BlackBerry offering Canadians $25 worth of premium apps in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 17 Sep 2013 01:33 am EDT

Although I was a bit hesitant to post this because I can't see it for myself, it would appear as though BlackBerry is offering those in Canada a deal on some great apps in BlackBerry World as part of a promotion.

If you head into BlackBerry World, swipe down from the top and tap on redeem and then enter in the code 'FALLAPPS', you'll be given a $25 credit on BlackBerry World to use on some select apps. 

The promotion is noted to be ongoing until October 31st and again, only appears to be available to those in Canada. You can hit the forums for more details or drop a comment below if you give it a go and it works for you.

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BlackBerry offering Canadians $25 worth of premium apps in BlackBerry World



Wanted to put thus at the top, to get Photo Studio PRO,

1. Try downloading it from promo page, get error that licence can't be found.

2. Try downloading it from promo page again and get error saying already downloaded, you won't be charged again.

3. Download it from its regular listing in BlackBerry World and you won't be charged. The price will show up but when you click to download you will get notified you already purchased it and won't be charged again. The download should now work fine!

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I used to get angry at auto correct on the Z10 until I learned that if I was typing a word that it didn't recognize I could just flick/swipe the word from the space bar. The green suggestion is still on the space bar but in white above it is the word I actually wanted. Not sure everyone knows this.


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Funny enough I just came on here to write the exact same thing.

These are some pretty awesome apps BlackBerry is giving away for free

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They should have had Max Security, Max File Shredder, Max QR Scanner, Evolution Browser included in the free apps. Although I already have those too, but great for everyone! Plus, they are more useful than some they have on there.

Yeah definitely a problem getting photo studio pro. Your work around seems to work. For whatever reasons it's a license issue that they have

Only a fool thinks they know me.

This very comment is why I came to the crackberry forums after seeing this promotion elsewhere. Thanks!

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I had problems with Photo Studio Pro too, so I went to "My World" from the Action overflow menu and there are the three pill buttons for "Updates", "Installed" and "Available". It shows up in your "Available" list with the download button right there, which works no problem.

Or what you could do is to download it from the "available" tab
All > MyWorld > My Apps & Games > Available > 'download arrow' next to Photo Studio PRO

You can download it from your list of Available apps (same place you see what is installed and what updates are available).

Note about this, in my case I had to refresh the Available list before the Photo Studio PRO showed up.

Great, thanks for this post, it was the only app I really wanted to try and couldn't install it :)

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I agree... show the US some love!

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Oh man, I've been meaning to pick up World of Goo anyways, I'm just never on a wifi connection when I see it on sale, and there's no "buy now download later" option, but this is even better! (plus I'm on wifi)

You can always buy and then pause the download & cancel it and just download it when you're on wifi later. I've done it a few times.

Wow! Seriously? That's amazing! I'm not one to buy apps otherwise, so this is wonderful.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Downloaded them all except photo suite pro.. seems to be a problem. Thanks BB had a bad day but now will sleep now very happy!!

Download the lite version then go to frames n clicked on the locked ones it'll ask if u want to buy the pro version click yes than it'll take u to the app world then just download

Don't be shy to add my Z10 to ur BBM pin:24E0B83D

Or what you could do is to download it from the "available" tab
All > MyWorld > My Apps & Games > Available > 'download arrow' next to Photo Studio PRO

Thank you BlackBerry. Wanted slick tasks for a long time, but couldn't justify the 10 dollars for it without trying it out. So thank you! :)

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Not fair! I'm Canadian, but living in the US, so sad :(

Oh well, I still do my best to pay and support developers with my own money.

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yeah, me too,,, i'm hoping this makes its way south of their border,,, hopfully it'll be good for legacy & playbook if it does...

Just showing some love, I guess. BlackBerry has done these kinds of promos in the past on BBOS across different regions. I still have some promotional free apps on my 9810 (my backup and travel phone since my Z is unlocked). I am sure similar gestures will roll out in other regions soon..

Awesome promo. Small selection of apps but some real gems available. Thanks BBRY. Thanks for the heads up Bla1ze!

Added one too many 0.99s: 25.93 by my addition -- Blaq 2.99, Slick Tasks 9.99, Photo Studio Pro 3.99, World of Goo 4.99, Gadget Box 1.99, Modern Combat 4 0.99, Asphalt 7: Heat 0.99

Too bad I already bought World of Goo, but I'll pick up a couple others for sure.

oh, maybe right after all, if Angry Birds Star Wars was in there at the time. Seems to be in BB World for free anyway.

It wasn't angry bird star wars. It was angry birds space :). Bbw pulled that on most people. Lucky ones got it :) woohoo and I don't even play it. Lol free is free :)

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Is this to be used just for what appears after you enter the code? Or can you download other apps?

Sick even though I've bought a few of these this is great. Perks of being Canadian :)

CB10 - Z10 -

Thank you Bell? I believe that it's BlackBerry giving out the goodies, not the carrier. And for the record, thank you BlackBerry!

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Same. It gives an error about "...unable to give the license key."

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

This works but don't ask why....

After trying to download, shut down BBW and restart BBW.
Now go back and try to download again. It will work.
Strange but true

After you apply promo code, just go into most grossing apps and scroll down a few and download it from there. easy peasy.

Go back to the main BlackBerry World page and search for "Photo Studio PRO". Click Buy and it will say "You already purchased this app so can download it again free of charge" and it will start downloading.

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Awesome! I was able to download some apps that I wanted but didn't want to pay for yet. Thanks BlackBerry.

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With all the rumored BlackBerry news, commercial, and now the BBW credit for Canadians, I have the feeling that the marketing department is ready to make a strong push of the new products about to hit the market. There's no denying that the leaks have teased us all and have us checking Crackberry throughout the day. And I feel BlackBerry marketing is finally taking the fan momentum and capitalizing on it. Now I know I'm most likely wrong, but this is just my feelings. And for all our sake for the product we love, I do hope my gut will prove accurate.

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Maybe they have been watching Samsung promote BBM & are taking notes lol

I do find it funny / sad that Samsung is spending way more $ promoting BBM then BlackBerry.....Maybe they have some sort of marketing agreement? I know why Samsung is doing it, but still...

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Or maybe samsung has a ridiculous amount of disposable income that BlackBerry can't match making marketing for BlackBerry a more strategic play that they have been spending the last few "quiet" months preparing?

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Sweet. Downloaded them all...almost. Photo Studio Pro shows error that promo code is finished?

Maybe it's cause BlackBerry was big sponsor/partner of the Amazing Race Canada, which had its finale tonight!

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you can download photo suite pro by exiting the blackberry world, then open and search for photo suite pro and download.

Works for me. Just get all the apps even if you don't use them now. They will be added to your list of available apps if you ever find a use for them then you can re-download

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$25.00 Credit =
Blaq, 2.99
SlickTasks, 9.99
Photo Studio Pro, 3.99
Angry Birds Space, .99
Gadget Box, 1.99
Modern Combat 4, .99
Ashphalt 7, .99

Sadly I own 90% prior to free credit, HOwever , Big Thanks to BlackBerry for the thought!

Way to spit on the face of all the hard working Americans who use BlackBerry.

Posted via Q10 CB10 BB10 on Tmobile Unlimited Data Plan via 2yr contract plan.

Yes, that must be it. What about the rest of the world? BBRY is spitting on everyone but us Canadians?!?

Nice "I'm 'murican" attitude btw.

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Tongue in cheek, right? Otherwise, the comment is absolute nonsense. Just wait your turn as if past actions on BBOS can be used as a guide, BBRY will offer similar promos in other regions.

Nice... I didn't see free handsets being given away in anything other than American cities a while back. Need a nap?

Why didn't they just give us the $5.00 to spend on whatever we want in BlackBerry World instead of restricting us to those select applications? Not that I'm complaining!

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

as someone who travels a lot, everytime you put in a different sim card there are special offers in blackberry world specific to that region. I got a lot of Free Apps in asia.

Works. Got it here in Waterloo. Nice. I did have some of apps already. Like Blaq ;)

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I think blackberry canada is starting to push, i see bb 10s everywhere here, and when i stop in a carrier theres someone picking up a blackberry. momentum building...

Smart move to help people leave the "ecosystem" on other platforms that they may have invested in. Now do the same promo for the US. Even if more people take advantage of this deal in the US than anticipated, that's a great use of marketing funds imho.

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Awesome, I'm downloading a few myself! May keep a few dollars to see if they change them up.

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U need a Canadian tel carrier sim or can u use a Canadian vpn, just suggesting it for some people who just happen to have that option with their vpn provider?! :)

Z10 Rocking 10.2

It might have something to do with your info on your BBID as I don't have a SIM in my Z10 now (it runs strictly on wifi) but I was able to get the offer. I.AM.CANADIAN (ok, first time I've ever had the chance to use that)

If I changed my IP address on my pc to a Canadian 1 is it possible I can get the special via app world on my pc?

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Photo app is really cool. Twitter one Blaq is nice but update hangs sometimes. Games are nice. The Too do list is very good for ppl that need it. I use remember for photo attachments and voice notes with the notes I make. But for simple just to do it's a bit ez on simple task.

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Oh yah Gaget box set it to open on flashlight and replace your flashlight app. Then you can use other cool features like height analysis and Magnify glass

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Woot! Downloaded everything I didn't already have lol. I really hope the z30 comes with more internal storage...

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Already bought slicktasks, photo studio pro, and gadgetbox

Don't have blaq but I don't use twitter

Don't have world of goo on my z10 but I have already beaten the game before

I want modern combat 4 and asphalt 7 but can't justify using up gigabytes of space for games

Sooo basically I got angry birds space out of this promotion

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Appreciate you posting this great offer from BlackBerry! I have REALLY been going back and forth about buying Photo Shop PRO because although I have PicMix and I love it, Photo Shop gives SO much more to choose from in all categories! Thank you for allowing me to now get it for the cost of none! ..Along with Asphalt 7! I guess it doesn't ALWAYS such being a Canadian after all! Hahaha

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I personally don't find it so great to restrict it to some "VIP" apps. Kind of disrespect for the other apps...

It is a especially a shame that slick tasks, which is overpriced for BlackBerry (not for over platforms), has been selected. I really don't understand it...

It works! And just think all those non Crackberry followers will never know. Thanks guys!

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Hey all..

Entered in the offer in BlackBerry World, and went to make a purchase , but it does not let the credit on the account.. how will I know I am not getting bill ver it taking it from the credit?

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You will be to re-enter code to populate list again if you navigate away. Works fine.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Z10 Rogers, Halifax NS

To the rest of the world I'm sure you will be getting a promo of your own soon.

Thanks BlackBerry a commercial and a promo on the same night good stuff

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As a Canadian, all I can say to the rest of the world is that I'm very sorry for you guys XD !

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Thanks!! Wish we had a choice of apps but FREE is great! lol

PS...Thanks I recieved my Orange Crunk Case I won! Love It! <3

This is great. Thanks to CB for the heads up and thanks to BlackBerry for the love.

2 questions, if anyone knows:

- will the promo work for older BlackBerry or just 10s?

- will other apps be added to the list that apply to the promo between now and end of Oct?


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Is there gonna be something like for United states? I'm waiting for it if there is

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I'm 100% sure other countries will get some love soon. They always have in past promos like this.

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BTW if you are visiting Canada you should be able to download. I was in the US last week and downloaded a few US only apps no problem.

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Wouldn't be much of a promotion, giving a discount like this to what...all three of us?


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Lol your post would be even more funny if unfortunately it wasn't partially true. BlackBerry in the US really is hanging on by its nails.

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how do you do this if you're on pc??? you mentioned swiping down, which i would think is how to do it on the "Z" & "Q" series,,, can you do this from legacy devices or playbook??? is this only for "10"??? i'm in the U.S., but i think the answers to this would help our northern cousins...

Promo code worked for me.

Downloaded a bunch of apps that I've wanted for a long time, but was too cheap to buy!

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Odd.. my edit tab is missing in the CB10 app.

Anyway.. will just reply to my own post. Was trying to say. It's been a very long time since I've had to or wanted to say THANK YOU BlackBerry!

Very cool of them.

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Thanks. Great find. Would never have known about that.
By the way, it only works if you switch the automated first capital letter to a lowercase one (i.e. "Fallapps" must be switched to "fallapps")

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Also.. forgot to say THANKS to Bla1ze for finding and posting something he couldn't verify! Appreciate looking out!

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Hah while you guys are grabbing the free apps in Canada. Feel free to nail Coke Studio MTV on just released native format not an android port. Great app. Free stuff.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

World of goo and angry birds space seem to have disappeared from my list of free apps...

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As I'm in the UK and don't get any free credit, I will make sure I never buy any of these apps. That's just the kind of asshole I am.....

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What really sucks is that I already own everything on the Fall Apps list. I hope this expands over time because the selection is pretty limited.

Thank goodness I nailed the apps when I did. Angry birds space has disappeared from list hah. And remember it's upto $25.00. If u look at all the apps it's more than $25. So be smart

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Awesome.. i've been considering several of these apps so what a great time to get them!

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Angry Birds is gone now. Glad I grabbed this earlier this morning, hope the other ones become free eventually too.

If you close BBW and open it back up, how do you get back to the free apps? I can't get there via promo a second time, it says invalid promo code...

That's pretty cool. There are dome really good apps. Slick tasks looks like a great tool. Awesome promo. I do wonder why?

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I downloaded Slick Tasks for BlackBerry and it is not the full version...simply allowed to make a list with no features at all. Disappointed!

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Sweet, just for Blaq alone, but I already have it so downloaded Gaget Box

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For me, angry birds was not free and when i download Asphalt 7, it crashes when the installation is finish.

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This is awesome BlackBerry. Thank you so much and Thanks Kris and Bla1ze for the heads up on this one. #IChooseBlackBerry10