BlackBerry offers Android and iOS users a look at BlackBerry 10 with Blippar 'takeover' app

BlackBerry offers Android and iOS users a look at BlackBerry 10 with Blippar 'takeover' app
By Bla1ze on 18 Feb 2013 04:54 pm EST

With the BlackBerry Z10 out there and becoming increasingly available, getting the word out about the device and the new BlackBerry 10 OS is pretty crucial for BlackBerry. We've seen an onslaught of TV ads including BlackBerrys first ever Super Bowl commercial, print ads, radio ads and now BlackBerry has employed the help of Blippar, an augmented reality mobile ad company, to help spread the word directly to Android and iOS users through an app.

The Blippar app can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or iTunes and when launched and pointed at the BlackBerry specific website, the screen takes you on a whirlwind adventure through space and eventually takes over your Android or iOS device, by emulating BlackBerry 10 in the browser. From there, folks can get a walkthrough demo of BlackBerry 10 that highlights all the key points of the OS including BBM, Gestures, Screen Sharing, Peek, Flow and an introduction to the BlackBerry Hub.

It's pretty neat overall and certainly an interesting way to get people to look at BlackBerry 10 firsthand. If you're a BlackBerry user, you can show your non-BlackBerry using friends the site and see what they think. I'm not sure if it will sway any Android or iOS users out there to switch without going hands-on with the hardware as well but at least BlackBerry is trying now more than ever before and that's awesome.

Have your Android or iOS device taken over

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BlackBerry offers Android and iOS users a look at BlackBerry 10 with Blippar 'takeover' app


You can trade your old phone in for a $50 to $75 credit toward a Z10 purchase for either a 3 year contract or from the base price.

My 9800 is leaning on the everlasting arm. God is the only one who knows why my phone is still working. It defying space and time.

I've tried this for weeks on a Galaxy S 2 and it never gets beyond that white screen with the BB logo on it. It prompts us to touch the logo, but after doing so, nothing happens despite hours of waiting. I'd love to know if I'm doing something wrong.

I also tried on an iPhone 4, but got nowhere at all.

Yeah, very awesome idea but pretty terrible in the implementation. I just tried it on my Galaxy Nexus and not only is the need to install an AR app to point at a website somewhere a useless way to launch a demo, but also running in the browser is a terrible experience (very laggy). I wish they would have made native apps for both platforms that would do a better job at the demonstration. Oh well...

I doubt either manufacturer would have allowed such an app on their store. The current setup is brilliant because it has the user direct its browser to view the new OS.

This could be true, especially for non-jailbroken iOS but in the case of Android you can sideload the apk directly pretty easily via a link/QR. That being said I wonder how long it would have lasted in the Google Play store...

It's only brilliant if it works and there are two popular Android phones here saying it doesn't - and that can have the opposite effect

If anything, it just shows how terrible your browsers are or maybe just bad WiFi, because I tried it on my iPod and SMOOTH sailing.

I tried it and was not particularly impressed by the experience on my 2.3.3 device. I will admit most of the blame for that goes to the Android browser but it doesn't seem to be as fluent as the WP demo.

Didnt work very well on a GNote with ICS most gestures had to be repeated multiple times and laggy all the same. Got frustrated and uninstalled. Sounds like it works better on iPhone

This will be a great learning tool for android developers to use as a reference as they eventually copy all of the perks you get from usng bb10 OS for use on Android phones.

You can bypass the app and just go to

I just tried this on my wife's iPhone 4S (I have a Z10) and it's very slick, fast and accurate to my Z10 experience. I love the concept and I think people will love to play with this simulator to get a glimpse of the new BlackBerry 10 experience. I tried it a few times because I liked it so much. Well done.

This. Is. Awesome.

Arguably the smartest marketing tool I have ever seen BlackBerry use and frankly, the EXACT thing they need to be doing. Showing potential customers what they COULD have on their next device... through their current device! I'm a bit concerned about those posters that said that the experience isn't the smoothest though.

I was concerned too, until SA13 provided the link to the actual html page for the demo. For whatever reason, the GS2 and iPhone4 were having serious issues going through the app. I just checked it out on the GS2 through the link and it works sluggishly through the android browser, and a little faster with Dolphin. As for us Blackberry users, sorry, but the link doesn't work on our BB phones.

I typed the link directly into the browser and it worked on my 9810. Not perfectly but it worked. Great idea!

10 minutes in. I don't know how to get BLippar to load that page.

1) Blippar installed.
2) I go to blippar and try to point to the web page. I don't see hwo to.
3) I open web browser and I have no idea how to link the page to blippar.

This is a big WTF.

Here's the link to the demo that Blippar would redirect you to.

That link works in the Playbook browser. Hold it in portrait orientation.

The demo itself is OK. Pretty limited really, and no substitute for playing with the OS on a real device, I am sure.

Blacksheep?! Are you kidding me? Idiot. You almost don't deserve a response. Almost. CB101 pal. Go back to class. Where do these "people" pop up from?

An added feature would be to allow the app to match each app on your iOS or Android device to the available app on the Z10 and BlackBerry World. Wonder how many matches there would be.

Will be having a lot of people look at this site tomorrow. Everyone has been asking me why BB10 is so good and this will be a great taste. Thanks.

This for the average mass of iOS and Android users, who are too silly to copy and paste links, as they don't even know what a link is. They need an app for everything and this is the right approach. An app and a step-by-step guide so they can't do anything wrong.

Sending the link out to the masses... I am curious what will be the feedback that I will receive.

Good marketing tool for sure!.. (when it works). Bla1ze mentioned increasing availability but right now is indicates limited availability and two to three weeks for delivery. That's terrible wait times.

Anyone else noticing that CB takes forever to load regardless of whether or not you're usiing Firefox or IE?

Worked well on my Iphone. A tip, you have to wait a sec after touching the screen to do the swipe so the software running in the browse regconizes it. I notice if I just placed my finger on it quickly and swiped up the phone thought I was trying to scroll.

I thought that too, but then I realized it makes you mimic the waking up movement fully so you have to slide your finger all the way up.... wait, that came out wrong.

That browser link works in the Playbook browser, but the demo runs horribly slow and is very unresponsive. If you have Dolphin Browser sideloaded, run that and change the browser ID to iPhone, to see what the experience is *really* supposed to feel like.

or just sideload Skyfire. It will run the demo the fastest (loading up pages, etc)

Worked fine on my iPhone 4s. I'm not sold on the Z10, but I'm going to give the Q10 a real opportunity to draw me back to BlackBerry.

Not sold on BB10 to replace my iPhone still not many apps and still way to complex going against the computers intended purpose to make things easier! A smartphone should be smart.

Short-sighted. You've reviewed all 70,000 apps? There's a learning curve to all things new. If you really find the Z10 complicated I don't know what to tell you.

Pretty cool idea although it would have been better to have a full-screen app instead of a browser window.

This is great, sort of gives the user a taste of BB10 in action. Them when it's all done, they go back to the BORRING iOS and Android OS's. Smart move BB.

Very interesting marketing idea!

Pity it sounds like it doesn't always work too well, though, according to previous comments..

Now why didn't they do a "BE TAKEN OVER..." ad for the Superbowl, and then show the app or link at the end of the commercial? I bet a ton of people would have tried out BB10 after seeing what BB10 actually does instead of the not so useful "It's easier for us to show you what it doesn't do..." concept.

If I saw this video and had an iPhone or Android device, I would have definitely tried it out, especially during the commercial breaks when most people are bored, or sitting around talking- waiting for the game to return...


Excellent point.

Though I could imagine all the competitors and their fanbois getting their panties in a twist about this "horrible scary takeover"...

There was something very very similar for WP7 when it lauched... This was the link.... and that directly tunneled us into an experience which totally emulated the whole experience. I really wish BB had done the same thing

I tried it out on my old HTC Desire. Although a little choppy, it worked great and it would give users a general idea of BB10.

Neat advertising BBRY

I have to say I wasn't impressed, the simulator looked horrible on my iPhone 5 screen... they should have made it optimised for the 4 inch screen, instead It was displaying in the iPhone 4/4S shorter 3.5 screen resolution, therefore there was a 1.5cm black bar below the simulator..