BlackBerry offering T-Mobile customers $100 off BlackBerry purchases at ShopBlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 2 Apr 2014 05:16 pm EDT

Although many folks are still trying to determine whether or not BlackBerry’s not renewing T-Mobile US’s license to sell BlackBerry products when the license expires on April 25 of this year is a good thing or not, BlackBerry is already moving on.

Emails are being sent out today pretty much summing up the announcement as it was written in the press release, advising customers that BlackBerry is still working with others carriers and it also contains a coupon code for $100 off a BlackBerry smartphone at ShopBlackBerry.

The offer is valid for the U.S. only and works on purchases of the BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry Q10 as well as the BlackBerry Z10. It's limited to one use per customer but each customer can purchase up to two phones at a time and it's set to expire on May 31, 2014.

Shame the Z30 is left off the list though. Anyone taking them up on the offer? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks, Madony!

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BlackBerry offering T-Mobile customers $100 off BlackBerry purchases at ShopBlackBerry



Tell me about it!!!! I just got Z30 last week!! I wonder if I can someone get this discount...

Yes I'm on Tmobile

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I prefer the CrackBerry application over the CrackBerry website. Too bad we can't edit article comments like we can edit forum thread messages. Not being able to read much less see private messages, Likes, Thanks, et. al. is annoying. But CB10 rules over the website overall.

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They don't carry the Z30 on T-Mo, nor is there officially a variant that's been released to work on their network. Though BlackBerry *could* have included the Z30, really with this offer being what it is anyway, you could buy a different device and sell it for the $100 profit to use towards getting a Z30 off-shore and/or from Verizon.

Not true! I have a Z30 STA100-5 that works just fine on T-Mobile. I bought it from GSM Nation.

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Again, I said *officially* released for use on T-Mo. That's like BlackBerry offering in-app credit to BB10 owners that use the Google Maps app, knowing full well that the only way they could be using such an app is if they installed it from a source outside of BlackBerry World and thus, not *officially* supported.

If you have a Z30 like I do, you might want to take a look at the HUGE range of Z30 cases made by "Head Case." They sell a lot of cases through eBay, and they have some really great designs....

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The email says you need the following discount code

$100 off a BlackBerry smartphone at when entering promotion code BLACKBERRY1.

The coupon is for ANYONE, not only for TM customers.
From his comment, he wants you to go to another carrier, and use the BB on that carrier!

"Also, for a limited time, you can enjoy $100 off a BlackBerry smartphone at when entering promotion code BLACKBERRY1.* "

We are deeply grateful to you as a loyal BlackBerry customer, and will do everything in our power to ensure a smooth transition should you choose another carrier.

* Offer expires May 31, 2014. Valid in U.S. only. Coupon only valid towards the purchase of a BlackBerry Q5, Q10 or Z10 smartphone. Quantities are limited. Limit one coupon per customer and two smartphones per customer. Offer subject to change without notice. No cash value, void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Awesome! Glad I saw this while searching for coupon code in the forums.
This is what the CB community is all about!

Fell off the Jet Ski today and lost my beloved Q10 somewhere in the atlantic ocean, so decided to go for the white Q10 as a replacement.

Darn...only in US and no z30. it would have been a nice first move of BlackBerry to offer those to all.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

They really should have the Z30 up as $100 off would be attractive for T-MOBILE customers.

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Exactly, I'd pull the trigger on a Z10 -> Z30 upgrade if that 100 coupon applied to Z30s.

I agree I'm a t-mobile customer but I already have Z10. I want Z30.

I'm switching to Verizon cause after this no blackberry selling thing I'm quite turned off.


Too bad, I was about to get ready to sell one of my Z10s to help fund a Z30 purchase. No discount - no Z30. :(

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At this point in time, i think any revenue even if its not at break even would be good revenue

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Guys...the T-Mo coupon offer is for T-mo customer who want to purchase BB devices for "OFFICIAL" support. The Z30 is "OFFICIALLY" sold and supported through VZW only in the states! The idea behind the coupon is to continue provide T-Mo BB users device access.
The license agreement ending is against T-Mo...not T-Mo customers interested in BB devices. This is BB's way of still doing so.
If you are a T-Mo customer and want a Z30 you have to do like everyone else who does not get it through VZW on contract, by purchasing unlocked STA100-5. This device will work perfectly on both of T-Mo & AT&T networks. It doesn't make sense for BB to undercut VZW and upset that agreement of exclusivity just so T-Mo's customers get a Z30 at discount.

Milo56: How about a discount for BlackBerry PlayBook users?

John Chen: PlayBook? BlackBerry owns a sports team? We don't need a sports team. Sell it! We can get rid of that BlackBerry PlayBook too.

Milo56: You misunderstood me.

John Chen: No. I heard you. I just issued a memo to burn the playbook and sell the team.

Milo56: (head hung) @?%#*#@

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+Sad but True

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda S2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

The Z30 is still too much of a desirable "total" high-end phone in the S4/S5 league, and they need to get rid of overstocked Z10s now, and Qs before the Classic Q20 hits.

Z30 will not be heavily discounted until the new full-touch flagship is close.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

How close? I keep reading 18 months. In 18 months, the iphone will have a 5 inch screen and all the Apple lemmings will be upgrading. The Galaxy will be up to number 6 with the LemonDrop OS or whatever they call it. And the new flagship BB will be behind again. Again there will be NO marketing. I would have never known that BB was bringing out the Z30 if I hadn't read about here and I got an e-mail from CNET that they had a review on the Z30 after it came out. 18 months is way too long. It needs to come out by this summer with lots of advertising. The $100 from BB is useless because the only phone that they have that would tempt me is the Z30 and it is not offered. The 2 keyboard phones hold no interest and I already have the Z10 (which I am still paying for and will for just over a year more). All I can hope for is that the heads of BB and T-Mo get over their snit and come to a new agreement. Perhaps they will start over by offering the Z30 or whatever flagship phone BB has out at that time. In reality I doubt it.

I can't agree more. This is exactly what I have been waiting and contemplating over getting a z30. The discount will give the current Z10 tmobile users a push over. I'm currently is very happy with the Z10 but would upgrade to Z30 if I could use the discount. Anyway, I hope BlackBerry is reading this.

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That would defeat the whole purpose of why Chen is doing this in the first place.

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Not so great because most BB owners already have one of these phones. The only phone that is really coveted is the Z30 and it is not included. Chen's bean counters probably told him that BB would look good doing this, but would not be out too much money because they won't sell all that many as most already own one.Swithching to an other carrier is useless as they offer the same phones. Only Verizon offers the Z30 and I don't like their rates.

Exactly!!! I currently have a Z10 and would like to switch to a Z30. This doesn't benefit me at all.

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Incorrect, the bulk of the owners using Blackberry's are still using OS7 devices. Hence the move back to the classic design to try and woo those still using OS7 to take a chance on Blackberry 10.

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I love my very-portable Z10 and would never "upgrade" to a bigger, clunkier Z30.

So yesterday I used the coupon to get a spare Z10 for 200 bucks - that's a fine deal.

I see, it doesn't distinguish signatures through the app so i couldn't tell...go figure that it coincided with the thread.... oddly enough, i tried to reply through the playbook and it's greyed out for me telling me i don't have enough permissions to comment...yet i'm able to through my z10?....odd.

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Smart move BlackBerry :) just put a massive ad on TV!! Your marketing sucks! But your phones are the best :)

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Placed my order for the Q10 today. I have the Z10 but want a qwerty model. This will allow me to stay with TM until I need to up grade again.

Thank you Chen!!!


Yeah but you take your chances. I have bought that way but about 1/ 3 of the time I have issues with tech devices.

If your phone is a primary device for you, then buy from a reliable source.

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They should have a trade in your BB7, 6, maybe 5 devices with correspondingly increasing discounts on trade ins for BB10 devices! Good idea? Say 50 for the OS 5 - 75 for the OS6 - 100 for the OS7.

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Nice idea but they should make the OS 7 offer 200 cuz BlackBerry want everyone to be on BB10 by then end of the year.

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As long as they still have users on os5-os7 BlackBerry will still get bis fees if they have that added on.

I'd be more concerned getting iphone/android users to choose BlackBerry 10 devices.

We may very well see them do this discount when the q20 or q30 comes a long.

This will be my last month with T-Mobile, first unlocked my Z10 then switch to Big Blue ATT!

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Take a serious look at Solavei for your next service provider. I have an unlocked AT&T Z10 which I now use through Solavei. 57$ a month, 2 Gigs 4G, unlimited everything. They use T-MOBILE network and it's month to month. I'd I need 4 Gigs of 4G, it's 60 plus taxes.

And.......NO I don't sell it.

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I would rather take a statement about the status of future OS updates for these devices, and more specifically WiFi calling.

Presumably as unlocked devices, devices from Shop BlackBerry will receive updates as soon as they're issues by BB. WiFi calling though is a different matter...

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That didn't happen with me.
I'm on att, and I needed to buy Rogers sim to get the latest update

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Last option. It would require the number I'm calling to 1. be a cell phone number, 2. be on a smartphone (minus WP8,) 3. have BBM installed.

You lucky bastard! I've been looking for two Z10s for around 220€ (which is normal ShopBlackBerry Z10 price), but can't get any in europe (small country). But I will!

I didn't get an email... How is it being sent?
Oh and I hope nobody gets a Q5, it won't have LTE on T-Mobile (it looks like)

Appears to be postpaid. Would receive email from BlackBerry to your BBID email address.

Poetry in Motion

Hearing that it sounds more like T-Mobile didn't WANT another license, and BlackBerry is pi$$ed off, thus making this offer...

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That my BlackBerry friend is nothing but bull. Check out Legeres tweet. He said "I don't know ask them" meaning BlackBerry.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

ralfyguy: Even if what you say was true, this is exactly how BlackBerry should take advantage of things. Always. Now T-Mo looks like they suck (especially with Legere embarrassing himself all over twitter about customers and choice) and BB took the right action for their customers. Well played, well played.

Well said! Maybe they should drop Rogers in Canada! Now that would be a bold move! And in a Rogers customer...

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I have an unlocked Z30 on TMO and got the offer. I suspect it has to do with associating your SIM (TMO), with your BlackBerry ID.

Thanks for your reply. I might email Blackberry customer service then, because it seems like other T-Mobile users don't know how to get the code. I'm not sure how to associate my sim with my blackberry ID haha.

I'm on a locked T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10, and I'm on tmobile USA. Why haven't I received the offer yet?

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I'll be getting a Q5 for one of the kids with this offer. It will work on TMO HSPA+.

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I suppose its some consolation that the Z30 isn't on the list, since I just ordered myself a Z30 yesterday and had been kicking myself since first seeing that Email.

You on T mobile?

Man I think you are going to love that phone.

I bought my second Z30 last week from Shop blackberry.

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pretty awesome whats funny is tmo did this a few weeks ago but not for prepaid so this is a good deal for those who can take advantage

Why not the Z30 Oh! Why? I was ready to get one for my dad, he's been tempted to leave his 9810 for the Z30... anyway I'm not TMO customer can I use the promotion too?

All fine and good, but why no discount on the Z30? I've had this battery eating Z10 since March 2013! Don't get me wrong it's a great phone other than that,but this is why I want the Z30!C'mon BlackBerry! help us T-Mobile US / BlackBerry Customers out here!

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I'm in the same boat. My Z10 is good enough... it's just the battery life. A promo like this would get me to switch now. I guess I just have to wait... my second Z10 battery / charger makes things tolerable.

Shop BlackBerry was sold out of the Z30 and it is back ordered.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

whats even funnier the bberry page doesnt even have tmobile as an option to get the phone thats great

I would think the other US wireless carriers would be jumping on this. Hey you want a BlackBerry come to us. And for switching to us get an additional bonus. Just my two cents.

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Great plan BlackBerry! Now offering the discount to all users including wall huggers will surely get more people on board, including my wall hugging wife!

She's always either got that thing plugged in or running on empty...

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She's always hugging the wall instead of you?? Get her a Z10 and a battery charger bundle and she'll hug you more!

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This would have probably pushed me to finally get a Z30 but now I'm going to have to wait for a fire sale.

I bought my Z10 through t-mobile last year and I STILL haven't gotten the offer yet………but it doesn't include the Z30 so I'm not even trippin'

Why would they include a phone Tmo wasn't even offering? Makes sense to me.

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I just got the Q10 from T-Mobile a few weeks ago with the infamous trade in...I wish I could get the $100.00 towards this purchase. I will be leaving T-Mobile.

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I'd consider a Z30, but not these. They should give me $100 off a Z30 for this and an additional $100 because of the PlayBook. This deal is worthless.

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Great move by BlackBerry! Cutting out the middle man, who tried to cut you out...Brilliant, Mr. Chen :-)

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This is MASSIVE))). I am not in America and which I could get a $100 of a Z30 right now.

Talk about Customer Service and Customer Loyalty...GO #TeamBlackBerry

Makes sense. T-MOBILE offered their customers an incentive to leave BlackBerry. And now BlackBerry is offering an incentive to t-mobile customers to leave them. Customers will think. "Hey tmo will not support BlackBerry anymore. I get this discount and take my phone as byod to another carrier"

Is that the logic?

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We owe you a "thanks", even though I can't participate (Australia) . A red or pink Q5 would be great

(just for the kicks of it, or maybe I can get my wifey on qwerty, she likes full touch, ;-) )

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If they included the z30 I would have been all over that good stuff. I have a q10 on tmobile "(

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John Chen Prem Watsa flexing some muscle here and in return offering BlackBerry users a great discount !

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Shame, I didn't get that email. How are they determining who is a tmobile blackberry user? By those who purchased from tmobile or those who have an account on a tmobile device? I purchased my Z10 used. I would have loved to take advantage of this and got another blackberry.

Posted via my Z10. Keep it Classy.

I originally purchased my unlocked Z10 through blackberry, hence the reason I received the email from blackberry.

I am guessing that if you purchased from TM you will not receive an email.


Screw the carriers in the U.S, as long as I can get a Blackberry from the Blackberry website.

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Not on T-mobile but this is great BlackBerry. Great move !

Qyped on the most Qeffecient device in the Quniverse.

I would take them up on their offer in a heartbeat if it included the Z30! Still rockin my Q10 on T-Mobile!

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I guess this bold move was favorable to Wallstreet BBRY jumped up today. Chen is here to to kick a$$ and chew bubblegum, and he's all out of bubblegum.

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uh oh...signs of life from BlackBerry Marketing department. It's like they're trying to make money or something.

Giving the product away is not exactly a good way to make money, but for a short promotion for a limited number of users, it certainly has some marketing/PR value.

Clearly it is shaping up to be a very popular promotion. It seems that loyalty only lasts until someone else offers you a bigger discount.

It is sad to see BlackBerry enthusiasts are the company's worst enemy. Reading the comments so many want BlackBerry to subsidize them or give them stuff at fire sale prices. Question to you guys how do you expect the company to survive?

The company is struggling and instead of supporting it by either buying or via moral support they bitch.

Look at the wall huggers in comparison. When 5 came out the connector accessories had to be replaced. I am sure a small minority bitched but the rest dutifully upgraded and bought the extra accessories to boot.

Pretty sad.

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Good point. I'm an enthusiast, but I'm also barely afloat financially and only marginally employed. My previous phone lasted me 8 years, then I moved to the Z10, my first smartphone. So when I say that I'd jump on the Z30 (if it were included) after only one year with the Z10, I think that speaks more loudly of my enthusiasm than my cheapness or unwillingness to support BlackBerry.

So that is the justification for asking free things from others who are struggling?

That is like a business is struggling and asking you guys to work for free even though you are struggling. Would you? Smh.

With supporters like this apple and google would struggle.

After reading this thread I have more respect for wall huggers.

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Well, if you read MY posts, instead of other people's, or the posts you are imagining, you would see that I'm not asking for anything for free. I simply said that if the coupon DID apply to the Z30, I would get one. THAT is where my level of demand for the product meets my financial reality. And if you knew my financial reality, you would probably wonder why I was even considering throwing money down on a phone AT ALL. Maybe others are whining and crying and asking for something for free, well then, reply to their f*#$'n posts. You don't need to be an a$$ about it to me.

I almost got excited, but then I saw that the Z30 is not included. :( My wife and I already have Z10s. I'd jump at getting the Z30 for a deal! Can we ask John to amend the deal? :D I wonder that it's not included, except that they are on back order on the site... *sigh* I thought this was my break.

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No, they never did but the Z30 that is available through ShopBlackberry is TMobile compatible so that shouldn't factor into it.

At least BlackBerry is trying. I mean tmo was just being a d-bag with what they did trying to get BlackBerry users to switch. I would have done the same thing if I was Chen. Hopefully they will take advantage of this cool offer.

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Still gonna keep on going with my TMO prepaid service seeing as I already have the phone.

BlackBerry Q10 on TMO 4G prepaid

Chen, kicking a$$ and taking names!!

Posted via CB10 using my Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

Just ordered from Canada!
I have a US mail depot at border. Code is all upper case FYI. Entered my US address and paid. Takes me 20 min to cross both ways. If I declare pay hst take in the exchange just over $100 savings and new phone with warranty! Than buying used.

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I think it might take some times before all users receive the emails. Both my friend and I haven't got it yet. Excited to see I can get an unlocked Q10 for just $299.

no z30... i want that phone so bad i had to settle with z10 with tmobile.. i shouldnt be complaining too much.. i did get 250$ off the phone..

The code as provided by BBRYed : the code is BLACKBERRY1


On Rogers using the Z30!

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Already have a Z10. Would love a Z30! Shame on T- Mobile, guess it's time to find myself a new carrier.

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I wished the Z30 was on the list. I already have the Z10 on T-Mobile. I wanted the Z30. Maybe they'll think about it and add it before the deadline and I will be all over this.

For all you Z30 owners (like me), take a look at the HUGE range of Z30 cases made by "Head Case." They sell a lot of cases through eBay, and they have some really great designs....

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From what I can tell this has been in the mix as of late, the only way I got T-Mobile to sell me a berry 10 was over the phone and they didn't wanna do that!
T-Mobile may be kinda ticked off because blackberries can be unlocked, and although they promote bringing your own they will offer no support for any type of phone if you do. Trust me I know, I still haven't received a phone call from upper level support and so I fixed my old storm by rolling it back.

I was going to buy the Q 10 in a few months to compliment my Z 10 but now I just don't know what T-Mobile may pull next?

I can see the strange outages experienced by only those using blackberries in a year or two. "Sir, we don't have to provide you support with your phone nor service it's our policy " "But.." Sir I am sorry but we have made changes to our system and it's no longer compatible with your phone and by the way sir you have another year to pay your phone off would you like an Android? " CLICK!!!

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You really just posted that on the most knowledgeable and helpful source of blackberry support on the planet.

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What does that get the Q5 down to? That may be the deal of the day for a basic GSM phone.

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There's always something to complain about no matter what the company does eh? Good grief people...get over it already!

Excellent job Mr. Chen!

Powered by my BlackBerry Q10

u can still use the promo code for discount of 100 --can I post the code here? I will if it is not against an rules= plmk

Most people already have a z10, q10 or q5. They should have definitely included the z30 in this promo.

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