BlackBerry now selling unlocked Z10's and Q10's direct

By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2013 01:13 pm EDT

For years now plenty of folks, including myself, have been saying that BlackBerry should return to selling devices online direct to customers. I say return because there once was a time when you could pick up most GSM BlackBerry smartphones on the BlackBerry website if you dug through some links. In the end, they were eventually removed but now if you're looking for a Z10 or a Q10, BlackBerry will sell you one.

We're not sure exactly when the devices went live on the site but if you order one, you're getting a fully unlocked GSM factory device with the Z10 priced at $449.00 and the Q10 setting you back $549.00. That pricing is still up there for some folks (In other words, it's no fire sale as some have been predicting) but it's a nicer way to pick up a BlackBerry 10 device, especially if you're wanting a white Q10 with T-Mobile support.

One caveat though.. It appears they'll only ship within the U.S.

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BlackBerry now selling unlocked Z10's and Q10's direct



Finally, although I think they should consider lowering the prices a considerable amount more to attempt to flood the new platform market. (However this didn't seem to work for the PlayBook, so who knows)

Amazon sells the z10 from $269 and the q10 from $443 BlackBerry should also sell refurbished phones like apple does....

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Marketing manager here, ,,,
Community we are not doing a very good job of word of mouth advertising.... Now I want you all to spread the word out that BlackBerry is selling direct...... i
Let's make this prosumer products cool again...
I want more word of mouth advertising NOW....

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry

May as well sell devices for each provider as well to avoid their "testing phase". This way BlackBerry determines when a device is available...

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FINALLY! Now GIVE us 10.2 and all future updates directly OTA!
... oh and please try to lower those prices a bit...
Thank you BlackBerry!
Let's keep moving!

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I thought that they have always done this. I bought my Bold and PlayBook from here.

The BlackBerry Z10 says it is sold out in Australian online stores.

BlackBerry & Nintendo Alliance. Bring Pokémon to BlackBerry 10.

"BlackBerry & Nintendo Alliance. Bring Pokémon to BlackBerry 10." Haha! :D Nice one! I thought about this too. Although they only fit together in their role as a outsider. But I think it could be a cool mix / liaison. So thumbs up!

BB has made this nearly impossible for us right now. Until they get their sht in order and announce a solid plan, I can't even tell people with a straight face that consumer BB phones will be around in a year. Who the f even knew what a prosumer was before BB threw it out there?

Exactly. "Prosumer " was always the person who wanted the best, and was willing to pay a bit more for it. As long as the devices actually are "the best", there will be a demand for them. Prosumer is much lower volume though...

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The Marketing Manager comes to a blog site to make a plea for its readers to spread word of BB10 directs sales via word of mouth? Would you like us to make our own fliers to stick on light poles as well?

Well, it has to be a Marketing Manager, 'cause we all read it on the internet. So it has to be true.....right?

Unfortunately, since the release of the Z10, "word of mouth" advertising seems to have been the only advertising plan in effect. Look how well that worked. It's up to BBRY to advertise to the masses, properly!

Get the apps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The devices will sell themselves. The only way steal a customer is to have everything the competition has and then some, for the same or lower price.

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+1 bros, were's my paycheck ! People get paid to post comments on competitors Facebook pages ( don't be naive, all companies does that) so why would I do this for free ?

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US "prosumers" need some clarification of what "business as usual is going to be before we continue to support and push the blackberry brand to our family and friends! Are devices still going to be available from every provider; are there still going to be new devices released everry year, etc. I want to twll my dad to get a Q10 or Z30, but I don't want to get him hooked on a BlackBerry product that will then be subjected to a dropoff in app support...

-keeping it locked down

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BlackBerry 008, it takes more than a little blog in this website to push word of mouth sales...
What incentive do u have now that BlackBerry is going private?? And if u say keep the company alive, I could care less at this point. The select few people that made money are already laughing their way to the manager lol...

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"We are not doing a good job of word of mouth "?
BlackBerry marketing isn't doing a good job!! ...thus making our job difficult. Seriously, who came up with the Z10 commercials?! The Z10 is better than any iphone, but the public perception is that it's just another BlackBerry and it's a failure because the sales aren't there. People just assume that their "precious" iphones are better because they sell millions of them, is that not a marketing mistake by BB? Show the consumer how good BlackBerry has become.
Also, we don't get paid to sell BlackBerry 10, you do. I understand that we all need to band together to keep BlackBerry going, but we need the support from up top before that can be a reality! I appreciate all the work that team BlackBerry does, but let's get this to the next level!

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Amen BB30000...... Amen

It is really sad as to how the lack of marketing such a brilliant product as the Z10 diminished any chance of it being successful. It couldn't be more true that the public hears BlackBerry and thinks 'boring', yet (as for me personally) anyone who catches a glimpse of my Z10, they say :

"Wow! That's a BlackBerry?"

Hello!!! The device has been out for how many months now???

Marketing has literally been nonexistent...

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eBay has NEW Z10s going for as low as $290 and used ones for as low as $195! Another bad marketing move from a moronic sales team at BlackBerry!

Yes let BB compete sellers on eBay,Great Idea!
Stolen phones and Chinese clones for everybody.
Or even better fire sale a phone released 7 months ago and burn a 2nd set of customers.
(Full price playbook buyers were "1st")
Don't worry about if people start to wait for the fire sale EVERY-TIME you release a phone after that.

That may be so, but these businesses or sellers must have acquired them from somewhere, who knows how much they paid for them? BlackBerry doesn't make money on eBay transactions (unless I completely misunderstand how eBay works).


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Recently employees were able to get up to ten Z10s through their internal process for 100 bucks a piece. Kind of like with the playbook a few years ago. If your from the Waterloo region you'll remember this.

I scored my Z for 100 clams through a contact in the company.

I wish they would just clear out the Z's for 100 bucks a piece and get the OS in people's hands.


The US Carriers sure ain't selling them.
BlackBerry might as well try to do it themselves.

And hopefully those who buy it directly from BlackBerry can get OS updates directly from BlackBerry, shortly after when a new OS is available. And not have to wait until the carrier feels like releasing it.

I did! I got mine they day of AT&T's US release in March. In the carrier's store I didn't see one sign about the Z10 except the card with the price at the base of the phone and the phone was in a far corner of the room on a display mixed right in with other brands. I knew what I was looking for but anyone else shopping around for a smartphone with no specific brand in mind would probably not even see it since the big name phones were closer to the entrance.

Also, the AT&T employees were only trained with the phone the day before. The manager seemed genuinely impressed with a number of the Z10's features and BB10, but the young guy working with her didn't look too impressed. It sucks because the Z10 is a great smartphone. :-(

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BlackBerry NEEDS to drop their prices. Their products aren't selling and they release their products with prices that are the same and even MORE than the competition that lead the sells? THEY. ARE. CRAZY. Something is going on over there because BBRY definitely knows how the game works and know what to do, but these last couple of years they have made dumb decision a five year old would make.

what do you mean it did not work for playbook ? of course it did. they are all sold out. besides Z10 is far better hardware than playbook. playbook from day one was bad.

If consumers expect BlackBerry will lower the price in the future, then no one will buy it now. BlackBerry really needs to lower its price.

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I'm sorry, but I honestly cannot stand that saying.. everyone and their mother has been saying it the last two years about BlackBerry and it honestly gets me SO annoyed.. Every single thing that BlackBerry does from here-on-out can be seen as "too little too late" but IT'S BETTER THAN THEM NOT DOING IT, just like BBM going cross platform, they NEVER HAD TO DO IT, so it's not "too little too late" just drop that crap, I'm sorry.. don't even know why I felt the need to comment on this, but it just gets me livid whenever I read it, it adds absolutely nothing to the discussion whatsoever and it makes you sound like an... nvm.

Rumor around the forums says that TAT has been working on 10.3. Hopefully this pans out. Is that what the ;) is for aha?

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They won't put the Z30 up until it at least get a chance to be sold through the carriers. If they do that the carriers could drop their support completely, and that's something BlackBerry really doesn't need right now. Although if the past repeats itself you will find it right up there with the others at some insane price, I'm guessing $699.99.

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Great do who would buy from BlackBerry direct if they are more expensive. Are you suggesting they are buying them cheaper than BlackBerry can sell them for. If so, the company is dead.

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Bingo. And this is by design. For some reason distributors don't like competing directly with their suppliers. This is part of the reason many manufacturers emply a MAP pricing model (Minimum Advertised Price).

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Weird. The link doesn't work.. wonder what type of pricing segmentation voodoo amazon is performing.

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Might as well, since the carriers have already pretty much said "F-You" to BlackBerry, why worry about what they say anymore. And who knows, if this picks things up maybe the carriers will change their minds.

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very smart move,,, but by "you're getting a fully unlocked factory device", do you mean the "Z" will work on Sprint???

Bla1ze, how do carriers work in Canada or US? right here in Ecuador all phones are unlocked (it is the law) you may use it on all the carriers just depend on the frequency of the carrier, over there you can't use any phone on any carrier?

You have to buy one that has the right radio for your carrier.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

According to BERRYREVIEW:
"Now these are also not listed as 100-5, 100-3, or 100-1… so these are the ones that include all bands (same as the ones distributed at the launch events an BlackBerry Live)"

Wonder if models for all countries will be available (charger plug formats, HSDPA+, 4G, keyboard layout, and so on )

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Please, BlackBerry I beg of you put the Z30 up for sale. I guarantee at least 2 sales to me.

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More models and lower the prices, then that would be perfect!

The sh!t is hitting the fan, time to get real BlackBerry.

Fired from my Z10

There's reports that people are able to put in Canadian & Mexican addresses idea if they will actually ship to them though

Kevin would be definitely much better CEO and wouldn't sell company for any price just to get his $55M

Carriers are still doing a decent job promoting here. This basically an acknowledgment that the carrier relationship is on life support in America

+1 The carrier ads Here have been somewhat decent tbh.
More options on where to buy would be great too.

Yes I just saw a Future Shop ad that is promoting an after hours sale starting tonight. The picture had the Q10 front and center. The problem I had with that is they aren't offering the Q in the sale. They are offering the Z for free with a 2 year contract(white and black). The problem I have with that is it says there is 0 stock before the sale begins. Lol. Maybe it will show stock after it begins.....

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This is true. Was at futureshop and a telus store today, Z10 and Q10 and Q5 were all front placement and had great displays. Some of the staff at a rogers booth were wearing keep moving tshirts as well. BB still has 20% marketshare in Canada so its not a hard sell. USA is another matter.

Wait so if they can do this, what's preventing them from putting the Z30 up for sale in the US now?? Why lose 2 months worth of sales when the devices are obviously ready to go since it's being sold in other countries? Carriers have no say over testing OS's etc on unlocked phones do they? I'd like to think the reason is supply crunch but let's be honest with ourselves.

Well they have a lot of stock to move - so great move! That said... the prices need down adjustment.

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Finally. But need it in Canada too. Including the Z30. So much easier than the carriers!

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oh Bla1ze you've been saying that for years because you are one of those know-it-all "armchair CEOs" who, like many on CB, have some great ideas but aren't implemented by the REAL execs because they have REAL talent...the kind that results in a billion dollar loss....just think how awful it would have been if all the amateur hacks had been listened to years ago with their crazy talk of "sell direct" and "cross-platform BBM"....I mean, nobody would do something that stupid 2-3 years AFTER those pathetic armchair losers extolled the management team to do so before it was too late....right guys? right? *tap tap* is this thing on?

A little premature to assume this is a big win isn't it? Only hardcore people are going to buy a phone outright and online. I bet this nets them a couple thousand sales.

I take it as a sign that BlackBerry is finally tired of the US carriers and willing to cut them out. By contrast, the devices are selling "well enough" in Canada etc that they do not want to damage those carrier relationships yet.

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Cut them out...hahaha..this seems more like desperation setting in...those warehouses need to be cleared out of written down devices

First big step in the right direction in a while!

I hope they put the Z30 up there. T-Mobile wants to take them out of stores, well...sorry T-Mobile, BlackBerry will get all my money for a full retail priced phone!

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I'm just as upset as anyone about T-Mobile taking their supply of BlackBerry's out of stores and making them order-only, but if people don't show up at stores to buy them, and maybe raise a stink about not being able to leave with the device right then, they will never change their minds about having it. Everybody on T-Mobile that buys a BlackBerry direct should at least go to a store first to attempt to show T-Mobile that they made the wrong decision.

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They went to online order only due to a lack of customer support; due to a lack of apps on the company's part. #DominoEffect

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T-Mobile knows how many Z10's are activated on their network as opposed to how many they sold. They will know if they made a mistake

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My two-year old Galaxy S died and I very much wanted to get away from Google. My thumbs and the iPad virtual keyboard are not a match made in heaven. So I was very interested in the Z10.

This was the week before T-Mobile announced it would not longer stock BB. Of the three stores I tried, only one had a Z10 in stock - and just one Z10 at that. The salesperson told me that store's average sale of all BB devices was running less than one every two months so far this year. Incidentally he said the sale of Window phones was only slightly better and I'm in Seattle, the heart of Microsoft country. While I was in the store about seven people purchased phones, the majority going for the new iPhones and the remainder for Samsungs.

I took a Z10 home. Loved the feel of it and some of the basics are great. Its virtual keyboard is the best out there and the resolution sufficient that I could browse with it. Then came the reality of actually using it. I need access to about five financial institutions. BB had no apps for any of them. Of the 18 apps I use most frequently, BB had one. Tried sideloading and found that was an exercise in futility.

It couldn't begin to handle my Gmail inboxes (plural), my calendars (plural) or my contact groups. I tried and tried to find some solutions and eventually found a work-around, provided by Google, not BB. No such luck with apps.

So I returned the Z10 and came home with the Galaxy S4, looked at all the crapware on it and remembered why I rooted my first one. I did signup for T-Mobile's jump program in case iPhone comes out in a larger format, or, in the less likely event that BB gets its act together and comes out with a Z30 that will work for me.

Surprised the side loading did not work for you. It has done for my Z10 what VirtualBox has done for my XP and Ubuntu machines

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As a T-Mobile customer you have my vote, I'm game I already did it to one store that I went to high school with he refused to offer me my phone on release date, after the third retailer I finally got what I asked for, figures I had to visit a mall. I will be getting my Z30 as soon as it is available for T-Mobile

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Previously, the didn't want to sell directly most likely because they didn't want to upset carriers. Now that carriers are no longer pushing BlackBerry products, they mind as well cut out the middle man.

For sure

Time to make the last stand and push there one products.

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This also allows them to operate almost like Google with their Nexus devices. They just push out updates whenever they feel.

What's the point if the prices are still too high and they can be found for a lot less at Amazon and other sites. It's pointless. At this point, they should be selling the Z10 (you know, that $1 billion write off) for $299 and the Q10 for $399. Then they might actually sell some.

Atleast they started selling then direct, it's a start
Prices should be sliding down soon ejough, especially with the Z being retiered to the middle class

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With everything that's happening , it's foolish business as usual with these prices. Selling them direct now is meaningless. They're available from so many other sites and outlets already, and at lower prices. This would've been effective in February and March, because it took them half a year to make the Q10 available. Now it's just a testament to their ignorance by trying to sell them at unrealistic prices. The only smart move would've been to have these aggressively priced. And these prices aren't going down! That's how BlackBerry operates...

I know a couple of people who would never buy off of eBay, but would be willing to buy from the manufacturer directly because of warranty, etc.

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Those couple of people are in the minority. And eBay is just one example. There's Negri Electronics, Amazon, Expansys, Wirefly, etc. And all of those have warranties. This direct from BB will accomplish nothing.

Count me, too.

I just had this discussion. eBay, even the Amazon sellers are just too risky. You don't really know what you're getting (stolen? knockoff? used? borked?). I'd rather support BlackBerry, not some yokel.

I will likely order a Q10, and soon. I don't have great local choices so this is a huge help. When they offer the Z30, my husband will likely order one direct, as well.

Agreed!!! They've already written down the inventory. Now BBRY should be focusing on ramping up sales as quickly as possible. Once someone buys another phone, they won't come back easily.

Its a dog fight out there but BBRY doesn't seem to grasp this!

Seriously! They are wondering where their market share is going, and not looking at their price tags??

Is it better to make $150 margin on selling 0 phones or $20 margin on 1,000,000 phones?

According to this link, the total cost per Z10 is about $280 including labor. Considering the state BB is in, they should be charging $299 or MAYBE $329 per phone for a $20-50 profit on hardware, and then they still get the $20 service revenues. This will boost the user base, which will prompt developers to bring apps to the platform. After that, then they can think about releasing "flagship" expensive phones.

They could perhaps price the Q10 higher as someone above suggested as those will probably be enterprise customers. But still "too low to refuse", like $399 or less

Sounds logical, but, U know how Blackberry is with logic as of 2007. They can't wait to see the new styling on the Lamborghini and the underlying performance upgrades but shudder @ the thought of revamping their own brand. WTF??? Refine the OS to eliminate all the pauses and waits when U open an app or try to save a contact from the dialer. The double contact entries and texts. Get a higher quality camera setup front and back. Clarity, color reproduction and full time 1080p. Get the top apps. BlackBerry Can actually take first again. No gimmicks, just sound hardware and software development. #Can

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I work for pcmall and we sell apple based on which carrier you are on. I have poked BlackBerry as why we could not do that also.
Maybe now that opens that door. When ever they bring the real mobile platform, stay the heck away from phone companies, and work with resellers, who get it. We are apples largest reseller. Hungry companies like us, get it.

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Why buy a phone that's likely dead on arrival? No guarantee yet as to what will happen with the support for our phones when the takeover is done and blackberry is split into pieces.

Considering selling my q10 before it goes offline...

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That's it give up already! Do you think the phone will suddenly stop working once the deal is done?

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If you really truly believe that, what are you going to tell the poor chap who is buying your phone? You are either grossly misunderstanding how your phone works or just coming here to purposely spread misinformation.

Do you know what's happening to non-corporate related services after the sales? No you don't, neither do I. Playbook support was dropped like a rock pretty quick if that's any indicator.

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Chap who buys my phone will be someone who's a blackberry fan who's willing to go down with the ship, regardless

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Everyone wants the company to survive and make a profit. So dont be so cheap and spend some money people. If you want the best os and phone. Pay for it!

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Or just put the thing on sale for a few weeks. Have some promotions. Give discounts on buying a 2nd device. That team of monkeys needs to get creative.

I like this idea too discount for owners of multiple phones,or products and other loyalty benefits I think this will go a long way with the" die hards"

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I've been trying to sell my VZ Z10 with an otterbox for 260 for weeks now with no takers. Even put it up for trade for a VZ Bold 9930 in mint condition plus 100 for me and still nothing.

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Until the prices on these smartphones drop, this is nearly as pointless as a door knob on a dildo.

yes!!!!!!! yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Canadian company who won't ship to Canadian customers...
BlackBerry bit off more than they can chew by developing multiple devices instead of focusing their attention to one device and build their reputation. Now they have no teeth to bite into any market. You'd think that they would have learned by their past mistakes. No cure for stupidity.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10

Good move... the wireless companies have always pulled Apple and other phones other BlackBerry anyway. this may gave BlackBerry a fair chance.

It is about time, but I don't see why they should be restricting it to US only: carriers want people to sign contracts, so they can offer subsidies on the devices to get new subscribers, and let BlackBerry sell unlocked devices to folks that ether eschew contracts or are not eligible for a subsidy: even in their current state they're pulling punches. I hope they are a bit bolder no pun intended going forward sooner than later.

Smart move, it seems they start doing what community always wanted.

Sell phones directly through their website, BBM desktop and focus on adopting it on all platforms.

Long time I haven't said it. Keep up the good work!

Shipping to only US? R u feck kidding me!!! Why not canada, UK, Europe and Asia???? Anyone on CB can do a better job than the idiot marketers of BlackBerry

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Hoping that this is a "one step at a time" strategy, and not a sign that they've given up on selling through the US carriers completely. Although on second though that might not be a horrible idea...

This is because we are the only ones with pain in the ass retailers that would rather sell a iPhone or Android I don't hear about any other country playing hide and seek with there blackberries

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Playbook not getting bb10 did it for me. Was a big bob fan but they have really fallen behind and I just hope they can turn it around and be come another great comeback story.

Finally !! I hope it will also be easier to obtain QWERTY or QWERTZ keyboard's phone in AZERTY areas !! Great forward step.

Smart move...only if they do it also for Europe aand with prices under 400 euro for the Q10.
Then i predict a massive adoption as second smartphone and soon after a lot of people recognising that BB10 is not that bad...
The first move still to do here in Europe though.

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I'm tempted to pick up a Q10. The prices for an unlocked new phone aren't far off of eBay or amazon (actual selling price - not bidding with 3 days remaining), and this is from the factory.

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I'm not offended by the higher than ebay price as at least direct from BlackBerry, I know the phone will work and is not stolen.

But then I was never a buyer of used or refurbished anything. Too paranoid.

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if that decision was made from the release of the first bb10 model I believe bbm would be in a better situation right now. since how I see it carriers delays ruined bbm reputation

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450 is a bad price? For me to get an off contact locked Iphone 4 16 gig its $625.
Thats an outstanding deal.

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haha I know, right?! In South Africa, the Z10 is R7,000 which is $700.

It is cheaper for me to buy this phone from BB and arrange shipping from friends in the States than to buy it here. Though, we are just kind of used to ridiculous technology prices here...I bought the S4 for my Fiancée two months ago and it was $950. The iPhone 5 32GB is the equivalent of $1,130 at some places.

Nice. Hopefully they'll link it with trade-in programs. And add some EMEA delivery too !
I'll pay a few bucks more to buy them (err, I mean the Z30, I'm overloaded of Zs&Qs already !) to BB direct, no problem.

Man alive BlackBerry finally starts to get some sense by selling NB10 devises online. And than I read the following..."One caveat though.. It appears they'll only ship within the U.S."
Smh BlackBerry 1 step forward 2 steps back as always.

Z10 OS

A BB Q10 at $549 +tax ? Not for me.
Until Blackberry decides to 'flood' the market with lower priced devices, to get them into the hands of those who Want to experience the BB10 OS, it will continue with stagnate sales to Loyal & BB fans only.. a small consumer market, in comparison.

Half smart move... to complete the smart move, they need to do something about the pricing and worldwide services... something that will make it more attractive...

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I bet you would. That's cheaper than cost. I guess BlackBerry could sell it for that price and make it up in volume. ;)

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This isn't a bold new step, it's because the carrier support is starting to fail (for example T-mobile) and they don't have the marketing cash to do anything about that and they need some way to offload inventory before they exit hardware.

I will never by a phone direct especially at full price.. it just doesn't seem worth that price.. depending on how BlackBerry does business going into the future, it might effect my loyalty to them.. I may not fit into the user category they are providing for anymore.. I'm very curious to see where BlackBerry goes from here!..

uhh isn't what the manufacturer charges, the "full price"? you mean if they say $599, put a red line through it and say "sale! $449!" then you will buy it?

599 isnt rhe full price thiat is carrier pricing they get their own cut.
449 would be on par with bbry msrp
as many carriers even sell at 500 like virgin mobile

I live in Philadelphia and aside from a poster on a few bus stops and 1 in the window of 1 at&t store nobody advertised the Z10 at all

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Yea they need to lower the prices... I'll buy a Q10 if they do... maby white to make a panda with my Z10

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They aren't going to sell any if they are cheaper on amazon... someone explain that to them please

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Not everyone buys on Amazon, and a lot of people buy from other more expensive sources than Amazon.

Can't explain why, I do buy from Amazon. But some people just don't do it.

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To save what, $50? I buy a lot from amazon, but not to save 10% on an expensive electronic device.

Posted via CB10

I'm with you there. I buy on Amazon but I'd be apprehensive to buy something like this from some yokel on eBay or Amazon (or elsewhere) - who knows what I'd actually get? I'd rather spring a few extra bucks and support BlackBerry directly.