the name BlackBerry Pearl sounded kinda fruitty. And I'ng a real meing you cockrouches.

A year and 4 months ago I paid $149 for it new, 2yr contract, sure I got a $50 rebate but still thought it was a buttload of mula. but daing now this pearl goes for $19 same contract. WTF? It's nice to read all the different comments about this Onyx, some are funny and helpful but bottom line, we wont know anything for sure till it comes out. It appears it's not coming to Verizon, so it's decision tineg for me.. stay with Verizon and wait for somethin similar or fudgeit swiatch biatch! thank, just venting!

I want to stick with BB phones now that I'm really used to it. Hopefully this hype is well backed up.

So, I like it, I really do....but come on BB! make me go...OMG! I would love to see a BB that has an 'up to date' camera on the phone. Yes, most people that buy bb's are using them for business, but come on, there has been plenty of times where I've had to take a picture of something and send it to the boss...Sorta hard with a crappy camera.
3G--whatever, I use wifi and when I don't, it's not often. Everywhere now days has wifi you can hook onto.
Trackpad--Only time will tell about it. Still iffy.
Memory--FOR REAL, with all that you can do with the bb, you would THINK they'd offer at least a Gig...
And the slide on back, I HATE. I love my bb's back, cause it has a LOCK.
This is just MY opinion on what I THINK they should consider updating. They have to compete with the Iphone...even though they have a different demographic, and the bb is WINNING, I think they would have a higher edge if they did some of this. Also, ton's of free apps wouldn't be bad ;)
I love the functionality of the BB, but come on, when you are sitting in the board room, it's just that....BORED ROOM...I like to play with my phone while the boss talks. Just my rant

Dear RIM.... i bought an iphone a year ago because I wanted a 3G device and the Bold was taking forever. And when the Bold was finally released, it just looked too bulky, and that faux leather back is so tacky! Even if it was real leather - this isn't a wallet! It's a phone! I've been waiting to switch back because I hate typing on the iphone. But with all the BB devices on different carriers since then, I've been so dissapointed - as the original review pointed out - something always seemed to be missing - 3G on the 8900, 3.2 mp camera on the bold, wi-fi on the Tour...

So the 9700 / Onyx looks like the specs are right on the mark. But I'm just still dissapointed w the leather back. It's ugly. The best looking back on a bb device is the 8900... smooth and solid looking. And please don't put that Bold logo on the back in the rubber - again, it's tacky looking. The iphone, despite its inferiority to BBs, is selling so well because it looks beautiful. RIM - pay attention here. Aesthetics are important.

My Only question is if this is truly coming out on T-Mobile like the branding states then how come in the specs i don't see the 1700 frequency for T=Mobiles 3g?

Just talked to a friend of mine who is the regional rep for att in the midwest. What i heard was "The 9700 does not have a launch date yet! Our device list accidentally got leaked to the public. Those devices are still at least six months from being launched."

I know I'm getting it, since it's coming to AT&T. I'd like a trackball, though. Don't get me wrong, but a touchscreen is fine with me as has been alluded to in the review, but how many are into a trackpad?

RIM does not like CDMA. Look at the Storm. What a fiasco. Besides the ubiquitous 8300 series, the only other BlackBerry is the 9630 Tour. You got the "last one". Not to worry, you're getting the Storm II - The Wrath of Khan", so be happy.

AT&T...and to a very big surprise T-Mobile, will be getting this BlackBerry Bold 9700. The Bold II. Whatever, it's brilliant! "Hey, is that (one of the) Bold's? hahahhhhh...

Ugly, that's all I have to say about this, the fake leather back and stupid square in place of the trackball is just ridiculous. This looks like a toy phone.. a cheap $50 phone. I'll stick to my Bold 9000 or Curve 8900.

If you had one to choose from would you recommend the Tour without the wifi or wait on the Bold Onyx? I am considering the Tour at the moment.

I was very exited when I read this article the fist time...Now not so much after readind the updates changing the trackball. I have a BB Bold and Im very used to it with the trackball, so I hope a version with the trackball. Id like to read some opinions of you guys about this change!

I think it just takes some getting used to. At least with the Trackpad you don't have to change the trackball when it gets too dirty :P

How come it looks nothing like the original bold? Even the tour from behind, looks more like the bold. This looks more like a curve with a bold like keyboard

The Blackberry Bold 2 is without a doubt going to be the best crackberry on the market.. much better than the Storm 2. I finally have a reason to switch from Verizon. The trackpad looks very slick and is the game changer!

i just got mine this am im loving this phone i sold my 3g's 32 gig for this blackberry i would never go back to the iphone .love the new track pad no more ball about time and the 3g makes this phone .

i just got mine this am im loving this phone i sold my 3g's 32 gig for this blackberry i would never go back to the iphone .love the new track pad no more ball about time and the 3g makes this phone .

Just picked up my new Bold 9700 today! Its the best Blackberry I have ever owned, and I have had a lot of Blackberries!
This thing is FAST FAST FAST! It feels wonderful in my hand and looks amazing too. The resolution on the screen is unbelievable and the camera/video quality is amazing.
I am in love.

I am an avid BB user and I love the blackberry. I really really do! Every time I pick up another phone, droid, google,htc,iphone whatever they all seem to have a cool touchscreen but either a weak touchscreen keyboard or a slide out keyboard that just seems, I dont know, Childish! I dont want to pop my keyboard out like its a badge.. Im no tech expert nor do I have any idea of the inner workings of a phone at all, but can someone tell me why Blackberry cant keep its form and add touchscreen to the phone? Forget the trackball, forget the new mouse pad. Why not keep the keyboard exactly where it is and how it functions but add touchscreen to the mix. You can get rid of the track ball area with the call/back/menu keys and increase the size of the screen itself. I dont get it, they failed with the storm because of the keyboard, but in my mind this would be the single best phone EVER MADE. Am I wrong?

I'm with Verizon. (Do not like ATT) However why is it that ATT gets all the best phones? How do I make Bold 9700 work on Verizon???

Just picked one of these up last week to replace my work BB. It's awesome!! Wasn't sure about the trackpad at first, but you get used to it quick and then it is so much nicer than the track ball. I have a Curve 8330 for my personal BB and that thing feels like a clunker now :(

Im trying to use Pandora and AT&T nav. together but the sound stops coming out of the head phones, is there any way to make the music and the directions come out of the head phones?

Love the phone. Never owned a BB before this but the trackpad works great. Friends with trackballs like the pad. And the thing is fast and the live TV quality is pretty good too.

I have the Blackberry Onyx with trackball but can't upgrade its OS??? Its for research and engineering purposes only tell me what to do?

I will not give up my BlackBerry Bold 9700! Over the years I've had many phones of varying types, touchscreens, etc. NONE have compared to the sophistication of the BB 9700. I've had no trouble and it does all I ask and then some. They will pry it from my dead hand to get it from me!

That was so cool...I want to avail that phone......
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