BlackBerry 'Ontario' turns up in Geekbench benchmark testing

By Bla1ze on 7 Feb 2014 02:52 pm EST

A few days ago a new version of Geekbench was released for BlackBerry 10 - Geekbench 3. It's essentially an app that's used for benchmarking your device but it's looking as though someone at BlackBerry has been doing some benchmarking of their own with an unreleased BlackBerry.

As you can see by looking at the results above, the device name is a bit familiar. It's listed as 'Ontario' and to go along with it, it appears to be running an early version of BlackBerry 10.3. As far as other specs that can be gleaned from the info, we're looking at it running a quad-core Snapdragon 800 and 2GB of RAM.

The 'Ontario' device is something we've been hearing about for a very long time now but with new management coming in, its place in the BlackBerry line-up has been questioned. There's still no telling if this device will ever see the light of day but if nothing else, it confirms someone in Waterloo is still testing it and 10.3 is being worked on.

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BlackBerry 'Ontario' turns up in Geekbench benchmark testing



I read that different. Haha. Posting a comment wouldn't of stopped what I was thinking of

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No, Quicksilver is not a maniac. People racing to post "first" became absolutely annoying. There was a point where the comments on CB articles evolved past it but then it became a problem again. I shared Quick's frustration but only posted rarely about it. Let's have some more engaging comments/conversations, ya?

Yeah, cause saying "I want 10.3" is soon engaging. I think we might be taking ourselves to seriously.

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Don't take it too hard. Deleting these "first" comments gives the CrackHead team something to do between posting articles and surfing porn.

Boo, another all-touch, I want a qwerty with 10.3 and quad core cpu...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I don't know if you've tried the "all-touch" keyboard slag but give it a whirl. I loved my Torch and was very skeptical about my new Z10, but after using it a few weeks I was sold, gave it to my boy, and now have a Z30. I type faster than I ever could on a keyboard and the screen real estate is so much larger than my wife's Q.


Looks like this will ( the BB10 HERO device of 2014 possibly debuting in the summer. )

I also think BB10.3 will finally have all the BBOS laggards finally coming over - via Q10/5/X

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

hey you jerk, why can't you just shut up and leave people alone? I didn't do anything and yet you are provoking me! Go be a door knob somewhere else

Hum, does this mean that there will soon be a 'leak' for OS10.3?

Hum, is there any way to get the mass market interested to purchase BB phones despite noticeable improvements to the OS?
Where is BB marketing and advertising that great stuff is available and in the works? Na-da as I see it. Present 2% of cell phone sales in the US market is pathetic.

Same. No sense overspending now. Z30 too expensive with a top of the line phone just 6 months away?

Flagship smartphones these days won't hold its position in more than 6 months, its much wiser choosing what you really need of spending for whats advertised as flagships.

My worry is the focus on keyboards. I hope this doesn't get delayed till the fall. Hopefully BlackBerry launches both touch and keyboard versions by the early summer.

I just got the Z30 and was a little uncertain about whether I should wait but I have to say it's a significant upgrade from the Z10 (which is fantastic too) and well worth making the leap for. I'm on a 12 month upgrade plan so I won't have to wait long to get the newest one so if you have to wait 2 years that may change the plan. I play hockey with a guy who is a software tester in Ottawa and he's still using a Z30 (which he got quite a while before it was released) so I suspect there won't be a new device until the fall.

So awesome. Hope its something usual!

Posted via the ultimate mobile compu... do I even need to mention it???

Actually it is more than a rumour - it's more like there is a prototype with such a configuration (but being revision 2 it might just be an actual pcb rather than a functional prototype phone - my Z10 shows as revision 16 in Geekbench).

You could possibly emulate the hardware but why would one go to sich lengths?

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There was a revision of the Z30 that was Quad Core but it was discontinued because BB10 wasn't quad-core ready. Anyway, you can go check the thread by Ofutur and see all of the specs of devices that have shown up in the OS. Ontario has been in there a long time...

Apparently 10.3 is quad-core ready.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

Does everyone realize with BB10 QNX a dual core runs as fast or faster than a quad core. Just sucks battery more. My Z30 smokes S4 and HTC One.

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The main benefit to moving to a quad-core would be that a recent one of those would tend to have faster gfx too and that can be quite readily used, but in any case bb10 will run even better on the quad-core.

BlackBerry 10 as an OS never lags with a dual core processor, but apps do take some time to open n all, especially android ports. And quad core is not an option, since those BlackBerry 10 apps doesn't make use of the extra cores and so. It won't be of any use. They just have to increase those clock speeds. And I hope we can disable 2 cores through escreen.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

I see what you did there
Long live and prosper too.

We're talking tech, so it is is efficient to have a power of 2.
And so on.

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They have to come out with something that has a quad core processor and 1080 resolution to shut up all the "last year's specs" people, though I doubt it will anyway....however, if they need quad core processors to enable the device to do some of that window or app stacking, if you will, where you can use three apps on the same screen like on the G2, that would be worth it. That stuff is really cool after I played around with it on an LGG2. Wasn't enough to pull me away from picking up a Z30 though.

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The problem is that it means hardware launch is very far away --- if we are not seeing OS beta with OpenGL ES 3.0.

10.2.1 doesn't support quad-core either...10.3 most likely remedies that too.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

I was thinking the same thing. Single core, and Mr. Chen's statement awhile back concerning an enterprise device for this year. Or was it somebody else? Anyway. Q10 fell just a little short of an optimal QWERTY. Let's try a slightly larger screen for starters. 3.5" as a baseline. Anybody still up for a new slider? I am!

Quad core I think you'll find. Single chip.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

Ontario in the current OS already identifies as a 1080p 5" or 5.2" device. This will be the Z50 or whatever.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

I hope the "Ontario" is the rumoured Z50 with 5.2" screen and quad-core chip. I just got the Z30 in December 2013, and I LOVE it - it's an amazing device! If the Z50 comes out in 2014, and if it's even better than the Z30, I'm definitely getting it. The BlackBerry Z series of phones are FANTASTIC!!

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Let's hope this is released. I know BlackBerry is cautious in which devices they release but they should still be releasing high end ones.

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Is important to notice how CB fans are more intrigued by 10.3 than by quad core... this tells you that the hardware is already covered, software is what matters now for us

This is very true, I am very happy with my Z10 hardware and the only upgrade I absolutely want is is an even longer battery life and OS 10.3

The reality is that both must evolve. As the OS does more and more, so must the processors to deliver rapid response time.

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Well, there's that. But, also we pretty much know what quad core brings - speed. We don't know what 10.3 brings, hence the interest.

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I'd love to see an updated version of the z10 with upgraded specs. There are still some of us who prefer the smaller phones to the growing number of 5"s and beyond

Many of us simply did not purchase the Z30 because of the large screen size. The Z10's 4.2" is great. I could maybe do 4.5" max, but 5" I don't want a part of that. A large phone is not beneficial to me, I don't care about the "extra screen real estate". The Z10 screen size is nearly perfect.

Unfortunately for you, the market as a whole simply doesn't agree with you, people want these 5" phones with there even being a market for the non-flagship variants with lower specs whereas in smaller displays only the iphones sell in any great numbers.

Also inherently the battery suffers with these 4" devices as well (iPhone, S3, Z10 etc) The standard is becoming 5" devices which pack more juice and more power...

I disagree, what about the Galaxy S3? Let's look at the MOST SOLD phone in the world give or take besides the iPhone. The screen size is 4.65" in that device. And the S4 is nearly the same. If what the market "wanted" was a phablet, then the Galaxy Note would be selling more than the S3/4 and the Z30 would have sold much more than the Z10. But that didn't happen.

The Z30 was to please those who were dying for a BB10 tablet, the PlayBook was only 7" so the 5" Phablet kept most quite about wanting another tablet. BlackBerry knows that the 5" device is NOT the majority of the market, it's simply the phablet market which is NOT the majority.

The next iPhone variant is rumored to be around 4.5", you think they did a tiny bit of market research before deciding that resolution rather than jumping into 5+?

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Idk about that....look at iPhone, look at Motorola, Samsung, and HTC putting out 'mini' versions of their most popular devices. There certainly must be a market for Z10ish size devices.

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I don't agree - I had the BlackBerry Torch 2 and it was a great device. In December 2013 I got the Z30 since I found I was increasingly surfing the Web, reading the news, and typing long texts on my handheld. I wasn't sure about the size of the new phone, but I have to say that the Z30 is amazing! The big virtual keyboard with the auto correction and predictive text in multiple languages is fantastic!

Posted via CB10

I don't see much difference in overall phone size between the Z30 and Z10. I regret ditching my curve last July for the Z10. Should waited for the Z30 and the screen size.

Posted via CB10 of the few things I liked on my former Galaxy S3 was the 4.65 inch screen. Perfect size on larger phone.

CB10 from the Z30

See, exactly! The S3/S4 are what, the most sold phones in the world? So yes, people prefer a screen size around 4.5" (give or take a bit). Everyone else on here is responding to my comment that "the market wants the 5" screen phone". No they don't. That's the Phablet market who wants that. The top sold phones are the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S3/S4 - tell me there screen sizes again? Yes. Significantly smaller than 5". The market has spoken, not everyone wants a mini tablet in their pocket for a phone.

Apple isn't stupid and their next phone is rumored to be around 4.5", think it's a coincidence? I get that everyone is trying to support BlackBerry and every decision that they make, but they did an insane amount of testing to determine that the Z10's 4.2" screen was the perfect size screen for 1 or 2 hand typing. I use one hand A LOT with my Z10, the 5" screen on the Z30 simply is irritating to use it the same way so I won't upgrade. BlackBerry made the Z30 to please everyone who was upset about no more BlackBerry Tablets and those who supported the phablet market. If the Z10's 5" screen size is what the market "wants" then the Z30 would be selling much better and the next iPhone would be 5", but neither of those things are true. BlackBerry needs to make a Z20 with a 4.3-4.6" screen for the mass market. It's as simple as that.

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

That's just so wrong buddy, the reasons I leaved the Z30 are because of its size and its generic design.

What do you need higher specs for with a device that is the same size as the z10? None of the applications right now seem to be pushing the limits on the hardware.

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Lol! You surely have not tried using the Z30 then.. It makes the Z10 feel unusable. Just composing a new message is beyond instant while the Z10 takes a couple seconds, opening an app on the Z10 takes sometimes 4-6 seconds to load while it takes 2 seconds on the Z30. BB10 as a whole is significantly faster and the Android Runtime is actually usable on the Z30 because let's be real here, it's kind of a joke on the Z10. While it works, it's slow and lags quite often.

Not everything is about the screen size needing more power, the specs in the Z10 are very outdated and the phone is starting to show it's age. Don't believe me? Try the already 5 month old Z30 and you'll see how slow the Z10 really is.

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

This is the BlackBerry I have been waiting for!!! Don't let summer pass without releasing this one!

This OS is awesome, so excited about 10.3!

Posted via Me on my Z from CrackBerry

Under the old management, this would be announced at BlackBerry Live and then finally hit carrier shelves months later in the fall. Let's hope the new management doesn't delay the announcement to the fall because the new management is going low profile and canceling BlackBerry Live, but instead moves the shipment date up to May and announces a couple of days before the devices go on sale directly from BlackBerry.

We can only dream...

Posted via CB10

You are right about something, ever since john Chen is on board, instead of announcing coming soon with a long wait, they are delivering, a mean have you ever seen an OS update to be pushed even by carriers after being leak as fast as it happened with 10.2.1?

Posted via CB10

The timing was about the same as the rest. In fact maybe even slightly longer if you count the very first 10.2.1 was probably the quickest for American Carriers though lol

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Remember all the nay sayers dishing out...No more BB10 updates, no more new phones...blah blah blah...where are they now.

2014 has started out with a bang with Mr. John Chen at the wheel. More lovely stuff to come from a favorite mobile company "BlackBerry"

I hope we also see a 1080p screen sneak up soon. Of course the internet scientists will blast me by saying you don't need these things, but the truth is BlackBerry needs it. Specs sell!

Posted via CB10

Easy now. It's possible the internet scientists agree with you partially.

I agree - Specs definitely sell ... to some people. And to a portion much smaller than that, they actually mean something other than bragging rights and a placebo effect. :-)

I want to see at least 20 MP camera. I know too many people looking for these as the deal makers when choosing a phone.

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I don't think anyone depending on their phone would much like b92 of a new software branch, just look at how high they tend to be by the time they launch.

I Hope, if it is a new scheduled device it will hit Markets soon. BlackBerry needs to get back in the handset game now that BB10 has been out a year. Hope Foxconn is working on a touchscreen device with these credentials as well. Almost time for the launch of another handset!!

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Oh my god....thw moment this comes out I am selling my z30 any takers lol and I literally cried (well a tear came down my eye) when I saw this....Honestly with those specs and 10.3 I am telling you no ios or android phone will not be able to touch it at all :)

Posted via CB10

Sir, you are SPOT ON! I am very impressed with my Z30, something with these specs would/WILL be a BEAST!

Why thank you my dear crackberry friend :). Imagine an awesome commercial people walking around with chain balls tied to their feet with iPhone and Android and they are given blackberries and each person they give one to they are free from whatever was holding them back...whether it be battery life.....multi tasking......etc....the chains break and they are free.....

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The only hardware upgrade I want is more device space, maybe 32 and 64 GB versions, if the quad core doesn't dry the battery then it is welcome, the Z30 is more than enough on every aspect... 10.3 I want that now!!!

+1 for more space. You play any kind of games on your phone and 16 GB vanishes fast. I'm always deleting apps on my Z10 because of such little room

YES! Why is 16 GB still even the standard!? 32 should be the standard, for all phones, not just BlackBerry.

Posted via Me on my Z from CrackBerry

This. I mean people are going on and on about specs! How about the one you need the most - space!!! I hate having to dump some apps/games to install new ones.
A phone with 64 on board and a 64 microSD would kick ass.

Posted via CB10

^^This is correct, throwing RAM at bad programming is not a solution. If iOS can run that smooth on 1GB then there should be no need for 3GB of BB10.

Yip, Android devices are now set to come with 3GB, 2GB is not good enough for a new device now or in the near future. Yes I know the BB10 OS does not need as much story but what the OS needs is less important than what buyers expect. BlackBerry is not Apple, BlackBerry can't tell people what they want, BlackBerry needs to over deliver. BlackBerry needs to remember that a premium price needs premium specs, especially from an underdog.

It's good to see 10.3 though! I hope all the current Z's and Q's can run 10.3 with their hardware specs.

Posted via CB10

I'm using a Note 3 right now and I can say firsthand the extra 1 GB of memory results in a significant performance boost.

It would be a nice natural progression for BlackBerry 10. Hopefully Chen has a different philosophy than Thor in that the flagships need to evolve & progress.

As mentioned in the post apparently people gave been hearing about the Ontario for awhile now. I have never heard about it...are the rumours stating a full touch screen or qwerty? sure hope it's a full touch! My z10 is great but the z30 keeps tempting me but I'd gladly wait till fall for this beast!

Posted via CB10

Still lagging behind the Geekbench scores of the current iOS and Android flagships.

By the time it's released, it'll probably be a year behind.


Posted via CB10

Because benchmarks on prerelease hardware with prerelease software are 100% what you'll get at release because they don't plan on doing a damn thing to either one between now and then and they're holding off on the release just to piss you off *rolls eyes*

I wouldn't be so quick to say it is lagging the competition...

I did a quick search and it is:
- twice as powerful as the Z30 (32bit)
- 50% more powerful than the iPhone 5S (32bit)
- comparable to the iPhone 5S (64bit)

I am not sure what the difference between the 32bit and 64bit tests are, but apparently they cannot be compared since the same phone with different tests scores differently (unless there is both a 32bit and 64bit iPhone 5S that I am unaware of).

When compared with the same OS type the Ontario is significantly faster than the iPhone 5S (and I assume this has to do with the variation between their 32bit and 64bit tests and not actual performance)...

Ontario -
Z30 (32bit) -
iP5S (32bit) -
iP5S (64bit) -

There is no point in out performing current platforms, when the next high end BlackBerry 10 device is released these devices will be old hat and there will be an iPhone 6 to compete against and the next greatest Android device.

BlackBerry needs to aim at a target beyond the now and the almost now, innovation is not trying to match the competition but exceeding the competitions offer and the buyers expectations.

Posted via CB10

I'm really hoping for a 5" touchscreen with a slider keyboard. That would be my perfect BlackBerry.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

10.3? 10.2.1 has just been released?
Well we will see what 2014 will bring for BlackBerry

 posted via my Z10

Probably one of the reason OEMs usually forbid running benchmarking apps on preprod devices. People don't realize these apps typically auto-upload results.

I seriously love my Q10 (even without 10.2.1 yet) but the thought of the new BB10 phones has me drooling. I can't wait to get more juicy bits of info about it!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Holy sh*t! If these specs are true, this BlackBerry is as strong as the latest android devices!

Image BlackBerry 10.3 paired with these specs! :o

This article made my weekend. Now I finally have some actual news to look forward to!

Posted via CB10

Are you sure you've used the gestures? They don't play that well with no bezel on the side...

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

BlackBerry can make 10.3 not even require a bezel maybe.?

I'd like to think so

Posted via Me on my Z from CrackBerry

You are mistaken, my friend. :) The S4 has the Exynos SoC or the SnapDragon 600. This is the same as the Nexus 5 with possibly some minor tweaks.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

If this set to be released this year I will be skipping an AT&T Z30 purchase (if it's ever released) to buy the Z50. Hopefully an AT&T compatible one is made available but I don't have my hopes up because the AT&T Z30 still isn't released SMH.

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

I would suspect that the 5.2" part is incorrect, the more mainstream 5" 1080p display would be a more logical option since it is likely to be cheaper.

Looks like things are moving in the right direction =D

10.3 and initial specs look great. Obviously there is little info other than what we see so I look forward finding out what else is coming with Ontario

Posted via CB10

yeah! Shut up and take my money! I want it..
Love my Z30 and reading it's specs this will be even more awesome! Bought my phone during the rumors that BlackBerry would maybe be sold... but I loved the O.S7 series so I just wanted the Z30 and see what BlackBerry would do in the future... well here it is, an even better device :D And I think that they are doing a great job trying to get back up. I will stick with BlackBerry for sure!

Posted via CB10 for my beloved Z30

This is very interesting. I know Chen said that they will concentrate on the keyboard BlackBerry but we all know that it's just words and that they can be changed anytime.

Posted via CB10

I am excited, and I gotta admit, I like the homage it pays to my home province. It's about the only thing that isn't a have not. ;)

Posted via CB10

If you compare it with the other phones you can see that it's got a ways to go to reach the top, but it's a start.

Posted via CB10

Manufacturers have been known to tweak there software just to get higher. Or the bench is biased to iPhone. It may be a mature phone but so is qnx and at some point if the bench is so high on a specific os on low specs (iPhone being far from the top) I'd wonder what's going on.

Posted via CB10

Agree. And defending the first post is stupid too. It is like being 40 and living in your parents basement. Enough is enough.

It's cool to see most people drooling for the OS instead of the CPU. The market is more mature than 15 years ago where Windows Millénium was OK as long as the specs where high.

Posted via CB10

I'd pass up a quad core SoC for more RAM and an OS that used less RAM and less system memory.

What happened to QNX being an efficient OS?

So you want an iPhone? BB10 needs 2GB to run the Android Runtime on top of its own OS.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

I can't wait to see how this new management crew launches a device in North America. Q or Z, it doesn't matter. BlackBerry is alive and has a real possibility of coming back under great direction.

Posted via CB10

I sure hope they do but I think that they need to be ahead of the current hi end phones instead of keeping up with them... but apart from this I will buy it as soon as it's out / my carrier contract expires

Posted via CB10 for my beloved Z30

It also looks like 10.3 won't be available for previous devices either. BlackBerry only increases processor speed when they need to, hence, they needed to so that the operating system would actually run somewhat smooth.

Posted via CB10

What is with all the comments with core this and that.
We are running QNX which tells you how we don't focus on hardware. On top of that you don't really do high end gaming or anything then why bother.
Also remember this is not 1990 where we talked about processors like Intel Amd
Ram, and all the nonsense.

You all need to get over with it and move on.

Posted via CB10

I get that BB10 runs just fine with even the Q5's hardware, I've had one and loved it just not as much as I love my Z10s.

The problem with using hardware specs that are good enough for the BB10 OS but bellow industry standards is that many people believe in the higher specs and buy accordingly.

I'm no software smart guy so take what I say with what ever size pinch of salt you choose and take a painkiller but couldn't BlackBerry over spec some high end devices so that on paper the spec is high but let the OS use only what little of the hardware it requires. Something like the motor manufacturers who have V8 motors but for economy the motor only uses half or less of the available cylinders. Make the device 64bit too, who cares if its not needed, give it to the folk who can afford a device like this and let the fan boy suckers like myself aspire to owning the OTT BlackBerry Z-Kickass!

Must edit to mention that my Z10 is good enough for all my mobile needs, I am satisfied with my device but I am in the minority, many people want the latest and greatest of tech and they want it yesterday not next year.

My z30 is plenty fast enough. Problem is the battery demands. I understand the spec game, but if the z30 morphs to a z50 (Ontario) with poorer battery life, then I am out.....i have all the performance now with mind blowing staying power.

Posted via CB10

Hmm. I was gonna pick up a Z30, but I think I'll wait a bit longer as this will only be a 2nd device for playing. Q10 is the daily business beast!! And it can't be replaced.

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A good thing this has been cancelled, it's too weak for a Q4 flagship smartphone. Let's not have another Z30...

What am missing? I thought this was a new benchmark. So is someone playing with cancelled hardware? Is there any word on an update?

And I agree Q4 would be bad.


Posted via CB10

Google Translate's rough translation:

"10.3? You let these people who are still wandering in 10.2 uncomfortable with? BlackBerry has also been feeling pulled in the hardware wars."

The usually more entertaining, Bing translation:

"You've got these in favor hovering at 10.2? BlackBerry also was pulled in the hardware wars."

i want to be the ........f have one muahhhahaha

but really, you think they would throw out a teaser no? get some hype going?

z10 is awesome for now. best usability.
My every day use
1. Hub..Hub...Hub.....mails
2. Browser - news sites
3. Waze - mapping
4. Flipboard- some times
5. My own app - Daily Tech news
6. Phone
7. Camera
That's it. I'm happy with z10. Very bright screen, best features of 10.2.1

1. Screen white balance.
2. Mails - short notifications
3. Picture password
4. Android apps direct install

Disable LTE option...your battery comes for one fullday.


I am waiting for the BlackBerry Alberta with
Octo-core running BB12.5
Ram: 12gb and a 20,000 battery :)

Lol, that would be kinda cool if the codenames for future BlackBerry devices took on the name of the provinces, haha. Doesn't get more patriotic than that!

Honestly if the battery is not comparable to the Z30 then I won't touch. The Z30 runs all day. And I am on it ALL the time.

Posted via CB10

How much hours are you getting on one charge? Are you a heavy or moderate user? I'm curious because the Z30 is tempting...

There is a thread where some guy gave details about how he abused his Z30 battery and got 25 hours from it...when I abuse my Z10, I get 5 hours.

Hope 10.3 or any iterations of 10 can all be put on BlackBerry 10 devices. Hope we don't run into any BlackBerry PlayBook type issues

Posted via CB10

As a Q10 and Z10 owner, not sure where my next upgrade is heading, qwerty or full-touch.

5.2 screen is massive, and will be very useful. But a Z10-sized slider would be massive.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....