BlackBerry offers yet another sneak peek at their Super Bowl ad

BlackBerry Super Bowl ad
By Zach Gilbert on 3 Feb 2013 04:04 pm EST

BlackBerry has been giving us little hints at to what they are going to air during their first ever Super Bowl advertisement. This one seems to be a half man, half elephant.

We're not sure what expect here, but based on the teasers it's not feeling like your standard BlackBerry device product feature commercial. What we do know is that we won't have to wait much longer to find out. Kickoff is just a couple hours away. Any bets what quarter the commercial will air in?

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BlackBerry offers yet another sneak peek at their Super Bowl ad


It's in the third quarter. Sorry, but someone from RIM told BerryReview that's it's during the third quarter ;)


Hope it's early, while everyone is still tuned in and "with it", so to speak. Despite the deep threat of Flacco and the running ability of Kaepernick, these two teams still focus on defense. I think their last game was a score of 15 to 6. Gotta get in there early or near halftime, when everyone tunes in to make sure they have plenty of water-cooler talk for Monday.

Also, booze.

That sounds like a good idea. But it kinda looks like he has a smile on his face... Unless he just got a Z10 and his legs are going back to normal.

I think it will be very arty, but compelling. Strange and different. The transformation of the world awakening to the power of BB10! :-)

They say an elephant never forgets. With his BlackBerry in hand he doesn't have to worry about missing any appointments.

Wife just had this happen to her, if it wasn't for her Berry she would have missed an important task she needed to get done.

I was just reading an article in Globe & Mail how Super Bowl ad's that tease in someway before the game get almost 9 times more internet searches post-game.

They know what they're doing, this time around.

Hmm... Looks like transformation from the past to the future. Notice how prehistoric animals are turning into humans. There's also a diesel mercedes from the 80s.

This is exactly what I see in the image. I see the commercial showing how BB10 has integrated Evernote and you become part of the experience using metaphoric symbols, in a sense.

* BlackBerry by choice *
This screenshot could easily be a whole 2 seconds of the commercial. They might highlight tons of major apps this way.

'You guys really think Blackberry will drop $4 million on an ad just to promote Evernote?! Wow.'

Really? You think people 'just' would think that? Wow!

Seriously this is a millisecond of an X seconds advert where in a social environment such as the US, UK etc consumers cry if the 'next best fashion trend app' isn't available for the device.

It wouldn't surprise me if they spent every cent of the cash promoting anything they can that the consumers 'perceive' is required to make their lives whole. Whether it's an app, a function, a colour, a celebrity, anything would be used to gain interest.

Isn't that capitalism?

The elephant guy is the same guy from the second leak - also, in the second leak he is the only person that isn't sort of surprised by the zillions of yellow balls coming at them, everyone else is!
In the 3rd leak, the elephant man also doesn't seem to be unhappy about his elephant feet!

Agree with stevejb above...elephant legs represent Evernote integration. The first leak is shot in the same location (car, step, parking meter)...could the explosion be the transformation? Third leak, with the yellow balls...could they be yellow birds (Tweet, Tweet)?

Scratch my thought that the explosion from the first leak and the guy with the elephant legs were connected...on second look, clearly not the same location.

It's all coming together. Post it notes, elephant legs.....while other mobile devices are unorganized and clunky, BB10 Flow will get you organized fast without slowing you down, no need to find the home screen every time you want to switch apps, check email or see notifications.

Elephant for Evernote or maybe the "Remember" application. After all, they never forget! The gajillionoid yellow balls are spherical "Post-It" notes (w/o the branding) of ToDos that will be elegantly flowed, peeked and pwned by BB10!

I'm also going for third quarter (counting on it being the "cheapest" quarter to buy ad time). I have NO basis for this, btw. :)

elephant feets....stuck on the ground... the opposite of a light and fast system.

see the cracks on the floor?

flying balls, color shapes and so on.

You guys are all wrong... it bears a striking resemblance to Horton Hears a Who... check out my thread about it in the forums under General Discussion... peep the pics.

I really can't stand the lame ass Canadian commercials. I hope the BB commercial is shown here or at least made available through YouTube after it airs on tv.

The power outage took that BlackBerry Hype quick... It went from what kind of phone is that? to what happen to the lights?....