BlackBerry to only have six new devices on the market at any time

By Simon Sage on 28 Jun 2013 08:12 am EDT

As a part of BlackBerry's quarterly conference call, they announced their intention to have at most six new devices on the market at a time. This should avoid a deluge and keep the product lineup focused. More news coming soon!

What do you guys think about limiting their selection to six new devices? Sensible? 

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BlackBerry to only have six new devices on the market at any time


IMO, just release what consumers want. If enough want a low end Q phone then release it, if enough want a mid end Slider (9810 type) BB then release it. I personally want a mid end Slider phone. Love physical keyboard as well as big screen, why not have both? why would anyone conform for anything less?

If you think one a Quarter that makes sense. In fact maybe less---- i just don't know. A high end, low end and 2 mid tier should suffice but BB, you GOTS to do better.

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It depends whether that includes a tablet. 6 phone devices is still too many. Apple have what, 2 phones on sale at any one time?

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Actually they have 3 phones and 2 tablets. So depending how you count it, it's 5 devices... or 6 if you include the ipod touch

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They sell the iPad mini alongside the 4th gen iPad and the iPad2. I think that makes it 3 tablets. So yeah, they also have 6 products (excluding iPods)

Apple typically has three models of phone at any given time, hitting five price points. Right now, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are the three and the iPhone 5 has three different size configurations

They also sell the iPad 2, iPad Mini and "New iPad" (aka iPad 4)

That should be a happy medium. Not a one trick pony and not over saturated with too many flavors.

Great. Good for costumers, the build will be awesome and better for devs. They won't have so much to work according to each device screen resolution. Go BlackBerry! Lets see them done.

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And yes, Samsung has more Galaxy devices than the Universe has. :) but don't forget the bad build that they are using. My opinion only.

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BlackBerry has promised us that we would see six BlackBerry 10 devices hit the market in 2013. We're half way there.

If BlackBerry keeps pushing the envelope and wows us in the holiday season at the end of year... this strategy might just work. But devices should not be limited to phones. I really feel BlackBerry should play out the PlayBook card which has a lot of potential...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Honestly a slider or just a phone with a big screen and a great physical keyboard

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I wanted to wait for slider but I fear that it would be too long. So I got a bb10 will test the slider for sure;)

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That's why I bought the Z when it came out. I had wanted a torch version (T10 or slider [S10]) to use but didn't want to wait. Now the only thing I'm waiting for is for AT&T to give me my upgrade to 10.1.

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Got a Z10 too and love it. But I'm part of the crowd that had a Bold 9000, 9700, and 9900 and then moved to a Torch 9810 just because I freaking love the balance of hardware.

Maybe flip to a full QWERTY would be better. I get the impression that sliders develop issues after a while.

BlackBerry has ALWAYS had TOO MANY phones on the market.

They should have:

BlackBerry will make it simple by it. 2Z, 2Q, and 2A meaning 2 high end, 2 mid end and 2 lower end. Having this kind of choice in blackberry is far more better than what happened to Samsung, when you buy galaxy S4 then just few week other better version come up. This is just too fast.

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"Limiting" it to 6 devices?

That is way too many. Fragmentation is one of BlackBerry's biggest problems.

4 is the max they should have and the updates should roll out simultaneously without carrier involvement.

If they are going to have 4 (Z10, Q10, Q5, and the A10), then having two more (Z5, and A5) won't change much. The screen resolutions would be the same, but with a cheaper price tag.

I actually see them releasing a higher end Z and A device and keeping the current ones as there lower price phones like Apple does.

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The way I see it, the first wave was the mid tiers:

Z10 and Q10

Then we got a low end device:


The next rumored device is the A10 which will be high end and since it will be all touch, will go by the name:


So looking at it like that, that gives us 4 devices, which would leave the missing devices to be:

Z5 and Q15

Fingers crossed for a Q15. If the rumored A10 specs are any indication, there definitely needs to be a Q device with better specs, larger screen and bigger battery.

I agree that 4 is a better nunber, but perhaps a high-medium-low strategy may work better to cover emerging markets.

I agree with those who believe that 3-4 smartphone products should be sufficient.
Add in 1or 2 tablet devices and that should give them plenty of opportunities to shell the market with a tight focus on the whole product line and not dilute the quality message with too many product offerings.

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I think BlackBerry should include a less expensive model. I have the Z10, and it was priced right, but some people would buy one when the price come down.


Blackberry marketing strategy should hammer the airwaves with a teen version (Q5) affordable...make Q5 available to teen market in North America...i have not seen a BlackBerry tv ads strictly positioned to the teen market...thats where the ad target should be...

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Z5, Q5, Z10, Q10, A10 and Tablet

That will be all....

A10 is where they need to concentrate at the moment. focus on a killer high end device for the general user to go 'Hmmm I might try the BlackBerry'

Z10 and Q10 aimed at the enterprise market and current BlackBerry users, something to keep the faithful.

A well designed and marketed A10 needs to open the door as more of a media consumption device, remove the stigma that BlackBerry is business only. Z10 is a great stepping stone but not enough to shake that stigma.

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What does that mean? Do they have 12 old devices and 6 new devices?

Or did it mean that they will only have 6 BB10 devices in the market at a time?

Yeah build a new playbook and give deals to ppl when they trade in the old ones cuz with no BlackBerry 10 on playbook they are obsolete

Yeah, it should be fine as long as they are devices worth having. The Z10, Q10 and Q5 are good starting points to BB10 but I guess perhaps another top tier BB10 device will be in order. They should really focus on their new OS and not so much on legacy devices...if your motto is "keep moving ", investing in another BlackBerry OS7 device seems kind off pointless, while at the same time deciding not to upgrade the PlayBook...

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couldn't agree more.

Keep moving... with BB7? and keep moving with the lack of proper apps and the ones that are proper at a high price? thnks....

Good, Better, Best strategy for All touch and keyboard makes 6 and it makes sense. PlayBook is dead until the phone business is solid again.

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I would go with just 4. 1-z, 1-a and 2 of the q line. I think between those 4 you have the gauntlet of users covered.

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After today's PlayBook announcement I believe precisely nothing that this company says.
6 probably means 12 and who knows what they define as NEW?
And as for one of these devices possibly being a new tablet!??
If they think I'm going to fall for that old chestnut again..keep your play books and your dying company and shuffle off in silence. BlackBerry is dead, they are just to stupid to realise it.

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I find it acceptable to have 6 meanwhile they focus on their new platform BB10. Having new devices with BB7 is so confusing for consumers at the same time that it's spoon feeding critics to criticize Blackberry and the platform.

Common Blackberry, you can do better and act somewhat more smarter... I just bought a Q10 and expected way for from BB... Disappointed.

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seems like a pretty good plan. may be 2 QWERTY, 2 full touch( high and low end),1 slider(love to have it) and 1 phablet(hate to have though)

My ideal lineup for BlackBerry is: Z10, Z5, Q10, Q5, Aristo (flagship/phablet), Slider (similar specs to Z10)

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I guess keeping 3 is enough, like one normal touch device z series I mean, and a qwerty one Q series, and a phablet A series, a time is enough.

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6 devices are plenty (Z10 with 4.2 inches and 4.8 inches, Q10 with 3.1 inches and 4.0 inches, Q5 stay the same, last with the super smartphone). The company need to spend more time to incorporate its BBM and BES to make more money to compensate the lost of service revenues.

At least there will be less fragmentation... because they are going to have to support 3 different platforms now

I'm not sure what the right number of device is to keep the focus in the right place bu I can't help looking at Apple working at one phone only. Not sure how the emerging markets can afford the device but surely Apple has a different strategy or approach.

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I do not believe that having so many varieties of the BlackBerry is good for continued existence in the smartphone market. You just have to look at what other manufacturers have done to see what works. Spreading yourself thin is bad for business.

Sensible - yes. Don't saturate the market with too much. 6 new devices at a time is enough and still allows BlackBerry to be diverse with it's traditional array of form factors.

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For a struggling company I think 6 is too many for sure. Let's fix some things then worry about more devices.

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Dont need more than 2, mabe 3 at the most. Look at Apple. Put all the Great minds to work with one touch and one Q10 variant. Use the rest of your skills and money on watches and airstreaming and other useful stuff that we all know sell.

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I think BlackBerry should come out with a whole new line of BB10 phones don't get me wrong I liked my old BlackBerry but I love my new BlackBerry and BB10

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Don't be an arsenal my friend...

Go on any carrier website and you'll see that they are selling 3 versions of the iPhone. This has been the strategy since the release of the iPhone 4.

Right you'll see they are selling the:
- iPhone 5
- iPhone 4S
- iPhone 4

Setup like high, mid and low selling strategy.

6 is even too many!

All touch
Physical Keyboard

Something for everyone. This is all that is needed. Put the same O/S on all of them, update them all at the same time with the same features, and maybe, just maybe a recipe for success

Make sense to have quality over quantity. #blackberry10 #keepmoving #moblenation

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Going to be Z10, Z5, Q10, Q5, A10, BB7 device.

An A5 is silly, a phone like that is so niche to begin with to fragment it further is just silly.

Should be only 3. All touch (affordable) high end bold/q10. And lower end bb iconic form factor. Possibly 4 lower end all touch...

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If they released more, I think it would lead to confusion over which one to buy. Right now they have 3 with very distinct focuses and a 4th one reportedly on the way (A10) to be the high end. I'm not sure where the two additional ones will be but we don't want to be drowning in device options.

Also since a lot of us are going to be locked into 2 year upgrade limitations, having 6 devices per year come out is going to be painful enough to watch and envy from the sideline, and then once I get a new one, I don't want buyers remorse because 8 new ones came out in a year, 2 of which in my focus category that are better than the one I just bought.

In this case less is more, just ask Apple.

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I can't get excited about anything anymore with BBRY. Bought the PB immediately when it came out. Bought 2 more not at deep discounts for family members. Bought Z10 immediately when it came out. Due to poor sales I suspect it will end up very shortly as a distant memory for BBRY and thus we will never see the light of day of the charging cradle. I will no longer be an early adopter for BBRY and in fact I won't be surprised if they have nothing interesting in 3 years when my contract ends. I have been a die hard BBRY fan since 2004 and have defended them up until today. I won't bash them, but will all the disappointing announcements today and broken promises it is time to sit back and stop being a die hard fan and wait and see whether BBRY can weather this storm. They likely have lost millions of loyal fans and I don't think they offer enough yet to sway android and ios users. Or at least not many. Their marketing continues to such which is a big part of it. I won't be jumping ship and in fact will still be rooting for them but not with my wallet. At least until they show soke loyalty to their fan base and can prove that they can survive. I fear the worst and hope for the best. I definitely won't be buying out my z10 contract early and will wait the 3 years assuming they can survive that long. A very sad day. Back to the original question, I would be surprised if BBRY can afford to have 6 devices at anyone time. I think 3 would be fine, all touch, kb and slider. Too many devices maybe what ultimately bankrupts BBRY. JMHO

Z10 + PB 64GB = Keep Moving. Posted using CB10 App

I like it... thinking Z10, Z5, Q10, Q5, A10 and OS7 device... it is important to have all price points covered...

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Z10, Q10 and Q5 is already here, all they need now is a slider and a big screen phone. I would not suggest a tablet though as BB10 is not mature enough at this moment coz of lack of key apps especially in gaming and entertainment.

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out of these six they are bringing phone in only two markets....high end and mid level !!
they should enter economical samsung or nokia(they are doing great with that) !!
low end wp are working really smooth.....i'm still confused whats with bb10 !!

I think 4 is better. I'd say a high & low QWERTY & a high & low all touch will keep them focused. Otherwise, the lines are too blurry between devices.

Keith. Posted by CB10.

There selling a new BlackBerry 7 device as they still make money on it, and u guarantee u it'll for the emerging markets to keep the cost down, while still trying to sell phones. If it does even come to north America which I doubt, again it'll be on the cheaper end.

I still don't agree with that decision they shoojkd stay the heck away from 7 but it is what it is

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I believe this is a great idea also. I do believe it will help them remain focused on improving software, which is what people really want. The z10 is a great device and I can see myself being content with it for at least 2 years, and I would be happy with more options, features, and customizations that can be implemented via updates.

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And another thing, I think having 6 is really too much. Doing so will only confuse people. Each one would have it's pro's and cons but everyone will want the best by which you'll have the others not sell as much cutting in to their quarterly budget and digging themselves deeper in the whole... how many phones does apple have on the market that they actually push? I believe just 1, how many galaxy's does Samsung push?? (do people really care?) and here we have blackberry with 6 to choose from..."which one do you want?" the best one? "Well go with this one.".... and the rest remain packed in a box.... blackberry should fire a few people right now.

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I wouldn't mind Lenovo coming up with a BB10 device. Go on, blackberry,just do it!

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I think, they should have at least 2 non-bb 10devices to accomodate uaers who want to stay on the old platform and need to renew their phones.

The Bold still offers somethung for and the Curve is a low cost bold.

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Personally I don't see why anyone would stay with BB7. My 9900 was better than all my previous BB's but the Q10 blows the 9900 out of the depths of the ocean. The only think I miss is the trackpad.

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I guess 6 may be fine, I would just like to see a 10" tablet personally with full and actually advanced bridge capabilities as one of those devices.

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Good idea I say, and less if possible. If Blackberry wants to gain market share from other platforms they need to keep it simple. (If you own a Blackberry now or a crackberry addict like most it says something about how you think and go about things) I feel consumers in general don't like to analyze or think for themselves much. So having too many devices to choose from might cause a neural meltdown lol "I want the one with the bigger GB's"

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Less devices the better. I'd skim it down to 5 device types. If I were to do it, I would make the focus of the lineup on form factor solely and get rid of the flag ship & entry level business model they've been running (A10 vs Z10 vs Q10 vs Q5).

If I did it I would have in my line up:
1. All touch phone (Z10)
2. Qwerty combo phone (Q10)
3. Slider/clamshell device (Next-gen Torch)
4. 7" Playbook
5. 10" Playbook

This way it allows you to keep hardware/power specs almost identical amongst all devices. Also making it cheaper for production and part pricing. And most importantly simple on the comsumer while still appealing to all form factor preferences. I mean what else would be left unanswered or wanted right?

I'd say judging by the naming convention they're going the route luxary car manufactures did to emphasise brand and OS instead of model type (Good idea I think since our beloved BBRY brand is on the ropes here state side)

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