BlackBerry not hosting BlackBerry Jam Europe event in 2014

BlackBerry not hosting BlackBerry Jam Europe event in 2014
By DJ Reyes on 13 Nov 2013 06:22 pm EST

The BlackBerry Jam events are where developers can attend and gain some useful knowledge in developing apps for the BlackBerry platform. With presentations from both seasoned developers and BlackBerry employees. It is also a chance for developers to be updated on the latest SDKs and upcoming goodies on the BlackBerry development front.

BlackBerry Jam Asia was the most recent event, which took place last September, where lots of new and interesting things were presented. 

BlackBerry Jam Europe was due to take place in January 2014, I was looking forward to attending this time around but it has just been confirmed that BlackBerry Jam Europe 2014 will not be proceeding. Following the recent turn of events within BlackBerry, I guess it isn't much of a surprise. 

Thanks for your ongoing interest in our BlackBerry® Jam events. We’re writing today to let you know that we are taking some time to reevaluate our current events strategy and it has been determined that we will not proceed with BlackBerry Jam Europe in 2014. That said, we will continue to keep you updated as new events and BlackBerry activities become available.

BlackBerry events have always been purpose-driven, designed to help get your hands on new products, get familiar with our services, to learn about our future plans and roadmaps, and to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of BlackBerry platforms.

We will continue to engage with our developers in more focused ways, designed with a greater emphasis on the opportunities we have to talk to our developers about what matters most to you. We will keep you informed of future BlackBerry developer events.

Best Regards,
The BlackBerry Jam Conference Team

While BlackBerry Jam isn't happening anymore, it seems there will still be BlackBerry events we can look forward to. You can also still view videos from previous BlackBerry Jam events via the BlackBerry Jam website.

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BlackBerry not hosting BlackBerry Jam Europe event in 2014


I certainly am not one if those people. I was just hypothetically answering the post before me!

BlackBerry has run through some tough times recently, I am rooting for the underdog and encourage native BlackBerry 10 development.

PB, Z10, buying BlackBerry till they are no longer selling

So do I. But Android has become a huge part of the BlackBerry user experience. A BlackBerry Android device is the next part of the evolution.

lol no kidding. A comment about how they might be rethinking native development in favor of Android I might have understood..still a reach from that little bit of information, but a more likely conclusion then abandoning Europe lol.

Jam Europe was only specifically mentioned because that's the next one that was already scheduled. The point being made is that they are rethinking dev events, not where they are held.

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Blaze - I know you and the guys at Crackberry shake you'll heads at times when reading some of these comments. The conclusions some people jump to is crazy lol

Skipping a planed dev con seems to me like abandoning european devs. How else can u translate that? Simple english :)

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What I'd like to see is a community of awesome BlackBerry only or BlackBerry first developers making superior, small name apps that I could show off to my Android and iOS friends and make them drool. I think Blaq and Viira are kind of like that for me already.

The bottom line is that this big name app thirst is too much "us too" for a successful platform to swallow. I mean, I understand that the C++ foundation of Cascades is kind of a pain, but I'm still hoping to see the day when BlackBerry users recover their self-esteem and stop screaming with joy at the idea of using Instagram or something lame like that... just because iOS and Android users think it's worthy.

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That it's a company going through a difficult transition and has decided that the full gamut of events that it customarily holds should be given a rest for a while? Yeah, I know, radical interpretation of reality right?

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

It is true though that Europe in general has seen a huge drop in demand for BlackBerry handsets. Not sure about the state of BES over there.

I just hope that Germany will start to leverage the losses.

Save the BlackBerry Jam (no pun intended) over there and put the funds towards perhaps paying a dividend to stock holders. Wishful, I know.

In Germany we have almost the same number of BES installations as in the US. I think in percentage terms the US might be one of the worst markets they have. Europe is pretty different to the US and Africa and Asia, too.
But the ongoing rumors about BlackBerry caused that a lot of customers are pretty insecure and are awaitng the outcome.

errr ask for a refund and try not to look embarrassed? lol, for 2014 it was scheduled for BBJam to be held in Barcelona lol.

Peronsally tho i blame kevin, he goes away to korea and all the sale/options stuff kicks off, and now he moves to europe and BBJam Europe is cancelled. Obviously this cant just be a coincedence.......cant it? lmao

its 2am in france right now, but when these emails got sent out would only of been 10pm lol, so uh, depends if he had an early night hahaha :p

The plug starting to be pulled??? Hopefully not...but there might be more of this kind of thing leading up to and following the earnings report coming up...

I don't have problem with BlackBerry staying low and concentrate its resources to improve the OS.

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Those Jam sessions have really helped BlackBerry gain cred with the dev community, I don't think it would be a waste of resources if they continued them.

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Can Crackberry please get a statement from Blackberry that they are not going to abandon native BB10 development SDK and tools? There is nothing on the SDK roadmap and now they are cancelling developer conferences. They should have at least 10.2.1 SDK roadmap. I fear that BB10 native developer support is on the way out.

"A BlackBerry 10.2.1 SDK OS will be arriving soon and you’ll be able to start testing and submitting your application to BlackBerry World!"; quoted from BlackBerry Dev Blog :)

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That is a good sign (ditch consumer app market now) of righting the ship!

Posted Via CB10 from my BB Q10

lol if you honestly think ditching the consumer app market (and thus the consumer market itself) is a good sign of anything, then im lost for words.

Agreed. BlackBerry could be a small, software only enterprise company, but... I'm not sure that would be called "righting the ship." In terms of devices, there isn't really a discrete enterprise market anymore. Enterprise is buying iOS devices like the money is burning a hole in their pockets. For BlackBerry to compete for Enterprise customers, it must compete for the consumers at those enterprises.

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Well said - far too many people forget how 'all this' happenned. It's not that Android or IOS made a better enterprise device or suddenly MDM software jumped 3 generations and became dirt cheap. It's because IOS and Android made better and better consumer devices each successive generation, until the users became the gatekeepers. This is how change is and always has been accomplished. BB must first wake up (imho they still have not) and get their handsets into more and more consumer hands. How's this for marketing - deep discounts for grad students (law school, med school, business school etc) These will be the next generation of MBAs, law firm partners and pysician partners. And as the last generation has done for IOS, demand support for BB.

The S4BB thing was/is pretty bad. I remember Simon's article saying how professional they were and how the apps are useful, but come on... Maybe the resources could have been used to develop in-house apps or just push more OS development? Who knows in the end...

Not very surprising. Apple and Google, having much larger developer communities, are only hosting one developer event a year.

That's true but e.g. Samsung does more events - in October in San Francisco, in November in Spain and UK. In 2014 in Barcelona at the MWC....

"You can still view videos from previous BlackBerry Jam events..." Come on! That's just pathetic. Why would you even write it? Have we come so low?

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I think they'll just begin to amalgamate BlackBerry Jam into BlackBerry Live. It makes a bit more sense, not to mention it's a cost saving effect, I'm sure millions go into each BlackBerry Jam that can certainly be re-allocated to development or further marketing strategies, hardware creation, etc.

Lol now everyone can go to Florida(Or wherever BlackBerry Live may be held in 2014)

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They already did amalgamate it last year for the Orlando event, however they had the european and asian events going too, because obviously the travel cost for many to all go to orlando is quite prohibitive.

While it may make some form of sense from a streamlining perspective for you, thats not really going to do anything for euopean devs.
As an example, this year i went to BBJam Europe, cost me £100 for the flight and £200 for the hotel.
Even just a flight to orlando is £650+ before i even consider where im going to stay!
So ye, everyone go to florida, at a potentially far larger personal cost! what a awesome idea.

Aha good point! I apologize! I didn't think about that for sure, I'd definitely hate to have to travel that far... perhaps it's a cancellation for this year only!

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Whatever you all do, you should definitely read way, way too much into this announcement and spend the next 12 hours arguing about it.

Can't blame them.. Need to save resources until the platform matures and more users ... gonna be a tough next 2 quarters ...

The questions I have are"Would those dev's develop for BB regardless of a Jam? Does the Jam produce a net gain in dev's?"

In that environment, Im guessing not but with a few solid quarters in positive momentum, this may change.

With the current state of affairs it is better to market what they have now.
Many staff have been laid-off. Future important updates and products will be dramatically delayed.
There wouldn't be many, if any, big booms at a coming winter event.
In any case, devs will still continue to be skiddish to work on new projects until the company regains it's steering.

I didn't read it as never happening anymore. Only that this one event is cancelled. Makes sense since they first have to refocus before they put on events to promote whatever they end up deciding on. I suspect there will be events after January and in 2014. Just not during their reevaluation process.

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This is no big deal. Not worth the cost. New CEO trying to get a handle on things. He improves the marketing and execution, this won't mean anything.

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May as well save their money and put it towards retaining their current staff as long as possible. The jam sessions will happen again

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Damn I was already keeping those dates free :-(

Oh well, here's hoping they trade it for something even better...

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Strategic moves. It's sad yes, but they feel it is necessary to postpone until further notice. Maybe for something bigger and more in its mature stage.

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Does that make me the only Pleb who is now out of pocket having already booked my flights and hotel? Cancelling 3 months before the con is a huge slap in the face!

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No cost control for Prem and Chen, that's for sure! Do as I say, not as I do! F-You developers!

Makes sense with the recent change of guard to give Chen time to decide where to focus attention. Europe is not being abandoned; but I suspect a different dev session in the future.

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Am I the only one who's actually optimistic and happy to hear this? Things are really starting to change in this company. Jams aren't the only means to deliver information and keep devs up to date. I'd love to see BlackBerry being more secretive rather than revealing all their cards months ahead and have other companies implement it quicker than them.

Well, at least they stated unequivocally that they would be holding future Jam events. Wait, never mind. They didn't do that.

I can't blame them for not wanting to host the event... it's not like the app situation is stellar, and what they spend on hosting these events probably can't be justified anymore.

What is correlation between amount of money spent for Jams and number of good apps written by developers?

I don't disagree with the decision but would have liked to see Mr. Chen show Frank Boulben the door first. If they're cutting out things they don't need, start with the dead weight in Marketing.

hey guys,
this has nothing to do with Android vs Native.
Native is clear in focus of BBRY - SDK 10.2.1 in conjunction with OS 10.2.1 will be great.

To have better Android integration in 10.2.1: this will bring more missing apps to the platform.
On the long term hopefully some of them will be re-written native.

Also don't forget: Android isn't running in work perimeter - so it only helps on the consumer site.

For the BBJam Events: sad to hear that Europe is canceled. I'm sure BBRY know how important the face-to-face conferences are for developers. But from my POV the new management needs some time to go on. I expect next BBJam together with BBLive in Orlando. And then in orlando - 6 months after the big management-change will be a good point to re-start.

In the meantime I'll hack as many native apps as possible.

No, has nothing to do with that. It means they are going to do something else that is more effective versus BBJam, in order to better communicate with Dev's. This is all part of the new Board and CEO, they are taking action to further turn around BBRY for the betterment of its consumers, business, shareholders and the mobile industry.

This is good news; the new BOD and CEO are taking action and are looking into how they can better communicate with Dev's.
Take this as a positive people. And for some posters, where do you read Android in this article? BlackBerry is all about BB10, most superior multi-tasking real time OS in existence bar none.

Once BlackBerry and Dev's learn and understand the power of BB10, it will become a force to be reckoned with. BB10 will be able to do things that iOS, Android & WP8 will not be able to do. There is a reason why QNX is used 4 mission critical.

It's so funny how consistently each crackberry article explaining how bad things are with BlackBerry, ends with somehow a positive note.

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It's so funny how consistently each crackberry article explaining how things are with BlackBerry, ends up with someone that counts everything as bad.

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Makes sense if you think about how they envisioned development as a bunch of people in their bedrooms cranking out code while Netflix thumbed their nose at BlackBerry.

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Good news. BlackBerry market is now in. Middle East and in south Asian and fast east region. BlackBerry should focus their attention their. No point to waste money hosting fancy parties here in Europe. They don't appreciate you here BlackBerry. So eff them..

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Since they are reducing their portfolio I'm thinking that scaling back all of these expensive shows is a good thing. Put on one big show a year and distribute updates for devs via blogs and online tools.

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This is smart. They should take that money and give it to a few big developers. One the small guys see the big guys developing, they might take part. Also, with the the apk announcement, why spend so much time trying to attract

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